Crystal Coast Is An All-Inclusive Beachside Resort. It Offers Lodging, Six Restaurants, Dancing, Snorkeling, Parasailing, And Spa Treatments. On The Resort Grounds, Crystal Coast Also Has A Dive Center, Jet Skis, And A Water Park. All Of These Amenities A (2024)

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  • By The Sea Resorts features three beachfront properties all conveniently located within walking distance of shopping, dining and entertainment.

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  • This luxury resort overlooking a marina features several pools, remote beaches plus a sailing school. Comfortable guest rooms or spacious suites can be combined ...

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  • 0001{This four-season, 2,200-acre resort is {nestled along the Delaware River in the {Poconos. Guests can enjoy the Recreation {Center that boasts an indoor ...

  • 0001{This four-season, 2,200-acre resort is {nestled along the Delaware River in the {Poconos. Guests can enjoy the Recreation {Center that boasts an indoor pool, sauna, {Jacuzzi, locker rooms, indoor gym, games {room, workout room, and more. There is a {27-hole golf course, downhill skiing, snow{tubing, ice-skating, canoeing, rafting, {tennis, outdoor pools, fishing, mountain {biking, and a kids' play area. There are {discounts available for many amenities {including the ski resort on site. Enjoy {live theater, outlet malls, locomotive {rides, coal mine tours, and the Crayola {Factory in the area. 0004{The Breckenridge Club at TradeWinds Resort{is part of the TradeWinds complex on St. {Pete Beach, located along Florida's {popular Suncoast. Virtually all water {sports are found here. Swim in the Gulf or{enjoy one of the resort's four pools. Jog {on the beach or get a real workout at the {resort's on-site health club, Body Works. {Just minutes from the resort, you can {enjoy attractions, such as Busch Gardens, {the Salvador Dali Museum, the Pier, and {the Thunder Dome. Walt Disney {World(R) and Sea World are within a two- {hour drive. { 0005{Vail Run Resort offers Nautilus exercise {equipment, a heated swimming pool, tanning{beds, sauna, and whirlpool. In winter, you{are only two miles from the slopes of {Vail, offering 10 square miles of open {slopes, packed trails, and deep-powder {bowls. The outdoor activities don't stop {at skiing. In the area, you will find {Sno-Cat off-road tours, Jeep touring, {golfing at four 18-hole courses, white- {water rafting, horseback riding, and much {more. The summer months are especially {enlivened by concerts and dance {performances. { 0006{Fly a kite, beachcomb, sun, swim, and fish{along the Atlantic coast during your {vacation at Boardwalk One. This beachfront{resort, with its oceanfront and poolside {units located on Ocean City's fabulous {Boardwalk, promises fun and entertainment.{The resort is located on the widest beach {in Ocean City. On site, you can swim in {the outdoor pool Memorial Day through {Labor Day. Close by, you can enjoy tennis,{miniature golf, bicycling, and fishing. {Add to your enjoyment with shopping and a {visit to the arcades and galleries. { { 0007{Set on the ocean in the Forest Beach area,{Adventure Inn Beach & Golf Club is the {perfect location for a Hilton Head {vacation. At the resort, enjoy the beach {area, outdoor pool, and tennis courts. As {a guest of the resort, you'll receive {discounts at the Shipyard Golf Club. The {island's 12 miles of shoreline provide {activities, such as surf or deep-sea {fishing, crabbing, and shelling. For a {change of pace, take a lesson in sailing {or windsurfing. Nearby marinas offer a {variety of boats for rent. { { 0008{Discover Aruba's lovely coast at Aruba {Beach Club, located right on the beach. At{the resort, you'll find an Olympic-size {pool, children's pool, playground, tennis {courts, and a poolside bar. Aruba truly is{a diver's paradise--the ocean waters boast{a visibility of 150 feet, making undersea {photography a popular pastime. You can {choose from a long list of fine {restaurants in the area, and there are {many local nightclubs that feature live {entertainment. Or you can try your luck at{the casino across the street. Enjoy 18 {holes of golf at the championship Tierra {Del Sol Golf Course, three miles away. 0010{All the pleasures of the Pinellas Suncoast{are yours at Bay Shores Yacht & Tennis {Club. Cast off for boating on the {Intracoastal Waterway or walk to Gulf {beaches, across the street and a block {away. Visit Busch Gardens and other {Suncoast attractions, then return to the {resort to enjoy the lighted tennis courts,{pool, putting green, whirlpool, sauna, and{barbecue grills. { { { { { 0011{Spring and summer guests of Cedar Village {will find the weather perfect for enjoying{Beech Mountain's 18-hole golf course, {eight daytime tennis courts, and pool. In {the area, you can enjoy fishing in a lake {stocked with trout, canoeing, white-water {rafting, and horseback riding. Downhill {skiing is the number-one pastime in the {winter-there are five ski areas within 10 {miles. Ski Beech, a half-mile away, is the{largest. Year-round, you can spend hours {browsing through the many local crafts {shops. { { 0013{Bordered by the Hood Canal in front and {the Olympic Mountains in back, Blue Heron {is blessed with scenic surroundings. {Washington's capital, Olympia, is a short {drive from the resort. Also, you can {venture into Seattle, about three hours {away. In addition to the resort's many {amenities, a private rocky beach is {accessible just across the street via an {overstreet walkway. You'll find you're {also within driving distance of Pacific {Ocean beaches. { { { 0014{Club Regency at Regency Towers is situated{in the heart of the Grand Strand. The {resort offers an exercise room, sauna, {oceanside pool (heated and enclosed for {winter enjoyment), children's pool, and {video games room. Enjoy nearly 100, 18- {hole golf courses and many tennis {facilities in the area. Miniature golf {courses, two par-three golf courses, a {driving range, fishing pier, water slides,{batting cages, a grand-prix race track, {and rental of water-sports equipment are {less than a mile from the resort. { { 0015{Visit Jamestown, Williamsburg, and other {early American sites from your vacation {home at The Colony. Virginia Beach has a {29-mile coastline, with an excellent beach{and three miles of boardwalk. The {Pavilion, a contemporary 10-vaulted {structure, is Virginia Beach's newest {facility for housing trade shows, {exhibitions, and theatrical performances. {For sight-seeing, the Adam Thoroughgood {House exhibits Virginia's early domestic {architecture. Don't forget to include {Norfolk on your sight-seeing agenda. { { 0016{Located at Deerfield Plantation in {Surfside Beach, Country Club Villas {provides access to the Deer Track Golf {Club, an outdoor enclosed heated pool and {a whirlpool. More than 28 miles of beach {line the coast, so bring your own {surfboard, paddleball racquets, or {sailboat. Nearby marinas offer deep-sea {fishing charters for an afternoon's {adventure at sea. Don't miss Broadway at {the Beach, Barefoot Landing or Fantasy {Harbour for a wealth of shopping and {entertainment. Golf packages are also {available through the resort. { 0017{Cold Spring Resort is an active person's {dream come true. The resort offers an {indoor pool as well as a full slate of {outdoor recreation, including White {Mountain Country Club's championship 18- {hole golf course, and clay tennis courts {nearby. Experienced hikers may want to {attempt the climb to Mount Washington, {which soars to an elevation of 6,288 feet.{In winter, heavy snowfalls turn the White {Mountains into a skier's paradise. { { { { 0018{Spacious rooms, quiet surroundings, and a {location that puts vacationers just {minutes from the activities of the Grand {Strand area make Deercreek an ideal {vacation escape. Lighted tennis courts, a {swimming pool, wading pool, a year-round {whirlpool as well as volleyball and a {horseshoe pit are on site. There are more {than 87 championship golf courses in the {area. The resort is only a mile from the {beach and just a short drive from all the {activites and attractions of Myrtle Beach,{including Barefoot Landing, Broadway at {the Beach, and Fantasy Harbour. { 0019{The Commons at Angel Fire is located in {the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New {Mexico, offering a complete vacation {center. In winter, the ski area is the {main attraction, while warmer weather {offers splendid trout fishing {opportunities at Eagle Nest Lake and other{nearby mountain lakes and streams. Santa {Fe and Taos are within driving distance, {offering cultural activities, museums, old{Spanish cathedrals, and authentic pueblo {and adobe homes. { { { 0020{This resort's country-inspired setting {retains a rustic ambience and is {surrounded by the Arapaho National Forest.{During the summer, enjoy hiking, camping, {and backpacking. For a special thrill, try{white-water rafting, biking, or horseback {riding in the Rocky Mountains. Some of the{best downhill skiing-more than 112 miles {of trails served by 16 lifts-is available {in the area. For entertainment, there is a{multitude of special events within driving{distance, including jazz and classical {concerts, theater, and festivals. { { 0021{Enjoy a unique combination of primitive {beauty and tropical pleasures at Club {Land'or "A Land'or International Resort" {on Paradise Island, which lies parallel to{Nassau. Soak in the Caribbean sun or dive {in the clear ocean waters. Play golf or {tennis nearby. Take a day to explore the {island by motor-scooter or a resort {bicycle. Don't forget Bay Street, site of {the largest market in the world for straw {items. The resort's Blue Lagoon Restaurant{has been recommended by the Minister of {Tourism as "not to be missed." { { 0025{The Heidel House Resort and Conference {Center is set beside Wisconsin's deepest {lake--Green Lake. Enjoy wonderful lake {views from virtually every vantage point {on the 20-acre property. Boating, sailing,{waterskiing, fishing, Jet Ski rentals, and{other water sports can be enjoyed on the {7.5-mile-long lake. In winter, try ice {fishing, ice-skating, ice boating, snow- {shoeing, and cross-country skiing. On-site{amenities include a sauna, an indoor and {outdoor pool, a wading pool, whirlpools, {two lounges, and a fine dining restaurant {as well as two casual restaurants. { 0026{Located in the Sacramento Mountains, the {resort puts you close to all the action, {from downhill skiing to horse racing. On {site, you'll find many seasonal activities{including a 9-hole golf course, trout {pond, two tennis courts, picnic area, {playground, and outdoor pool. Area {activities include horseback riding, {hunting, and golfing on an 18-hole course.{Winter brings skiing at the Ski Apache ski{area, which has 25 slopes and trails. {From May through September, visit the {Ruidoso Downs race track. Enjoy year- {round electronic gambling and bingo on the{nearby Apache reservation. 0027{Island Park Village Resort is an {all-seasons playground near the west {entrance to Yellowstone National Park. {On-site facilities include an indoor pool,{a racquetball court, a sauna, two therapy {pools, tennis, a nine-hole golf course, {and a pro shop. Every type of freshwater {trout fishing can be found within a {30-minute drive. West Yellowstone, gateway{to Yellowstone National Park, is just 22 {miles north. Snowmobiling is very popular {in the area, which boasts over 500 {miles of groomed trails. Cross-country {skiing is available on site. { 0029{Lush tropical foliage and exotic gardens {surround your vacation home at the {Kona Billfisher on Hawaii's "Big {Island." Within a quarter-mile are a {number of places offering water activities{along both lava-rock and sandy beaches. In{addition, golf, tennis, and horseback {riding can all be enjoyed close by. {Kailua-Kona Village, a five-minute walk {from the resort, is a center for deep-sea {fishing. The island features everything {from rain forests to dry desert plains, {snow-covered mountains to volcanoes. {Historic sites can also be found {throughout the island. 0030{Relax on the lush island of Maui at The {Kuleana Club. This oceanfront resort is {native Hawaii at its finest. At the {resort, you can take a dip in the outdoor {pool, snorkel in the ocean, or play a set {of tennis. Five tournament-quality golf {courses are within a few miles of the {resort. When nighttime comes, you can dine{and dance at several restaurants and clubs{within a couple of miles of the resort. {Some of the finest beaches in Maui are {within easy walking distance. In Lahaina, {you'll find historic sight-seeing {attractions and shopping complexes. { 0031{Enjoy the great outdoors in the refreshing{setting of New Hampshire's White Mountains{on your vacation at the Village of Loon {Mountain. Built on the southern face of {Big Coolidge Mountain, each unit looks out{on the Loon Mountain ski area. On site, {you will find 12 tennis courts, a game {room, and two outdoor and two indoor {pools. Nearby, there are facilities for {horseback riding, hiking, and biking. Or {you can play golf at the course eight {miles away. In the winter, shuttle service{is provided to the Loon Mountain ski area.{Several other ski areas are within a short{drive. 0035{Bordering a peaceful lagoon, Ocean Cove {Club at Palmetto Dunes improved its {tropical setting by adding luxurious {accommodations and superb golf and tennis {facilities. Surrounded by moss-covered {trees, the outdoor pool offers a {refreshing break. Tee up on any of three {golf courses or play on one of 25 tennis {courts. Afterward, enjoy dinner at the {resort restaurant or at one of the many {other restaurants on the island. Various {harbors and marinas offer access to {several types of water activities, from {dolphin-watching to waterskiing. Bicycle {rentals are availale. 0036{Pinecliff Village truly is a year-round {resort. Downhill skiing is only 20 miles {away at Ski Apache, which boasts 24 slopes{and an elevation of 11,400 feet. The {resort also has an indoor swimming pool {and a whirlpool. Summer visitors can enjoy{horseback riding, hiking, and tennis. The {resort is a member of Cree Meadows Country{Club, where guests enjoy a 20 percent {discount on greens fees. Full casino {gaming is available year-round on the {nearby Apache Reservation. If you stay {between May and September, be sure to {visit Ruidoso Downs Race Track and "Billy {the Kid" Casino. 0037{Famous Waikiki Beach is just blocks from {Royal Hawaiian Adventure Club at the Royal{Kuhio Condominium. The resort offers an {outdoor pool, putting green, two saunas, {and more. The Ala Wai Public Golf Course {is nearly two miles away, and tennis {courts are located on site. Within walking{distance are many fine restaurants, {nightclubs, and the International Market {Place. For sight-seeing, take time to {visit the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of {Hawaiian Heritage or the Sea Life Park on {Waimanalo Beach, where you can watch {porpoises and whales perform. { 0039{Enjoy the peace and quiet of this rustic {out-of-the-way resort. Sunbathers, {boaters, hikers, and anglers will enjoy {the pristine waters and fresh air. On-site{amenities include shuffleboard, seasonal {swimming in the lake, and boat-docking {facilities. Horseback riding is 45 minutes{away. In winter, enjoy cross-country {skiing about an hour away. Downhill skiing{in Kamloops is about two hours from the {resort. You may spot a black bear or moose{ambling by as you enjoy bird-watching {around the lake, or you may wish to just {curl up in front of an inviting fire. { 0040{Because Sea Pines Plantation is located {between two historical cities--Savannah, {Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina-- {many tours are available. The plantation {occupies 5,500 acres on the southernmost {tip of the island. Amenities include three{golf courses (rates vary with season), and{43 tennis courts (there is no charge to {play on the hard-surface courts during {daylight hours) at the Sea Pines Racquet {Club (proper tennis attire required). {Other activities include bicycling on 17 {miles of trails, horseback riding through {the scenic preserve, and strolling along {sandy beaches. 0041{Sea Time is located less than a block from{the beach in North Ocean City. During the {summer enjoy the resort's outdoor pool and{children's pool. During the winter months,{(mid-September - mid-May) enjoy the cover-{ed heated pool and an all-adult exercise {and whirlpool/sauna room. The Atlantic {Ocean promises a variety of water activi- {ties such as boating, sailing, and wind- {surfing. Marinas near the resort offer {charter boats for deep-sea fishing. Close {by you'll find golf, miniature golf, bi- {cycling and tennis. At the southern end of{Ocean City--the Boardwalk. Four miles {south is Frontier Town. 0043{Spanning 2,415 acres, Sky Valley Resort {offers a wilderness getaway with the {comforts of home. The resort provides {outstanding views of the surrounding {Chattahoochee and Nantahala national {forests. The hiking trails offer yet {another vantage point from which to see {the aesthetic scenery. Amenities include {a junior Olympic-size outdoor pool, six {tennis courts, an 18-hole championship {golf course, and the United States' {southernmost ski area, which has five {slopes and a vertical drop of 250 feet. A {fee may be charged for those amenities not{owned by the resort. 0044{Located in Utah's Wasatch Mountains, only {26 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, {Iron Blosam Lodge-Snowbird truly is a {year-round resort. The area is famous for {dry-powder snow from late November to {March, followed by excellent spring skiing{to May, if conditions permit. The resort {has 32 runs, with 3,100 vertical feet of {skiing. The slopes are just a short walk {from the resort. In the summer, take {advantage of the resort's in-house summer {recreation program and Snowbird Resort's {concerts, workshops, tennis, hiking, {mountain biking, shops, and restaurants. { 0045{Captiva Island is just off the {southwestern coast of Florida and is {connected to the mainland by a causeway {near Fort Myers. Plantation Beach {Club/South Seas is set right on the beach,{putting a world of sun, fun, and water {sports at your doorstep. The resort has {its own yacht harbor, boat ramp, and {marina. In addition to boat and bicycle {rentals, cars can be rented on site. Other{resort amenities include a sailing school,{tennis center, nine-hole golf course, {three outdoor pools, a picnic area, snack {bar, and a gift shop. { 0046{Hutchinson Island, home to the Turtle Reef{Club, is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on{one side and the Indian River on the {other, providing virtually endless {opportunities for water sports. The wide {variety of family attractions and sub- {tropical climate make this a premier {vacation destination. At the resort, enjoy{the heated outdoor pool, saunas, {shuffleboard, and lighted tennis courts. {Three public golf courses and several {marinas are in the area. Within a three- {hour drive, you can visit Cape Canaveral, {the Kennedy Space Center, or some of the {countless attractions of Orlando. 0047{The Windrifter is a rustic 18th-century {New England inn located in Wolfeboro, New {Hampshire. The resort is set on the {eastern side of Lake Winnipesaukee. A {variety of summer water activities are {available in the surrounding Lakes Region,{and winter sports can be found in the {nearby White Mountains. Enjoy a renovated {indoor pool, tennis court, and saunas on {site. The 18-hole Kingswood Golf Course {borders the resort. Numerous antiques {shops, shopping malls, outlet stores, {restaurants, and tourist attractions can {be found nearby. { 0051{Situated on 16 acres, Surfcrest {Condominiums has 900 feet of unspoiled {oceanfront and provides a rustic beach {vacation experience. The weathered wood {exteriors of the condominiums, the pieces {of driftwood scattered about, and the tall{beach grass growing by your unit door set {the mood for days of quiet relaxation. The{resort's recreation building has a {children's games room, sauna, Jacuzzi, and{pool. Also on site are a children's play {area, volleyball area, barbecue grills, {and clam sheds. Many vacationers like to {go clamming on the beach when the bivalves{are in season. 0052{Tristram's Landing, located in the quaint {village of Nantucket, invites you to enjoy{the rustic beauty of coastal New England. {Situated on 250 acres accented with {freshwater pond frontage and moors, the {resort also has a half-mile stretch of {private beach along the Atlantic. Other {features include tennis courts and a {tennis pro shop. Entertainment and fine {dining can be found in nearby Nantucket {Town. All types of water activities can be{enjoyed on this popular island--advance {reservations are strongly recommended for {taking autos to the island by ferry. { 0054{The Wren, located near Vail Village, is a {favorite with visitors to the area. Enjoy {the beauty of the mountains or partake in {the recreation, dining, and nightlife {that Vail Valley offers. Snowmobilingand {downhill and cross-countryskiing are {within easy reach of your vacation home. {The White River National Forest offers {year-round recreational activities, {including hiking, mountain climbing, {horseback riding, and trout fishing. {White-water raft trips down the Colorado {River can be arranged. Golf and tennisare {nearby, and the resort has its own all- {season heated outdoor pool and hot tubs. 0062{Experience the remote beauty of the high {desert from the country club atmosphere of{San Diego Country Estates. An 18-hole {championship golf course, only two miles {away, is rated one of the top 10 courses {in the country. There are 16 tennis courts{on site, including six lighted courts. {Enjoy boating and fishing on San Vicente {Lake or swim at the resort's outdoor pool.{Treat yourself to a massage or facial on {site at Spa Riviera. Be sure to visit the {area's attractions, including the San {Diego Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park, the {San Diego Zoo, and Del Mar Race Track. { 0066{Sea Watch offers a three-tiered outdoor {pool, a freshwater lagoon, nine tennis {courts, an outdoor racquetball court, and {a health center with a sauna, hot tub and {exercise room. Hilton Head's 12 miles of {natural shoreline provide activities, {such as surf and deep-sea fishing, {sailing, and windsurfing. With six marinas{in the area, boat and equipment rentals {are readily available. If you're searching{for that perfect souvenir, you're sure to {find it in one of Hilton Head's many {unusual boutiques, specialty shops, or art{galleries. { 0067{Located on the glittering Las Vegas Strip {and directly across from the Aladdin {Hotel, The Jockey Club puts you in the {heart of the action. Being close to {the natural beauty of the Southwest, {you'll find these two elements combine to {provide an unbeatable vacation package. At{the resort, enjoy the use of an outdoor {pool, lighted tennis courts, workout {equipment, and a whirlpool. An 18-hole {golf course is nearby. The city offers {casinos and clubs featuring big-name {entertainment. Close by, enjoy Lake Mead, {Hoover Dam, and Toiyabe National Forest. { 0068{Vacation Club Villas, Peppertree's very {first resort development, is located on {the grounds of the Great Smokies Holiday {Inn Resort in the beautiful mountains of {Asheville, North Carolina. All guests have{access to indoor and outdoor tennis {facilities, outdoor pools, and villas that{overlook the green fairways of the {resort's 18-hole golf course. The city of {Asheville has an abundance of creative {things to do. You can take a scenic drive {on Blue Ridge Parkway, window shop through{lovely downtown Asheville, and check out {the nightly entertainment at a wide {assortment of restaurants and clubs. 0071{Situated in the Arkansas foothills of the {Ozark Mountains, Fairfield Bay offers the {perfect opportunity for rest and {relaxation. Located near Greer's Ferry {Lake, the resort covers more than 14,000 {acres, largely left undeveloped to {preserve the natural beauty. The 40,000- {acre lake features a full-service marina. {The on-site tennis center and golf courses{have been rated among the best in the {state. A playground, four outdoor pools, {and a miniature golf course are at the {resort as well. Area attractions include {Blanchard Springs Caverns and the Ozark {Folk Center. Branson is 125 miles away. 0072{Fairfield Glade, set on 12,500 acres of {the Cumberland Plateau, offers a vacation {for the entire family. The resort is home {to a 36-hole golf course and three 18-hole{courses, including Stonehenge, listed {among Golf Digest's 75 best resort courses{in America. An on-site recreation area {with fees features miniature golf, indoor {and outdoor tennis courts, and indoor and {outdoor pools. Enjoy water sports at the {resort as well as at any of the 12 no-wake{lakes (no waterskiing is allowed). The {resort has an on-site shopping mall, bank,{hair salon, and grocery. A car is {recommended to enjoy the area. 0075{Snowmass Inn is Snowmass Village's {original hotel ski lodge and retains its {unique 1967 "mountain lodge" charm. {Snowmass ski lifts are only 50 yards away {for downhill action, and Aspen Mountain, {Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk ski areas {are nearby. Guests can enjoy the on-site {heated swimming pool and hot tub. {Many activities are seasonally available {through the Snowmass Resort Association {Center. A few miles away, you will find 13{Laykold tennis courts, a championship 18- {hole golf course, and opportunities for {outdoor adventure, including guided {white-water rafting trips. 0077{Lake Winnipesaukee-with nearly 200 miles {of shoreline-is just a half-mile from your{door at Village of Winnipesaukee. {Waterskiing, boating, swimming, and {sailing are only a few ways to enjoy the {lake. A great way to see the lake is to {board the triple-decker Mount Washington, {a replica 1872 steamboat. At the resort, {you'll find three lighted tennis courts {and an outdoor pool. An 18-hole golf {course awaits you only seven miles away. {When winter arrives, visit Gunstock and {Waterville Valley ski areas within a short{drive from the resort. { 0078{Paradise is located on the southern end of{Lake Tahoe, a half-mile from the lake. {Seven marinas at the lake rent a complete {line of powerboats and sailboats, ski {equipment, and more. Other warm-weather {activities include cycling, hiking, {camping, golf, racquetball, tennis, and {horseback riding. Winter sports include {cross-country and downhill skiing at more {than 20 ski areas within an hour's drive {of the resort. { { { { 0080{Known in legend as the home of Robinson {Crusoe, Tobago remains an unspoiled {paradise island of the Caribbean. It {offers great snorkeling; scuba diving; {dense rain forest trails to explore; and {warm, friendly people to welcome you. {Located in the popular Crown Point area, {Sandy Point Beach Club is comfortable {and casual, offering long, lazy days and {unforgettable sunsets. Nearby are many {good restaurants and two famousbeaches, {Store Bay and Pigeion Point. (Swimming {at Sandy Point is not always desirable; {certain times of the year, the beach {is bare, leaving exposed coral.) 0082{Almost all the attractions of Waikiki are {within walking distance of the Royal Aloha{Vacation Club/Waikiki, located in the {heart of Honolulu. The resort offers an {outdoor pool, sauna, barbecue areas, and {paddle tennis courts. The beach is only {three blocks away. A number of inter- {national plazas, marketplaces, shopping {centers, and bazaars can be found nearby. {Don't miss the sight-seeing attractions on{Oahu, including Diamond Head State Park, {the Kodak Hula Show, the Royal Hawaiian {Art Gallery, and Honolulu Zoo. The city {also offers many restaurants, that {specialize in a number of cuisines. 0083{Situated by the sparkling waters of Lake {Travis just outside Austin, Lakeway Inn's {central location makes it an ideal getaway{spot. Lake Travis offers endless water {activities. Nearby, you can play golf on {one of two 18-hole courses complete with a{Jack Nicklaus golf school, or enjoy a game{of tennis at the resort's 34 championship {courts. Horseback riding and miles of {hiking trails are available. Visit nearby {Austin, or take a drive to San Antonio or {one of the many historical Hill Country {towns. { { 0086{Vantage Point, nestled at the foot of {Vail's famous ski slopes, is a skiers' {paradise. More than 10 square miles of {packed trails, open slopes and deep powder{bowls accommodate skiers of all levels. {Vail isn't just for skiing. During the {summer months there is an outdoor heated {pool and year round there are two outdoor {jacuzzis on-site. A challenging golf {course and tennis courts are within a mile{of the resort. Jeep tours and whitewater {rafting are favorites among vacationers. {There are many fine restaurants, {interesting shops and lively nightclubs in{Lions Head Village and Vail Village. 0087{While staying at Chateau Rouge Lodge, be {sure to drive the Beartooth Highway, {called the most scenic drive in America. {The highway begins at Red Lodge, climbs {11,000 ft. to Beartooth Pass, then drops {quickly down to the northeast entrance of {Yellowstone Park, about a 2 1/2 hour {drive. In spring and summer enjoy trout {fishing, golf, horseback riding and tennis{within 5 miles of the resort. If you're a {skier, Red Lodge boasts the highest and {sunniest ski areas in Montana. Only 6 {miles from the resort, the ski area offers{25 miles of trails with a top elevation of{9,416 ft. 0088{Tahoe Village Condominiums is located on {the southeastern part of the lake, 4 miles{from the beach. Be sure to take one of the{riverboat cruises around the lake--they're{the perfect way to see the spectacular {scenery. In winter, the Heavenly North Ski{area adjacent to the resort covers 20 {square miles of terrain with runs up to 7 {miles. The ski area also offers shuttle {service, snowmaking equipment, a Nastar {program, child care facilities, ski rental{and instruction. Should you want a change {of pace, there are 15 other ski areas {within an hour's drive. { 0095{At Sweetwater at Park City, enjoy the pool{or relax in the sauna or whirlpool. The {area offers a wide variety of activities. {In the summer, take the challenge of five {championship golf courses nearby. Enjoy {hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and {biking. In winter, superb skiing can be {found as close as a block from the resort.{The Canyons, Park City, and Deer Valley {ski areas all offer excellent facilities. {Salt Lake City is hosting the 2002 Winter {Olympics, with many events scheduled in {Park City. { { 0101{Lehigh Resort Club offers a secluded {getaway from the crowds. Many leisure {activities are available at the resort. {Some units overlook the golf course. {On-site amenities include a heated outdoor{pool, tennis, miniature golf, and picnic {areas with grills. Trips that complement {the full spectrum of recreational {activities are also available. Visit {Sanibel Island or Fort Myers Beach--all {within an hour's drive. The Orlando theme {parks, Key West, and the Everglades are {just a few hours away by car. { { 0104{Located on 1,400 wooded acres, the resort {has miles of cross-country skiing, {snowmobile, and snowshoe trails and {sliding. Summer activities include two {outdoor pools, a nine-hole golf course, {two tennis courts, mountain biking, {hiking, and a miniature golf course. {Boating and fishing are available on Hill {Lake. You may bring your own boat or rent {one from the resort. { { { { { 0107{Year-round, vacationers at Harbor Cove {will love the serenity of their own {private town house, built amid the pines {that line Little Traverse Bay. Try a {friendly match of tennis, use the sauna, {or swim in the outdoor or heated indoor {pools. Within 10 miles, guests will find {numerous championship golf courses and {horseback riding. Two excellent ski {slopes-Boyne Highlands and Nubs Nob-are {less than five miles away, or try cross- {country skiing on site. Mackinac Island is{45 miles away. On-site activites are not {organized, but ample information on local {activities is provided. 0110{Only two blocks from The Strip, Leisure {Resorts at Las Vegas offers an {ideal location for your Las Vegas {vacation. Casinos are open 24 hours a day,{seven days a week. Big-name entertainment {is found throughout the nearby casinos and{hotels. On-site amenities include outdoor {pools, an exercise room, saunas, and a {whirlpool. The resort's concierge desk {can make arrangements for you to visit {Death Valley, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and {the Grand Canyon. Other planned activities{may also be booked, including golf, {tennis, horseback riding, or a visit to {the nearby Wet 'n Wild water park. 0112{On Queensland's Sunshine Coast you'll find{a holiday destination with beautiful {beaches, great climate, water sports {galore and a wealth of sightseeing {attractions. Overlooking Noosa Heads {National Park and a block away from the {beach is Palm Court. Noosa has many first {class restaurants offering international {cuisine and fascinating boutiques. The {Sunshine Coast offers many activities. {Spend a day at The Big Pineapple or the {famous Teewah coloured sands or take a {trip to Fraser Island. Drive to the lush {hills of the hinterland where many cottage{industries thrive. 0113{Posada La Ermita beckons you to San Miguel{de Allende, a city so rich in history and {culture that it is a national monument. {Its famous landmark, a 19th century {Gothic Cathedral, hints at the city's {charm. Flower-lined plazas and a wealth of{art galleries are just a few of the {attractions in this area. Today, it is {considered an international center for {artists as well as many students {interested in the cultural arts. { { { { 0121{Overlooking beautiful Potato Lake, {North Beach Resort easily attracts {visitors with its array of activities, {such as fishing, sailing, and other water {sports, along with volleyball, {basketball, a heated indoor pool, and a {playground. In winter, the nearest ski {slopes are at Detroit Mountain and Buena {Vista, both within 60 miles. Snowmobile {trails lead right from your door, or you {can cross-country ski at Itasca State Park{14 miles away. { { { 0123{Fairfield Harbour, located on the Neuse {River, offers two outdoor pools, 11 tennis{courts (four are lighted), a recreation {center with an indoor pool, a miniature {golf course, two 18-hole golf courses, a {whirlpool, and boat slips that can {accommodate boats up to 60 feet in length.{Rental boats are available in Morehead {City. { { { { { { 0126{A vacation at Sandcastle Condominiums {provides plenty of opportunity for you to {enjoy numerous activities. You can play {tennis, volleyball, and shuffleboard on {site or take a dip in the indoor and {outdoor pools. The resort's beach provides{another outlet for aquatic activities. {Fishing charters and boat rentals can be {arranged through local marinas. For superb{sight-seeing, visit area attractions, such{as the Provincetown Heritage Museum, the {Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial, and the {Provincetown Art Association and Museum of{Art. Bike through area trails or enjoy {whale-watching. 0129{A nine-hole executive golf course, three {tennis courts, and an outdoor pool await {you at Willow Valley Resort. For {sight-seeing, be sure to visit Tweetsie {Railroad, eight miles away, open May {through October. This is America's premier{old-time railroad theme park, featuring a {three-mile ride on antique coaches pulled {by full-size locomotives. In winter, {visitors head for the ski slopes at Beech {Mountain ski area, which has a top {elevation of 5,484 feet and 18 trails, and{to Sugar Mountain, with a top elevation of{5,300 feet. { 0130{Stay at Towncenter at Jackson Hole, and {you'll be close to the action year-round. {The Jackson Hole ski complex covers more {than 3,000 acres of varying terrain, with {runs up to five miles long. The slopes are{within a mile of the resort. Other winter {activities include guided cross-country {tours and snow-coach trips through nearby {Yellowstone National Park. In summer, {plan a raft trip down the Snake River {canyon or through Grand Teton National {Park. Golf courses, tennis facilities, and{great fishing spots can be found {throughout the area. Front desk staff can {assist in scheduling activities. 0131{Costa Rica is a country of contrasts--from{huge mountains and the famous "cold land" {to the "warm land" of tropicalweather {on the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. {Discover the world beneath the sea in the {resort's scuba diving school or just go {fishing on one of the resort's yachts. { { { { { { { { 0132{With almost half of the land area of {Sanibel and Captiva islands designated as {a wildlife sanctuary, your vacation home {at Sanibel Beach Club II offers you an {unspoiled tropical setting. The resort has{a white-sand beach, as well as a heated {outdoor pool. Bike paths can be found {throughout the islands, and bikes are {available at the resort. Golf and tennis {are also popular year-round. The area is {also known for its fishing and shelling. {After a day in the sun, enjoy any of the {fine local restaurants. { { 0136{Manzanillo is the ideal place to go for {those who enjoy warm climates. For the {fishing enthusiast, an abundant variety of{exotic fish can be caught in the nearby {port waters. South of Manzanillo, you can {view palm groves, high cliffs, and the {Faro de Campos Promenade, a well-known {lighthouse. { { { { { { { 0147{Located between two historic {cities-Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, {South Carolina-Sea Pines occupies 5,500 {beautiful acres on the southernmost tip of{Hilton Head. Amenities include three golf {courses and 43 tennis courts (25 clay {courts and five hard courts) at Sea Pines {Racquet Club. Other activities include {bicycling through 17 miles of trails, on {bikes you can rent from the resort, and {horseback riding through the scenic forest{and nature preserve. A complete activities{program is provided for your enjoyment. { { 0154{This resort is located in one of the most {attractive areas of Cancun's hotel zone, {on one of the finest beach areas, and {within walking distance to the shopping {center. Calinda Viva Cancun offers 210 {rooms, all featuring ocean views. On site,{enjoy the outdoor swimming pool and tennis{courts. { { { { { { { 0157{Lava Hot Springs, home to Hot Springs {Village, is situated in the Idaho {Mountains on the Old Oregon Trail. The {town is less than a four-hour drive from {Yellowstone National Forest and Jackson {Hole, Wyoming. The resort offers the best {in relaxation. The world-famous mineral {springs are located only five blocks away {and are open year-round. Massage therapy {is available for a fee. Summer activities {include hiking, biking, swimming at a {public pool a block away (for a fee), {fishing, and tubing. In winter, downhill {skiing is 25 miles away in Inkom. { 0159{During your stay at Park Lane, you'll find{something for everyone--from gambling in {elegant casinos to a variety of sports {events and activities. The five-mile {boardwalk attracts thousands to Atlantic {City each year. Here you'll find stores, {concessions, and amusem*nts lining the {walkway. Sports enthusiasts can choose {from swimming, surfing, fishing or {boating. { { { { { 0160{Guests at Silver Seas can spend their days{swimming in the outdoor pool or relaxing {on the sun deck. At the beach, skin {diving, surfing, sailing, fishing, and {other water sports are popular. For a {family adventure, take the Jungle Queen {Sight-Seeing Cruise, a three-hour trip {down the New River. Other area attractions{include the Buehler Planetarium, the {Museum of Discovery and Science, the IMAX {Theatre, Swimming Hall of Fame and the {Sawgrass Mills Mall, the largest outlet {mall. { { 0167{Leisure Club International at Padre Island{is located on the bay side of the island's{north end, just a mile from the white-sand{beaches and endless water activities the {coast has to offer. The wide variety of {sea and plant life makes this area a {favorite among naturalists. An outdoor {pool is on site, and the municipal golf {course is close by. Other area attractions{include the Art Museum of South Texas, the{Japanese Art Museum, Corpus Christi {Greyhound Race Track, Corpus Christi {Raceway, and the Corpus Christi Museum. { { 0168{Set in the lush green hills of the Gold {Coast Hinterlands, Cedar Lake has 88 acres{of relaxation and recreation. At the {resort experience horseback riding, {bushwalking, cycling, tennis or relax with{a sauna and a swim in the heated outdoor {pool. Have a drink at the clubhouse {bar and lounge and dine in the Lodge {Bistro. Just a short drive away is {Surfers Paradise, home to great beaches, {shopping, nightlife and fine dining. The {resort operates a bus service Monday to {Friday from the resort to selected {shopping centres and attractions. { 0172{Bahia Escondida is a self-contained, {family-oriented resort with activities for{the young and the young at heart. The {resort is located in the lovely valley in {the Cerro de la Silla's foothills in the {Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Monterrey is {less than an hour away, providing you with{day-trips full of shopping, local cuisine,{and entertainment. { { { { { { 0173{Sun and relaxation are plentiful at Island{Towers, a beachfront resort on Estero {Island. Stroll down the beach or choose {from a treasure chest of activities-ride a{sailboard, go snorkeling or fishing, or {buy fresh shrimp on the docks in the area.{Swim in the heated pool or take a bicycle {ride. Then watch from your balcony as the {Gulf sunset kicks off a great evening. {Both Fort Myers and Naples are within 20 {miles, providing additional recreational {choices. Be sure to visit Thomas Edison's {winter home, the Everglades Jungle Cruise,{and Jungle Larry's African Safari Park. { 0174{Tucked within the Shenandoah Valley, {Mountainside Villas at Massanutten offers {a wide variety of activities. During ski {season (mid-December to mid-March,) skiers{will be thrilled with the ski area's 1,195{foot vertical drop. In summer, golfers {will enjoy the 9 and 18 hole golf courses,{putting green, driving range and pro shop.{The recreational complexes offer indoor {and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts,{hot tubs, racquetball, fitness equipment {and saunas. Fishing ponds, volleyball {courts and a playground are on site. The {two story townhouse units offer spacious {accommodations for up to eight people. 0175{The resort is located at the base of {11,166-foot Lone Mountain, which offers {on-site activities and nature at its {finest in the areas of Gallatin National {Forest and Yellowstone National Park. In {summer, an 18-hole golf course, white- {water rafting, mountain bicycling, {horseback riding, and gondola rides offer {activities for all tastes. Winter snows {bring skiing to Big Sky. Snow skiing {begins Thanksgiving Day based on snowfall {and ends mid-April. The slopes for {downhill skiing are accessible by several {means, including lifts, high-speed quads, {trams, surface tows, and gondola. 0177{Indian Palms Vacation Club is nestled {within a mixed-use golf community; avid {golfers will truly enjoy the 27-hole on- {site championship golf course at the best {rates in the valley. This well maintained {resort destination is locally known as the{oldest and most historical golf resort in {the area. The tranquil Indio area is a {great place to rest and unwind, enjoy the {gorgeous desert sunsets, and simply relax {at one of two pools with whirlpools. Palm {Springs is 20 miles away, where you'll {find exciting nightlife and entertainment {as well as fine dining, excellent {shopping, and sight-seeing excursions. 0182{Discover the fun of vacationing in {northern Michigan at Boyne Mountain. {During the warm days of summer, enjoy a {variety of water sports, such as fishing, {sailing, and boating. For land lubbers, {there is tennis, golf, or hiking in the {lovely countryside. Schedule a journey to {Mackinac Island, a step back to a less {complicated era, or visit Petoskey, 15 {miles away, and search for the perfect {souvenir of your trip. In winter, take in {Boyne Mountain's challenging ski area. { { { 0185{Galleon Beach is a paradise for those who {seek peace, tranquillity, and privacy. {Situated on 20 acres of landscaped gardens{in the very heart of Antigua's National {Park, it offers some of the most stunning {natural surroundings on the island. {Nestled amongst all this captivating {nature and history, the resort has 28 {cottages, stretching from the beautiful {sand of the quarter-mile beach up to the {stunning views from the gently sloping {hillside. { { { 0192{At this oceanfront resort, you can enjoy {a 60-foot outdoor pool, hot tub, {shuffleboard courts, and a nine-hole {putting green. Six golf courses are close {by. To help you plan your sight-seeing {trip of this gorgeous island, Maui Sunset {has a tourist information center. Kihei {has the most state park beaches, with {great snorkeling and windsurfing. Plan to {visit Haleakala Crater and Hana or take {the boat trips to Lanai and Molokini--the {resort is centrally located to all these {spots. { { 0193{Located in Incline Village on the {northeast side of beautiful Lake Tahoe, {Club Tahoe offers an appealing combination{of magnificent scenery, local attractions,{and on-site amenities. Enjoy the resort's {racquetball and tennis courts, indoor and {outdoor spas, a seasonal swimming pool, {billiards, an arcade, horseshoes, a gift {shop, lounge, and seasonal deli. Locally, {enjoy a variety of water activities, {winter sports, and world-class golf, or {you can try your luck at one of the nearby{casinos. For those who simply want to {relax, take a walk on the beach and enjoy {the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe. 0195{Set in the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills, {Fairfield Mountains offers excellent {facilities for golf, tennis, and other {outdoor activities. Water sports are {available at the resort on beautiful Lake {Lure. In addition to the two 18-hole {golf courses and four lighted tennis {courts, the resort also offers a {recreation center and both indoor and {outdoor pools. Nearby sight-seeing {attractions include the Biltmore House and{Gardens, Chimney Rock, and the Carl {Sandburg National Historic Site. { { 0198{Mittersill Vacation Ownership Resort is {located in the White Mountains of New {Hampshire. Enjoy skiing 800 yards away at {Peabody Slopes on Cannon Mountain. This {ski area has a vertical rise of 2,146 feet{and is covered with 21 miles of trails and{slopes. Loon Mountain-with an 1,800-foot {rise and 13 miles of slopes-is within an {easy drive. In summer, choose from the two{golf courses close by, the beach at Echo {Lake nearly a mile away, or enjoy the {outdoor or indoor pool, hiking trails, and{putting green. For spectacular scenery, {don't miss the Aerial Tramway on Cannon {Mountain. 0200{Perched on a hillside, overlooking {beautiful Lake Tahoe's northern shore in {Incline Village, Nevada, Tahoe Chaparral {features units with panoramic views of the{lake. Enjoy area antiques shops, {boutiques, crafts, photography, rugged {outdoor life amid spectacular scenery, {sophisticated nightlife, and gaming. Nine {golf courses are in the vicinity, and less{than an hour's drive away, you'll find 17 {ski resorts. The closest is Diamond Peak, {only four blocks away, with five lifts, 30{runs, and a vertical drop of 1,840 feet. {The ski season runs from late November to {mid-April. 0201{Westwind Club, on the ocean with a {desirable Cable Beach address, is known {for intimate quality and friendliness. {Only 22 cottage units-each with a private {patio-share a small beach, heated outdoor {pool, and spacious clubhouse with snack {bar. Rent a motorized rubber raft to visit{a nearby island great for picnicking and {snorkeling. Guests savor sunrises and {sunsets from the on-site terrace, which {juts into the ocean. The resort is a {10-minute walk from groceries, shopping, {casinos, and restaurants. Downtown is only{a jitney ride away. { 0206{The Shores at Lake Travis is a complete {recreational community situated on more {than 5,000 acres with 11 miles of Lake {Travis shoreline offering sailing, {powerboating, fishing, waterskiing, {windsurfing, snorkeling, and swimming. {Shuffleboard, bicycling, volleyball, {horseshoes, and a games room with board {games, Ping-Pong, and a pool table are {available. Two country clubs and two {nine-hole golf courses are close by, {offering tennis facilities and 54 holes of{golf. Austin offers the LBJ Presidential {Library, several museums, musicals, {theaters, and sports events. 0210{The Osborne Club apartments are situated {in a magnificent Regency Crescent, in {private grounds, overlooking Meadfoot {Beach and the bay beyond. The Osborne {Hotel is at the centre of the crescent and{the individually designed apartments are {to either side. Torquay town centre is {within walking distance, but a car would {be useful to explore the area. { { { { { { 0211{Boating and fishing bring water {enthusiasts to Oyster Bay, a rustic, {old-style Florida fishing village located {next to the Indian River Lagoon. The {resort offers a motorized 15-foot boat for{a one-time gas charge, or deep-sea fishing{can be arranged through local marinas. On {site, you'll find an outdoor pool, {barbecue grills, a tennis court, and a {playground. Golf, restaurants, and shops {are within a couple miles of the {resort. For a day-trip, all of Orlando's {family attractions are within two hours of{the resort. { 0212{Naples Bay and the Gulf of Mexico combine {to create a spectacular vacation setting. {In addition to the beautiful weather {year-round, this part of Florida offers {recreational opportunities from deep-sea {fishing to golf. You can also visit the {largest attraction in Naples-Caribbean {Garden's Zoological Park. Rookery Bay, {five miles south, offers bird-watching and{exhibits of marine life. You can enjoy {hours of browsing in the many shops in {Naples. A dinner theater and deep-sea {fishing trips are also available nearby. { { 0224{Set at the southern end of Fort Myers {Beach, Caribbean Beach Club brings the {spirit of a traditional tropical island to{Florida. Located on Estero Island, the {beach across from the lagoon area offers {many water-sports activities. The beach {fronts a lagoon that is not suitable for {swimming. Across the street is Estero {Island's only 18-hole executive golf {course. A short distance away, Thomas {Edison's winter home, Naples' exclusive {shops, and Estero Boulevard's restaurants {offer alternatives to the beach scene. { { 0225{Sudendorf at Schuss Mountain offers {all-season entertainment for your Michigan{vacation. The resort offers six tennis {courts, a golf course, two outdoor pools, {an indoor pool, and a restaurant. The {resort also has its own ski slope with a {varied terrain that is sure to appeal to {beginners and experts alike. Numerous {inland lakes and the Great Lakes offer a {wide variety of water sports for summer {fun. A 90-minute trip north to Mackinac {City is worthwhile. Once there, a {25-minute ferry ride will take you to {beautiful Mackinac Island. { 0226{Nestled in the White Mountains of North {Conway, Forest Glen Inn is surrounded by {New Hampshire's finest ski country. Just {minutes away is Mount Cranmore, with King {Pine, Attitash, Black Mountain, and {Wildcat within easy reach. Snowmobiling is{nearby. Spring brings ideal conditions for{white-water rafting. Golf, hiking, and {biking are popular summer activities, and {water activities can be enjoyed a mile {away on the Saco River. Autumn transforms {the area into a perfect location for {nature lovers and photographers. More than{200 factory outlet stores provide year- {round tax-free shopping. 0228{Surf, sand, sunshine, water activities {galore and sightseeing attractions to {delight.You will find all this {and more on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. {A vast array of holiday activities awaits {you. Take an excursion to the hinterland {where many cottage industries thrive or {visit The Big Pineapple, The Reptile {Park, The Ettamoga Pub or The Macadamia {Nut Plantation. Tours may be arranged {from the office. Pacific View is located {on the Caloundra Headland, overlooking {the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. Walk to {the beach or enjoy the resort's pool, {half tennis court, spa and sauna. 0229{Casa Ybel Resort was built as Sanibel's {first beachfront resort, so it enjoys one {of the best locations on the island. The {on-site amenities fulfill almost every {vacation need. Sanibel and neighboring {Captiva Island are considered to be two of{the top three shelling locales in the {world. Walking and biking along naturally {landscaped paths are other popular island {pastimes. Be sure to visit the J.N. "Ding"{Darling National Wildlife Refuge, which {protects more than 200 species of birds. {Sanibel Island offers many unique shops {and dining establishments. { 0232{Set in the west central mountains of {Idaho, not far from the Oregon border, {Timberlake offers unlimited recreational {and sight-seeing possibilities. Located on{the edge of Payette Lake, the resort is {just east of Hells Canyon National {Recreation Area which offers camping, {hiking, and fishing. The lake itself {offers boating, sailing, and water skiing {facilities. Golf, tennis, and horseback {riding are available nearby. The resort {has its own outdoor pool as well. Just 8 {miles away, Payette Lake Ski Hill and {Brundage Mountain provide excellent white {powder skiing. 0233{Enjoy the mountainous scenery at The {Pines, located at Bryce Resort. The Pines {offers activities for all seasons, {including exploring the scenic Shenandoah {Valley. In the summer, enjoy tennis and an{outdoor pool, an 18-hole golf course, {miniature golf, grass skiing, hiking, and {horseback riding. Swimming, canoeing, {and fishing are also {available at Lake Laura. Winter offers you{downhill skiing with slopes that vary in {difficulty. Enjoy sight-seeing at the {caverns and the Skyline Drive. { { 0237{Located in the southwestern Utah desert {area, ORE at St. George is a haven in an {arid paradise. Enjoy the outdoor pool and {whirlpool. The resort is located along the{first fairway of the Southgate Golf {Course. Red Hills, Sunbrook, and Green {Springs golf courses are located within 10{minutes. Make your golf tee times one to {two weeks prior to your arrival. The {resort is near Zion National Park and {Bryce Canyon. Boating and water sports are{available at Quail Creek and Gunlock State{Park, both a short drive away. { { 0242{Rockley Plumtree Club is part of an {all-inclusive property, which offers golf,{tennis, squash, and dining entertainment. {Different passport packages are available {from US$20 to US$52.50 per person. Guests {can also enjoy the Beach Club Restaurant {at Rockley Beach, a five-minute shuttle {ride away. Take time out to enjoy sailing {cruises, scenic tours, and dinner shows. { { { { { { 0243{Located 25 miles west of Galveston on a {14-mile-long island, Peregrine Townhomes {at San Luis Pass provides a rustic, {secluded island retreat to enjoy the many {miles of primitive beach and Texas Coastal{Wetlands that abound with fish, shrimp, {crabs, and birdlife. Deep-sea charters are{readily available in adjacent communities.{Enjoy the beachside pool, volleyball, {horseshoes, surf and bay fishing with bait{shops nearby, or the numerous shops, {restaurants, area attractions, golf, {horseback riding, and nightlife at {Galveston, 30 minutes away. { 0245{Waikiki Beach, home to sunny weather and {great surfing, is just two blocks from the{White Sands Waikiki Resort Club. Enjoy the{entertainment, restaurants, and shops of {Waikiki, then relax by the on-site outdoor{pool. The resort's activities director can{help arrange fishing, sailing, and {snorkeling tours for you. Tennis and golf {facilities are within two miles. The state{capital, Honolulu, features Pearl Harbor's{USS Arizona Memorial, the International {Market Place, Bishop Museum, and Honolulu {Zoo. { { 0247{Hiawatha Manor at Lake Tansi Village is {only 75 miles west of Knoxville. At the {resort, you'll find an outdoor and {indoor pool, an 18-hole golf course, a {tennis court, and racquetball. Enjoy the {fun of Lake Tansi, which provides endless {hours of water sports, including fishing {and waterskiing (rental boats are {available from June - September for {fishing but not for skiing). Take a drive {to Cumberland Caverns, Standing Stone {State Park, and The Grand Ole Opry only {two hours away. Gatlinburg is two hours {from the resort, and Chattanooga and Rock {City are 65 miles away. 0248{Take a leisurely break this year in Laguna{Shores, located 250 feet from the ocean in{Laguna Beach. A cultural haven, the town {boasts dozens of galleries and art shows {from which to choose. Ballet and theater {are also prominent in the area. Often {compared to the beaches of the French {Riviera, those in Laguna Beach invite both{sunbathing and water sports. Golf, tennis,{and horseback riding are other pleasurable{options. Not far from Laguna are favorite {sight-seeing attractions, such as {Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, San Diego {Zoo, Newport Fun Zone, and Balboa Island. { 0249{Enjoy the northwest's scenic drives, {historical sites, serene lakes and streams{with a vacation to Stoneridge Recreational{Club, which is remotely located north of {Lake Coeur d'Alene and west of Pend {Oreille Lake. Within an hours drive you {will find shopping and fine restaurants. {Recreational opportunities include tennis {and racquetball courts, an indoor swimming{pool, gymnasium, and organized activities {and classes. A golf course is located {right next door. Three major ski resorts {are within 70 miles. During the summer {season spend the day at Silverwood theme {park. 0251{An escape to the mountains awaits owners {who select Tree Tops as their vacation {getaway. Surrounded by spectacular views {of the golf course and nestled in the roll{-ing hills of the Pocono Mountains, these {villas afford guests with a long list of {on-site and nearby facilities and ameni- {ties. Newly renovated villas, close proxi-{mity to Philiadelphia and New York and a {selection of nearby attractions including {the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation{Area, the Crossings outlet shopping, {NASCAR racing, museums, animal farms, snow{-tubing and skiing make this a year-round {vacation destination. 0256{Surrounded by the charming atmosphere of {Cape Cod, Briarwood is close to all the {attractions which have made this part of {New England a favorite resort location for{years. Cape Cod is noted for its {picturesque fishing villages, historic {sites, scenic harbors, museums, and the {beautiful, unspoiled national seashore. {The resort offers the perfect vacation {setting filled with fun for the entire {family. Enjoy the outdoor pool and tennis {courts during the summer months. Beaches {are just a short drive away from the {resort. { 0259{Las Olas means "the waves," which can be {seen from your private balcony at this {oceanfront resort. The Atlantic Ocean is {just outside your door. For your {enjoyment, the resort has an outdoor pool,{a whirlpool, beach volleyball, barbecue {grills, a picnic area, and 600 feet of {beach. Make the most of your visit with a {round of golf on one of the several {recommended area courses. In addition, {guests have tennis privileges at the Pines{Tennis Club, only five minutes away. The {family-style atmosphere encourages weekly {get-togethers that will make you feel {welcome. 0260{Peace and serenity await you at this {quaint Tudor Inn at the harbour entrance {to Lagoon City, a 1600-acre community with{8 kms of navigable waterways and steps {from the beaches of the eastern shore of {Lake Simcoe. The indoor pool & spa adjoin{the inn, no need to venture outside on a {blustery day. Year-round tennis; cross- {country skis, bicycles, paddleboats, and {barbecues available. Boat, snowmobile and{ice fishing hut rentals; riding stables, {downhill and cross-country ski sites are {only 20 to 40 minutes away. Casino {gambling is 20 minutes away. { 0261{Only 45 minutes west of Atlanta, Fairfield{Plantation offers a full range of {activities for the entire family. The {resort's championship 18-hole golf course {is home to the West Georgia Open. Enjoy {swimming at one of the resort's two {outdoor pools. Other amenities include {two lighted tennis courts, picnic areas, {and a recreation center. Within driving {distance are the Oconee and the {Cattahoochee national forests. { { { { 0262{Noted for its beautiful scenery and {historic sites, the Sitgreaves National {Forest in Arizona's White Mountains is the{quiet, relaxed setting for Roundhouse {Resort. Grand Canyon National Park, {Petrified Forest National Park, and the {Painted Desert are less than a five-hour {drive away. The resort's recreation {center boasts an indoor pool, whirlpool, {and racquetball court. Sunrise ski area, {about 25 miles from the resort, offers 60 {trails and vertical drops of 1,800 feet. {In warmer months, enjoy trout fishing, {tennis, hiking, and horseback riding. The {golf course is closed in winter months. 0263{Pinestead Reef Resort-VIP, located on the {East Arm of Lake Michigan's Grand Traverse{Bay, features 700 feet of private beach. {Within walking distance you can rent a Jet{Ski or other water-sports equipment. {Summer activities in the area include {golfing, hiking, bicycling, sight-seeing, {horseback riding, and canoeing. Winter has{plenty to offer for Alpine and Nordic {skiers. Non-skiers may want to try ice {fishing, ice-skating, and snowmobiling. {Leelanau Sands Casino is 23 miles away, {and Turtle Creek Casino is only eight {miles away. Many local points of interest {are within driving distance. 0266{Banyan Harbor, which is located only two {miles from the Lihue Airport, is centrally{located on the island of Kauai. The {resort invites you to enjoy the on-site {pool, tennis, shuffleboard, and barbecue {grills. A short five-minute walk will {take you to Kalapaki Beach, shopping {areas, dining, and other activities. The {Banyan Harbor's location is within two {miles of Kauai's largest shopping center, {three golf courses, theaters, cinemas, and{Kauai's business center. { { { 0268{Located within the famous French Quarter, {Leisure Club International at New Orleans {is close to superb restaurants, lively {nightclubs, historic buildings, and other {cultural attractions. Visitors can also {enjoy the nightlife ofBourbon Street. New {Orleans is home to a variety of museums {and art galleries. Spicy Creole and {classic French cuisines are among the most{popular menu offerings. For details, visit{; (translations {provided);; and { Or call the New {Orleans Visitors Bureau, (800) 672-6124, {or Lousiana Tourism, (800) 374-8536. 0269{Enjoy the natural serenity of a vacation {at Yellowstone Village. Located on a {breathtaking mountain meadow in southwest {Montana, the resort is adjacent to {Yellowstone National Park. In winter, the {area has more than 400 miles of groomed {snowmobile trails and great downhill {skiing 40 miles away at Big Sky. Summer {activities include trout fishing, hiking, {and mountain biking. Quake Lake, Jackson {Hole, Teton Park, and the Lewis and Clark {Caverns are nearby. Yellowstone National {Park is just 10 miles away, and is open {from May 1 to late October and from mid- {December to mid-March. 0279{Lea Casa is located beside the ocean, {close to all the superb golf courses, {historic sites, and scenic attractions {that have made Hawaii one of the world's {leading vacation spots. The units surround{a courtyard, landscaped with palms and {lush tropical foliage, with outdoor {freshwater and saltwater pools at its {center. Near the resort, you can enjoy {snorkeling, surfing, parasailing, fishing,{and skin-diving. Golf, tennis, and hiking {are also popular. Kailua-Kona, home to Lea{Casa, is situated on Hawaii's western {coast, and is home to many historic {buildings and monuments. 0284{This resort is located on one of Canc£n's {most spectacular beaches. When you're not {relaxing on the beautiful white sands, {water ski and dive in the incredibly clear{Caribbean Sea, play tennis, spend time {poolside, or dine in any of the three {restaurants. Canc£n's unique, {1,000-year-old personality and the {resort's modern luxury add to unrivaled {vacation pleasure. { { { { { 0290{Sweetwater at Lake Conroe is located on {the lake and has a nearby marina. The lake{offers fishing, sailing, waterskiing, and {much more. There are 27 holes of golf on {site and about a dozen more courses in the{area. If you feel like swimming, enjoy the{outdoor pool. Afterward, take a relaxing {dip in the Jacuzzi. Tennis buffs can {choose from 18 courts. Sightseers will {enjoy visiting Sam Houston State Park, the{Crighton Theatre, and NASA (a two-hour {drive away)-plus many museums, festivals, {and rodeos. { { 0299{You'll be charmed by Driftwood Inn Resort,{built from natural driftwood and preserved{parts of sunken ships. The two original {buildings were named to the National {Registry of Historic Places in 1994. The {resort has two outdoor heated pools. Surf{fishing is also popular in the area, and {charter boats are available for deep-sea {fishing. Oceanside dining is available on{Waldo's Restaurant open-air deck. And the {Orlando and Cape Canaveral attractions are{about two hours away. { { { 0300{Smugglers' Notch Resort is nestled in the {heart of Vermont's Green Mountains. Enjoy {hiking, swimming, tennis, and year-round {sight-seeing. Only 30 minutes from {Burlington's Church Street Marketplace, a {short drive to the village of Stowe, and {less than two hours to Montreal, the {resort is an ideal home base for a family {vacation. Summer activities include a {myriad of water activities at Notchville {Park and other resort pools, fishing, {miniature golf, and evening entertainment.{Winter offers excellent on-site skiing, {snowboarding, skating, snowshoeing, and {sledding. 0301{As a guest of Sarasota Sands, you'll enjoy{the heated outdoor pool, tennis and {racquetball courts, sun decks, and a game {room. Lido Beach is perfect for sailing, {fishing, and most other water activities. {Sarasota is well-known for its dining, {shopping, and entertainment spots, and it {has earned a reputation as the cultural {center of Florida's western coast. Area {attractions include Sarasota Jungle {Gardens, Selby Botanical Gardens, and the {Ringling Museum Complex. { { { 0302{Nestled in the foothills of the Great {Smoky Mountains, Mountain Place Resort--in{Cobbly Nob--is only 11 miles from {Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountain {National Park. At the resort, you have use{of an outdoor pool and playground. {Bordering the resort is a public 18-hole {golf course designed by Gary Player. The {Ober Gatlinburg recreational complex {includes facilities for skiing, year-round{ice-skating, and an alpine slide. The ski {area, open December through mid-March, has{an 800-foot vertical drop, four slopes, {five tow ropes, and three chairlifts. { 0304{About seven miles from the internationally{famous resort town of Marbella on the {Costa del Sol lies Marbesa Club. Within {the resort, you will find everything you {could want for a quiet vacation. However, {the many attractions of Marbella and {Puerto Banus, such as bars, restaurants, {nightclubs, and casinos, are within easy {reach by car. { { { { { { 0307{Suites Costa Dorada is set in Bucerias, on{Bahia Banderas Bay, which is bordered by {some of Mexico's best beaches. {Offshore, crystalline waters invite {swimming, fishing, ski diving and {waterskiing. {Along with the array of seafaring {activities, you'll enjoy a round of golf {at the world renowned Flamingo Golf {Course, located two miles away. { { { { { 0309{Located in Indian Wells and nestled at the{base of the Santa Rosa Mountains, the {resort features privacy and relaxation. {Enjoy quiet strolls or relax beside the {outdoor pools. There are no planned {activities at the resort, but moments away{are golf, tennis, and miles of bike paths.{The area offers shopping, dining, and {entertainment. El Paseo, a mile-long {boulevard, is just minutes away in Palm {Desert. Other desert attractions include {The Living Desert Reserve (a botanical {garden and wildlife park), the Palm {Springs Aerial Tram, horseback riding, {polo matches, and Las Vegas-style casinos. 0315{Within the heart of the beautiful {Berkshires, Country Village at Jiminy Peak{offers much to do--from theater, shopping,{and sporting events to sight-seeing--all {within minutes of the resort. The summer {alpine slide on site is absolutely {thrilling. A chairlift takes you up the {peak, and you descend the 2,890-foot slide{on a sled that you control. For skiers, 40{slopes, a ski school, and a ski shop are {on site. Among other resort amenities are {six tennis courts, a miniature golf {course, a trout-fishing pond, and laser {trapshooting. { 0316{Tucked into 90 lush acres of tropical {splendor facing beautiful Santiago Bay, {Club Maeva is the perfect setting for an {exceptional vacation. On site, you'll find{a swimming pool, horseback riding, 12 {tennis courts, and a soccer field. Club {Maeva offers a beach club in the property {with food and beverages services. Enjoy {daily stage productions by the resorts {entertainers. {The resort features a Mini-club and {toboggans for children. { { { 0319{Island Resort & Golf Club is conveniently {located within a short walk to the {International Bazaar. The quiet, peaceful {location allows for a family-oriented {atmosphere, where you can swim in the {heated outdoor pool or enjoy a cookout in {the picnic area. Take the resort's shuttle{bus to the beach, which is 1.5 miles away.{Enjoy shopping at Freeport's Straw Market,{International Bazaar, and Lucayan Market {Place. The resort can organize tours, such{as those to Garden of the Groves and Hydro{Flora Garden, as well as snorkeling and {fishing trips and sunset cruises. { 0321{De Vere Mews is situated in Kensington {just south of Hyde Park in one of London's{most desirable and exclusive areas. The {small apartments are set in a charming {mews courtyard. There are many fine {restaurants and shops within walking {distance. Theatreland and London's famous {large stores are easily accessible as are {many museums, parks and famous London {attractions. { { { { { 0324{The 22 acres of parkland of the Forest {Hills Estate surround these uniquely- {designed apartments, each commanding a {superb view over mountain, lake and {moorland. Forest Hills Hotel is built on {the edge of Loch Ard. Edinburgh is 1 hr 30{minutes and Glasgow is just one hour's {drive away. Loch Lomond and Stirling {Castle are even closer. On-site there is {trout fishing and a leisure centre. { { { { { 0326{Located in the heart of the Adirondack {Mountains, Lake Placid Club Lodges offers {year-round possibilities for vacationers {of all ages. The site of the 1932 and 1980{Olympic Games, Lake Placid is one of the {most popular winter-sports centers in the {East, where Whiteface Mountain boasts some{of the most challenging skiing. The ski {lifts are a short drive from the resort. {Cross-country ski, ice skate, or ride a {toboggan or sleigh in the area. {In warmer weather, Lake Placid {offers all water sports, hiking, golf, and{boating. { 0328{Kyoto offers more than 200 shrines, 1,600 {temples, three palaces, nine museums, and {countless gardens. The shopping district {offers a wide variety of arts and crafts, {including pottery, lacquerware, bamboo, {porcelain, and embroidery. Also, you can {visit Uzumasa Eiga Mura, which is a theme {park of Japanese historical movie {locations. There is a pool and restaurant {on site. { { { { { 0332{Situated in a spectacularly beautiful {setting amidst nearly 1,000 gently {undulating acres of pine trees and {overlooking miles of golden sands, Vale do{Lobo is a luxury private holiday village {designed in authentic Portuguese style. {Apart from the scenic attractions there {are two magnificent 18-hole golf courses, {Barringtons Health Club and David Lloyd {Tennis Centre. Most of the villas and {apartments have their own plunge pool or {spa bath. { { { 0335{Vacation in the heart of Ozark Mountains {country at the Kimberling Inn Resort & {Vacation Club. Located on crystal-clear {Table Rock Lake, water sports abound, with{a marina and rentals available nearby, {along with docks for your own boat. The {resort provides an indoor and outdoor {pool, tennis courts, an exercise facility,{and three restaurants. A short drive away {in Branson, there are attractions such as {Silver Dollar City, Shepherd of the Hills {Farm, White Water, Eureka Springs, and {Fantastic Caverns. Also be sure to enjoy {the finest entertainers at The Grand {Palace. 0336{Set on six oceanfront acres in Sea Pines {Plantation, Marriott's Monarch at Sea {Pines features two pools (one heated), a {children's pool, and three outdoor hot {tubs in a beautiful setting. Three 18-hole{championship golf courses are available {nearby. The Sea Pines Racquet Club has 25 {clay courts and five hard-surface courts {lighted for night play. There is no charge{for hard courts during the day. Horseback {riding, boating, and fishing are also {close by. A complete activities program is{provided for your enjoyment. { { 0337{On an estate covering 1,250 acres of {private forestland, HÊtel du Moulin de {VernÛgues transports you back to an era of{gracious living. Furnished with antique {and reproduction pieces that match its {15th century architecture, the hotel also {boasts a 9-hole golf course, designed by {Seve Ballesteros, and a gourmet {restaurant. There are beautiful grounds to{wander through. { { { { { 0339{From your mountain vacation home, you'll {have a breathtaking view of Carson Valley {on one side or Heavenly Valley on the {other. The Ridge Tahoe has added amenities{to its beautiful setting that include an {indoor recreation complex with a pool, a {weight room, racquetball courts, and a {sports court for tennis and badminton. {Among other resort features are a {restaurant and lounge and an outdoor {tennis court. In winter, enjoy downhill {skiing by taking the resort's private {gondola to the Heavenly Valley Ski Resort.{For summer fun, you're only six miles from{scenic Lake Tahoe. 0340{Four Seasons-Pacifica is nestled in a {quaint San Clemente neighborhood, only one{block from the beach and the San Clemente {Pier. In addition to plentiful water {sports, golfing, fine dining, and the many{attractions of southern California, San {Clemente is also renowned for its antiques{shops. Dana Point, which offers a large {harbor, open-air bistros, and inviting {coffeehouses, is only 10 minutes from the {resort. Guests also have access to the {activities and amenities offered at the {San Clemente Inn. { { 0342{Gurney's Inn Resort & Spa overlooks the {Atlantic Ocean and 1,000 feet of private {beach. Horseback riding, bird-watching, {hiking, and boating are popular activities{in the Hamptons on Long Island. The spa, {rated by Vogue as one of the world's best,{combines European treatment techniques {with healthful exercise and individual {pampering. Indulge in one of the special {spa packages available. Other resort {facilities include an indoor pool, three {restaurants, room service, and a games {room. Championship golf and tennis {facilities are only three miles away. { 0344{Located on one of the prime beachfront {areas of Marco Island, The Surf Club of {Marco promises both relaxation and {recreation. Among the many on-site {amenities are tennis courts, an outdoor {pool, and a whirlpool. A championship golf{course is only three miles away. The white{beaches of Marco offer some of the best {shelling in the world. The Gulf waters are{excellent for all types of water sports, {especially fishing. Nearby attractions {include the Everglades National Park, {Jungle Larry's African Safari Park, {Rookery Bay, and the Corkscrew Swamp {Sanctuary. 0346{Atlantic Beach is the oldest of five {resort towns along the Bogue Banks on {North Carolina's coast. Known as the {"Crystal Coast," it's one of those places {that remains in your memory as a great {vacation spot. Walk down the boardwalk {from your villa to the white, sandy beach,{where you can rent a chair and an umbrella{for the day. Then head into the {surrounding communities for some great {seafood. Whether you like to swim, bask in{the sun, sail, or fish, Peppertree {Atlantic Beach is the perfect location for{any of these activities. { 0347{Hotel Bellevue is set amidst mountains, {brilliant blue lakes and peaceful, {unspoilt countryside. These breathtaking {surroundings are complimented by excellent{accommodation and superb amenities, {including a fine international restaurant.{The mild summer climate makes it ideal for{outdoor activities. In winter the snow {conditions are excellent with a ski slope {and ski-school within easy reach. { { { { { 0366{Breezy Point International is on the edge {of Big Pelican Lake and encompasses 3,000 {acres of glorious woods and water. Made {famous by Billy Fawcett, famed publishing {magnate, this property was turned into a {fishing retreat and has become a complete {four-seasons vacation resort. Golf, {tennis, water sports, a spacious {recreation center, snowmobiling, and {skiing are just some of the activities {that you can enjoy on site. The resort {also leads guided tours of local points of{interest. { { 0367{Loreley offers Southern hospitality mixed {with rustic charm. Helen, the resort's {hometown, has been transformed into an {alpine village. Take in the town's {mountain charm or explore any of the many {state parks and the Chattahoochee National{Forest. At the resort, enjoy indoor and {outdoor pools, a tennis court, clubhouse, {exercise room, Jacuzzi, and a pavilion {overlooking the Chattahoochee River. Sight{seeing attractions include Tallulah Falls,{Anna Ruby Falls, and Unicoi State Park. { { { 0368{Situated by a beautiful lake near {Milledgeville, Lake Sinclair Villages {offers a peaceful, relaxing vacation. At {the resort, you can enjoy boating, {swimming, and other lake activities. Its {location in the antebellum area of middle {Georgia, including nearby Macon, offers {many historic and scenic attractions, such{as the Old Governor's Mansion and Uncle {Remus' Museum. For those interested in the{fast-paced activities of a cosmopolitan {area, Atlanta is only two hours away with {its many attractions. Visit Underground {Atlanta, Six Flags Over Georgia, and major{league sporting events. 0369{Split Rock Resort, in the scenic Pocono {Mountains, covers 600 acres of trails, {lakes, and streams. This multi-faceted {resort caters to social guests, corporate {conferences, and timeshare members. The {property offers something for everyone: {golf on the 18-hole golf course, swimming {in the indoor and outdoor pools, miniature{golf, eight bowling lanes, indoor tennis {and basketball, a 250-seat movie theater, {and many other activities. Area {attractions include white-water rafting, {Pocono International Raceway, Hickory Run {State Park, and Jack Frost and Big Boulder{ski slopes. 0370{Silverleaf's Villages is situated among {the sparkling shores of Lake Palestine, {one of the largest and most beautiful {water-sports playgrounds in the Southwest.{The lake's 100 miles of shoreline and {miles of waterways offer an unending {selection of water-oriented activities. {Watercraft rentals, boat slips, and launch{ramps are available at the marina. For {those who prefer land activities, {miniature golf, horesback riding, tennis, {basketball, archery, and volleyball are {available. Nearby Tyler, the rose capital {of Texas, is home to the Caldwell Zoo and {Tyler's Municipal Rose Garden. 0371{Located in Daytona Beach Shores, Sandy {Shores Condominiums offers a beachfront {vacation in one of America's favorite {holiday spots. Relax by the resort's {heated outdoor pool (only heated in the {winter) or play tennis or golf in the {area. During the summer, you can enjoy {sports, such as dog racing, nearby. {Local attractions include the Daytona {International Speedway and Tomoka State {Park. A little farther away, enjoy Walt {Disney World(R), Sea World, and Kennedy {Space Center. { { 0374{Nestled near the Canadian Rockies, {Panorama Resort is rich with rugged {natural beauty. Surrounded by creeks, {lakes, forests, and mountains the resort {offers seasonal outdoor activities. In {winter enjoy onsite downhill, cross- {country and heli-skiing. Summer offers {golf, tennis, horseback riding, rafting, {hiking, cycling. Special events for the {whole family and children's programs are {available throughout the year. Enjoy the {pool, hot tubs, saunas and masseuse, along{with two dining rooms and lounges as well {as a pub. Please contact the resort for a{current calendar of events and activities. 0375{With 412 lakes in the vicinity, Edgewater {Beach Club is the perfect place for anyone{who loves water sports. The lakes offer {sailing, fishing, swimming, boating, and {waterskiing. A guarded beach for swimming {is adjacent to the resort. The resort {offers indoor and outdoor pools. A public {marina, tennis courts, and miniature golf {are nearby. The Detroit Country Club, five{miles away, has an 18-hole and a nine-hole{golf course. The Ironman Golf Course, only{three miles away, is a par-three, 18-hole {layout. In winter, Detroit Mountain offers{downhill skiing. The Shooting Star Casino {is 30 miles away. 0380{Just a few minutes from your unit, you can{enjoy all the benefits of Whitefish Lake. {This clear mountain lake offers boating, {waterskiing, sandy beaches, and excellent {swimming. In addition to the on-site {amenities, the resort offers complimentary{passes to the Whitefish Athletic Club, {which provides Nautilus equipment, free {weights, racquetball, aerobics classes, {and rooftop Jacuzzis-all free to resort {guests. Glacier National Park is only 28 {miles away. For winter fun, Big Mountain {ski area, with its 41 miles of slopes and {2,000-foot drop, is only five miles from {the resort. 0381{In addition to the outdoor pool, {Sweetwater at Waikiki offers a tennis {court, saunas, a barbecue area, and a {playground. World-famous Waikiki Beach is {just a block away, offering surfing, {sailing, and numerous other water sports. {On the island, you'll find international {plazas, market places, arcades, bazaars, {and shopping centers. You can spend {delightful hours in the 300-acre Kapiolani{Park, which features an outdoor bandstand,{tennis courts, and picnic areas. An {aquarium is across the street. Do not {check in at the front desk. You must go {to the pay phone and call 922-7502. 0384{Situated just off the coast of Sarasota on{Siesta Key, Sea Club V offers several {recreational opportunities. The resort has{a private beach area, a heated pool, {barbecue grills, volleyball nets, {shuffelboard, and water-sports {equipment available for use. Golf, tennis,{and volleyball are a few of the {recreational sports featured in the {Sarasota area. RCI guests may take {advantage of exclusive golf membership at {three nearby golf courses at discounted {rates. Among Sarasota's highlights are {Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota Jungle {Gardens, and the Ringling Museum Complex. 0385{Connemara is an unspolt corner of Europe {offering a variety of natural habitats in {a small area - sea, rivers, mountains and {woodlands. In season the area attracts {tourists from far and wide, consequently, {the pubs are lively and the restaurants {are excellent. For the hardy, there are {activities such as hill walking pony {treking and golf. Situated on a hillside {in a remote and beautiful area, There are {no facilities on site and the area {attracts lovers of peace and quiet. { { { 0388{New England offers beautiful fall foliage {and the best skiing in the Eastern states.{Your vacation home at The Village Green at{Stowe offers a wide variety of activities {regardless of the season. Summer guests {can play tennis, golf, swim in the large {outdoor pool, hike, or take a thrilling {ride on the alpine slide. The indoor pool,{whirlpool, sauna, and game room are open {year-round. { { { { { 0390{Located on the northeastern tip of {Bermuda, The St. George's Club offers {three outdoor pools (one heated) and three{tennis courts (two lighted). The resort's {private beach and beach club are just a {mile away. The beach club is open {seasonally and offers a restaurant, beach {chairs, and water-sports equipment rental.{The resort also offers on-site moped {rentals. After a busy day of sight-seeing,{relax at Griffins, the resort's on-site {restaurant and bar. On Monday nights, {join the resort manager at the "Swizzle" {welcome party. { 0392{A quaint New England inn awaits you at {Hillcrest Condominiums. Ogunquit, named by{the Abenaki Indians, means "beautiful {place by the sea" and features a three- {mile sandy beach adjoining a picturesque {rocky shore. Take a stroll along the {Marginal Way, a mile-long footpath from {Perkins Cove that follows the cliff's edge{along the waterfront. At the resort you'll{find an indoor pool and sun decks. The {ocean, two blocks away, offers boating, {deep-sea fishing, and swimming. In winter,{ski slopes are 70 miles away at North {Conway, New Hampshire. Enjoy cross-country{skiing nearby the resort. 0395{View the Atlantic Ocean from your vacation{home at Ocean Forest Colony in sunny {Myrtle Beach. Once you've had enough fun {on the beach, enjoy the resort's outdoor {pool or test your golf game at any of the {many courses in the area. Those interested{in a slightly slower pace can take in the {sights of nearby Brookgreen Gardens, {featuring art exhibits, a wildlife {reserve, and an aviary. Don't miss {Barefoot Landing, Broadway at the Beach, {Fantasy Harbour, the NASCAR Cafe, Planet {Hollywood, or the Hard Rock Cafe. { { 0396{Located between Palm Beach and Fort {Lauderdale in Delray Beach is the South {Shore Club. Enjoy the resort's outdoor {pool, whirlpool, and shuffleboard court. {Leading pastimes in this exclusive {community are horse and dog racing, jai {alai, fishing, and golf. Sight-seeing {options include the famous Worth Avenue {and Lion Country Safari. { { { { { { 0398{Camelot by the Sea is located on the {southern tip of St. Pete Beach, a quiet, {secluded area on the Suncoast. The beach {is just across the street, and the Gulf is{perfect for sailing, swimming, {parasailing, and other water sports. Golf {and tennis are popular in the area--more {than 30 golf courses and several tennis {and basketball courts are open year-round.{Guests activities include complimentary {coffee and doughnuts Tuesday mornings; a {poolside pizza party for Thursday lunch; {and a poolside hot dog roast for Friday {lunch. Barbecue grills are available for {pleasant evening cookouts. 0400{Many of the attractions of Myrtle Beach {are within walking distance of Riptide {Beach Club. The area is known for its many{music theaters, excellent golf and tennis {facilities, fine beaches, great shopping, {and a variety of family amusem*nts {including Broadway at the Beach, Fantasy {Harbour and Barefoot Landing. Riptide {Beach Club has 27 oceanfront units and 26 {courtside units (little or no ocean view).{The resort also offers an outdoor pool, {which is heated and covered in-season), {and a heated whirlpool. The Myrtle Beach {Pavillion, Brookgreen Gardens and historic{Georgetown are also poplular attractions. 0402{During your stay at The Windjammer, {explore lighthouses and historic {shipwrecks along the Cape Hatteras {National Seashore. Bird-watching, fishing,{shelling, and boating will fill your days.{Lands of the Outer Banks are constantly {shifted by wind and waves, forming the {huge dunes common to the area. Because of {these conditions, Jockey's Ridge State {Park has become a popular spot for hang {gliding. Other area attractions include {the Wright Brothers National Memorial, {Roanoke Island (site of the first English {colony), and the Elizabethan Gardens. { 0403{Enjoy a restful lakeside stay in the {Pocono Mountains at Brookvillage at {Ceasars Brookdale, where 250 acres of {green forest and a private lake provide {opportunities for winter and summer fun. {At the resort, you'll find an indoor and {outdoor pool, a nine-hole miniature golf {course, and an indoor roller skating rink.{A 36-hole golf course is only four miles {from the resort. Rustic bridges, {waterfalls, and other scenic highlights {decorate the countryside. In winter, the {resort is close to four major ski areas. {Camelback, the largest of the Pocono ski {areas, is closest to the resort. 0404{Located in the scenic foothills of South {Carolina's mountains, a relaxed country {atmosphere makes Kinston Manor at {Foxwood a wonderful vacation retreat. {Enjoy fishing and boating on nearby Lake {Hartwell, a 56,000-acre lake. You will {need a car to fully enjoy the resort {amenities, nine-hole golf course, indoor {and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts,{volleyball, and horseshoe pits. Some of {which are a distance from the units, in {this 2,600-acre property. Cities and {sites within 30 minutes to two hours away {are Asheville, NC, Cherokee, NC, Clemson, {SC, Helen, GA and Atlanta, GA. 0408{Situated on exclusive Ocean Drive, {Oceancliff invites you to experience {Newport in style. Located on 20 acres of {manicured lawns bordering Narragansett {Bay, the resort is near the finest sight- {seeing attractions, shops, and nightlife. {Newport is called the "Yachting Capital of{the East." Head to the beach, only three {miles away, for swimming or tour turn-of- {the-century mansions, local museums, and {Belcourt Castle, with its excellent art {exhibits. { { { 0409{Across the street from Driftwood Beach {Club is a beautiful expanse of sandy beach{and the Atlantic Ocean. You can fish, {water-ski, sail, surf, and more-all within{five miles from the resort. Deep-sea and {surf fishing are excellent in the area, {and boat rentals are available at marinas {nearby. The resort offers a heated outdoor{pool and a barbecue area. Shuffleboard can{be played on site. The resort is located {45 minutes from Miami. { { { { 0411{Glistening beaches are the allure for {Mariner Beach Club on St. Pete Beach. {Within this tropical resort are amenities,{such as an outdoor pool, whirlpools, {shuffleboard courts, and barbecue grills. {The Gulf of Mexico is steps from your {door. The Suncoast's several sight-seeing {attractions add the finishing highlights {to the scene. { { { { { { 0413{An oceanfront vacation in the heart of {Florida's Gold Coast will be yours when {you stay at Coral Tides Condominiums. {Fishing, boating, golf, tennis, and the {spectator sports of horse racing and jai {alai are all just a short distance from {the resort. In Pompano Beach, you're 33 {miles from either Miami or Palm Beach, {putting some of the world's best {restaurants and nightclubs within an easy {drive. { { { { 0416{Jackson Hole Racquet Club offers a long {list of amenities. You'll find a health {club with seasonal outdoor tennis courts {and outdoor pool, exercise equipment, and {much more. The Jackson Hole ski area, only{five minutes from the resort, covers more {than 3,000 acres of terrain. Summertime {visitors can enjoy the adjacent Arnold {Palmer Teton Pines Golf Course (which {converts to cross-country skiing in {winter), go on a raft ride down the Snake {River, or take the 15-minute drive to {Grand Teton National Park, and visit {art galleries, shops, fine restaurants, {and nightclubs. 0417{Take a step back in time to gracious old {Santa Fe at Las Brisas de Santa Fe. Here, {you'll find narrow streets lined with {distinctive buildings of Spanish {influence, offering shops, boutiques, {restaurants, and night spots. From late {November through early April, skiing is {available 16 miles from the resort at {Santa Fe Ski Basin, which has a vertical {drop of 1,650 feet. Be sure to take some {time to explore the city. Guided tours {that highlight museums, historic churches,{and government buildings are available. { { 0420{Arrowhead Condominiums is located in the {heart of Seeley Swan Valley, surrounded {by mountains, forests, and lakes. Double {Arrow Lodge, located next door, offers {fine dining and a nine-hole golf course. {Nearby, crystalline lakes with sandy {beaches provide boating and fishing. {In addition to long winters with excellent{snow, Seeley Swan Valley offers four {seasons of excellent recreational {opportunities. Activities such as cross- {country skiing, tennis, mountain biking {and snowmobiling are all within minutes {from the resort. { 0422{At Winners Circle Beach & Tennis Resort, {you'll find four lighted tennis courts, a {heated outdoor pool, and a whirlpool. Just{minutes away is the beach and the Pacific {Ocean. For golfers, there are a number of {courses in the area, including the Torrey {Pines Golf Course. The famous Del Mar {Thoroughbred Club Racetrack is just across{the street. Racing season begins in late {July and ends in early September. About 20{miles south of Solana Beach, balmy San {Diego offers attractions such as the San {Diego Zoo, Sea World, and Wild Animal {Park. For the adventurous, Tijuana, {Mexico, is just 45 minutes away. 0423{This is a comfortable, convenient vacation{home in the midst of some of Japan's {loveliest countryside. Summer guests can {fish, play tennis nearby and swim. For {winter fun, cross-country and downhill ski{facilities are within two miles. {Year-round, the on-site restaurant {promises great endings to your days. { { { { { { { 0425{Big Canoe-located only an hour from {Atlanta-is an escape to the rustic setting{of hills, woods, and mountain streams. In {addition to the resort facilities, other {recreational choices include canoeing, {paddleboating, and volleyball. During the {summer, special activities are offered. {Explore Chicamauga and Chattanooga {national parks and the Civil War {battlefields of Lookout Mountain and {Missionary Ridge. Enjoy fine dining at the{resort or venture into Atlanta for the {sights and sounds of the city. { { 0426{Leisure Resorts at Reno is an urban {resort conveniently located near all of {Reno's attractions and special events. At {the resort, enjoy the indoor pool, {whirlpool, sauna, sun deck, and workout {equipment. Just minutes from the resort, {discover golf and tennis facilities. Lake {Tahoe offers boating and waterskiing about{30 miles away. Winter snow brings skiing {to the area. Within a 90-minute drive is {the largest concentration of ski {facilities in the world. Shuttle service {is provided to some of the ski sites for a{nominal fee. { 0428{Located in North Redington Beach, Grand {Shores West is bordered by the Gulf of {Mexico and Boca Ciega Bay. You can swim {along the resort's beach or in the outdoor{pool, or try the water sports available on{site or nearby. The resort also provides {sailboats, volleyball, and beach cabanas {at no charge. Close by, you'll find other {recreational options such as golf and {tennis. Favorite spectator sports {include casino cruises and dog racing. {St. Petersburg's Salvador Dali Museum and {Lowry Park Zoo are among the area {attractions, with Busch Gardens and Walt {Disney World(R) within a 90-minute drive. 0432{Chateau Charmant is located just across {the street from the waters of the Gulf of {Mexico. Two outdoor pools are on-site. {Tennis can be played at the resort and {several golf courses are located just a {few miles away. Be sure to visit Gulfport {and Biloxi attractions, such as the Marine{Life Aquadome, Ship Island, and the many {casinos in the area. Lively New Orleans, {home of Dixieland jazz and honky-tonk, is {70 miles west of the resort. After dark, {sample the rich variety of cuisines served{in area restaurants, including Chinese, {seafood, and traditional Southern cooking.{ 0436{Located on Anna Maria Island on the Gulf {Coast, Via Roma Beach Resort in Bradenton {Beach promises a wealth of seaside fun and{recreation. At the resort, you'll find a {heated outdoor pool, a whirlpool, {shuffleboard, and equipment for fishing. {The resort has bicycles and barbecue {grills available for your use. Bradenton {Beach is located within an easy drive of {Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota, all {of which boast a diverse array of {restaurants, nightclubs, and sight-seeing {attractions. { { 0438{Killington's six mountains, 23 lifts, and {170 trails are a skier's paradise. The {largest ski area east of the Rockies, {Killington has extensive snowmaking {capabilities, giving the area a lengthy {November to June ski season. In warmer {months, enjoy area activities, such as {swimming, tennis, horseback riding, {boating, fishing, hiking, mountain biking,{and summer theater. For golfers, eight {courses are within a 30-minute drive, {including two 18-hole layout only three {miles away. Sample a hearty serving of {Vermont's hospitality and entertainment in{the area's multitude of fine eateries. 0439{Located on more than five beachfront acres{on the Kihei coast, Maui Sunset II offers {the perfect vacation home on the beautiful{Valley Isle. Along with its great {location, the resort offers a 60-foot {freshwater pool, tennis courts, a putting {green, croquet court, shuffleboard court, {and large, hot spa bath. For the golfer, {four championship 18-hole courses are {within five miles. Set aside time for {sight-seeing: On the east side of the {island is Haleakala National Park, site of{the Haleakala Crater. { { 0441{Lake Chelan Shores is located on Lake {Chelan-the deepest gorge in North America {and one of Washington's largest inland {bodies of fresh water. Throughout this {area, you'll find hearty outdoor activity {and fun-filled events, no matter what the {season. In warmer months, enjoy the {resort's five heated outdoor pools. {Hunting, fishing, and an 18-hole {championship golf course are close by. In {winter, there's Alpine skiing at Echo {Valley and Mission Ridge. Year-round, {restaurants and a variety of entertainment{are nearby. Boat launch and parking of {boats available. 0446{Myrtle Beach is a golfer's dream, offering{nearly 100 courses from which to choose. {On-site amenities at The Links Golf & {Racquet Club include a clubhouse, tennis {courts, three freshwater fishing ponds, an{outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, jogging paths, and {a covered pool. Only a mile away is the {Atlantic Ocean, which is perfect for {beachcombing and water sports. The resort {has a private beach cabana and a beach {shuttle service that runs in season. { { { { 0450{Only one mile from Walt Disney World(R), {Sheraton's Vistana Resort offers spacious {one- and two-bedroom villas. Amenities {include 13 tennis courts, seven swimming {pools, seven outdoor hot tubs, an 18-hole {miniature golf course, three recreation {centers, two full-service restaurants, and{an on-site general store with Pizza Hut(R){and Haagen Dazs(R) outlets--all on 135 {acres laced with fountains and lakes. {Enjoy the tanning beds and massage {facility, basketball and vollyball, {children's playground, and activities {provided by a full-time staff. Tickets for{area attractions may be purchased on site. 0451{Kauai is a vacationer's paradise, with its{picturesque canyons, white-sand beaches, {lush tropical foliage, and miles of sugar-{cane and papaya trees. Nihi Kai Villas are{conveniently located in this beautiful {setting. The resort itself offers tennis {courts, an outdoor pool, and a paddle- {tennis court. Water activities, golf, {horseback riding, and hiking are all {available near the resort. Island {attractions include Waimea Canyon, {Hanalei, the site of the filming of "South{Pacific," the historic Menehune Gardens, {and the Kauai Museum in Lihue. { 0452{The Hamiltonian Hotel & Island Club is {located atop Langton Hill, affording a {spectacular view of the whole chain of {Bermuda Islands. Soak up the sun at the {resort's pool, which overlooks the {Atlantic Ocean or play a set of tennis on {the resort's three tennis courts. Along {Bermuda's beach areas, you can enjoy {sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. {Golf and bicycling are among the most {popular sports. Just a mile from the {resort, you'll find yourself on {world-famous Front Street, a shopper's {paradise. { 0455{Enjoy a leisurely, California-style {vacation at Pine Acres Lodge. Pacific {Grove adjoins Monterey and is the starting{point of a spectacular 17-mile drive to {Carmel. Seven golf courses can be found {within a 10-mile radius of the resort. {Two blocks away you'll find a stunning {coastline. Also close by are opportunities{for deep-sea fishing, visiting the {Monterey Bay Aquarium, hiking, horseback {riding, and tennis. At the resort, you'll {find a sauna and Jacuzzi for relaxation. {In Pacific Grove, stop and admire the {butterfly trees (pine trees covered with {monarch butterflies) from October-March. 0456{Downhill action here at one of Latin {America's best ski centers begins in July {and lasts until September. This is a great{spot for warm-weather vacations, as well. {The city overlooks the startlingly blue {waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi and is ringed {by snowcapped mountain peaks, a {breathtaking setting for outdoor {recreation. { { { { { { 0458{In the heart of New Hampshire's White {Mountains, you will find the historic {Eastern Slope Inn, a four-season family {resort. The inn has small, quaint rooms, a{comfortable lobby, and a central location.{On site, discover the glass-enclosed {swimming pool and Jacuzzi, clay tennis {courts, and games room. Hike or ski {nature trails, fish in a stocked pond, or {enjoy a Broadway musical during the summer{in the Playhouse. Summer activities in the{Mount Washington Valley include hiking, {canoeing, golfing, and tax-free outlet {shopping. In the winter, you can enjoy a {host of outdoor activities in the snow. 0459{Estero Island's hospitality blends {perfectly with the Hawaiian atmosphere of {Lahaina Inn Resort. The warm Florida sun, {the peaceful sounds of the Gulf of Mexico,{and a tranquil, unhurried ambience leave {you relaxed and refreshed. Swimming, {volleyball, and fishing are on site, as {well as an array of other activities. {There are two swimming pools on site- one {on each side of the street. Visit Fort {Myers, about 20 minutes northeast, or {Naples, 26 miles south. Estero Boulevard {is famous for its many restaurants and {night spots as well as its shops and {boutiques. 0462{Enjoy an endless array of activities at {the family-oriented Ocean East Resort Club{in Ormond Beach. The on-site recreational {director can help you plan activities or {provide sports equipment for the day's {events. Take advantage of the resort's {heated outdoor pool and recreation room {with Ping-Pong table, board games, {library, TV/VCR, and video games room or {take a leisurely stroll on the beach. The {resort also offers on-site video rental {and a 24-hour check-in desk. Visit Walt {Disney World(R), historic St. Augustine, {the Kennedy Space Center, or SeaWorld, {all within easy driving distance. 0463{James Stephen Resort Village offers all {the fun of Cape Cod. Your resort home is a{mile from Hyannis Harbor. Passenger {ferries travel out of the harbor to {Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island in {spring, summer, and fall. The 28,000-acre {Cape Cod National Seashore-just northeast {of the resort and open year-round-offers {dense forests, dunes, and marshlands. {Other area attractions include the Stage {Harbor Light, Monomoy National Wildlife {Refuge, and Monomoy Beach. At the resort, {enjoy the indoor pool, picnic area, and {clubhouse. Nearby Hyannis offers shops and{restaurants. 0464{North Carolina's Outer Banks is a {vacationer's dream come true. At {Peppertree Outer Banks Beach Club, you'll {feel like the beach is your own private {paradise. Where the Wright Brothers first {took flight, the entire area is rich in {history and has several notable points of {interest for those curious about America's{beginning. This unique vacation retreat is{full of reminders of time gone by. Visit {the resort, and you'll see why it's one of{Peppertree's most popular locations. { { { 0465{Tahoe Sands Resorts offers both lakeside {and woodside lodging on the north shore of{Lake Tahoe. Crystal-clear Lake Tahoe {offers all your favorite aquatic sports, {including sailing and windsurfing. Near {the resort is North Tahoe Regional Park, a{108-acre park with facilities for night {tennis, outdoor racquetball, volleyball, {biking, and cross-country skiing. Also {close at hand is the Northstar ski area, {which boasts 41 runs, a vertical rise of {1,259 feet, and casinos. You can also {enjoy the resort's beach, sauna, heated {outdoor pools (May - Oct), hot tub, and {other recreational facilities. 0466{Bequia is the largest of the Grenadine {Islands which stretch like stepping stones{from St Vincent to Grenada. It is the {centre for sailing in the Grenadines, {having some of the finest sailing waters {in the world. Sunny Caribbee overlooks {Admiralty Bay where small craft are {anchored in the sparkling blue water. It {is set in ten acres of tropical gardens {which slope down to a sandy beach: perfect{for a relaxed, informal holiday. { { { { 0469{Guanahani Village is located in the Cable {Beach area of New Providence Island and is{a short drive from Nassau, capital of the {Bahamas. Cable Beach boasts a variety of {restaurants, boutiques, and nightlife {spots, including the Carnival's Crystal {Palace and Casino. On site, you can enjoy {the outdoor pool, tennis court, and {poolside snack bar. { { { { { { 0473{Located in the "Biggest Little City in the{World," the Plaza Resort Club offers an {action-packed vacation. At the hotel, {you'll find a large hot tub and an {enclosed pool. Just a half-block away is {Wingfield City Park, bordering the {Truckee River, where tennis courts, {jogging trails, and a picnic area provide {outdoor activities. A number of golf {courses are close by, and Lake Tahoe is {only 39 miles away. Within a 90-minute {drive is a large concentration of downhill{skiing facilities. Year-round, enjoy the {casinos and showrooms that have made Reno {so popular. 0475{Enjoy your vacation on one of America's {most famous beaches at Sea Club IV in {Daytona Beach Shores. The resort's beach {is excellent for most water sports, and {more activities can be arranged with {outfitters within a few miles. The resort {has a heated outdoor pool for swimming and{sunning, or you can spend a day exploring {Daytona's boardwalk, Space Needle, Museum {of Arts and Sciences, and Tomoka State {Park. A little farther away, you'll find {Walt Disney World(R), St. Augustine, {Cypress Gardens, Kennedy Space Center, and{Sea World. { 0476{Located between the two historic cities of{Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South {Carolina, Sea Pines occupies 5,500 {beautiful acres on the southernmost tip of{Hilton Head Island. Amenities include {three golf courses (rates vary with {season), and 43 tennis courts at the Sea {Pines Racquet Club (proper tennis attire {required). Other activities include {bicycling through 17 miles of trails, {horseback riding through the scenic forest{and nature preserve, and strolling on the {beautiful beaches. { { 0477{Myrtle Beach has something to offer for {the entire family, and Ocean Forest Club {will provide a relaxing base to enjoy the {area. Spend leisurely hours soaking up the{sun by the resort's pool, or take a short {walk to the beach where you can try {sailing, windsurfing, or deep-sea fishing.{Back on land, golf, play tennis or enjoy {the many attractions of the Myrtle Beach {Pavilion, Barefoot Landing, Broadway at {the Beach, Fantasy Harbour or numerous {music theaters. Brookgreen Gardens, with {its art exhibits and wildlife reserve and {historical Georgetown, home to traditional{southern plantations are also favorites. 0478{White beaches lined with pine trees {stretch for miles along the coast of {Florida's Anna Maria Island, the site of {Resort Sixty-Six. In addition to a {Gulf-front setting, the resort offers a {beachfront cafe, barbecue grill, outdoor {pool, and whirlpool. Boat charters and {rentals are available through local {marinas. For onshore fun, you can borrow a{bicycle from the resort, or enjoy the {area's tennis, golf, and handball {facilities. For more sight-seeing, {Sarasota is just a few miles away. { { 0479{Still Waters is set amid countryside {that's as tranquil as the resort's name {suggests. Don't be misled though--there {are many opportunities here for the active{guest. Enjoy water sports on Lake Martin,{or play tennis and golf. For a day's {outing, explore historic Horseshoe Bend {National Military Park or tour the {antebellum homes in Montgomery. { { { { { { 0481{Holiday in style at Broome Park, a {magnificent country estate in Kent, the {'Garden of England'. Its 18-hole golf {course is available to residents at {reduced green fees. There is a restaurant {onsite which is open from 0800-2130 hours.{Canterbury, Dover and Folkestone are {nearby, giving easy access to to the {Channel Tunnel. { { { { { { 0482{Serra Degli Alimini is situated at Otranto{in front of the canal bearing the same {name. The location, a quiet one, is on the{South Italian Adriatic coast. The resort {is surrounded by pine trees and only 300m {from the sandy beach on the south coast of{the Puglia Region. There is a bar and {reception area and all amenities such as {restaurant, supermarket, boutique and {bazaar are to be found in the central {'Piazzetta'. Also on site is a children's {playground, table tennis and theatre. 300m{away is the Country Club with tennis {courts, 2 swimming pools, horse riding and{refreshments - all available to members. 0483{Experience a vacation at the Azure Sky {Resort. Art galleries, cultural fare, and {exquisite shopping can all be found in {abundance in Palm Springs. There are many {acclaimed restaurants and lively clubs {scattered throughout the area. Challenging{golf courses and numerous tennis courts {are available there, too. Some on-site {amenities include a swimming pool, tennis {courts, and a whirlpool. Ancient canyons {surround Palm Springs, with bridle paths {and hiking trails throughout. Many area {attractions are within an easy drive, {including Disneyland(R), only 90 miles {away. 0484{Located in the charming alpine area of {Whistler, Whiski Jack at Whistler Creek {provides activities for every season. Ski {season lasts from mid-November to May, {with an annual snowfall of 450 inches. In {summer, vacationers enjoy a host of sports{amid the beautiful mountain scenery. In {the valley, five lakes offer an abundance {of boating and fishing. Hiking, golf, {river rafting, and cycling are other {warm-weather diversions. Golfers will love{the 18-hole Arnold Palmer course in {Whistler Village. Winter conditions are {severe, the use of chains advised. { 0485{Located in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, {Americana Village features a heated {outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, dry sauna, exercise{room, and recreation area. The resort's {solarium can supply equipment for a {variety of different sports. Bicycles are {available May through October, weather {permitting. For warm-weather activity, the{resort is only a mile from Lake Tahoe and {40 miles from the Truckee River, which {offers white-water rafting. In winter, ski{Heavenly, Sierra at Tahoe, Kirkwood, or {one of the 13 other ski areas around the {lake. { 0490{Sweetwater at South Padre Island features {amenities including a pool, Jacuzzi, and {four tennis courts. Of course, one of the {main attractions here is the beach. The {Gulf provides activities such as surfing, {scuba diving, reef and deep-sea fishing, {water skiing, snorkeling, sailing, and {boating, as well as parasailing, wave {runners, and jet ski rental. Other {recreational activities include {shuffleboard, miniature golf, or for a {change of pace, a helicopter ride. For {more information call the Visitor & {Convention Bureau at (800)343-2368. { 0493{Dating from the 16th century, Kilconquhar {Castle Estate offers a superb combination {of peace and privacy with plenty of local {attractions. St. Andrews Old Course 'the {Mecca for golfers' is nearby and Edinburgh{is only one hour away. A host of sports {and recreational facilities are located {within the estate, as well as a variety of{other activities in the local area, many {offering discounts to guests. You can {explore quaint local harbours, beaches, {the beautiful surrounding countryside and {enjoy fine cuisine prepared with Scottish {fayre from the local area. { 0495{Experience the tropical beauty of Hawaii's{oldest island at Sweetwater at Kauai. {Guests can opt for a swim in the Pacific {Ocean or the resort's outdoor pool. Golf, {tennis, and hiking can also be enjoyed {near the resort. Visitors to Kauai will {find that sight-seeing attractions are {plentiful. Kokee State Park stretches {through a mountainous region and features {a natural history museum. Just beyond the {park is Kalalua Lookout, a legendary spot {overlooking the ocean that is 4,000 feet {below. { { 0500{Sands of Indian Wells is a quaint resort {located only 15 minutes east of Palm {Springs. The resort offers an outdoor pool{and is an ideal location for those seeking{a quiet getaway. For those seeking more {excitement, world-class golfing, tennis, {and shopping are available in Coachella {Valley. In addition, nature lovers will {appreciate the wilderness of Idyllwild, {Joshua Tree National Monument and its {wildlife sanctuary, and the beautiful {mountains and canyons of the desert. The {Palm Springs Aerial Tram and hot-air {balloon rides are two great ways to view {the countryside. 0501{An oceanfront outdoor pool is available {for your enjoyment at Jade Tree Cove, {and guests have free privileges at the {Ocean Dunes Health Club. Enjoy Broadway at{the Beach for shopping, dining, and {theaters or tour beautiful Brookgreen {Gardens or historic Georgetown and {Charleston. Play one of 94 area golf {courses. The converted hotel construction {is small yet clean and comfortable along {with a friendly staff. { { { { 0503{The oceanfront Capri by the Sea is located{in San Diego, a popular tourist {destination. Head to the ocean for {surfing, deep-sea fishing, and more. {Golfers can choose from more than 65 area {courses. Additional recreational choices {include bicycling, horseback riding, horse{racing, dog racing, and jai alai. Mission {Bay is the site of a recreational area {that features facilities for boat {launching and rentals. Nearby are famous {family amusem*nts, such as the San Diego {Zoo, The Wild Animal Park, and Sea World. {This facility is part timeshare/part {residential condominiums. 0508{Nestled at the base of the San Jacinto {peak, Palm Springs Tennis Club enjoys {beautiful scenery year-round. Palm {Springs offers magnificent canyons and {scenery; downtown is just a short walk {away and offers luxurious lounges and fine{restaurants. Known as the "Golf Capital {of the World," Palm Springs is home to {numerous golf courses. Lighted tennis {courts can be found on site along with the{resort's own court side restaurant. {Guests can also take a refreshing dip in {one of three pools or relax in one of {five whirlpools. { 0509{The Native Sun fronts the ocean on {Florida's Gold Coast in Pompano Beach. Try{surf casting, shell hunting, shuffleboard,{or just strolling along the beach. This {Atlantic Coast hideaway treats guests to {amenities that include a pool, tennis {court, putting green, whirlpool, and {saunas. Spend leisurely days by the ocean,{then sample the live music in nearby {nightclubs. { { { { { 0511{San Clemente Inn is only three blocks from{the Pacific Ocean, and most water {activities can be enjoyed at Dana Point {Harbor, a short drive away. For nature {lovers, San Clemente State Park is {adjacent to the resort, Cleveland National{Forest is a half-hour away, and San {Bernardino National Forest is 90 minutes {away. Within a 65-mile radius, you'll find{Disneyland, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, {Knott's Berry Farm, and the San Juan {Capistrano Mission. Mexico is only 75 {miles away. Restaurants, specialty shops, {and art galleries are plentiful in the {area. 0512{Enjoy the year-round activities and Rocky {Mountain scenery of Winter Park while you {vacation at Timber Run. The resort offers {indoor and outdoor whirlpools and tennis. {Close by, in Arapaho National Forest, {you'll discover excellent areas for {hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, and{other outdoor activities. River rafting is{available along the Colorado River. Lake {Granby and Grand Lake, both within 35 {miles, also offer many activities. Known {for its skiing, Winter Park is within {three miles of the resort, and SilverCreek{is also a short drive away. { 0513{These holiday homes are located right next{door to the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, with{a view of Dublin Bay and the Wicklow {Mountains. They offer the best of both {town and country, situated on Killiney {Hill just 14km south of Dublin City and {3km south of Dun Laoghaire. For a nominal{fee the resort may be able to offer the {hotel courtesy coach to transfer members {from the airport or port on request, (this{is subject to availability). The resorts {consists of 9 units and therefore does not{have planned resort activities, although {there are comprehensive leisure facilities{on-site. 0514{The Landing at Seven Coves is located on a{peninsula jutting out into 19-mile-long {Lake Conroe. Enjoy fishing on site or take{a short drive from the resort to reach a {27-hole golf course, as well as sailing, {waterskiing, and other water sports. {Hiking and biking trails are a great way {to explore nearby Sam Houston National {Forest. For big-city activities, plan a {drive to Houston, about an hour away. { { { { { 0515{Ideally situated in the heart of South {Lake Tahoe's "Golden Zone," The Stardust- {Tahoe is 700 feet from the casinos and a {10-minute walk to Lake Tahoe. Located {across the street is Heavenly's gondola, {which offers access to the mountain for {skiing or sightseeing trips. In addition {to its great location, year-round the {Stardust offers continental breakfast, two{outdoor pools, two large jacuzzis and a {pro-shop that provides equipment for a {variety of sports, including biking. { { { 0517{Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is superbly {situated along the shore of the bay. The {older parts of the city are very compactly{built on the flat land adjoining the bay. {Its' modern suburbs stretch for miles {along the shores. The tropical climate {here bekons tourists to this unique area. {The mountains surrounding the area are of {exceptional beauty. Visit nearby Rios {Botanical Gardens which cover 135 acres {and contain flora from most countries {around the world. { { { 0520{Perpetual sunshine and miles of sandy {beach make Acapulco one of the world's {foremost vacation locales. Playa Acapulco {Beach at Playa Suites has an enviable {location in this holiday city-right on the{beach, overlooking Acapulco Bay. You can {swim, fish, or just relax in the sun on {the warm sand. Wander into town and {explore the native markets, or {experience the drama of a bullfight. { { { { { 0523{The resort is located in Mazatlan, a port {city commonly known as the "Pearl of the {Pacific". In front of the resort is a {golden beach and the blue waters of the {Pacific. The Sierra Madre Mountains are {to the east of Mazatlan. The area's {waters promise superb fishing, and a fleet{of eight fishing boats offers charters {year round. Boating regattas and fishing {tournaments are held frequently in the {area. Hunters will find local guides {ready and willing to lead expeditions in {search of deer and wild boar. Sunday {morning rodeos and wintertime bullfights {give the visitor a taste of Old Mexico. 0524{Fronted by 300 feet of beach, Hololani {offers on-site swimming, surfing and sun- {bathing. In addition, the resort has its {own outdoor pool and barbecue area. Golf,{tennis, fishing and other activities are {also nearby. The city of Lahaina, only {seven miles south of Hololani, is known {for its pineapple and sugarcane production{as well as its many historical sites. {Once famous as the whaling capital of the {mid-Pacific, Lahaina still attracts {humpback whales, coming to bear their {young. Both Lahaina and Napili offer a {wide variety of dining, entertainment and {shopping possibilities. 0525{Set on the beach on the eastern coast of {Kauai, is Pono Kai. Here the average {annual temperature is a balmy 70 degrees. {Relax by Pono Kai's outdoor pool or on the{beach. On-site you'll find shuffleboard, {tennis, volleyball and croquet. Nearby {you will find a superb golf course. For {more action, head offshore and try {surfing, snorkeling, boating or fishing. {Kauai is called the "Garden Isle" because {of its lush vegetation. Tours of the {island will take you past many beautiful {beaches, lava rock grottos and {breathtaking viewpoints. { 0526{Enjoy sun, sand, and surf in the tropical {paradise of Kauai at Kapaa Shore. Located {on the island's eastern coast, the resort {offers 400 feet of beach, an outdoor pool,{sundeck, whirlpool, a barbecue and picnic {area, and a tennis court. Water sports can{be enjoyed along Kauai's many beaches. One{of the island's most beautiful attractions{is Kalaheo, site of the Olu Pua Gardens. {Other sight-seeing possibilities include {the Wailua Falls, Holo-Holo-Ku Heiau (a {stone where human sacrifices took place), {and the white-sand beaches of Coco Palms. { { 0527{Vallarta Torre is set right on the beach, {and your room overlooks beautiful Banderas{Bay. In addition to the beach, you'll find{a pool for swimming and sunning, a {restaurant, and whirlpool. Boat rental for{fishing and sailing is less than a mile {away. There are also rental facilities {for parasailing and windsurfing. An 18- {hole, 72-par golf course is 15 miles away.{Local restaurants serve both Mexican and {international foods. Many of them {celebrate with "Fiestas" each week. { { { 0528{Beautiful gardens with more than 35 {varieties of tropical flowers and trees {highlight The Sea Village-VI landscaping. {Guests of the resort can enjoy the on-site{outdoor pool, whirlpool, and tennis court.{For a special adventure, you can snorkel {at Kahaluu Beach Park, two miles away. At {Keauhou, a 36-hole golf course is open for{play. The 18-hole Makalei Golf Course is a{15-minute drive away in the cool mountain {area. Enjoy deep-sea sport fishing at {Kailua Kona, two miles from the resort. { { { 0529{Situated on almost 300 feet of reef- {protected sandy beach, Valley Isle is the {perfect place to enjoy the splendor of {Hawaii. The resort offers a swimming pool {and barbecue area. Two miles from the {resort, Kaanapali boasts a championship {golf course and the Whaler's Village, {Shoppes, and Museum--a large complex of {shops and dining spots. Lahaina, only {seven miles south of the resort, is {popular for its many sight-seeing {attractions. { { { 0530{Seamountain overlooks the Pacific Ocean {and its own 18-hole golf course. The {condominiums are a half-mile from the {Punaluu Black Sand Beach. The resort also {offers four tennis courts, an outdoor {pool, a lounge, and a snack bar located at{the golf shop. Area waters offer swimming,{surfing, and snorkeling. Tours and {activities can be arranged at the check-in{office. North of Punaluu is Hawaii {Volcanoes National Park, which is one of {the world's most active volcanic areas. {Sightseers will also want to see Akaka {Falls, a tumbling waterfall with a 442- {foot drop. 0531{Elkhorn Village is located on the high {shoulder of Idaho's Sawtooth Range. In {winter, Baldy Mountain offers the best in {skiing with 12 lifts. It is conveniently {accessible via the Elkhorn Ski Shuttle- {Kart. Elkhorn's triple chair lift serves {Elkhorn/Dollar Mountains from the Village,{close to the Elkhorn village Hotel. Bus {service between Elkhorn, Sun Valley, {Ketchum, Baldy and Dollar Mountains is {available in the village. For summer fun,{you'll find a Robert Trent Jones 18-hole {golf course, 16 tennis courts, horseback {riding, kayaking, river rafting, balloon {rides and hiking, all nearby. 0532{Experience the bright high-desert climate {of the Pines at Sunriver in Sunriver, {Oregon. It's the great Northwest at its {best, bounded by the Cascade Mountain {Range to the west and the Paulina Range to{the east. Deschutes National Forest is {adjacent to Sunriver and surrounds it on {three sides. Sunriver is truly a {sportsman's paradise. The Deschutes {Forest has 156 lakes for great fishing, {and numerous trails for hiking and {sightseeing. Mt. Bachelor, 18 miles away,{offers the finest in downhill and powder {skiing. Daily transportation is provided.{ 0533{Papakea is located 10 minutes away from {the historic town of Lahaina, center of {the island's whaling industry from 1840 to{1865. Today, the town is a center for {pineapple and sugarcane production. Guests{can choose from a wide variety of water {sports at the beach adjacent to the {resort. Two swimming pools, two tennis {courts, a barbecue and picnic area, along {with a beautiful tropical garden can all {be found on site. Golf, local cruises, and{deep-sea charters are available nearby as {are many fine shops and restaurants. { { 0534{Kihei Kai Nani offers a lush garden {environment where guests can spend time in{the outdoor pool and enjoy the brilliant, {colorful sunsets for which the Kihei- {Wailea coast is noted. Across the street,{you can indulge in surfing, snorkeling and{sunbathing at Kamaole II Beach. Deep-sea {fishing and charter boat cruises are {locally available. Just 3 miles from the {resort is a 36-hole golf course. Just up {the coast from the resort is the town of {Lahaina. Here, visitors will find {Whaler's Market Place, a shopping and {dining center with an 1800's clapboard {whaling village motif. 0535{Just two blocks from famous Waikiki Beach,{Fairway Villas offers the opportunity to {enjoy the tropical beauty and glamorous {city life of Hawaii. The resort's rooftop{recreation deck affords a terrific view of{Honolulu while you sun or swim by the {outdoor pool. Water sports are available {along the beach, and nearby marinas can {provide you with fishing charters and boat{tours. Golf and tennis can also be {enjoyed nearby. Sights to see include the{Honolulu Zoo, Foster Botanic Garden, Pearl{Harbor, Bishop Museum, Iolani Palace and {the International Market Place. { 0537{Attitash Mountain Village is a four-season{family resort nestled in the heart of New {Hampshire's White Mountains. The resort is{located directly across the street from {Attitash/Bear Peak for excellent downhill {skiing. A summer recreation area includes {alpine and water slides, horseback riding,{and a number of summer and fall festivals.{On site, enjoy the indoor and outdoor {pools and Jacuzzis, workout facility, {tennis courts, hiking and cross-country {trails, canoeing, and fishing in the Saco {River. Just minutes away in North Conway, {enjoy golf or tax-free shopping. { 0538{Mountain View Villas at Cranberry, located{on Georgian Bay, offers something for {everyone. Enjoy an 18-hole golf course, {eight tennis courts, the recreation {center, a full-service marina, horseback {riding, a hiking trail, three swimming {pools, and a network of cross-country ski {trails. The resort is five minutes from {Ontario's best downhill skiing and 15 {minutes from Wasaga Beach, the world's {largest freshwater beach. The City of {Toronto is 90 minutes away and Niagara {Falls is 3 hours drive away.. { { 0545{Located alongside the fairways of a 27- {hole championship golf course, Linkside {Villas at Sun 'n Lake Estates is the {ultimate vacation retreat for golfers. {Many nongolfers prefer to spend the day at{one of the swimming pools or play tennis {on the lighted courts. Close by is {Highlands Hammock State Park, encompassing{3,800 acres that can be explored via {nature trails or rented bicycles. Orlando {attractions and both Florida coasts are {only 90 minutes away. Cypress Gardens is a{45-minute drive from the villas. { { 0546{Casa de la Playa is a quaint resort {located in the upscale community of La {Jolla, California. The resort boasts an {ideal location directly across the street {from the Pacific Ocean. Guests can enjoy {the peaceful solitude of the resort or {experience fine dining and shopping in La {Jolla. For those seeking a faster pace, {recreational opportunities abound in the {nearby San Diego area. { { { { { 0547{The Victorian charm of Powell Place {City/Share may entice you to spend your {entire vacation inside your beautiful {vacation home. But venture outside, and {you'll find access to all of San Francisco{by boarding one of the city's cable cars, {less than a half-block away. Explore the {ethnic culture of Chinatown or visit the {Performing Arts Center, where you'll find {the Herbst Theater, the War Memorial Opera{House, and the Davies Symphony. The San {Francisco Museum of Modern Art specializes{in contemporary works. For seafood, {Fisherman's Wharf is the place to go. { 0548{Take a step back in time in this gracious {10-room brownstone mansion located in the {prestigious Pacific Heights area of San {Francisco. At Jackson Court City Shares, {you'll find a genteel way of life. The {resort boasts a 'Bed and Breakfast' {atmosphere; continental breakfast is {served every morning. When you step out of{the hotel, the entirety of San Francisco {is yours to discover, from art galleries {and exclusive shops to cable cars and the {Golden Gate Bridge. { { { 0549{Mariner House is nestled in the heart of {town on Centre Street, Nantucket's oldest {avenue, which was laid out in 1678. {Everything you could ask for, from a {barbershop to gourmet restaurants, is a {short walk away. Just minutes from the {resort, you can explore antiques shops, an{art colony, and 13 restored homes or {museums maintained by the Nantucket {Historical Association. For sun, surf, and{water sports, the beach is accessible by {bike paths from the resort. { { { 0550{Residence Vaugrenier comprises 4 acres of {private landscaped grounds midway between {the working cities of Nice and Cannes. {Most of the apartments have sea views of {the distant Mediterranean. There is a {tennis court on site but no organised {activities. A car is essential to fully {enjoy the busy commerce and sophistication{of this glamorous part of the south of {France. Visit spectacular old villages {perched high on the "Corniche" or simply {idle away the day at the private pool of {Residence Vaugrenier. { { 0552{Guests of the Orlando International Resort{Club will enjoy the recreational and {sight-seeing attractions that have made {Orlando one of the most popular vacation {destinations in the world. The resort is {centrally located, only five miles from {SeaWorld and 15 miles from Walt Disney {World(R). Its on-site amenities include an{outdoor pool, lighted tennis courts, {shuffleboard and basketball courts, and {barbecue grills. Area attractions include {Church Street Station (based on New {Orleans' French Quarter), Universal {Studios, Wet 'n Wild water park, and the {Kennedy Space Center. 0555{Bask in the sun on the private beach at {Emerald Seas resort. Among the on-site {amenities are two outdoor pools, one of {which is heated. When it's mealtime, you {can have a cookout on the resort's large {barbecue grill. You can choose from {tennis, golf, jai alai, and biking within {a couple of miles of the resort. Ocean {waters offer sailing, boating, surfing, {parasailing, and other activities. For {fishing, a 700-foot pier is just a short {walk down the beach, or deep-sea fishing {charters can be arranged at several local {marinas. { 0556{Experience Palm Beach from your vacation {home at Sand Dune Shores Resort, located {on Singer Island. The resort has a private{beach, outdoor pool, whirlpool, volleyball{area, and bicycles, as well as fishing and{snorkeling equipment. Water activities in {the area include sailing, scuba diving, {and snorkeling-try a lesson or two. In {Palm Beach, you can browse through the {designer shops along Worth Avenue or {attend a Sunday afternoon polo match. {Spend the night dining and dancing at any {of the fine restaurants and nightclubs or {discover the museums and art galleries {during the day. 0557{Located on East Pass Lagoon, Sailfish {Yacht Club is just minutes from the {shimmering beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. {Destin is alive with activities, from {sailing, surfing and snorkeling, to deep- {sea fishing and diving. Tennis, golf, and{racquetball can be enjoyed in the area, or{relax in the resort's own outdoor pool. {Minutes away you'll find the several {amusem*nt parks great for family fun. {Enjoy dinner in some of Florida's finest {seafood restaurants, or stop by any of the{local nightclubs, many of which offer live{entertainment. { 0562{Sun, beautiful flowers and tropical trees {make Tenerife an island of enchantment {year round. The Clubhotel, under French {management, is situated on the south-west {coast, offers guests pleasant {accommodation, excellent facilities {including restaurant and a choice of bars {but above all holiday-makers will {appreciate the atmosphere of peace and {tranquility. { { { { { 0565{Four Seasons on the Gulf is located in {Galveston, home to a wide range of {recreational choices for visitors of all {ages. At the resort, you'll find an {outdoor pool, tennis court, playground {area, and barbecue grill. Water sports are{available across the street, and golf and {horseback riding are not far away. Dining,{dancing, and live entertainment can be {found throughout the area. Special {attractions to visit during your stay are {Stewart Beach Municipal Park, Galveston {Island State Park, many museums, and the {Strand Historic District, with its late {19th-century restored homes. 0566{Mayfield Beach & Tennis Club is a small, {quiet resort where you can relax and enjoy{the tranquility of Grand Bahama Island. {Along with its beachfront location, you'll{enjoy an outdoor pool, tennis court, and {barbecue grills. A golf course is located {less than two miles away. Once rested and {ready for entertainment, head to one of {several famous attractions--the {International Bazaar, Port Lucaya, and {Princess Casino are close by. The {English-speaking staff can assist you in {arranging transportation. The resort {provides a Sunday morning tour briefing at{11 a.m. at the poolside. 0571{At Hilton Coylumbridge you will find the {grandeur of the Scottish Highlands right {on your doorstep and leisure facilities to{to suit the whole family, available {throughout the year. Within the 65-acre {grounds there are two indoor heated pools,{tennis courts, childrens adventure play- {ground, archery facilities and a choice of{restaurants andbars. Skiing, sailing {lessons and clay pigeon shooting can all {be arranged. The lodges are of an unusual{design and furnished to a high standard. { { { 0574{Spend time on Texas' Gulf Coast at Fairway{Villas on North Padre Island. The Padre {Island National Seashore covers more than {half of Padre Island's 113 miles. All {guests of the resort have access to the {adjacent facilities at the Padre Island {Country Club. Here, you'll find tennis {courts, a golf course, and swimming pool. {The Gulf of Mexico offers a variety of {water sports, including windsurfing, {deep-sea fishing, diving, sailing, {surfing, and waterskiing. { { { 0575{With Glacier National Park and the {boundary of the Great Bear Wilderness just{outside the property line, this resort {offers a wilderness adventure amid all the{creature comforts of its fully furnished {units. The individual log homes are {surrounded by natural vegetation and have {private outdoor hot tubs. In summer, enjoy{hiking, rafting, fishing, and swimming. {Cross-country or downhill skiing are {available in the winter. On chilly {evenings, snuggle in front of the {fireplace and enjoy this rustic hideaway. { { 0578{Enjoy the amenities of Sea Crest Surf and {Racquet Club amid the subtropical beauty {of Hilton Head Island. There are four {private tennis courts and two outdoor {pools (one heated). Guests have access to {a third pool with deck and Tiki Hut over- {looking the beach (one block away). There {is a pool table in the resort's activity {room. Island activities include golf, {bicycling, and a number of water {activities. Restaurants of all types can {be found, plus more than 90 night spots {offering the best in entertainment. {Shopping, wilderness hikes, and historical{tours add to the list of activities. 0579{Located near scenic Lake Conroe, First {Fairway at Walden offers golf and a {swimming pool on site. The championship {golf course was co-designed by PGA pro {Bruce Devlin. The resort also has an {excellent restaurant for your dining {pleasure. At the Del Lago facility, there {is a private inland marina, where guests {can rent power boats, sailboats, and other{equipment. The Del Lago complex also {features a restaurant, bicycles, and other{family activities. Houston is just an hour{from the resort and makes a great side {trip. { 0580{Horseshoe Resort is located one hour north{of Toronto in the heart of Huronia, {offering winter and summer fun. In warmer {months, swim in the outdoor pools, golf on{the 27-hole course, or play tennis {on-site. In winter, the resort offers {downhill, cross-country skiing and {snowboarding. Year-round, you can enjoy {the indoor health spa, game room, and the{leisure center adjacent to the resort. {Other activities include hiking and {mountain biking through Copeland Forest, {horseback riding, and children's programs.{Niagara Falls is approximately 3 hours {drive away from the resort. 0581{Playground for the rich and famous, Palm {Springs is best known for its sunshine, {golf, tennis, and swimming pools. Several {major tournaments are played at area {courses and courts. Your vacation home at {The Villas of Palm Springs puts you in the{heart of all the area attractions. Close {by, you'll find horseback riding, hiking, {biking, museums, and shopping. {Cross-country skiing and hiking trails can{be found in the mountains surrounding Palm{Springs. Disneyland, San Diego, and {Hollywood are within a 120-mile radius. { { 0582{Gulf Tides of Longboat Key offers a number{of recreational opportunities and a superb{location near the cities of Tampa, {Sarasota, and Fort Myers. At the resort's {beach, you can enjoy all types of water {activities. The resort features a lighted {tennis court, heated outdoor pool, bikes, {shuffleboard, and barbecue grills. Close {by, both Sarasota and Bradenton offer {golf, fishing, and horseback riding. {Sight-seeing attractions include Asolo {State Theater, Sarasota Jungle Gardens, {art galleries, the Ringling Museum {Complex, shopping, Selby Gardens, and {dining around famous St. Armands circle. 0583{Deerfield Beach, home of Avalon, is less {crowded than most resort areas-perfect for{relaxation. Its beaches offer swimming, {fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and {parasailing-all nearby. At the resort, {you'll enjoy the outdoor pool, miniature {golf course, and shuffleboard court. Boca{Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and the Everglades{are just a short drive away. You'll find {Walt Disney World(R), Busch Gardens, Sea {World, and the Kennedy Space Center all {within a three- to four-hour drive away. { { { 0585{A combination of tropical beauty and {sophistication, Nassau, capital of the {Bahamas and home of Westwind II Club, is {the perfect location for the pursuit of {any vacation activity. The resort {overlooks beautiful Cable Beach. On this {beach, and on nearby beaches, you can {experience water activities ranging from {skin diving to reef fishing. Guests have {the use of the resort's two outdoor pools {and two tennis courts. A Monday evening {cookout and a Wednesday evening harbor {cruise are two of the best values on the {islands. { 0586{Located in the heart of the Hill Country, {just northwest of Austin on Lake Travis, {Texas Timeshare in Lakeway is an {exceptional integration of natural beauty {and modern convenience. Lake Travis offers{water activities, and a full-service {marina is next door. In Austin, see the {governor's mansion, the O. Henry home, the{University of Texas, LBJ Presidential {Library, Zilker Park, and Barton Springs. {Sixth Street-Austin's version of Bourbon {Street-provides seven blocks of {restaurants, nightclubs, and shops. Hill {Country attractions are numerous and offer{a variety of experiences for the family. 0587{Nestled on the southern shore of the {largest clean-water lake in a chain of {excellent fishing lakes, Lake Carlos {Villas provides year-round attractions. {Amenities include 14-foot fishing boats, {indoor and outdoor pools, and a whirlpool.{Some boat motors are available for rent. {In addition to outstanding year-round {fishing, other activities close by include{cross-country skiing, horseback riding, {and excellent golfing. Complete your day {by frying your fish on a lakeside grill or{spend the evening relaxing by a fire. { { 0588{Nestled in the historic French Quarter, {Mardi Gras Manor I is an ideal base for a {New Orleans vacation. A car is not a {necessity--you're within walking distance {of many of the area's attractions, includ-{ing Jackson Square, the Cabildo, historic {homes, museums, riverboat rides, and the {Aquarium of the Americas. Bourbon Street {is only two blocks away for jazz, or you {can experience the culinary delights of {more than 60 restaurants. Relax in the {resort's hidden courtyards. Mardi Gras {Manor I compliments the city's amenities {so well, you will think they are one and {the same. 0589{A private, peaceful getaway awaits guests {of Suncrest Treasure Villas. Visitors {will delight in Treasure Cay's beautiful {beaches and secluded coves. Golf and {tennis are available for a fee through the{resort. Suncrest guests may use the {swimming pool at the marina. For a {leisurely tour of the island, bicycles or {golf carts can be rented. Suncrest is just{a short walk from the beach. The marina's {activities center offers a variety of {activities: day trips, fishing, {snorkeling, or island hopping. Deep-sea {fishing is popular and the marina offers {boat rentals, bait, and tackle supplies. 0590{Resting at the southernmost part of the {Blue Ridge Mountains, Fairfield Sapphire {Valley occupies 5,700 acres of natural {beauty at an elevation of 3,100 feet. The {resort has an outdoor pool, a park with {picnic area, an 18-hole PGA golf course, {and eight clay tennis courts. A health {club with an indoor pool and exercise {equipment adds to the list of on-site {amenities. Hiking, fishing, horseback {riding, and canoeing are other popular {activities. From Christmas through the end{of February weather permitting, the resort{operates three ski slopes. Nearby towns {offer restaurants and specialty shops. 0591{This exclusive private sub-tropical {island, is 30 miles from Lands End, where {seals and dolphins swim, crowds are {unknown, children play in safety, cars are{banned and the only sound is bird-song. {Tresco offers four miles of silver sand, {sheltered coves, subtropical plants, {caves, ruined castles and a warm Gulf {Stream climate. 3 and 4 bedroomed {converted period cottages in rural and {beach settings. { { { { 0596{Golden Strand Ocean Villa Resort is {located in Miami Beach, allowing you to {enjoy both Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In {addition to its private beach area, the {resort offers an outdoor pool, European {spa, coffee shop, and poolside bar. Water {sports, golf, and tennis can be enjoyed {close by for a nominal fee. Be sure to {visit Bal Harbour, Coconut Grove, the Art {Deco District, and the many area {nightclubs and restaurants. The concierge {can make arrangements for you to tour area{attractions. { { 0600{Park Avenue Condominiums is conveniently {located close to all that Park City has to{offer. Skiing is as close as three blocks.{Park West, Park City, and Deer Valley ski {areas offer facilities with more than 20 {chairlifts, in addition to the West's {longest four-passenger gondola. The {mountains have more than 100 designated {trails, bowl areas, and slopes with a {summit of 10,000 feet. In summer, enjoy {golfing, hiking, fishing, and horseback {riding. There are four lakes within 20 {miles of the resort, providing {opportunities for water sports. { 0601{Seawatch on the Beach, boasting lavish {accommodations and an extensive list of {amenities, is the perfect complement to {Estero Island's relaxing atmosphere. At {the resort, enjoy the heated outdoor pool {and whirlpool or play a set of tennis on {the resort's lighted court. Both the Gulf {and Estero Bay promise excellent fishing. {Charter boat rentals can be arranged only {six blocks from the resort. For {day-trippers, the area offers plenty of {sight-seeing attractions. { { { 0604{Relax in the whirlpool, laze on the sandy {beach, and swim in the outdoor pool while {on a vacation at Royal Beach Club. If {you're in a more active mood, you can go {deep-sea fishing, play a round of golf on {one of the area's fine courses, and enjoy {nearby attractions, such as Thomas {Edison's winter home and gardens. { { { { { { { 0605{Mariner's Pointe Resort is located in the {midst of the Cumberland Plateau in the {Cumberland Mountains. The resort is within{the city limits of Crossville, TN, the {state's golf capital; there are 11 golf {courses in the area to challenge you. Next{door just across the lake is the 18-hole {Ron Garl-designed River Run Golf Course. {The resort provides fishing boats, paddle-{boats, and ramp access in case you bring {your boat. Other amenities include lighted{tennis and basketball courts, an 18-hole {miniature golf course, a picnic area with {grills, and a beach with a volleyball {court and swimming area. 0606{St. Pete Beach offers plenty of sun and {fun to enhance your enjoyment of Hideaway {Sands Resort's outdoor pool, whirlpool, {and beach area. Nearby, you'll find {boating and excellent fishing year-round. {Many golf courses are available throughout{the area. For sight-seeing, be sure to {visit the Salvador Dali Museum and Lowry {Park Zoo. Additionally, the Pinellas {County Park System provides 20 acres for {picnicking, boating, and swimming. { { { { 0610{For winter fun, four major ski areas are {near Greenhouse at Fernwood. If you are a {beginning skier, head for the small ski {area on site and take a few lessons at the{resort's ski school. It opens Dec. 26. {Summer visitors can enjoy tennis courts {and an 18-hole golf course, as well as a {nine-hole executive course. Swim in the {resort's indoor and outdoor pools or enjoy{the beautiful national park bordering the {Fernwood property. { { { { 0611{Steamboat Springs' ski lifts and slopes {are just a half-mile from Western World {Resorts Vacation Club, putting both {downhill and cross-country skiing close at{hand. During the winter season, the {Steamboat bus service offers reliable {transportation along routes that pass by {the resort. Skiing is not the only {activity the area has to offer. In spring {and summer, the Rocky Mountains provide {spectacular scenery and endless outdoor {sporting activities. Here, you'll find {hiking, horseback riding, boating, white {water rafting, golfing, tennis, and much {more. 0612{Naples, nicknamed "the Palm Beach of the {Gulf Coast," provides an elegant setting {for a quiet, relaxing vacation. White {Sands Resort Club offers a secluded {atmosphere, where you can enjoy amenities,{such as an outdoor pool or whirlpool, or {you can go biking on bicycles provided by {the resort. You will also be just a {three-block walk from the beaches of the {Gulf of Mexico. Naples is also famous for {its exclusive boutiques and fabulous {restaurants. There are also several state {parks and attractions located nearby. { { 0613{One of the best of Florida's Ten Thousand {Islands, Marco Island will delight {water-sports enthusiasts, sightseers, and {sun worshipers. A beachfront location puts{guests right in the midst of one of the {world's best shelling areas. Bicycles are {provided so that you can explore your {surroundings. A putting green is also {available. Close by, the Everglades {National Park is noted for its rare birds,{tropical flora, game fish, and mangrove {forests. Marco Island and Naples offer {many designer boutiques, interesting {shops, and fine restaurants. { 0614{Siesta Sands Beach Resort is the perfect {vacation spot. Spend your days swimming, {surfing, or fishing along the beach. You {can also enjoy sunning by either of the {resorts two outdoor pools. Barbecue {grills are available for the perfect {family evening. You'll find many {recreational opportunities and facilities {in the area. Nearby Sarasota is well known{for its restaurants, shops, and {entertainment spots, and is considered the{cultural focal point of Florida's western {coast. { { 0615{Surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the {Atlantic Ocean, the Matecumbe Keys boast {fishing, boating, and other water sports. {Caloosa Cove provides everything for {enjoying the sun and surf, including a {full-service marina. You'll want to take a{sight-seeing trip to the wreck of the {galleon Herrera, which offers a thrilling {opportunity for underwater photography. {Island hopping can become an enjoyable {activity as the keys are connected by the {Overseas Highway. { { { 0616{Palm Beach Resort & Beach Club offers a {vacation filled with elegant dining, {exclusive boutiques, spectacular homes, {and energetic nightclubs. This is a {lovely, small resort on the Intracoastal {Waterway, a five-minute walk to the {Atlantic Ocean. Guests can enjoy a heated {outdoor pool and picnic area. Golf and {tennis are popular in the area, as well as{greyhound racing and polo. If you tire of {sports, shop the famous Worth Avenue or {see a performance at the Kravis Center or {the Lake Worth Playhouse. { { 0620{Peppertree by the Sea is located on the {widest beach along the Grand Strand. Here {you can soak up the sun, build your shell {collection, take a dip in the pool, and {marvel at your oceanfront view. Or you {might choose the exciting nightlife and {family fun in the city of Myrtle Beach. {See a show, enjoy thrilling theme parks, {or shop at Barefoot Landing. Whatever you {are looking for in a beach vacation, this {resort has it. { { { { 0621{Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains only {three miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, {Alpine Village offers spectacular mountain{views, tranquil surroundings, and warm {hospitality. A tennis court is available {at all times and a heated swimming pool is{open during the summer. Several national {and state parks are nearby, offering {hiking trails throughout the mountains. {Mount Mitchell Golf Course, one of the {finest courses in North Carolina, is only {two miles away. Visit the Biltmore House {and Gardens, an 11,000-acre estate built {by George W. Vanderbilt, located about 55 {miles from the resort in Asheville. 0623{Bask on the snow-white beaches and swim in{inviting, emerald-green waters. Enjoy surf{fishing, deep-sea fishing, golfing, {canoeing, and sailing close by. Pontoon {and Jet Ski rentals are available in the {area. Check out the greyhound dog track, {factory-outlet shopping, National Naval {Aviation and Armament Museum, Gulf Islands{National Seashore, Gulf Breeze Zoo, Fort {Pickens, Gulfarium, a water slide, and {many other activities, just minutes away. {The Mississippi casinos are about two {hours away. { { 0624{Samoset Resort is an oceanfront, AAA Four {Diamond resort on the mid-coast of Maine. {Take advantage of the Fitness Center that {features racquetball, outdoor tennis, free{weights, cardio equipment, aerobics, hot {tubs, massage therapy, a sauna, and indoor{and outdoor pools. Golf on the 18-hole, {oceanside championship course, which has {been featured in Golf Traveler and Golf {Digest magazines. Downhill skiing is only {nine miles away at Camden Snow Bowl. The {area includes the renowned Farnsworth and {Owls Head Transportation museums, historic{homes, and lighthouses. Most are open {year-round. 0625{Enjoy the idylic scenery and friendly {atmosphere of Mazatlan. Paraiso Del Mar is{near the best features of this popular {Mexican resort city and offers such on- {site amentities as a beach, tennis courts,{pools, a restaurant and a disco. Leave {time to see Mazatlan's aquarium, which {showcases more than 250 species of marine {life. { { { { { { 0627{Just south of Fort Lauderdale, Enchanted {Isle Resort offers a perfect base for {exploring the attractions of southeastern {Florida. Water sports are popular along {Hollywood's beaches. Deep-sea charters can{be arranged at various locations close by,{and many other activities are either on {site or nearby. Golf, tennis, and {bicycling can be enjoyed year-round. To {complete your vacation, take advantage of {the many restaurants, shopping malls, and {nightclubs in the area. { { { 0629{Trenython Manor and Country Club is an {interesting manor house standing in 25 {acres of ground and woodland, overlooking {St. Austell Bay. Known as the Cornish {Riviera, the area is well known for its {beautiful scenery and mild climate -nearly{always frost free - and sub-tropical {plants. Cornwall is Camelot country, a {land of legend and delight.. .....much {photographed harbours, as pretty as a {picture.... deserted bays, infamous as a {smugglers' haunt... Looe where local {fishermen will take you for a day's {mackerel or shark fishing...golden {beaches...banks covered in primroses...... 0632{Each spring, the streets, houses and {markets near this resort awaken with a {special spirit for the Takayama Festival, {a celebration of Japanese traditions. {Takayama is a short trip from Mount {Norikura the Hirayu Hotspring Spa, Hakusan{National Park and Chubu Sangaku(Japan {Alps)National Park. { { { { { { { 0633{Set on the quiet Gokasho Bay, the resort's{whitewashed buildings contrast beautifully{with the deep-blue bay waters. During the{day, enjoy swimming and fishing. At {night, dine on mouth-watering seafood {specialties in the resort's restaurant. {With its lovely setting, variety of {activities and convenience to Nagoya, this{is an excellent family vacation spot. { { { { { { 0635{Antigua, the island of 365 beaches, is the{home of Antigua Village Beach Club. A {mile-long beach borders the resort with {many of the best restaurants, water {sports, and entertainment within easy {reach. Swimming, boating, waterskiing, and{sailing can be done on site. Horseback {riding and tennis are available nearby. {The island also has several golf courses. {The city of St. John's provides more {nightlife, shopping, and a casino. The {island also boasts some unique {sight-seeing and spectacular views. { { 0636{Ventura at Boca Raton offers you sun by {the on-site pool or on Boca Beach, a block{away. Area activities include golf, {tennis, and water sports-all within 10 {miles. From bargains to evening {entertainment, the shops and nightclubs of{Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are sure to{provide hours of fun. Visit Boca Raton's {nature center or Red Reef Park. Tour the {Everglades or take a sight-seeing cruise {through the intracoastal waterway. {Children's entertainment includes the {Museum of Discovery and Science, in Fort {Lauderdale, or a miniature golf course and{arcade. 0639{Situated in the business district, the {resort boasts a view of Kinko Bay and is {near some of Japan's nicest beaches. Also {nearby is Iso Teien (Park), the one-time {summer home of a local ruler from the 17th{century. The spectacular gardens on the {estate offer a superb view of the volcano {Sakurajima. At night, dine and dance at {area night spots. { { { { { { 0640{This resort is located in a fashionable {neighborhood in Nagoya's business and {nightlife center. You can visit the Nagoya{Castle or the Tokugawa art museum. At the {resort, you can relax in the Members {Salon, swim in the outdoor pool, or enjoy {dinner and drinks at the restaurant. { { { { { { { { 0641{A Tokyo landmark, the Tokyo Tower, is just{moments from your doorstep. Shiba Park {also is close by, as are the World Trade {Center Building, famous shrines and {temples, and Ginza which is the nation's {most famous shopping district. { { { { { { { { { 0642{This luxurious resort is located in {Osaka's Kansai business district. Ideally {situated for business purposes, the resort{is a convenient starting point for {excursions to Osaka's many historic sites {and its wealth of wonderful stores. Plenty{of dining and nightlife choices are close {by, in addition to the resort's own {restaurant and Member's Salon. { { { { { { 0644{Elmers Court is at the edge of the New {Forest, an area of unspoilt natural beauty{yet only 145km from London. The main house{is a fine example of Tudor architecture {with elegant oak panelled lounges and bar.{Its extensive grounds overlook the Solent {and Lymington River, an area known world- {wide for exciting sailing. A Leisure {Centre includes an indoor swimming pool, a{children's pool, whirlpool spa, sauna, {steam room, gymnasium, snooker room, {restaurant and bar. { { { 0645{This resort comprises 31 cottages built {around the central courtyard of a 17th {century grade 2 listed farmhouse, with its{own 'pub' on site. It is set amidst 20 {acres of idyllic Cornish countryside with {views to the coastline some 10kms away. {Carvynick has its own nine-hole par 3 golf{course, indoor swimming pool, solarium and{badminton. Close by, the coast offers {surfing, fishing, sailing and spectacular{cliff walks. Approximately ten miles {southwest of Carvynick Cottages lies the {charms of the cathedral city of Truro. { { 0646{A mecca for skiers, the resort is set in a{region known worldwide for its {championship-caliber slopes. Downhill and{cross-country skiing can be enjoyed less {than a mile from your door. After skiing {treat yourself to a hot-springs spa and a {leisurely meal in the on-site restaurant. { { { { { { { { 0647{This resort offers an ideal Nagoya {location. It's a three-minutes walk from {the center of business and entertainment. {Golf and tennis facilities are within 13 {miles, and ocean beaches are 30 miles {away. { { { { { { { { { 0650{Set your sights on a Florida escape at {Suntide Island Beach Club. Sail the Gulf {of Mexico, walk on the beach, or relax and{enjoy the tropical scenery as you soak in {the whirlpool. Area attractions are {plentiful--shop at St. Armand's Circle, {visit the Mote Marine Laboratory, Ringling{Art, or Circus Museum. In the evenings, {head for one of Sarasota's many clubs and {restaurants. For a quiet evening on site, {have a barbecue at the resort. { { { { 0651{Take a fun-filled family vacation at the {Outrigger Beach Club, where you can relax {at the beach, the large outdoor heated {pool, or the spa near the picnic area and {barbecue grills. Shuffleboard and {horsehoes are also available at the {resort. Close by, you'll find golf, {tennis, theater, and the popular Florida {sports of deep-sea fishing and dog racing.{Because of Ormond Beach's central {location, you'll be within easy driving {distance of Walt Disney World(R), {St. Augustine, Daytona International {Speedway, the Kennedy Space Center, {Cypress Gardens, and SeaWorld. 0654{Your vacation at Chateau LeGrand offers a {bit of the French Riviera on the Gulf of {Mexico. Enjoy the the warm, friendly {atmosphere of the resort, just minutes {from the many activities in Biloxi. The {resort is located directly across the {street from the Gulf. Outside, you'll find{tennis and four barbecue pits with tables {and benches for a picnic. Biloxi is {filled with numerous historical sight- {seeing possibilities and 14 golf courses {within 20 miles. The resort is located {within three miles of 10 casinos. { { 0658{Your stay at Snow Lake Lodge will {guarantee a memorable vacation. Big Bear {Lake and Valley are about 50 miles east of{San Bernardino in the San Bernardino {Mountains. In summer, mountain biking, {horseback riding, swimming, and fishing {are popular activities. Golf is available {two miles away, and tennis facilities are {also nearby. Excellent downhill skiing {and snowboarding are as close as three {blocks from the resort. Other area winter {recreation options include cross-country {skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, {and tobogganing. { 0659{Amid a flourishing tropical landscape, {The Regattas of ABACO offers peaceful {tranquility. Pack a book as you won't find{televisions or radios in the units nor {will you experience the rush and noise of {civilization. Regattas of ABACO offers you{its own small beach area, allowing {swimming and boating. Nearby, you can rent{whalers, cars, scooters, and bicycles. {Day-trips to the Outer Cays, deep-sea and {reef-fishing trips, and sunset cruises are{also available. Or, arrange a diving or {snorkeling excursion in Marsh Harbour. {This is a peaceful, quite resort located {in an area perfect for relaxation. 0666{Enjoy the luxury of the beautiful beach at{A Place at the Beach III. Here, you can {swim, fish, or skin-dive. Boating, {deep-sea fishing, and waterskiing are {offered within two miles. Five miles away,{the Olympus Dive Center offers a {scuba-diving shop and daily charters. If {you prefer, swim in the resort's outdoor {pool and slip down the water slide. {Golfers will find 12 18-hole courses in {the area. Be sure to visit Fort Macon, a {restored Civil War fort, or Jungleland, {which features miniature golf, an arcade, {and bumper boats. { 0667{Spend a serene vacation at Mountainside {Resort at Stowe in the heart of Vermont's {Green Mountains. At the resort, you'll {find tennis courts, an indoor pool, and a {whirlpool. Horseback riding, fishing, {canoeing and golfing can be found close {by. Stowe Alpine Slide is near the resort {and operates from mid-June until mid- {October. Throughout the year, the {Stowe Gondola carries visitors up Mount {Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak. In {winter, Mount Mansfield is the scene of {spectacular skiing for beginners and {experts alike. { 0668{You'll be delighted with the activities {available at Vacation Club at Bahamia. {Sunbathe by the beautiful {outdoor pool or relax in the hot tub. Two {18-hole championship courses await {golfers, and two lighted courts are on {site for tennis buffs. Also available are {a health club, a jogging trail, and a {children's summer program. The beach area {is two miles away and perfect for aquatic {activities, from waterskiing to {snorkeling. Within walking distance is the{International Bazaar, offering worldwide {foods and fashions. Princess Casino is {within the complex. 0669{Rising 453 feet above its beach, Otter {Rock Timeshares offers a spectacular view.{On site, you'll find a recreation room and{courts for basketball, tennis, and {shuffleboard. There is also a sandwich {shop open year-round at the resort. You {might catch a glimpse of sea lions at play{on the beaches or whales swimming at sea. {Otter Rock is home to Devil's Punchbowl {County Natural Area, while Newport offers {Lincoln County Society, Yaquina Bay {Lighthouse, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium.{Naturalists will want to tour the Marine {Science Center and the Undersea Gardens. { 0670{Enjoy your vacation in style by staying in{one of Orange Lake's award-winning villas.{You'll have access to 1,100-acres of {limitless activities including two pool {complexes, an 80-acre lake, waterskiing, {tennis courts, and beach volleyball. {Known for its golf, Orange Lake also {offers an 18-hole Arnold Palmer-designed {championship course, a 27-hole resort {course, a lighted nine-hole par 3 walking {course, and a 36-hole Putt-Putt course. {There are many planned activities and {nightly entertainment. Orange Lake is five{minutes from Walt Disney World(R) and {close to other major attractions. 0671{Florida's Madeira Beach, known for its {secluded beaches and superb fishing, is {the site of Shawnee's Island Gulf Resort. {The resort overlooks the Gulf of Mexico on{a portion of the 28-mile stretch of beach {that comprises the Pinellas Suncoast. {Here, you may swim, sail, deep-sea fish, {and windsurf. Be sure to visit the {Salvador Dali Museum, Busch Gardens, and {John's Pass Village. { { { { { 0672{No matter what the season, you'll enjoy {the indoor/outdoor pool, indoor and {outdoor whirlpools, saunas, and steam room{at Streamside at Vail-Cedar. You're only {two miles from the slopes of Vail {Mountain. Beaver Creek ski area, offering {560 acres of skiing terrain, is only 10 {miles west of Vail. In summer, enjoy {hiking, Jeep touring, horseback riding, {and white-water rafting. { { { { { 0674{Every unit at Holiday Beach {Resort-Soundside is on the Pensacola {Sound. On site, you'll find an outdoor {pool, Jacuzzi, and tennis court. The {resort also boasts a large patio area with{gas barbecue grills--perfect for a sunset {cookout. The resort's boardwalk and {fishing pier extend into the sound for {convenient water sports and endless hours {of fun. The Gulf of Mexico is just across {the street, along with 27 miles of beach. {The Pensacola Sound beach is excellent for{swimming and sunning. { { 0675{The Bay Club of Sandestin, located in the {Florida Panhandle, has beautiful grounds {and activities galore. Enjoy four premier {golf courses, walking and biking trails, {tennis courts, a play area and programs {for children, water sports, four {restaurants, and a marina on site. Most {amenities are operated by the Resort at {Sandestin so there is a fee. The swimming {pools can be used free of charge with the {amenity card that The Bay Club provides to{exchange guests. Putt-Putt, a water park, {snorkeling, parasailing, charter fishing, {sailboat trips, and many more attractions {can be found nearby. A car is recommended. 0676{Fiji Palms is situated at Pacific Harbour {home of the Cultural Centre, where {colonial style British Fiji is on display {and where National dancers perform the {songs and dances of old Fiji. Here you may{see the ancient ceremony of firewalking, {watch the creating of canoes with stone {axes and observe bark cloth mat and {pottery making. Located on the beach, {there's a myriad of ways to relax. Explore{the waterways to see the Fijian villages {or enjoy the native markets & inexpensive {restaurants in Suva (Fiji's Capital City) {just 50km from the resort. { 0678{The Courtyards is an 160-year-old {renovated Porte-Cochere townhouse in New {Orleans' world renowned French Quarter. {The resort is located within walking {distance of a variety of sites such as {restaurants, antiques shops, art {galleries, museums, the Mississippi River,{the Old French Market and Jackson Square, {the nationally acclaimed zoo and aquarium,{the Convention Center, and world famous {Bourbon Street. After an exciting day {experiencing New Orleans' Creole and Cajun{cuisine and incomparable jazz, relax in {the resort's lush courtyard and enjoy New {Orleans at its best. 0679{Share in the magic of the Golden Mile with{a self-catering apartment here on the {Marine Parade. Use your fully serviced {sea-facing unit as a base from which to {explore the aquarium and other amusem*nts {on your doorstep (leave your car in your {free undercover parking) or stay home at {the resort and enjoy its full-size all- {season hot water spa when the weather does{its occasional turn-about. There is also {a swimming pool on site, but Durban's {golden beaches are just across the street {if it's surf and sand you're really after.{ { 0684{Tybrisa Beach Resort is located on {Savannah Beach, where you can enjoy water {sports, such as surf fishing, boating, {surfing, and skin diving. On site, enjoy {the resort's pool, tennis courts, {and picnic area with gas grills. Tybee {Island is connected to Savannah by a {beautifully landscaped causeway. In {Savannah, you'll find the nation's largest{historic district. After dark, sample the {nightlife on Tybee Island or in {Savannah--both will provide hours of {entertainment. { { 0688{Enjoy the beauty of a clear, alpine lake {and the excitement of casino action at {Heavenly Valley Townhouses in South Lake {Tahoe. The majestic Sierra Nevada {Mountains rim the lake, providing a {breathtaking backdrop for back-to-nature {activities. Summer water sports, fantastic{winter skiing, and year-round nightlife {have made Lake Tahoe a perennial vacation {favorite. The resort is right in the {middle of this vacation paradise and just {minutes from the lake, ski slopes, and {night spots. { { 0690{A mining camp town dating from the 1880's,{Crested Butte is filled with historic {charm. Now an exciting vacation center, {the area offers everything for the sports {enthusiast. You'll find both downhill and{cross-country skiing areas just 3 blocks {from Eagle's Nest Townhouses. In summer, {clear mountain streams provide superb {trout fishing opportunities. You may want{to play a round of golf at the Robert {Trent Jones 18-hole course, just 4 miles {from the resort. Tennis, hiking, river {rafting, horseback riding and bicycling {are among other activities you can enjoy. { 0692{East Canyon Resort is a 9,600-acre retreat{that combines relaxation with plenty of {fun. Tennis, volleyball, horseshoes, and a{playground are on site. Nearly 100 miles {of wilderness trails for hiking and a {trout stream are outside your door. In {warm weather, enjoy two swimming pools and{two children's pools. The hot tubs are {popular year-round. More water fun can be {found minutes away at EastCanyon Lake. {Horseback riding is a popular summer {activity. Winter activities include {cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling on {site. Park City, Deer Valley, and The {Canyons ski resorts are one hour away. 0695{Barnham Broom is set in 250 acres of {glorious Norfolk countryside, just 7 miles{from Norwich. The attractive holiday {lodges have been built in a secluded {position close to the 18th fairway and {each has a panoramic view across the {greens and lakes of the 2 golf courses; {reduced green fees for RCI Exchangees. {Close by are the club facilities which {include squash courts and all-weather {tennis courts. The Norfolk coast and {inland waterways of the Broads are within {easy reach. { { 0697{1.0km from El Capistrano Village, this {pedestrianised resort descends the valley {to the cliff face of Nerja's famous {Burriana beach. The delightful Andalucian{architecture blends easily with the {beautiful gardens landscaped with lush {vegetation, fountains and waterfalls. The{beach is excellent for windsurfing, {sailing boats, pedaloes, waterskiing and {restaurants are also available. Nearby {are tennis courts, restaurants, bars and {the typically Spanish town of Nerja. A {car is recommended. { { 0700{The "El Capistrano" developments are well {situated between sea and mountains on a {beautiful stretch of the Costa del Sol {ideal for touring. The village is the {oldest established holiday development. {The Andalucian-style villas offer {tranquility and Mediterranean views. The {Burriana Beach with restaurants and {sporting facilities is nearby. On site {are swimming pools, tennis courts, {restaurant and bar. The famous Nerja {caves are nearby. A car is recommended. { { { 0701{Scandinavian Village is located in the {heart of the spectacular Scottish {Highlands and forms the perfect touring {base. The resort, with landscaped grounds,{is a few minutes' walk from the centre of {Aviemore, a busy ski resort, with its {shops, restaurants, and other facilities. {In winter, ski the Cairngorms and in {summer, you can enjoy golf, fishing, {walking and water sports. Accommodation is{basic and retains much of the original {quaint Scandinavian style { { { 0703{Situated in a gloriously secluded country {location only one mile from the beach is {Court Barton, a small group of carefully {converted Georgian farm buildings. There {is an excellent 18-hole golf course nearby{and Court Barton has its own restaurant, {indoor and outdoor pools and a tennis {court. Picturesque villages and majestic {moorlands are within easy driving {distance. { { { { { 0704{Seven Seas Resort Condo, located on the {beach, offers an outdoor pool, gas grills,{and a game room. Offshore, you can enjoy {every type of water sport from sailing to {snorkeling. Deep-sea fishing charters are {also available at local marinas. Golf and {tennis facilities are found throughout the{area, and shopping and souvenir shops are {practically at your door. Daytona's {location allows you to visit famous {Florida attractions, such as Walt Disney {World(R), Universal Studios, and the {Kennedy Space Center. { { 0707{Located on a fine sandy beach, adjacent to{the marina, Puerto Cabopino is the setting{for the perfect family holiday. Surrounded{by 15 acres of beautiful landscaped {gardens with numerous restaurants, bars {and cafes, all your needs are catered for.{Sports enthusiasts will enjoy nearby {tennis courts and two swimming pools. {Nearby are some of the finest golf courses{in Europe. { { { { { 0712{Situated amidst the famed Piney Woods of {East Texas, Holly Lake Ranch offers a {variety of lake activities, including {fishing and boating. On land, try golf, {tennis, biking, hiking, camping, or {archery. You'll also find three outdoor {pools, a playground, restaurant, and {country store on site. Many resort {amenities are closed between Labor Day and{spring. Close by is Tyler, where Tyler's {Municipal Rose Garden covers 22 acres and {hosts the Texas Rose Festival in October. {Other Tyler attractions include the {Caldwell Zoo and the Goodman Museum. A {day-trip to Dallas is only 116 miles away. 0715{Stroll the world's finest beaches, swim in{the sparkling Gulf of Mexico, and dine in {gourmet restaurants. You can enjoy the {festive Suncoast nightlife and visit theme{park attractions from your base at Coral {Shores Resort. North Redington Beach lies {in an area on the Holiday Isles barrier {chain that parallels the St. Petersburg {mainland. Visit the local attractions, {including Tarpon Spring's Sponge Museum {and the Salvador Dali Museum. Within easy {driving distance are Walt Disney World(R) {and Busch Gardens. { { 0716{If you enjoy water sports, you'll love {Rex Halcyon Cove. The resort is right on {the ocean and provides a variety of water {equipment for your use. A scuba-diving {instructor is also on site. Sport fishing {is popular here. You can arrange a {deep-sea charter. For a change, play {tennis day and night at the resort, or {golf only two miles away on an 18-hole {course. Horseback riding is another {diversion offered close by and can {be arranged at any time. Of course, {if you want to just relax in the sun, {you'll have plenty of company here. { 0721{Come to Tropical Sands Resort and enjoy {the atmosphere of Estero Island. The {resort offers an outdoor pool, a small {exercise room, and gas grills. A {challenging golf course is nearby, and {several tennis courts are only four miles {away. Be sure to visit the attractions of {Fort Myers, including Thomas Edison's {home, Henry Ford's home, and the {Everglades Jungle Cruise. Nearby Naples {offers a unique shopping experience and {Jungle Larry's African Safari. The beach {across the street is great for walking or {watching sunsets. { 0722{Nestling high in the French Alps, Inter {R©sidences is in the heart of one of the {most fabulous skiing areas in Europe, {situated at 2100m high. Situated at Val {Claret, the R©sidence is only 270m from {the major ski lifts of the Tignes-Val {d'IsÛre ski area which provides over 100 {ski lifts on 530 km of marked ski runs. {In summer, skiing is possible high on a {glacier and the beautiful lakes and {mountains offer watersports, rafting, {mountain biking, hang-gliding, golf and {tennis. {The ski slopes will be closed from June {30th until September 1st 2001. 0724{Overlooking 300 feet of private beach in {Pompano Beach, La Costa Beach Club Resort {offers you the opportunity to swim in the {ocean or in one of two outdoor pools, or {in the indoor pool. At the resort, you'll {also find an exercise room, indoor and {outdoor hot tubs, saunas, and shuffleboard{courts. Golf and tennis are available {minutes from the resort. One mile away is {a fishing pier. Several daytime and {nighttime activities are just minutes {away. For additional sight-seeing, you're {about 33 miles from Miami and Palm Beach. { { 0726{While staying at Dover House, you will {discover Delray-and you'll probably find {that you'll want to return to it year {after year. Enjoy the resort's outdoor {pool or visit the beach just across the {street, where you can swim, surf, sail, {ski, or even try snorkeling. In the area, {you'll find horse racing, jai alai, {year-round golf courses, an ocean-fishing {pier, and deep-sea fishing-all within a {short drive. { { { { 0728{Bask in the sun of Panama City Beach at {Landmark Holiday Beach Resort. Boating, {fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and skin {diving are all within minutes of the {resort. On site, you'll find a heated {indoor pool, whirlpool, dry-heat sauna, {and lighted tennis court. Barbecue and {picnic areas are also available. Popular {sight-seeing attractions include Gulf {World Aquarium, Miracle Strip Amusem*nt {Park, Shipwreck Island Water Park, and St.{Andrews State Recreation Area. As a year- {round attraction, plan on visiting Zoo {World. Some attractions are seasonal and {are closed between Oct. 1 and Feb. 1. 0731{At the Eagle's Nest, you'll enjoy the {outdoor pool, snack bar, and whirlpool. A {favorite meeting place at the resort is {the fountained courtyard, which has won {national awards for its design and beauty.{A boardwalk leads you from the courtyard {to the beach, where a full-time sailing {and windsurfing instructor is on hand. {Other water activities include {parasailing, boating, and fishing. {Chartered fishing boats are available at {several nearby marinas. There are several {golf courses throughout the area, as well {as other recreational facilities. { 0732{Some units at The Shores, which is located{on Alabama's Pleasure Island, have a {beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. Also{built amid lovely scenery, the outdoor {pool and Jacuzzi are tempting relaxations.{A number of tennis courts and one of the {area's many golf courses are as close as {two miles. Miniature golf and a water {slide can also be found in the area. {Anglers will want to try their luck both {in the surf and off Gulf State Park's {825-foot pier. Alabama Gulf State Park is {only two miles from the resort. Inside the{park, Lake Shelby offers water sports and {boat rentals. 0733{Your vacation home at Emerald Isle {Condominiums is bordered by the sparkling {waters of Lake Hamilton. On site, you'll {find barbecue grills, a picnic area, an {outdoor pool, tennis court, paddleboats, {rowboats, a putting green, and a miniature{golf course. An 18-hole golf course is {only eight miles away. For a day on the {lake, rent a powerboat at the nearby {marina. Sight-seeing opportunities await {you at nearby Hot Springs, a unique city {that is built in a circle around Hot {Springs National Park. { { 0734{Southern Shores Beach Resort is located {right on the Gulf of Mexico, so you will {enjoy the convenience of some of the most {beautiful beaches in the world. Surf {fishing can be done on site, and other {water sports such as waterskiing and skin {diving are offered as close as a mile {away. Two 18-hole golf courses, two {miniature golf courses, and a water slide {are close by, providing hours of fun. { { { { { 0737{If you are in search of a true flavor for {your next vacation, try the beaches of {Rosarito in Baja California. Rosarito {beach is located halfway between San Diego{and Ensenada, Mexico. Only 20 minutes {away, in Tijuana, you will find a variety {of shopping at your fingertips. Rosarito {beach offers all types of activities for {water-sports enthusiasts. Come and enjoy {the wide, golden beaches. { { { { { 0741{Silverleaf's Ozark Mountain Resort is {located on Table Rock Lake--perfect for {boating, swimming, scuba diving, canoeing,{and waterskiing. Fishing for crappie, {trout, catfish, and bass is popular year- {round. There is a 20-slip boat dock on {site. Enjoy the resort's outdoor pool, {miniature golf, archery range, and tennis {courts. Play golf at Kimberling City's 9- {hole course. Silver Dollar City is open {April to October and features traditional {crafts, music, and entertainment. Branson {area shows and attractions are open April {through mid-December and are 20 miles {away. 0742{Enjoy a quiet Florida getaway at Harder {Hall Lakeside Villas, located on the {water's edge of Little Lake Jackson in {Sebring. You can play golf on an 18-hole {course designed by Dick Wilson, fish in {one of many nearby lakes, or simply relax {alongside the outdoor heated pool. For the{nature enthusiast, Highlands Hammock State{Park is located four miles from the {resort. The attractions of Orlando, {including Walt Disney World(R) and Sea {World, are about 90 miles (90 mins) away. {The beaches on the western coast are about{84 miles away, while eastern coast beaches{are a little more than 90 miles away. 0743{Olympia Vacation Owners is adjacent to the{four-seasons Olympia Resort & Spa, {offering great restaurants, a full-service{health spa, and indoor and outdoor {swimming pools. Within walking distance {you will find an 18-hole golf course, {downhill skiing, and a sports center {featuring indoor tennis and racquetball. {Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin's lake {country, many area lakes and parks offer {all of your favorite outdoor activities {including cross-country skiing, biking, {hiking, fishing, and swimming. A stroll {through downtown Oconomowoc will take you {back to the turn of the century. 0744{Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico at St. Pete{Beach, Coral Reef Beach Resort offers a {vacation getaway as active or relaxing as {you choose. Swim in the Gulf or in one of {the state's largest free-form pools (not {heated). Or take a swim in the on-site, {heated pool. Play volleyball and miniature{golf within one mile of the resort. Golf {is five miles away, and tennis is nearby. {See the sights of St. Petersburg and {Tampa. Busch Gardens is a 45-minute drive {away, and Walt Disney World(R) {is within a two-hour drive. After a {fun-filled day, take a stroll on the beach{and watch a beautiful Gulf Coast sunset. 0746{Edgelake Beach Club overlooks 240 feet of {sandy beach and the clear, blue waters of {Lake Tahoe. In summer, Lake Tahoe is a {haven for boating and fishing. Local {marinas offer equipment rentals, and buoy {rentals are available on site for those {who bring a boat. You can spend your time {hiking, golfing, or playing tennis close {to the resort or lounge by the resort's {outdoor pool and whirlpool. Twenty ski {areas surround the lake, offering superb {downhill adventure. The resort is only {seven miles from Northstar at Tahoe and a {short drive from Squaw Valley, Diamond {Peak, and Alpine Meadows. 0747{Just one block away from The Evergreen {Condominiums is the Brian Head Ski Resort,{boasting an 11,000 ft. elevation and a {vertical rise of 1,200 ft. Ski season {runs from Thanksgiving until May. In {summer, recreation includes horseback {riding along mountain trails and lakes. {Boating and fishing is available on nearby{Panguitch Lake. Live entertainment and {restaurants can be found within 3 blocks {during Summer and Winter seasons. An easy {day trip will take you to Bryce and Zion {Canyons, and Cedar Breaks National {Monument to view some of nature's most {spectacular sights. 0748{A great family retreat, Bear Lake {Timeshare offers diverse activity in the {peace and solitude of northern Utah. The {resort is located on 20 miles of crystal- {clear lake, offering most water sports. {Sailboats, motorboats, fishing boats, {paddleboats, canoes, and rafts are {available for rent. You'll also find an {outdoor pool, sauna, hot tub, miniature {golf course, and tennis courts. A mile {away is one of Utah's top-rated nine-hole {golf courses. For winter fun, Beaver {Mountain Resort is just 17 miles away. { { 0751{Nestled between two of Oregon's finest {fishing bays, Rockaway Beach Resort and {the surrounding area offer plenty for {everyone. On site, you can enjoy the {recreation room and indoor pool, or you {can gear up for boating, crabbing, {clamming, and all types of fishing at {Nehalem and Tillamook-Garibaldi bays. {Hiking is popular along Rockaway Beach's {old logging roads-a nature lover's {paradise for bird- and whale-watching. {Public golf courses are located in town, {and area attractions include museums, {antiques shops, and seafood restaurants. { 0755{Maui Lea at Maui Hill is situated on the {Gold Coast of Maui. An outdoor pool, {tennis court, shuffleboard court, putting {green, and whirlpool are on site. The {public beaches of Keawakapu, Kamaole, and {Wailea are located nearby. Along the {coast, try deep-sea fishing, diving, {snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. Wailea {Country Club's 36-hole golf course is {located one mile from the resort. For {sight-seeing, visit Haleakala National {Park, where you'll find more than 30 miles{of hiking and horseback riding trails. { {UNITS HAVE NO OCEAN VIEW. 0756{Sea Side Beach Club is located halfway {between Miami and Palm Beach. On site, you{can take a dip in one of two outdoor pools{or relax in the Jacuzzi. Enjoy superb {deep-sea and pier fishing nearby in the {Atlantic Ocean. Several golf courses are {located in the Pompano Beach area. In {nearby Fort Lauderdale, visit attractions {such as Birch State Park and Discovery {Center. Palm Beach offers a variety of {boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs. { { { { 0757{Each unit at Sand Acres Beach Club {features a balcony that affords a {spectacular view of the Caribbean. A {tennis court, outdoor pool, restaurant, {and bar are also conveniently located on {site. Area beaches offer ample {opportunities for water sports, including {swimming, sailing, windsurfing, boating, {and scuba diving. Free non-motorized {watersports are available at the resort. {Fishing boats and guides can be hired for {excursions. Bridgetown, five miles away, {has shops offering excellent buys on {English china, oriental objects, silk, and{antiques. 0759{Located on a 2,200-acre estate, {Fairfield Flagstaff offers activities {for all seasons. Only 80 miles from the {Grand Canyon, the resort is a complete {recreational community with an 18-hole {golf course, eight tennis courts of which {four are lighted, and two outdoor pools-- {all open seasonally. An indoor pool (not {affiliated with the resort) is available {for a fee. Resort guests have access to {the fitness center (no charge). Downhill {skiing (subject to weather conditions) is {a short drive away at the Arizona Snow {Bowl. A million acres of national forest {and historic sites abound. 0760{Spacious, fully equipped two- and three- {bedroom condominiums close to many of the {sights you'll want to see make Brewster {Green the perfect location from which to {base your stay on Cape Cod. This resort is{located off historic, picturesque Route 6A{on the cape's northern coast in Brewster, {"America's Sea Captains Town." The Cape {Cod National Seashore, beaches, golf, {whale-watching, charter fishing, and fine {dining are minutes away. Resort amenities {include indoor and outdoor pools, tennis, {racquetball, a playground, basketball, {shuffleboard, three-hole putting green, {and more. 0761{An outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool, a {whirlpool, two shuffleboard courts, and a {tennis court all await guests of Surf {Rider Resort Condominium. Rivers, lakes, {and the Atlantic Ocean offer superb {fishing opportunities. Other aquatic {sports in the area include scuba and skin {diving, snorkeling, surfing, waterskiing, {and boating. On land, you can choose from {golf, bowling, and shuffleboard within {three miles. { { { { 0762{Located close to the beach and a few miles{from the famous Boardwalk, Oceantime (on {136th Street) is in the heart of Ocean {City's excitement. Enjoy sailing and {waterskiing in the bays and windsurfing {and fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Back on{land, try tennis, golf, miniature golf, {and indoor ice-skating--all within a few {minutes of the resort. Enjoy a relaxing {swim anytime of year at the indoor pool {nearby. Area attractions include harness {racing at Delmarva Downs (June through {August), fine restaurants featuring {seafood, and nightclubs offering {year-round entertainment. 0763{Situated directly on the beach on Manasota{Key, Sea Oats Beach Club provides guests {with an outdoor pool, a whirlpool, gas {barbecue grills, shuffleboard courts, and {bicycles. Tennis buffs will find several {public courts in the area. Beaches along {this part of the coast are noted for {excellent shelling. Englewood, which has {many fine shops and restaurants, is about {30 miles south of Sarasota and 40 miles {north of Fort Myers. Golfers may enjoy {several courses within four miles of the {resort. { { 0764{Spend a vacation bathed in luxury at the {"playground of the stars"-Palm Springs. {The Desert Isle of Palm Springs provides {the perfect resort setting to enjoy the {beauty of the desert as well as the area's{famous nightlife. Whether you're in one of{the exclusive area shops, playing on a {championship golf course, or relaxing by {the pool, you'll find Palm Springs {everything you've imagined and more. {Unique specialty shops, museums, art {festivals, designer fashion shows, and {charity events enhance the Palm Springs {vacation scene. { 0765{Smuggler's Cove Beach Resort is located on{Anna Maria Island, which lies between the {Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal {Waterway. The area is known for its white-{sand beaches and azure waters of the Gulf {of Mexico. Resort amenities include a {heated pool, Jacuzzi, volleyball, {bicycles, horseshoes, and fishing dock and{equipment. The surrounding area is a {popular cultural center with fine art {museums, shopping, and fine dining, along {with 17 area golf courses. Less than three{hours away, you will find Walt Disney {World(R) and other Orlando-area {attractions. 0766{Located in the middle of 300 feet of {beach, Lighthouse Cove Resort provides the{perfect base for your southern Florida {vacation. The resort has a large outdoor {pool and a whirlpool, and tennis courts {are nearby. Countless water activities are{available in the area. Nearby, Fort {Lauderdale's Birch State Park features 180{acres for picnicking and canoeing. Other {area attractions include the Discovery {Center and the Swimming Hall of Fame. {Visit nearby Fort Lauderdale for {fine dining and live entertainment in the {evening. { 0767{Water activities begin at the beach, just {a block from Channel Island Shores. {Boating, scuba diving, and swimming also {are offered close to the resort. Deep-sea {fishing is very popular, with an abundance{of good catches found along the coast. {Back on shore, play a round of golf five {miles away or enjoy one of the area's {tennis courts. All the attractions of {Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Malibu {Beach are within driving distance. { { { { 0768{Just moments from Colorado's second {largest ski area, Winter Park is made for {the person who loves the outdoors. The {resort is nestled in the Arapaho National {Forest, providing a picture-perfect {backdrop for picnics, photography, and {hiking in the rugged mountains. The Pole {Creek Golf Course is only 10 miles away, {and white-water rafting is nearby. The {resort provides transportation to Winter {Park ski area close by. Cross-country {skiing and sleigh rides are other winter {possibilities. Summer activities might {also include mountain biking and jazz {festivals. 0770{Located directly on the harbor in Newport,{Inn on the Harbor is within a short walk {of Newport's endless array of historic and{modern sight-seeing attractions. Its close{proximity to the Atlantic Ocean makes the {city a popular spot for boating, fishing, {sailing, and windsurfing. Guests may enjoy{the limited health club and live {entertainment available on site. {*** entertainment is seasonal *** The {resort's activity director can provide {information on area tours and can help {plan your day. The many museums and {historic homes of Newport are particularly{interesting. 0771{Overlooking one of the world's most famous{beaches, Fantasy Island Resort offers a {fun-filled vacation in Daytona Beach {Shores. You can choose from water sports {along the beach or swimming in the {resort's heated outdoor pool. Back on {land, golf and tennis facilities are {within five miles, and watching the auto {racing events at Daytona International {Speedway is popular year-round. Walt {Disney World(R), Kennedy Space Center, Sea{World, and St. Augustine are within 90 {minutes of the resort. { { 0773{Located in Shipyard Plantation on Hilton {Head Island, Kingston Cove offers the most{in recreation and relaxation. Within the {plantation, you may play golf on the {27-hole championship course or tennis (at {prevailing rates) on one of 20 courts, {five of which are lighted. Water {activities abound on the island, ranging {from deep-sea fishing to dolphin-watching {cruises. After a day full of activities, {relax by the resort's outdoor pool or take{a walk along the beach or paved trails {throughout the plantation. Restaurants {offering a wide range of cuisines can be {found nearby. 0774{Schooner Beach & Racquet Club is within {easy reach of all the entertainment spots,{amusem*nt parks, shopping, and {restaurants. Theaters include The Carolina{Opry, Dixie Stampede, Ledends In Concert, {and Alabama Theater. Myrtle Beach boasts {more than 1,700 restaurants including Hard{Rock Cafe, House of Blues, Planet {Hollywood, NASCAR Cafe, and Bullwinkles. {There are more than 90 championship golf {courses. The resort is just a few steps {from the beach, and all rooms are ocean- {front. Free tennis, an outdoor pool, {exercise room, and sauna are available. { 0775{Boating and fishing bring water {enthusiasts to Oyster Pointe, a rustic, {old-style Florida fishing village located {next to the Indian River Lagoon. The {resort offers a 15-foot motorboat for a {one-time gas charge, or charter a deep-sea{fishing cruise through the local marinas. {On site, you'll find an outdoor pool, {barbecue grills, a tennis court, and a {children's playground. Golf, restaurants, {and shops are within two miles. For a {fun-filled day-trip, Orlando's {attractions are only two hours from the {resort. { 0776{Florida Vacation Villas offers easy access{to all of central Florida's attractions. {Walt Disney World(R) is just a short drive{from the resort. Other family adventures {include Gatorland Zoo, Wet 'N Wild water {park, Sea World, and Universal Studios. {Kennedy Space Center and Busch Gardens are{also within driving distance. Play {tennis at the resort or enjoy the two {outdoor pools on site. Area restaurants {provide a wide variety of offerings for {all tastes. { { { 0777{Club Caribbean enjoys a prime beachfront {location in the village of Runaway Bay. It{also boasts a PADI International five-star{training facility, which offers a five-day{course for scuba-diving certification, as {well as one-day courses for beginners. The{resort also offers complimentary use of {glass-bottom boats and equipment for {windsurfing, sailing, and snorkeling. {Waterskiing is offered, and deep-sea {fishing can be arranged for a fee. Play {tennis and volleyball on site or take {advantage of the golf and horseback riding{facilities close by. { 0778{Situated along a stretch of sandy white {beach on the southern tip of the Pinellas {Suncoast, Treasure Island Beach Club {offers a location convenient to the {attractions of both central and western {Florida. Walt Disney World(R), Busch {Gardens, Tiki Gardens, the Salvador Dali {Museum, and Tampa Bay Downs are within a {90-minute drive. Treasure Island offers {golf and tennis facilities, and fishing is{available at John's Pass at Madeira Beach.{After a day's activity, relax beside the {sun deck of the outdoor pool or take a {walk along the resort's beach. { 0779{Vacation fun, from beachcombing to {gambling, awaits you here. Experience {nature amid the resort's lush, tropical {landscape. Palm trees and native flowers {abound on the grounds of Taino Beach {Resort. The resort offers many activities,{including cruises, a Port Lucaya shopping {trip, an island tour, and an excursion to {the casino to try your luck. You may also {visit the Rand Memorial Nature Center, or {simply relax on the beach. { { { { 0781{Ten miles from Park City, Circle J Club at{Jeremy Ranch provides the perfect getaway {for skiers. The Park City ski area-Utah's {largest-is minutes away, offering more {than 100 designated trails, bowls, and {slopes. If you're a nonskier, Park City is{lined with fine restaurants, saloons, and {quaint shops. For summer guests, the {resort features tennis courts, an outdoor {pool, a weight room, and locker rooms. {While you're in the area, be sure to take {advantage of the 76 golf courses located {near the resort. Horseback riding and {hunting are also available close by. { 0782{Club Bali Hai Moorea is situated on Cook's{Bay, one of the most beautiful inlets in {the world. The resort's sister property, {Bali High Hotel, offers snorkeling from a {Liki Tiki catamaran, beautiful sunsets, {and picnic cruises, plus the beauty of {sun-soaked Tahiti to make your tropical {fantasies come true. This beachfront {resort offers a swimming pool, tennis {court, and restaurant. The island of {Moorea offers a number of attractions and {all are easily accessible. The island is {only 35 miles around and most attractions {are concentrated along the north shore {where the resort is located. 0783{Enjoy lakeside activities by day and dine {on delicious seafood at night at Listel {Hamanako. The resort overlooks Lake {Hamana, where you can boat, fish or just {relax on the beach. A swimming pool and {hot spa bath also are on site, and golf, {tennis, and horseback riding are all {available within 13 miles. Wind up your {day with a meal in the resort's {restaurant. { { { { { 0785{You can enjoy the pleasures of sand and {sea while you discover the unique culture {of Japan. Located on Japan's south-central{coast, the resort overlooks the Pacific {Ocean and is just a block from the beach. {When you're not spending time out on the {sand, visit World Safari Park or see the {many coral reefs and tropical fish by {glass-bottom boat. { { { { { { 0786{Explore the coastal town of Kumihama from {your vacation home, a mile from the {beaches of the Sea of Japan. Onshore fun {is close by, too--there's an 18-hole golf {course a mile away. Wander along {Kumihama's lovely Pine Tree Avenue; watch {the sun set over the sea; then return to {the resort and dine in the on-site {restaurant. { { { { { { 0790{Players Club of Hilton Head Island is a {seven-acre resort located a quarter-mile {from the Atlantic Ocean that invites you {to experience the beauty of the island. On{site, you'll find the fitness center {equipped with a heated indoor pool, two {large whirlpools, two racquetball {courts, state-of-the-art "Next Generation"{Nautilus equipment, a sauna, and men's and{women's locker rooms. Take a plunge in the{outdoor pool or visit the adjacent highly {rated Van Der Meer Tennis Center, which {has more than 20 courts, including the {only covered courts on the island. { 0791{Go for a sunset stroll on soft, sandy {beaches. Feel the refreshing spray of the {surf as it breaks on the shore. At The Inn{at Mazatlan, you can spend your days at a {leisurely pace, savoring each sun-filled {moment. There's plenty to accommodate your{active side as well, from parasailing high{above the ocean to hunting in the {surrounding hills. { { { { { { 0793{The Sierra Mijas mountains make a {beautiful backdrop to the lush, green golf{courses at this resort. Its appeal to {golfers is obvious, with two imaginatively{designed 18-hole courses. The clubhouse is{a restored Andalusian farmhouse, which {retains its original charm. The units {include detached villas and pueblo-style {houses built in groups around a central {pool. Near to the development, the 5 star {Byblos Hotel offers thalassotherapy {treatments and tennis, and a water park is{only 2Km away. { { 0794{The Allen House Club is a fine example of {an Edwardian mansion house situated in the{heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington {and Chelsea, London's famous stores, {theatres and speciality restaurants are {all close at hand. The apartments are {ideal for family or business use, with a {fully staffed reception. { { { { { { { 0796{This resort's focal point is a {centuries-old fortress bearing the name of{the famous pirate. The resort offers an {acclaimed restaurant, as well as boutiques{and shops. The resort's tour guide is {ready to help you plan your vacation days {exploring St. Thomas. A short drive away {on Magens Beach, enjoy boating, diving, {windsurfing, and more. Enjoy hours of {browsing and shopping in Charlotte Amalie,{the capital city. { { { { 0801{Neptune Hollywood Beach Club offers a {perfect Gold Coast location on the beach {and convenient to all area attractions. {Boating and fishing are within two blocks {or charter a deep-sea fishing trip just a {mile away. The area has 17 golf courses {(one just three miles away) and several {tennis courts. In Hollywood, you'll find {shops, entertainment, and restaurants. { { { { { { 0802{Las Casitas is a self-contained complex on{the sunny southern tip of the fascinating {island of Lanzarote. Just a few minutes' {walk away are the beach, marina and the {unspoilt fishing village of Playa Blanca. {The resort offers facilities including a {heated swimming pool, a children's pool, a{tennis court, a playground area, sun terr-{aces and a bar. The attractive single- {storey villas are surrounded by colourful {gardens and have very few steps, therefore{they are suitable for the elderly or those{with walking difficulties. It is an ideal{resort for those who want a quiet holiday {away from it all. 0803{Palm Beach Club is situated in front of {the main beach in Playa de las Americas in{the centre of the town. Onsite shopping {centre, restaurants, and supermarket, the {resort offers fully equipped units, most {with sea views. Other facilities include {three bars and day and evening {entertainment. {It is truly a year-round resort for all {ages and nationalities looking for a {lively holiday. { { { { 0804{Sutton Hall is a fine example of 17th {century Georgian acrchitecture. Situated {in 24 acres of parkland and woodland, this{resort offers a picturesque setting. There{are eight units in the main Hall and six {cottages within the gounds. Facilities {include a small heated indoor swimming {pool, tennis courts, lounge and a self- {service machine laundrette. Trout fishing {is available nearby. The North Yorkshire {Moors National Park is approx. 1/2 mile {away. GLIDING AVAILABLE 5KM AWAY. { { { 0805{Your vacation days at Gulfstream Manor, {located on Delray Beach, include {everything from sunning on the {resort's small, private beach to browsing {through designer boutiques. Evenings will {be just as memorable, with endless dining {and entertainment possibilities. Try {swimming along the beach or in the {resort's outdoor heated pool. There are {four tennis courts and two golf courses in{the area. Sight-seeing options include {famous Worth Avenue, Lion Country Safari,{and the South Florida Science Museum and {Planetarium. { 0806{Biwako Valley is located between Mt. {Uchimi and Mt. Horai, where you can enjoy {seeing whole view of the largest lake in {Japan, camping, mountain climbing, hiking,{and snow-skiing during winter months.If {you are interested in historical sites, {nearby at the top of Mt. Hiei, is the {Enryakuji Temple, which is the birthplace {of Japanese Buddhism. { { { { { { 0808{Merriweather Resort invites you to a {holiday on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. {The resort offers an outdoor pool, {shuffleboard, and the beach is across the {street. Boating and waterskiing can be {enjoyed within two blocks. Several tennis {courts and golf courses are located {throughout the area. Restaurants {specializing in fresh seafood are {plentiful, and for entertainment, a {variety of clubs offer live music. { { { { 0809{At the southern tip of Florida's Pinellas {peninsula is Treasure Shores. The resort {is convenient to everything that has made {the Suncoast a favorite vacation spot. {Resort amenities include an outdoor pool, {and picnic area. Treasure {Island is noted for its excellent golf and{tennis facilities and both are close by. {Many excellent clubs and restaurants are {within walking distance. The Gulf Coast {offers opportunities for any number of {water activities. Be sure to visit John's{Pass Village and Tampa's Busch Gardens. { { 0811{Park Hotel Condominiums is located on busy{historic Main Street, which is listed on {the Register of National Historic Places {and lined with Victorian buildings dating {back to the 1870s. Winter brings skiing to{Park City, and its ski area offers 87 {runs. Deer Valley ski area, a mile away, {and The Canyons, three miles outside of {town, offer additional skiing options. {Once the snow melts, enjoy the five superb{golf courses in the area, including one {designed by Arnold Palmer and another by {Jack Nicklaus. Other summer activities {include swimming, horseback riding, {hiking, tennis, and balloon rides. 0813{Langdale, at the very centre of England's {beautiful Lake District National Park, is {a perfect resort. Explore Wordsworth's {favourite haunts in the local villages, {fish for trout, enjoy lake sailing or walk{the fells, with superb views of England's {highest mountains. Each lodge is {positioned for view and privacy, and with {the excellent indoor leisure facilities, {the scene is set for a memorable holiday, {as active or relaxing as you choose. { { { { 0817{A perfect place to get away from the {everyday grind, Peppertree Blue Ridge {Village is situated in the woods of Banner{Elk, where you can unwind, relax, and {breathe in the clean mountain air. Whether{you are a hiker, sightseer, or shopper, {you will have plenty to do around the {resort. For skiing enthusiasts, there are {several ski resorts just minutes away. { { { { { { 0820{Brantridge Park is located in the {heart of the English countryside, in the {peace and tranquillity of the Sussex {Downs. A former royal country home, it has{now been converted into elegant {apartments. Chichester, Glyndebourne {(famous for its opera performances), {Brighton, Arundel Castle, and the Ashdown {Forest are all within a short distance. {There are several sports facilities on {site, including a tennis court and {swimming pool. London is approx 1 hour {away by train and 2 hours by road. { { 0821{These attractive cottages and bungalows {built in traditional Norfolk style reflect{the character of the quaint fishing port {of Blakeney. Just a minute's walk from {Blakeney Hotel and the quay, these holiday{homes are ideal for a peaceful holiday in {an area of great natural charm. Spend {your day boating, fishing, exploring {Norfolk and its many attractions, or bird {watching in this rewarding coastal region.{ { { { { 0822{Located in the center of the famous Grand {Strand beach area, Sands Beach Club is the{ideal Myrtle Beach vacation resort. Enjoy {the resort's indoor and outdoor pools, {tennis courts, lounge, and beautiful beach{area. Play golf on nearly 100 area {courses. Area attractions include the Hard{Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, the art {displays of Brookgreen Gardens, the pre- {Civil War homes of Georgetown and {Charleston, Broadway at the Beach, Fantasy{Harbour, Barefoot Landing, and many music {theaters with shows for every member of {the family. The resort offers a summer {activities schedule for all age groups. 0823{Situated on the Atlantic Ocean in the {Windy Hill section of the city of North {Myrtle Beach, A Place at the Beach-Windy {Hill offers hours of fun in the sun. {Myrtle Beach is best known for its fine {beaches and excellent golf courses-you'll {find nearly 100 courses in the area. {You'll also enjoy several amusem*nt parks,{water parks, restaurants, shopping at {Barefoot Landing, Broadway at the Beach, {or Fantasy Harbour, and many popular music{theaters featuring top-name artists. {Brookgreen Gardens, located south of {Myrtle Beach, has an aviary, as well as a {renowned sculpture garden. 0824{Experience the elegance and style of San {Francisco from your vacation home at Nob {Hill Inn. The resort has been a center for{luxurious living since the last half of {the 19th century, when it was a home to {railroad tycoons and successful gold {miners. Today's guests can enjoy the {on-site wine cellar. You're within walking{distance of downtown attractions. Close by{are Grace Cathedral, Union Square, the {financial district, Japantown, and {Chinatown. Other attractions include {Fisherman's Wharf, Twin Peaks, and the {Golden Gate Park and Bridge. { 0825{On Phillip Island, discover how exciting {Australian bush can be! Furry koalas in {the trees, watching a bush wallaby bound {away or observe one of Australia's unique {natural phenomenons, the Fairy Penguin {Parade. The many species of birds and {seals sunning themselves on Seal Rocks are{a delight. Some of Victoria's most famous {fishing grounds can be found off {Phillip Island. Other activities include {tennis, golf, horse riding, visit historic{homesteads, museums and stud farms. Cowes {Village Shopping Centre, located nearby, {has supermarkets, restaurants, take-aways {and some very nice intimate bistros. 0826{Located on the Kiwifruit coast, at Mt. {Maunganui on the Bay of Plenty is Fairway {Lodge. Close by is one of New Zealand's {most popular beaches. And if the surf {vacationer needs a break, take a drive to {Rotorua. This scenic coastal and inland {drive displays some of New Zealand's most {breathtaking views. There is deep sea {fishing, diving, all water sports and {great shopping and dining to be found in {Rotorua. At the resort, tennis, swimming {pool, private spas outside every unit, {sauna and games room round out your {holiday needs. Also, nearby are Mt. {Maunganui Golf and Lawn Bowling Clubs. 0827{Set on 35 hectares in a natural bushland {setting, Mansfield Country Resort is {within easy reach of the most spectacular {Victorian countryside and breathtaking {high country. Attractions include 515 kms {of shoreline of Lake Eildon, where guests {can fish,or explore exposed valleys {because of the lakes record low water {level. Local attractions include historic {townships, wineries,festivals and rodeos, {horse rides into the magnificent high {country, bush walks and 4 wheel driving. {In winter, there are the snowfields of Mt {Buller and Mt Stirling for cross-country {and down-hill skiing. 0829{Great beaches, shopping, entertainment, {nightlife and fine dining, Australia's {Gold Coast, home of Jadon Place, has it {all. Situated on one of the deep water {inland canals with its' own boat moorings,{Jadon Place has an ideal location. The {beach is three blocks away and the Gold {Coast's largest shopping mall, Pacific {Fair, is right across the road. Laze by {the pool or relax in the spa, or for those{active days, experience every water sport {imaginable nearby. Try your luck at {Jupiters Casino, just 1 block away. For {more action drive up to Dreamworld, {Seaworld, Movieworld or Cable Ski World. 0830{Kyneton Bushland Resort is set in over 50 {hectares of natural bushland on the {outskirts of Kyneton. Explore the central {highlands where you can climb Hanging {Rock, fish at Lauriston Reservoir or the {Campaspe River. Sovereign Hill at {Ballarat; Trentham Falls; the local wines;{Mt Alexander and Black Hill Koala Reserves{are within a short drive from the resort. {Each private villa is separated by natural{bushland. There is an abundance of animal {life around the resort and if you look {closely at dusk, you might see kangaroos {and wallabies feeding. A full activites {programme is offered. 0831{Sydney, Australia's premier city, has it {all. Beautiful beaches and parks, {restaurants, bars and clubs, shopping {centers and malls, theatres, art galleries{and museums and the world famous opera {house all contribute to make Sydney the {International destination of choice. Just {to the north lies Manly. Manly boasts its'{own great shopping, nightlife and {restaurants. And just a ferry or hydrofoil{ride away dock at Circular Quay, located {between the Opera House and Sydney Harbour{Bridge. Here is where you'll also discover{some of Australia's early history. { 0832{In the early 1800s this area was known for{being one of the early penal settlements {in Australia. It now is a popular tourist {destination with its mild climate, {unspoiled environment, beautiful beaches, {golf, lawn bowls, fishing and boating. {Explore The Hastings River, Everglades, {historical sites, crafts and wineries. At {the resort enjoy the tennis, heated pool, {bowling rink, mini golf, golf driving net,{cricket net, bicycles for the family, {playground, lounge, squash, billiards and {table tennis. There are numerous clubs {and fine restaurants in the area as well. { 0833{Golden Leaf is situated on the Sunshine {Coast where you can enjoy boating, fishing{golf, horseback riding, sailing, water {skiing, tennis and surfing. Nearby {attractions such as the Big Pineapple, the{Macadamia Nut Plantation, Underwater World{and the Queensland Reptile Park are close {by. Take an excursion to the Hinterland {and the nearby Glass House Mountains. See {Maleny's magnificent scenery and views {from the lookouts. Visit the craft shops, {galleries and the Buderim markets. { { { 0834{Situated midway between Sydney and {Brisbane is the lovely coastal town of {Coffs Harbour. The resort set amongst {banana plantations and is close to the {beach, shopping centres, airport, sports, {sightseeing attractions, restaurants and {nightlife. If the beach is too hot, drive {into the hinterlands and cool down in one {of the rainforests at Dorrigo Nat'l Park {or Bruxner Park Floral Reserve. Visit the {Big Banana, Coffs Harbour Zoo, Pet {Porpoise Pool or a gold mine. Try deep sea{fishing, exhilarating whitewater rafting, {4WD safaris. { 0835{On the western tip of the Pembrokeshire {peninsula stands the ancient city of St. {Davids, the smallest city in the United {Kingdom. Here, in an area combining the {pleasures of coast, countryside, and {historic sites, is the St. Davids Vacation{Club. The units are arranged around a {secluded courtyard, where there is also a {food and wine shop. You can visit the city{sights or picnic in a small, sandy cove. { { { { { 0836{Puerto Rico lies on the southern coast of {Gran Canaria in what is reputed to be the {driest and sunniest part of the island. {There are two marinas whose walls shelter {the safe sandy, crescent-shaped beach. {The apartments are set in a superb {position, each one having a terrace {overlooking the sea and marina. Puerto {Rico is a town of contrasts with something{for everyone - by day and night. { { { { { 0837{This resort offers serviced self- {catering apartments with magnificent {sea views. Potter in the rock pools {nearby or wonder at the beauty of {the Oribi Gorge only half an hour`s {drive away. Sample one of many family {restaurants close by. { { { { { { { { 0838{Four blocks from town center in {Queenstown, one of New Zealand's most {popular resort areas, is Turner Heights {Townhouses. Situated on Lake Wakatipu and {surrounded by mountains, rivers and {valleys. Queenstown is the ideal {location for year round activities. For {the skier, Coronet Peak, Cardrona and {Treble Cone are all nearby. Tours to {Milford Sound, Sutherland Falls and Mt. {Cook round out the area. Also in the area {enjoy, canoeing, swimming, spa,restaurants{gym, sauna, cycling, trout fishing, {fishing safaris, lake cruises, gondola {rides, tennis, nightlife and much more. 0840{Atami is a seaside town facing the Bay of {Sagami. One of Japan's leading resort {areas, Atami is nicknamed "the Riviera of {the Orient." Admire the fabulous {oceanfront view from the resort, then {enjoy the many attractive beaches and hot {springs nearby. The resort offers an {outdoor pool and a restaurant as well. { { { { { { { 0841{Shinjuku is known as the New Downtown, {with skyscrapers, hotels, shops, {restaurants, and night spots. There's {something for everyone, from the nonstop {energy of bars and cabarets to the {tranquil beauty of Shinjuku Gyoen National{Park. { { { { { { { { 0843{Discover the best of Florida's Gulf Coast {at Camaron Cove. Located on the Gulf of {Mexico at Indian Rocks Beach, the resort {is convenient to all the amusem*nts of the{Pinellas Suncoast. Laze on the beach, {experience the zoo at Busch Gardens, {attend dog races in St. Petersburg, or {take a dip in the on-site swimming pool. {You can relax in your spacious vacation {home or take a nap on your balcony that {overlooks the Gulf. { { { { 0844{Kilometres of uninterrupted sands, safe {bathing and natural rock pools make {Umdloti an idyllic holiday setting for the{whole family. Perna Perna rises from its {own beach against a background of sub- {tropical vegetation, 45 kilometres north {of Durban. For anyone who enjoys the sea {and the beach, the scope for watersports {is wide. Or play golf, tennis, bowls and {squash close by. If it's the glitter and {glamour of night life you seek, Umhlanga {Rocks offers a range of restaurants. At {Durban, further down the coast, you can {visit clubs, cabarets, discos, restaurants{and pubs. 0846{Overlooking 13kms of superb beaches in {Bournemouth, one of England's premier {holiday resorts, the Carlton Hotel offers {immediate access to all watersports, {tennis and golf and is adjacent to shops, {theatres, gardens and casinos. Most suites{have sea views, full use of all the {hotel's amenities and 24-hour room {service. On site are restaurant, bar, {health spa, outdoor and indoor swimming {pool, whilst London Airport is only 150kms{away via fast motorways. { { { 0847{Located between Falmouth and Hyannis, Cape{Cod Holiday Estates vacation homes are {less than three miles from South Cape {Beach and Nantucket Sound. Each vacation {home is set on a one-third-acre lot and {features a sun deck or patio. Guests can {use the resort's community center, which {boasts a tennis court, a shuffleboard {court, an indoor pool, and a putting {green. The Atlantic Ocean offers excellent{boating and fishing. Equipment rentals, {deep-sea fishing charters, whale-watching {excursions, and trips to Nantucket Island {and Martha's Vineyard are readily {available through area marinas. 0848{The resort city of Hollywood promises {swimming, sunning, and sight-seeing along {palm-lined beaches. Your vacation home at {Hollywood Sands Resort provides you the {ultimate in vacation comfort and {convenience. Located directly on the ocean{boardwalk of Hollywood Beach, the resort's{prime location offers easy access to most {water activities, or you can relax on the {sun deck beside the outdoor pool. Golf, {tennis, and horseback riding can also be {enjoyed within five miles. The attractions{of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton {are within a short distance as well. { 0849{In the spotlight at Berkshire Beach Club {is the resort's private beachfront, which {spans more than 100 feet. Guests will also{enjoy the on-site heated outdoor pool and {spa, sun deck, and gas barbecue grills. {Just south of the resort is the Deerfield {Beach Pier-a favorite spot for fishing and{moonlight strolls. The Gold Coast offers {plenty of other waterfront activities, {such as sailing and deep-sea fishing. Fort{Lauderdale and Miami are to the south and {Palm Beach is to the north-offering {opportunities for sight-seeing, dining, {and shopping. { 0851{Located in Kissimmee, Lifetime of {Vacations at Grand Lake Resort is only a {mile-and-a-half from Walt Disney World(R).{The resort is on the shores of a beautiful{freshwater lake. On-site amenities include{a tennis court and an outdoor pool. An {18-hole golf course is only three miles {away. Other area attractions include {Cypress Gardens, Sea World, and Church {Street Station, featuring cancan girls, {hot-air balloons, restaurants, and live {music. Kissimmee is also home to Florida's{oldest professional rodeo, which hosts {several events year-round. { 0852{Inverness at South Padre is an elegant {high-rise resort featuring an outdoor pool{and a whirlpool on the third level. The {beach and Gulf are right in front of the {resort. Only five miles away is a marina {that provides boat rentals, ramps, and {slips. The fishing is excellent {year-round, with daily deep-sea charters. {Golf, tennis, horseback riding, and {shuffleboard are also popular. {Nearby Water Slide Park is fun for the {entire family. { { { 0854{Even in peak season, Villa Del Sol's {position on the edge of a sheltered beach {in a quiet part of Margate keeps it {peacefully secluded. Against a background {of lawns, palms and banana trees, the {villas at this small resort are {strategically sited for privacy. Each has {a patio, garden and braai area with plenty{of space for children to play. The units {are serviced, fully equipped and {attractively furnished in cane. While {you're not at the beach you can laze {around the swimming pool lawns with a {sheltered bar overlooking the sea. { 0855{Between Nice and Cannes, 2 kms from the {beach and next to a sea water therapy {centre with 4 saltwater swimming pools, is{Les Jardines. The apartments are spacious,{each with a large terrace. You can enjoy {the many attractions of the surrounding {area - the Picasso Museum, the old part of{Antibes, golf at Valbonne or Mougins, the {picturesque villages of Biot, St Paul de {Vence and Hauts de Cagnes. { { { { { 0856{A peaceful haven just 80 metres from a {beautiful Unhlanga Rocks beach, this {resort offers air-conditioned self- {catering apartments with cool tiled floors{and a lock-up garage. Ideal for those who{want to relax in private away from the {holiday hustle bustle, Salamander {nevertheless has a number of facilities {for those active moments. Cool off in the{pool after a strenuous game of squash, or {take it easy with some table tennis and a {spa bath. There is also a sauna on site, {and various other sporting and {entertainment facilities are close at {hand. 0860{The apartments overlook landscaped {gardens and swimming pool, just 150 {metres from the popular Umhlanga Rocks {beach where you can explore rock pools {and lagoons. Enjoy bird watching in the {Hawaan Forest or explore Durban, a short {drive away. Fun and comfort for the {whole family. { { { { { { { 0865{Little Gull, located on Longboat Key, is {the perfect base for Gulf Coast fun in {Florida. Enjoy the attractions of nearby {Sarasota, including Selby Gardens, {Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Asolo State {Theater, and the Ringling Circus Museum. {Restaurants, art galleries, and museums {are plentiful in the area. At the resort, {you'll find an outdoor heated pool, a {children's playground, fishing, boat dock,{bicycles, barbeque grills, and a wide {sandy beach. { { { 0866{A superb setting with elegant sea- {facing apartments distinguish this {attractive terraced complex, fifteen {kilometres north of Durban. La Lucia {Sands units are fashionably furnished and {well-equipped for comfort and {convenience. At Umhlanga Rocks, a {kilometre up the coast, there are {excellent swimming beaches, a variety of {good restaurants and modern shops. La {Lucia Sands is an ideal resort for a quiet{relaxing North Coast holiday. { { { 0867{The Christie Lodge offers the best of a {Colorado winter. Beaver Creek ski {area is five minutes from the resort, {offering 1500 acres with a vertical drop {of 3,340 feet and a top elevation of {11,440 feet. There are 33 runs-the longest{is nearly three miles. Vail is only eight {miles away and offers the largest single {ski mountain system of trails and open {bowls in North America. Summer activities {abound with hiking, golf, Jeep touring, {kayaking, river rafting, biking, and more.{ { { 0869{Sun, snow and skiing are superb at {Cieloalto (2002mt). Cervinia, dominated {by the great Matterhorn, was Italy's first{ski resort and is now connected by lifts {to Zermatt and Valtournache, providing {hundreds of kilometres of ski runs. This {area is famous for its year round skiing. {There are many other sports facilities {available nearby in both winter and {summer. Just half an hour's drive away is{the internationally famous casino at St. {Vincent. { { { 0871{Enjoy Wolf Creek Village's two outdoor {pools (open Memorial Day to Labor Day), an{18-hole golf course, exercise room, {racquetball courts, and a picnic area. The{resort also features a clubhouse with a {pro shop. Located at an altitude of 5,400 {feet, the resort is within five minutes of{the superb skiing at Nordic Valley and {Powder Mountain ski areas. Lift tickets {are available at the resort. Only four {miles from the resort is Pineview Lake {and the Port Ramp Marina, which provides {full boat service, including daily {launching and dry-docking. { 0876{The Jackson Hole Lodge is just 12 miles {from Grand Teton National Park and 55 {miles from Yellowstone National Park. {Scenic and white-water float trips are {popular. Attend a cowboy cookout or visit {galleries and restaurants on the {boardwalks in this truly Old West town for{a unique vacation experience. Winter {provides an opportunity to enjoy downhill {skiing 12 miles away at the Jackson Hole {ski area, cross-country skiing, dog {sledding, ice-skating, snowshoe tours at {Grand Teton, snowmobiling, dinner sleigh {rides, and sleigh rides through the {largest herd of elk in North America. 0878{Experience a vacation in the style of {rural Texas at The Lodge in Runaway Bay. {At the resort, you'll find two lighted {tennis courts, an outdoor pool and hot {tub, and a children's play area. An 18- {hole golf course with a restaurant is {within a mile. Beautiful Lake Bridgeport {is on site and offers four covered boat {slips and is well-stocked for fishing. {Enjoy a day at a Texas dude ranch or {travel to Fort Worth, about 50 miles away,{or Dallas, about 70 miles away. A drive {into either city can result in almost any {activity imaginable, from sight-seeing to {attending an opera. 0880{Standing on one of Denmark's finest sand {beaches, Traneklit, near the historic {coastal community of Skagen, is an ideal {holiday centre for all the family. Skagen{lies on the northern tip of Jutland in an {area famous for its seafood. The resort's {leisure facilities are free of charge, {including access to an 18-hole golf course{and tennis courts nearby. There are miles{of sand dunes and pine plantations for {interesting walks. { { { { 0881{Enjoy the southern waters of the Atlantic {Ocean from your beachfront vacation home {at Jupiter Reef Club. Here you will be {within minutes of the boutiques, {restaurants, and nightclubs of the Palm {Beach area. The resort offers a heated {outdoor pool, whirlpool, poolside gazebo, {and barbecue/picnic area. Tennis and golf {can be played within two miles of the {resort. Among the area attractions are the{Jupiter Lighthouse, Jonathon Dickinson {State Park, and Lion Country Safari. { { { 0882{Located in Pigeon Forge, Pinecrest {Townhomes are situated on a ridge {overlooking forested hills and Dollywood, {a family amusem*nt park that features a {re-created 1880s pioneer settlement. {During warmer months, there's golf, {horseback riding, and fishing, all of {which are just minutes from the resort. In{winter, the ski slopes of Ober Gatlinburg {are only eight miles away. Along with {downhill skiing, Ober Gatlinburg offers {year-round amenities, including an {ice-skating arena, an alpine slide, and {chairlift rides to the summit of Mount {Harrison. 0883{On the borders of the bustling {Principality of Monaco and just a few {kilometres from Menton, a holiday at Le {Golfe Bleu offers you easy access to the {numerous sights and attractions of the {CÊte d'Azur. The apartments have {magnificent views over the bay and Cap {Martin and there is direct access from Le {Golfe Bleu to the beach. On-site {facilities include a bridge room, fitness {rooms, a sauna, outdoor swimming pool and {solarium. { { { 0886{Fort Brown Condo Shares is located at the {tip of Texas in the semitropical Rio {Grande Valley of Texas--just a short {distance from the Mexican border. Swim in {the resort's heated outdoor pool or relax {in the on-site whirlpool. Popular beaches {of South Padre Island are just 23 miles {away providing an array of aquatic {activities from deep-sea fishing to scuba {diving. The resort is situated on the {grounds of the historic battlefield of the{Mexican-American War. Rich in history, {Brownsville offers many sights from the {battlefield to the famous Gladys Porter {Zoo. 0887{Sand Pebble Resort overlooks the Gulf of {Mexico on a portion of the 28-mile stretch{of beach that comprises the Pinellas {Suncoast. A short walk away are John's {Pass, a popular fishing spot, and John's {Pass Village, a favorite haunt of {shoppers. Busch Gardens and other Suncoast{amusem*nts are within an easy drive. {You'll also find a good selection of {restaurants nearby. The resort's {activities director can plan great days {for vacationers of all ages. { { { 0890{Overlooking miles of sparkling, Atlantic {Ocean beaches, The Beach Club at St. {Augustine provides guests with Florida {relaxation at its best. St. Augustine, {located 35 miles south of Jacksonville, is{the oldest city in the United States. {Historic attractions include the 21-acre {mineral springs park, where the Fountain {of Youth and American Indian burial {grounds are located, along with the {Castillo de San Marcos National Monument {and Spanish exploration exhibits. Local {attractions include World Golf Village & {Hall of Fame, Ripley's Believe It or Not, {and Alligator Farm. 0891{Experience the carefree lifestyle of {Florida's "Conch Republic" at Reflections {at Ocean Key House. Key West is an ideal {spot for watersports. Spectacular {undersea coral reefs make scuba and skin {diving especially popular. Diving {excursions can be arranged at the resort. {Within 5 miles are excellent public golf {and tennis facilities. Key West's {colorful heritage has been carefully {preserved, especially in an area near the {resort known as Old Town. There you can {tour the homes of Hemingway and Audubon, {as well as many other historic buildings {and museums. 0892{Indian Palms Intervals is conveniently {located close to a 27-hole golf course and{five tennis courts. On site, there is a {pool and whirlpool. For avid golfers, {more than 75 golf courses are within 30 {minutes of the resort. Take a drive to the{Salton Sea, an inland saltwater lake that {is the largest body of water in {California, or go to the Palm Springs {Aerial Tramway. Only 22 miles from the {world-class shops and restaurants of {Palm Springs, the resort offers guests {a quiet atmosphere in which to relax after{a busy day of golf, sight-seeing, and {shopping. 0893{Southern Louisiana provides a rustic, {wooded setting for Bon Temps Village, {designed to appeal to all types of {vacationers. Relax in the comfort of your {own town house or visit Franco's Athletic {Club, just across the street. Franco's {offers several amenities--including {tennis, raquetball, two outdoor heated {pools, a children's water slide, and {children's gym--at no cost to you. New {Orleans and the famous French Quarter are {less than an hour's drive away. {Mississippi's Gulf Coast area is 45 {minutes away with many area attractions. { 0898{Beautifully landscaped, The Seasons {features an outdoor pool, children's pool,{whirlpool, tennis court, indoor {racquetball court, and exercise equipment.{All sorts of recreational options are {available in the area, including golf, {fishing, and shuffleboard. For water fun, {Orlando offers Wet 'N Wild, a 15-acre {water park built along a private lake and {beach. The list of family attractions in {Orlando is endless, including Walt Disney {World(R). Universal Studios is only three {miles from the resort. { { 0899{Westgate Vacation Villas, situated around {Lake Seagull, is just a mile from Walt {Disney World(R). At the resort, you'll {find ten outdoor pools, spas, children's {pools, tennis, shuffleboard and basketball{courts, and a grocery store. The resort {also has bicycles available for guests. {Sea World, Cypress Gardens, Universal {Studios, and Wet 'N Wild water park are {just some of the area's attractions. Those{intrigued with space and science will want{to visit the Kennedy Space Center, {approximately 60 miles away. { { 0900{Located in central North Island on a {volcanic plateau is the Taupo area and {Taupo Ika Nui. The resort is situated on {the shores of Lake Taupo, New Zealand's {largest lake. As a backdrop, the mountain {ranges of Tongariro National Park, {Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Kaimanawa add {beauty and skiing availability to the {area. The ski fields are just an hour and {a half away. The region boasts many {activities, including golf, lawn bowling, {rugby, squash, tennis, fishing, boating {and hunting. For the more adventurous try {whitewater rafting, windsurfing and {waterskiing. 0901{Visit the Sahara Safari Club, located in {the famous Sahara Hotel. The resort {features casino action, gourmet {restaurants, and exciting top-name {entertainment. The resort also offers an {outdoor pool. In the casino, test your {skills at blackjack, craps, roulette, {slots, keno, and the race/sports book. {Adjacent to the hotel is a water park, {Wet'N Wild, which provides seasonal family{fun. And of course, just minutes away, you{will find many new and old attractions {that make Las Vegas a year-round {playground for vacationers of all ages. { 0902{Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in historic{Old Town, The Galleon Resort puts you in {an ideal spot for enjoying the many charms{of Key West. The resort's 90-slip marina {accommodates boats up to 150 feet and {hosts a complete water-sports center with {many water activities. After {you've had your fill of fun on the water, {stretch out on the private beach or by the{outdoor pool. For more relaxing {entertainment, art galleries, shopping, {live theater, musical entertainment, and {nightclubs are within blocks of the {resort. { 0903{West Branson Bluffs offers a rustic {vacation experience in a placid setting in{the Ozark Mountains. Set near the shore {of 44,000-acre Table Rock Lake, the resort{provides access to water sports as well as{the natural beauty and serenity of the {area. Space is available by each cabin to {store your boat, and a ramp is available {on site to use. Swim in the lake or in the{resort's outdoor pool. A nine-hole golf {course is available for golf enthusiasts. {Catch a glimpse of life in the pioneer {days at Silver Dollar City. Branson is {about 30 minutes away via a curving, {hilly highway. 0906{An attractive resort, La Grande Mare {Country Club is situated right on the {beach in 110 acres of grounds on the sunny{Channel Island of Guernsey. As well as {offering a host of on-site facilities, {including golf, tennis & an indoor health {suite. La Grande Mare is a good base for {trips to nearby Herm, Sark, Alderney, {Jersey or the French coast. Picturesque St{Peter Port and many other delightful bays {are within easy reach of the resort. { { { { 0908{Western Australia's famous Geographe Bay {is home to Busselton Beach Resort. In the {area, you will find fishing, horseback {riding, bush safaris, and timber milling. {A short drive away is the Margaret River {area, home to many fine wineries and some {of the best surfing in Western Australia. {At the resort, indulge in tennis, squash, {lawn bowling, and putting greens. With the{resort's beachside location, enjoy the {free use of fishing boats. From mid August{through to late September the wildflowers {bloom. Whalewatching is from July to {November. A car is advisable to fully {appreciate the area. 0909{Situated on a hill overlooking {Breckenridge's quaint main street, French {Ridge Condominiums puts you in the heart {of one of the West's favorite winter {sports Meccas. Free shuttle service is {available to Breckenridge and four other {Summit County ski areas. When the snow {melts, the pine forests and swift rivers {of the Arapahoe National Forest promise a {totally different world of outdoor {recreation. Hiking, biking, horseback {riding and Jeep tours, white-water {rafting, and fishing are favorite activi- {ties, or you can tee off at one of Summit {County's three championship golf courses. 0914{Experience the exotic vacation paradise of{Jamaica in elegant fashion at Great House {Villas at the Half Moon Club. Located in {Montego Bay, this resort has a reputation {as one of the world's finest. Golfers will{enjoy the Robert Trent Jones 18-hole {course, since guests receive a 50% {discount on green fees. The resort has 13 {tennis courts (seven are lighted), four {squash courts, two outdoor pools, a sauna,{a gym, a clubhouse, and a park. White-sand{beaches and beautiful ocean waters offer {prime conditions for most water sports. {Also enjoy fine dining, live {entertainment, and duty-free shopping. 0916{The Olympic Village Inn is nestled at the {base of Squaw Valley, where the 1960 {Winter Olympics were held. Squaw Valley {USA has 32 ski lifts, reaching six peaks {that provide terrain choices for skiers of{all experience levels. Ice-skating and {cross-country skiing are also available. {Not just a winter locale, Squaw Valley {offers a variety of summer activities as {well, including horseback riding, tennis, {golf, hiking, and biking. You can take a {short drive to enjoy boating and fishing {on Lake Tahoe, browse in the shops, or try{your luck at the casinos. { 0917{NorthShore at Chautauqua is located on the{grounds of the Chautauqua Institution, a {Victorian village along the shores of Lake{Chautauqua. In the summer, Chautauqua {Institution is a closed cultural community{and a center for the arts. During the {remaining months of the year, Chautauqua {and the surrounding areas offer fall {foliage touring, antiquing, winery tours, {and cross-country skiing. Downhill action {at three ski areas--Holiday Valley, {co*ckaigne, and Peek'n Peak--is within an {easy drive of the resort. { { 0918{Windy Shores II overlooks a beautiful {white-sand beach and the clear, blue {waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Myrtle Beach{is known for its championship golf courses{and tennis courts. More than 80 golf {courses are in the area. Plan time for the{Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Barefoot Landing, {Broadway at the Beach and Fantasy Harbour {where you'll find game arcades, amusem*nt {parks, shops and restaurants for year {round activity. { { { { 0919{Newport Overlook is on Conanicut Island, {which is accessible by bridge to the Rhode{Island mainland on the west and to Newport{on the east. The island is known for the {rugged beauty of its coastline. Aside from{its close proximity to the beach, the {resort also offers an outdoor pool on {site. In the summer, both Narrangansett {Bay and Conanicut Island are dedicated to {recreation. Golf, scuba diving, swimming, {and tennis are just a few of the {activities that can be enjoyed near the {resort. { { 0920{From an 18-hole Robert Trent Jones golf {course to beautiful Logan Martin Lake, The{Pines at Alpine Bay offers everything for {a great vacation. Enjoy fishing on the {lake, play a round of golf on the on-site {course, swim in the outdoor pool, or enjoy{the whirlpool tub in your condominium. If {you like to sightsee, DeSota Caverns and {Talladega Speedway are 25 miles away, or {you can visit Birmingham, within an hour's{drive. { { { { 0922{Antigua Guatemala is considered by the {UNESCO as a Human Culture Patrimony. This {is a magnificent Colonial city where {time seems to have stopped. Enjoy the {area, visiting the many Colonial buildings{in this "museum city," or take side trips {to Tikal, Lake Atitlan, and {Chichicastenango. { { { { { { { 0923{Wave Crest offers a beautiful setting for {your vacation. Offshore, the waves are {perfect for surfing. A few miles down the {beach, marinas provide rentals for {waterskiing, boating, fishing, and more. {When you're not on the beach, enjoy the {resort's outdoor pool and whirlpool. Del {Mar is a unique community with art {galleries, boutiques, and museums set in a{cozy village atmosphere. Two miles away {in Solana Beach is the train depot, where {you can take the 20-mile train ride south {to San Diego or head north to Los Angeles {and Disneyland. { 0924{Located on Lake Tahoe's southern shore, {Tahoe Beach & Ski Club boasts more than {400 feet of private beach. When you're not{on the lake, swim in the seasonally heated{outdoor pool or relax in the warmth of the{sauna and hot tubs. Other summer {activities include fishing, river rafting,{golfing, horseback riding, and biking. In {winter, Tahoe becomes a skier's dream. {There are more than 20 ski resorts within {an easy drive. The slopes of Heavenly {Valley are just a mile from the resort. {Aside from downhill action, you'll find {cross-country skiing, sledding, and {snowmobiling. 0925{Loma Linda Estates & Country Club is {located in the foothills of the Ozark {Mountains. At the resort, you'll find two {18-hole championship golf courses, a {practice and chipping area, a driving {range, pro shops, tennis courts, and an {outdoor pool. Try fishing at the resort's {stocked pond or go boating at Grand Lake {of the Cherokees, about 30 miles away. In {nearby Joplin, you can visit the Dorothea {Hoover Historical Museum, Spiva Art {Center, and the Tri-State Mineral Museum. {Table Rock Lake, Mark Twain National {Forest, and Branson are about a two hour's{drive away. 0931{Facing directly onto a beach and {equidistant from the centre of Malaga and {Torremolinos is the Hotel Guadalmar. {Transport from the hotel into the centre {of Torremolinos is available on a regular {basis. The hotel offers a choice of {restaurants, a bar-discotheque, {volley-ball and tennis courts as well as {ping-pong and billiards, and a programme {of events is offered during the day and {each evening. { { { { 0932{Le Richmond which nestles in MegÛve, a {prestigious ski resort in the French Alps,{offers the visitor a holiday in chalets {built in typical Savoy style. The {apartments are equipped with TV and {telephone. In winter you can enjoy a {number of ski slopes - downhill (305km) {and cross country (70 km), iceskating, {curling and swimming, and a busy night {life in MegÛve (1300m). In summer, {activities include tennis, golf, {horseriding, walking, climbing and {swimming. { { 0933{Tahoe Summit Village is perfectly situated{for taking advantage of all this part of {Nevada has to offer. Lake Tahoe is the {focal point for warm-weather activity. The{lake and beach are four miles away, where {swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and {parasailing are popular lakefront {pastimes. Horseback riding, golf, and {tennis can all be found within five miles.{When winter comes, the mountains become a {skier's playground. The slopes of Heavenly{Valley Ski Resort are just a short drive {away. { { 0934{Built on 32 environmentally sensitive {acres next to a bird sanctuary, Sutherland{Crossing is, while not located on the {beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, bordered by{Crystal Lake on one side, Sutherland Bayou{on another, and St. Joseph Sound on a {third. Fishing can be enjoyed on the {resort's 580-foot dock. You'll also find {tennis, basketball, miniature golf, and {bicycling on site. Golf is only four miles{away. Swimmers and sunbathers will enjoy {the on-site outdoor pool, whirlpool, and {poolside snack bar. Both Tampa and St. {Petersburg are short drives away (35 {minutes). 0936{Located on 116 acres in north-central {Washington, Wapato Point has amenities {that include six tennis courts, one indoor{and seven outdoor pools, and an indoor hot{tub. You can rent a bicycle and explore. {The resort is on Lake Chelan, which offers{most water sports. Paddleboats, canoes, {and sailboats are available for rent. In {Chelan, seven miles away, you'll find {Slidewaters Amusem*nt Park. In winter, {cross-country and downhill skiing are {available at nearby Echo Valley or, only {an hour away, visit Mission Ridge, with a {vertical drop of 2,000 feet. Seasonal {recreational activities are available. 0937{Manor Court is situated in the middle of a{PGA Championship golf course,part of a 270{acre estate on the edge of the Dartmoor {National Park.The resort is primarily {suited to golfers. There are restrictions {on standard of golfers and dress for the {championship course,but there is a small {par 3 course suitable for beginners. The {charming cottages are built of Dartmoor {granite and have all the comforts of a {modern home.The facilities of the nearby {4* Manor House Hotel are available to {resort guests.Approximately 23 miles from {the coast,Exeter and Plymouth are within {30 minutes drive.A car is essential. 0938{Puerto Vallarta is divided by the Cuale {River. It has streets that rise up to the {summit of hills; at the sides, red roof {houses and modern hotels punctuate the {scene. In Puerto Vallarta, the Costa {Alegre begins where the majestic sea, the {beautiful beaches, the exotic flowers, and{the rivers flow into the ocean. { { { { { { { 0939{Situated in a delightful valley, this 18th{century country house has been tastefully {converted to elegantly designed suites. {The house is surrounded by 27 acres of {private parkland and enjoys superb views. {On the estate there is a 3-acre lake for {fishing, two swimming pools as well as {putting, badminton, croquet and snooker. {The Cotswolds abound with pretty stone {villages, antique shops and restaurants. { { { { { 0940{Your private terrace at The Doubletree {Club Resort looks out on the wonderful {vacation world of Mazatlan, nightlife {capital of the Mexican Riviera. One of the{finest beaches on the coast is right at {your door. Swimming, surfing and sailing {will fill your days; magical sunsets and {lively nightclub entertainment will {highlight your evenings. { { { { { { 0941{One of the most popular areas in Mexico is{the tropical port of Mazatlan. The beaches{in Mazatlan provide the perfect backdrop {for all types of water activities. {Mazatlan also offers a taste of old Mexico{mixed with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. This{city is locally known as "the nightlife {capital of the Mexican Riviera." { { { { { { { 0943{Bariloche borders one of Latin America's {most important ski centers, where downhill{action begins in July and lasts until {September. This is a great spot for {warm-weather vacations, as well. The city {overlooks the startling blue waters of {Lake Nahuel Huapi and is ringed by {snowcapped mountain peaks, a breathtaking {setting for outdoor recreation. { { { { { { 0948{Bordered by 2.3 million acres of the San {Juan National Forest, Fairfield Pagosa is {a complete recreational community located {in the mountains of southwestern Colorado.{Tennis courts, two golf courses, and a {family complex featuring an Olympic-sized {indoor pool, a weight room, games room, {and racquetball courts are all on site. In{winter, a daily shuttle to the Wolf Creek {ski area is offered. Cross-country skiing {with rental equipment is also available. {The resort is at high altitude. Learn {about high altitude sickness to prevent {the problems associated with this illness.{ 0949{Surf, sand and sunshine are the main {reasons the Gold Coast is so popular. {Golf, tennis, hiking, sailing, surfing, {fishing, boating, cycling and picnicking {are just a few of the area's activities. {Visit Dreamworld, Seaworld and try your {luck at Jupiters Casino. Shopping is a {must and just a short stroll away is {Pacific Fair, one of the area's largest {malls. Try out the half court tennis, {relax with a sauna and spa, enjoy a barbie{by the pool or take in the breathtaking {view from your balcony that overlooks the {beach. Fine dining, discos and nightlife {all are within easy reach of the Voyager. 0952{Located in the heart of the famous Gold {Coast is Tiki Village International. {Situated on the Nerang River, the resort {offers boating and water sports equipment.{At your doorstep enjoy the cruise boats {that are a very popular way to see the {area. Water skiing, surfing, sailing, {scuba diving, snorkeling, sailboarding, {and fishing are a few of the water {activities. For the land lubber, try golf,{tennis, squash, hiking, shopping and all {the great nightlife. Laze by the pool bar {or relax in the rooftop spa. Visit {Seaworld, Dreamworld or enjoy dining in {the resort's two restaurants. 0953{This resort is located in the township of {Yarrawonga, a renowed tourist area on the {Murray River, 3hrs drive from Melbourne. {Nearby Lake Mulwala, 11,000 acres of {freshwater playground,is a popular tourist{attraction, offering boating, water skiing{and fishing. Several licensed clubs in the{area offer entertainment such as golf, {bowls, poker machines, and fine dining. {Yarrawonga boasts the largest golf club in{Australia with a championship course {comprising 45 holes. Visit wineries and {taste some of the fine wines made in the {area or head for the snowfields just 2hrs {drive away during winter. 0954{Greece is antiquities, picturesque {islands, and, above all, warm hospitality.{Guests at Porto Hydra Village can enjoy {countryside, sea, and nightlife. Less than{an hour away are the beautiful, {cosmopolitan islands of the Saronic {Gulf-Hydra, Poros, and Spetses-as well as {the famous archaeological sites of {Epidavros and Mycenae. Athens is only {three hours away. On-site facilities {include sailing, horseback riding, and {tennis (instruction available). { { { 0955{Surrounded by 300 wooded acres on an {island off South Carolina's southern {coast, Fairfield Ocean Ridge offers a {complete range of recreational facilities {in a quiet getaway made for relaxation. To{keep you busy, the resort has a {championship 18-hole golf course; four {hard-surface, tree-shaded tennis courts; a{playground; an outdoor pool; and a {recreation building, where you'll find VCR{and tape rentals, an exercise room, and {miniature golf. A resort tram, which {operates April 1 through Oct. 29, will {take you to most amenities. { 0956{Across the street from the beach in {Durban's revamped Addington area, {Silversands offers casual, comfortable, {self-catering apartments - some with {spectacular sea views - for the on-the-go {holidaymaker. Close to all the {attractions of the Golden Mile, there's {ample to keep you occupied both day and {night, with babysitters on hand to keep {the little ones safe during adult outings.{Laundry facilities are provided nearby. { { { { 0957{The delightful Andalusian villas of {Marbella Fairways are located on the edge {of the 14th fairway of the famous Aloha {Golf Course.Reduced price golf at the {nearby championship courses at La Quinta {and Los Naranjos is available to any 4 {people sharing a villa.Each air- {conditioned villa has a superb view across{the golf course to the mountains and the {blue mediterranean. Just a few minutes {drive away is the lively marina of Puerto {Banus and its many attractions. { { { 0958{Set on the shores of a sparkling, clear {blue lake, Hallbj×nn offers country lovers{the chance to holiday in a summer or {winter wonderland. Dalen is an area of {astonishing beauty with pine forests, {lakes and mountains where you can ramble, {paddle a canoe and fish, or in winter, ski{for miles cross-country and downhill {through powder soft snow. Hallbj×nn's {pine-built cottages blend beautifully into{the surrounding forest. { { { { 0959{Choose the Oceanic if you like being at {the hub of a holiday city. behind the {busy Marine Parade is just a short stroll {from the city's famous North Beach. You {are nearby the city's main holiday {attractions - night clubs, cinemas, {hotels, restaurants, sports amenities {including an ice rink, amusem*nt parks and{shopping centres. There is always some {interesting activity close to the complex {for everyone in the family. { { { { 0962{Las Rosas has a prime location on the {south west coast of sunny Tenerife. {Within a ten minute walk is the small {lively town of Los Gigantes, which {boasts a marina, a small beach, numerous {shops, bars and restaurants. The hillside{position of the complex allows superb {views across the sea to the magnificient {cliffs after which the town is named. This{resort offers peace and relaxation to its {visitors, although the area is not {suitable for those with walking {difficulties. The apartments are all {simply furnished and situated on two {floors. 0963{Club La Santa is the perfect holiday {destination for sun lovers and sports {enthusiasts alike, with year round {sunshine and something to do for every {active person at all levels. For an {energetic holiday with a difference, join {the countless Olympic and National sports {teams who frequently visit Club La Santa {to enjoy the wide range of high quality {sports facilities. As the main emphasis {is on the extensive facilities the {apartments are simply furnished. { { { 0965{Enjoy a breathtaking view of Ixtapa Bay at{Pacifica Club. Fishing, boardsailing, {waterskiing, and sailing are all superb at{the beach club. An 18-hole golf course is {a mile away, while swimming pools and a {restaurant can be found on site. Lots of {great night spots can be found in the {area. You might enjoy seeing the sights {while you take a ride on the sky lift. { { { { { { 0967{Streamside at Vail-Douglas offers an {indoor/outdoor pool for year-round {pleasure. Additional resort facilities {include a steam room, sauna, whirlpool, {and racquetball courts. You're two miles {from the slopes of Vail Mountain, and the {Beaver Creek ski area is only 10 miles {west of Vail. Summers offer Jeep tours, {horseback rides, hiking, white-water {rafting, golfing, and tennis. Vail has {many exclusive shops and boutiques as well{as an assortment of fine restaurants and {nightclubs to cap off your day. { { 0970{Windjammer Condominiums is located on a {thin peninsula bounded by the Pacific {Ocean on the west and Grays Harbor on the {east. It's also in the middle of an {18-hole public golf course. Enjoy free use{of the Ocean Shores Community Club {facilities, located about five miles away,{which include tennis courts, indoor and {outdoor pools, a snack bar, exercise {equipment, and a game room. The beach is {just under a mile away, perfect for {beachcombing and horseback riding. Five {miles south is the North Jetty, offering {seasonal whale-watching and surf fishing. { 0971{Take in the view of the beach and the {ocean from your private balcony at The {Maverick. Fishing, sailing, windsurfing, {skin diving-just about every form of {seafaring activity-is available on this {part of the coast. When you're ready for a{change from the surf, take a refreshing {swim in the outdoor pool (a children's {pool is also available) or play {shuffleboard. Golf, tennis, and greyhound {racing are within a few miles. A wide {range of sight-seeing in Daytona can fill {your vacation days. Walt Disney {World(R) and the Kennedy Space Center are {within an easy drive. 0972{The Himmerland Golf and Country Club is {the biggest golf complex in northern {Europe, with a vast number of restaurants {and bars. There are two international golf{courses, as well as a 3 par course. {Himmerland Golf and Country Club is {situated in a beautiful area with woods {and small lakes. Himmerland offers a wide {range of golf schools, along with a number{of activities such as bowling, squash, {pool, tennis, horse riding (during summer {months) and indoor and outdoor swimming {pools and saunas. A fitness centre and {spa will be open from June 2002. { 0973{Sandpiper Beach Club offers you a {beachfront home on Siesta Key, a {subtropical haven with glistening white {sands, graceful palm trees, and {cobalt-blue ocean waters. You can enjoy {the pool, weight room, tennis court, {sauna, and whirlpool. A short drive away {are Sarasota's boutiques, restaurants, and{cultural attractions. Selby Botanical {Gardens and Sarasota Jungle Gardens are {two other popular attractions close by. {Busch Gardens and Adventure Island are a {75-minute-drive away, and Walt Disney {World(R) is a two-hour drive from the {resort. 0974{Melfort Village is on Scotland's west {coast, close to the shores of beautiful {Loch Melfort. The 19th-century stone {cottages of the old village blend {charmingly with the surrounding tranquil {countryside. Guests can enjoy swimming, {horseback riding, tennis, boat trips and {fishing. Water-sports facilities are {available nearby. The area is ideal for {sight-seeing, where every turn in the road{provides a breathtaking view. { { { { 0976{Garden Route Chalets is in the residential{part of the scenic village of Sedgefield, {between Knysna and The Wilderness. With {Swartvlei Lake 500m away and Gerrike's {Point within easy driving distance, {facilities for all types of watersports {are excellent, including canoeing, skiing {and sailing. For good fishing, Lake {Pleasant yields an abundance of bass, and {you'll see several species of bird life {along the waters' edge. Sedgefield beach {stretches for 5kms - if you are seeking {solitude. { { 0980{Sands Ocean Club provides a beachfront {home in the heart of Myrtle Beach. To {complement its great location, the resort {has a lounge, and restaurant, an indoor {pool, lazy river, exercise equipment, a {whirlpool, and an outdoor pool that over- {looks the beach. In the summer, the sports{deck offers scuba lessons, kayaking, a {climbing wall and jet ski for a fee. There{are more than 96 championship golf courses{in the area. Other attractions include {Alabama Theater, DixieStampede, Carolina {Opry, Brookgreen Gardens, the Myrtle {Beach Pavilion, Broadway at the Beach, {Fantasy Harbour, and Barefoot Landing. 0981{This beachfront retreat is the perfect {home base as you discover all the {pleasures of the Outer Banks, from the {thrill of deep-sea fishing to the fun of {reliving America's past. Just south of {Nags Head and Kitty Hawk, Bodie Island {Beach Club is conveniently located near {the major attractions of the Outer Banks, {yet secluded from noisy crowds. Nearby {points of interest include the Wright {Brothers National Memorial, Bodie Island {Lighthouse, Sandcastle Discovery Center, {and the wreck of the Laura Barnes. { { 0983{Situated directly on the beach, Paradise {Island Beach Club offers the perfect {location for your tropical getaway. The {condominiums overlook either the beach or {the resort's pool and landscaped {courtyard. Other resort features include a{clubhouse with a snack bar and recreation {rooms. Besides the numerous water {activities available in the area, guests {can also play tennis nearby or enjoy golf {at the Paradise Island championship golf {course. { { { 0984{The Spinnaker at Shipyard vacation {condominiums are set amid the lush {fairways and tranquil lagoons of Shipyard {Plantation. You'll enjoy the outdoor pool,{whirlpool, two tennis courts, and picnic {area. The island boasts some of South {Carolina's prettiest beaches. Golf is {available for a fee at a nearby golf {course. Bicycle rentals are also {available. { { { { { 0985{Laguna Surf is set right on the ocean in {Laguna Beach, one of California's most {popular seaside resorts. Set atop a {bluff, the resort overlooks a one-mile {stretch of beach. Disneyland is only a {45-minute drive from the resort. In {addition, Knott's Berry Farm, the San {Diego Zoo, Sea World, and the Del Mar {Racetrack are within a 60-mile radius. {Enjoy the view from the observation deck {or while soaking in the whirlpool spa on {the rooftop sundeck. { { { 0987{R©sidence du Chay is right next door to {the beautiful Atlantic coast town of {Royan, at the mouth of the Gironde {estuary. The famous town of Cognac is 1.5 {hrs away by car, and the theme park {Futuroscope in Poitiers is 2 hours away by{car. Bordeaux is only a 1 hour drive away.{The reception is closed on Thursdays. {There is a seawater outdoor pool nearby, {though it is not heated and is only open {from June to September. Royan has no {activity from September to June. All of {the apartments have views of the beach and{ocean. The resort facilities nearby {include thalasso therapy and lawn tennis. 0988{Il Chiostro Cugnana Verde is located on a {hill top, overlooking the Cugnana Gulf, {just a few miles away from Portorotondo. {Lovely sandy beaches can be found in the {area which can be reached using the {resort's private shuttle service. Enter- {tainment and facilities available make the{resort particularly suitable for families.{In addition, it is possible to visit the {world famous Costa Smeralda and some of {the most exclusive beaches. Excursions {away from the coast provide the opportun- {ity to enjoy the unique, rugged landscape {of the interior,reknowed for its cork-oak {plantations and its rock formation. 0992{The magnificent Gold Coast is home to The {"Q" Surfers Paradise. Laze poolside and {cook on the barbie with new found friends {or walk across the street to one of the {most famous beaches in the world, Surfers {Paradise beach. Golf, tennis, parasailing,{sailing, fishing, windsurfing, hiking, {cycling and picnicking are just a sample {of things to do on the Gold Coast. If {shopping, fine dining and nightlife are {your thing, you'll love the Gold Coast. {Visit Dreamworld, Seaworld or try your {luck at Jupiters Casino. Or, for an {off-beat dinner theatre treat, try {Dracula's dinner show. 0993{Top Residence Kurz is situated at the top {of the Val Senales, in the Alto Adige {Region, at a height of 2000m, some 50 {minutes' drive from the spa town of {Merano. The resort is famous for its year{round skiing. In winter, the ski lifts {and pistes are immediately outside the {resort and in the summer the skiing is on {the nearby glacier, served by a cable car {from the village. For those people who do{not want to ski there are plenty of {walking trails, or you can just relax in {the sun and get a high altitude sun tan. {For ski-lift hours in June call resort or {Touris Info 0039 0473 679148 0995{Port O'Call is part of the Shipyard {Plantation complex, a self-contained {vacation world encompassing 883 acres on {Hilton Head Island's eastern shore. After {your golf or tennis game, you can swim in {either of the resort's large, free-form {pools; relax in the sauna, steam room, and{whirlpool; or take a walk to the beach. {Hilton Head provides a wide assortment of {dining and entertainment options to put a {finishing touch on your vacation days. {Fees are charged for golf and tennis, and {the use of golf carts is mandatory on {Shipyard's courses. { 0998{Enjoy the sun, surf, and sand of balmy {Gulf Shores from your vacation home at {Paradise Isle Resort. Situated across the {street from the beach, the condominiums {are clustered around two outdoor pools {The {beach offers everything from shelling and {sunning, to just about any water sport {imaginable. Close by, Lake Shelby provides{guests with additional opportunities for {water fun. Located in Gulf Shores State {Park, Lake Shelby is well-known for its {excellent fishing. Tennis, golf, cycling, {shopping, and museum and historic home {touring can all be enjoyed in the area. 1000{Located 10 miles from Gatlinburg and five {miles from Pigeon Forge, Westover Park is {in the midst of one the East's most {popular destinations. On site, you'll find{an outdoor pool, two tennis courts, and a {playground. Outdoor enthusiasts will find {the possibilities virtually unlimited in {the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, {just a short distance from the resort. A {few miles further south is Ober {Gatlinburg, where summer visitors can ski {on artificial turf and ride an alpine {slide. In winter, Ober Gatlinburg offers {downhill skiing. { 1001{Just a block from Delray Beach Club is a {South Cape beach on the Nantucket {Sound, offering nonstop waterfront {activity. Local marinas can provide {everything you might need in the way of {water-sports equipment. Only 10 miles {away, marinas offer whale-watching {charters and cruises to neighboring {Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island. {When you are not navigating the high seas,{you can take a bicycle tour of the area or{play one of the South Cape golf courses {within six miles. Take a day-trip to {Provincetown, the Cape Cod National {Seashore, or the historical sites. 1003{The luxury lodges at Hilton Craigendarroch{nestle in the pine trees onthe banks of {the River Dee, in an area of special {beauty and peace much loved by the British{Royal Family. Within the grounds a host {of leisure facilities are provided {including a dry ski slope, 2 swimming {pools and a leisure centre. You can try {fishing in the famous Dee or visit the {fairytale castles which dot the landscape.{ { { { { 1004{Surrounded by the majestic Ozark {Mountains, Holiday Hills Resort offers {unlimited opportunities for vacation {enjoyment. A championship-caliber 18-hole {golf course along with a swimming pool, {tennis and basketball courts, are but a {few of the amenities you can enjoy here. {"Little Nashville," Branson, is only three{miles away and is known for its bright {lights, spectacular entertainment, theme {parks, museums, and crafts center. Silver {Dollar City, a magical theme park {featuring old-time fun of yesteryear, is {an unique experience for the family. { 1008{You'll find Barrier Island Station nestled{amid sand dunes and sea oats. One of the {northernmost communities on the Outer {Banks, Duck offers some of the last {remaining unspoiled beachfront on the {Eastern seaboard. Both the Atlantic Ocean {and the sound present excellent {water-sports opportunities. The resort has{many amenities, including sailboats, {windsurfers, and rafts. When it's time for{a change from the oceanfront, you can swim{in the outdoor or indoor pools, play a set{of tennis, or just relax in the whirlpool,{sauna, or steam room. { 1009{Sea Garden & Vidafel Mazatlan adds deluxe {leisure-time amenities to a beachfront {setting in Mazatlan. You'll find all kinds{of activities on site, plus restaurants, a{bar and disco, tennis courts, and a giant {outdoor pool. Sunbathe on a shimmering {beach, enjoy the perfect climate, and {savor the splendor of ocean sunsets. { { { { { { { 1010{Imperial International Vacation Club {invites you to explore the Acapulco {experience. Bask in the warm sun at Hornos{Beach or enjoy the spectacular view of {Acapulco Bay as you lounge by the pool {during the day. In the evening, dine on {local specialties in the on-site {restaurant. { { { { { { { 1015{Talanquera Vacation Club, on the {southeastern coast of the island, is the {perfect place for a vacation. The resort {has its own beach and country club, where {you can enjoy music and more. The resort {also provides special care for well- {preserved natural areas and grounds, a {friendly staff, good service, and several {architectural nooks and crannies. Don't {miss a visit to Santo Domingo, the first {capital of the new world, only 30 miles {from the resort, the Cathedral Santa {Maria, and the lighthouse with Christopher{Columbus' tomb. { 1017{From windsurfing to golfing to sunbathing,{the Dominican Republic's northern shore {provides vacation pleasures to fill each {moment. Situated one mile from the beach {in the Playa Dorada resort complex, the {Village Caraibe Tennis, Golf & Beach {Resort is convenient to all this tropical {playground has to offer. Lounge by the {resort's outdoor pool or visit {the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, {where you can enjoy an endless list of {water activities. An 18-hole Robert Trent {Jones golf course and outdoor tennis {courts are all on site. { 1018{This resort is located near Mount Fuji in {Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Magnificent{scenery, many mineral springs, and superb {recreational opportunities make this one {of Japan's best-loved vacation spots. Take{a boat trip on Lake Ashi close by, swim in{the pool, or relax in the sauna. { { { { { { { { 1019{Experience rural Japan at Hotel Resorpia {Kumihama, near Kumihama Bay on the Sea of {Japan. Spend peaceful afternoons boating, {fishing, or enjoying the resort's tennis {courts and pool. Savor the tranquil {atmosphere as you stroll along {pine-fringed avenues and take a {sight-seeing excursion to Amanohashidate, {"the Bridge of Heaven." { { { { { { 1020{Halfway between Marbella and Gibraltar, {the focal point of this exclusive resort {area is a superb 360 berth marina. {Numerous shops, bars and restaurants are {scattered throughout the resort, nestling {beneath graceful arches and on broad {terraces overlooking the harbour. Tennis {courts, a health club and gymnasium are {available nearby at the Club House of the {18 hole championship golf course La {Duquesa where members can take advantage {of reduced green fees. { { { 1022{The charm of the Drakensberg never fades, {especially when that mountain holiday is {spent at the Bushman's Nek Hotel in the {attractive Underberg area. High up in the {mountains on the Natal-Lesotho border, {Bushman's Nek is set amid magnificent {scenery with a bracing climate - and it is{just 240kms from Durban and about 620kms {from Johannesburg. { { { { { { 1023{The resort is set on Kyushu Island, in {Japan's leading hot springs spa town. {Hotel Resorpia Beppu is filled with hot {springs fountains and bathhouses. Soak in {their mineral waters, then relax on the {beach or enjoy the resort's pool and {tennis court. There are plenty of sights {in the area as well. { { { { { { { 1025{From its lounge that offers a wonderful {view of Newport Harbor to the whirlpool {found in each unit, Inn on Long Wharf was {designed for your comfort and convenience.{If you don't take your own boat, rentals {and charters are readily available in the {area. Known as the "Yachting Capital of {the East," Newport Harbor offers just {about any water sport imaginable. On land,{golf is within five miles, and tennis, {horseback riding, and racquetball are {within three miles. Sightseers will want {to take advantage of the many museums, {historic sites, and art galleries {throughout the area. 1026{Vacation Club International is located on {Lake Barkley and near Kentucky Lake. {Nearby is an area known as "The Land {Between the Lakes," a 170,000-acre {peninsula. The resort encompasses three {acres of shoreline along 62,000-acre Lake {Barkley. Here, you can enjoy {waterskiing, sailing, swimming, and {fishing. Marinas are close by for {equipment rental. Be sure to visit the {1850s Homeplace, which features {craftmaking and costumed interpreters, who{describe typical pioneer farm life. {Horseback riding, canoeing, and hiking {are some of the other activities nearby. 1028{Sea Mist Resort is situated equally {between Falmouth Center and Hyannis. {On-site amenities include a clubhouse, {indoor and outdoor pools, a whirlpool, and{saunas. About five miles away are the {beach and Nantucket Sound. Local marinas {offer equipment rentals, deep-sea {charters, and excursions to Martha's {Vineyard and Nantucket Island. Countless {antiques stores, crafts shops, and art {galleries make Cape Cod a souvenir {hunter's delight. And if you love seafood,{there's no better place to be. { { 1029{Silverleaf's Hill Country Resort is {located between Austin and San Antonio and{is deep in the famed Hill Country of South{Central Texas. This recreational community{offers superb boating and fishing. Nearby,{vacationers can go tubing on the Guadalupe{River. Schlitterbahn Water Park is located{in nearby New Braunfels. It is a 65-acre {seasonal family water theme park. Also {nearby are the Natural Bridge Caverns, the{largest in Texas, which drops 180 feet {below the earth's surface. For more info, {call New Braunfels Chamber, 830-625-2385, {or San Antonio Chamber, 210-299-2100, or {the Austin Chamber, 512-478-9383. 1030{For those looking to vacation away from {the tourist crowds, Peppertree Sandpebble {Beach Club offers a relaxed atmosphere {with the nearby convenience of Myrtle {Beach. With 215 average days of sunshine {each year, you'll be sure to enjoy fun in {the sun as you comb the shore for unusual {shells, nap in the ocean breeze or walk in{the surf. { { { { { { 1031{The Yachtsman offers all oceanfront units {in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Located {directly on the beach, the resort offers {on-site activity programs and is only five{blocks from the famous seaside Pavilion {Amusem*nt Park. Golf, tennis, and water {activities are moments away, and swimming {is available at the resort's heated pools.{Fine entertainment and dining abound, {including the Pier 14 Restaurant located {behind the resort. Other area attractions {include the historic homes of Georgetown, {Brookgreen Gardens, outlet malls, {popular musical theaters, Broadway at the {Beach, and Fantasy Harbour. 1033{In this tranquil setting at the mouth of {the vast St Lucia estuary 75km north of {Richard's Bay, you can view rich birdlife {from the balcony of your roomy {self-catering apartment. Rise at dawn to {watch the fishermen cast their nets in {the water, or throw in a line yourself {(there are chest-freezers in units)-some {of the best fishing on the north coast is {right here. { { { { { 1034{Homespun hospitality and the natural {beauty of West Virginia's Potomac {Highlands make each day special at Land of{Canaan Vacation Resort Inc. The {surrounding landscape is an unspoiled {collage of forested mountains, cascading {waterfalls, and glass-clear rivers. Summer{visitors can sun and swim in the resort's {heated outdoor pool or relax in the {whirlpool (open Memorial Day to Labor {Day). Golfers will enjoy the challenge of {the 18-hole course at Canaan Valley State {Park. In winter, the resort is within {minutes of two ski areas--Canaan Valley {and Timberline. 1035{Island Manor Resort is a family-oriented {vacation getaway only 12 miles off the {coast of Rhode Island. The island is free {of crowds, noise, and glaring neon, and it{offers a peaceful escape from it all. {Originally inhabited by the Narragansett {tribe, Block Island has changed little {over the centuries. Rugged cliffs and {sandy beaches rim the coast, while emerald{hills and more than 300 lakes and ponds {dot the inland countryside. Two harbors on{the island cater to both pleasure boaters {as well as fishers. Sailing, snorkeling, {and windsurfing can also be enjoyed {nearby. 1036{Noosa Heads has some of the best surfing {beaches on the eastern seaboard of {Australia, surrounded by acres of National{Parks and rainforests. Visit The Big {Pineapple, The Macadamia Nut Plantation or{neighbouring Eumundi, where Queensland {architecture, restaurants, old hotels and {craft shops abound. Fossick for stones at {Thunderegg Farm or visit the Ginger {Factory at Yandina. A trip to Fraser {Island, the largest sand island in the {world is a must and do not forget Hastings{Street, with its charming village {atmosphere. { 1039{River Resort is located in a setting that {will enhance your vacation memories with {its sunsets, bird life, and picturesque {waterways. The resort is particularly {geared to activities associated with the {water. Canoes are available, and the {resort's dinghies are moored at River {Resort's private boat harbor. Enjoy a game{of golf, or visit the Dwellingup forest {area or the historic town of Pinjarra. For{a longer day's outing, try wine tasting in{the Margaret River wine producing region, {or visit Yallingup Caves. { { 1041{Hotel Granada el Cid at Mazatlan is the {perfect vacation home from which to {experience the joys of Mexico's Pacific {Coast. Anticipating your every wish, this {striking resort, one block from the beach,{offers an extensive amenities package that{includes a 27-hole golf course, {basketball, racquetball, and squash {courts, 10 tennis courts, six swimming {pools, a marina, fishing, and 12 {restaurants and bars. { { { { 1042{Located in the heart of Aspen, this {first-class retreat is steps away from all{the town has to offer. Each unit boasts a {beautiful view of Aspen Mountain, which {offers a vertical rise of 3,267 feet and {631 acres of ski terrain. Downhill skiing {is popular, along with cross-country {touring, and ice-skating. Summertime {activities include gold-medal trout {fishing, hiking, and horseback {riding. Also, don't miss the mountain {gondola rides, Aspen Music Festival, and {Food and Wine Classic. { { 1043{Everything Aspen has to offer, from its {ski slopes to its art galleries, is within{walking distance--or a short shuttle {ride--from Shadow Mountain Lodge at Aspen.{Along with a great location, the resort {offers a heated outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, and{a sauna. From late November to early {April, skiing is the undisputed favorite {outdoor sport. Summer in Aspen brings {hiking, Jeep tours, horseback riding, and {biking. Lakes, rivers, and streams offer {gold medal fly fishing, boating, and {white-water rafting. Aspen also has an18- {hole golf course, several tennis courts, {and many cultural activities. 1046{Located only two miles from Colonial {Williamsburg, historic 256-acre Powhatan {Plantation Resort is highlighted by the {restored, furnished Manor House (circa {1735) listed on the National Register of {Historic Places. Steeped in historical {heritage, the resort offers a variety of {vacation fun, indoor/outdoor pools, tennis{courts, a playground, an outdoor pavilion,{and hiking and exercise trails. Visit {Jamestown, Busch Gardens, Yorktown, and {Water Country, U.S.A. Golfers will enjoy {discounted greens fees at Virginia's only {Nicklaus-designed course. { 1050{High Dunes Resort is set on the beach in {Kill Devil Hills, between the towns of {Kitty Hawk and Nags Head. In addition to {having the beach and the Atlantic right in{your front yard, you'll enjoy such {amenities as an outdoor pool, a children's{playground, and a volleyball area. The {fishing in the area is superb. Ten miles {from the resort is Oregon Inlet, "Blue {Marlin Capital of the World." For sight- {seeing, be sure to visit the Wright {Brothers National Memorial and Roanoke {Island, the site of the first English {colony in America. { 1051{Lake Shore Village Resort is located in {central New Hampshire, about 20 miles {southwest of the capital city of Concord. {The resort looks out on Lake Horace and {the surrounding forestland. Rustic, {log-sided vacation homes fit right in with{the unspoiled surroundings and offer {modern comfort and convenience. Summer {activities revolve around the lake: A {fishing boat is provided for you. Canoes, {sailboats, and paddleboats are also {available. In winter, this region becomes {a skiing center. Within a few miles is {Pat's Peak, with a top elevation of 1,400 {feet. 1053{Blue Ridge Mountain Houseboats offers the {ideal way to enjoy the 270 miles of scenic{shoreline along Lake Allatoona--from the {privacy of your own houseboat. For the {angler, bait, tackle supplies, and fishing{license can be obtained at several nearby {marinas. If you prefer faster-paced {activities, you're welcome to bring along {a windsurfer or a ski boat. Pontoon {rentals are available at nearby marinas, {as well. Camping and cabin facilities are {located near the state park and Corps of {Engineers facilities in the area. Atlanta {is less than an hour away. { 1055{Whistler Resort & Club is located in {Whistler on the shores of scenic Nita {Lake. This rustic resort is a five minute{walk from the Whistler Creek base of {Whistler Mountain's new gondola. Summer {pastimes close by include windsurfing, {golfing, horseback riding, and white-water{rafting. At the resort, you can enjoy {canoeing, and fishing, playing tennis, {mountain biking, or relaxing in the {outdoor pool. You'll find a variety of {dining and entertainment choices in the {area to put the finishing touch on your {evenings. { 1056{Miraflores Vacation Club is a thoughtfully{planned development located on 80 acres of{land sloping gently down to the golden {shores of the Mediterranean Sea between {the lively towns of Marbella and {Fuengirola. It offers a wide range of {luxury sea-view units in a setting of {tropical gardens, fountains, and {waterfalls. The host of on-site amenities {includes tennis, swimming pools, and an {18-hole golf course. { { { { 1057{Let Copper Chase Condominiums be your {headquarters for year-round vacation fun. {World-class skiing is in your front yard {at this Brian Head retreat. After the ski {season ends, you can look forward to {outdoor activities in magnificent {settings, such as Bryce Canyon, Zion {National Park, and Cedar Breaks National {Monument. Enjoy a Shakespearean Festival {in the summer, along with horseback {riding, hiking, and fishing. Additional {natural attractions include the Dixie {National Forest and the Grand Canyon, {which is just a three-hour drive away. { 1061{Sestriere (2035mt) is the most important {tourist centre of the Piedmont Alps. You {can be sure of a long ski season here, {helped by artificial snowmaking equipment{if necessary. In fact, this is the capital{of a vast ski domain known as the Milky {Way, where there are ski trails {stretching into France. Sestriere, (which{is on the World Cup ski circuit) offers {cross-country skiing in winter. In summer {there is golf on an 18-hole course and {tennis. For information about opening of {ski lifts during April, call resort or {Tourist Information on 0039 0122 755444 or{Fax 0039 0122 755171. 1065{Walton Hall is a restored stately home, {surrounded by 65 acres of gardens, lakes {and parkland in the heart of Shakespeare's{England. Accommodation is divided between{the main building and mews apartments. {Some of England's most beautiful tourist {attractions such as Stratford-Upon-Avon, {Warwick Castle, Blenheim Palace (home of {the Churchills) and Coventry Cathedral are{close by. { { { { { 1074{The fabulous location of Kaprun, close to {a lake and surrounded by beautiful {mountains, makes it a year-round holiday {paradise. In winter there are innumerable{ski-lifts and runs, including cross- {country trails. Summer skiing is possible{on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, and {beautiful Lake Zell is just 5 km away for {summer watersports. Delightful local {towns and villages, draped in summer {flowers or sparkling winter snow, provide {excellent excursions. The accommodation {is in an ideal location. { { 1075{San Miguel de Allende is a city so rich in{history and culture that is considered a {national monument by the Mexicans. {Its famous landmark, a 19th century Gothic{Cathedral, hints at the city's charm. {Flower-lined plazas and a wealth of art {galleries are just a few of the {attractions in this area. {Today, it is considered an international {center for artists as well as many {students interested in the cultural arts. { { { { 1079{South Padre Island offers a vast array of {water activities-waterskiing, surfing, {sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, {windsurfing, and boating. Galleon Bay Club{looks out on Laguna Madre Bay and has an {outdoor pool, whirlpool, and fishing pier {that extends into the bay. The on-site {marina is available to guests with boats. {Deep-sea fishing charters, boats, and {equipment rentals can easily be found at {nearby marinas. Other area activities {include cross-country sand skiing, golf, {tennis, hiking, and biking. { { 1080{Elkhorn Resort encompasses 160 acres {bordering Riding Mountain National Park. {This four season area is a haven for {mountain biking, swimming & encountering {wildlife. Experience a hike on one of the {parks 57 trails, or enjoy watersport {activities on beautiful Clear Lake. Tour{the beauty of Elkhorn on horseback. Catch{the stagecoach for an enjoyable ride {through Wasagaming. Shops are open from {May to October. Don't forget to golf one {of Canada's premier golf courses only 5kms{away. In the winter months enjoy cross {country & alpine skiing, the tobaggan hill{& sleigh rides- great family activities. 1087{Let Girasol introduce you to Cancun. A {postcard come to life, Cancun is a {kaleidoscope of silky beaches, iridescent {lagoons, and shiny new hotels. The resort {is on a Caribbean beach and offers a {tennis court and a pool. Although you'll {find the most up-to-date amenities here, {nearby Mayan ruins lend a fascinating aura{of history. { { { { { { 1089{All the tropical pleasures of Cancun await{you at Blue Bay Getaway, formerly called {the Sun Club & Plaza las Glorias Cancun. {Stretch out on the resort's beach for an {afternoon of sunbathing or sample {water-sports action, ranging from {parasailing to deep-sea fishing. After {beachfront fun, play golf or tennis close {by, visit ancient Mayan ruins, or scuba {dive and snorkel amid incredible coral {reefs. { { { { 1090{An exceptional climate, beautiful beaches,{and a tranquil atmosphere beckon you to {Buzios, home of Pousada la Mandragora. {Enjoy the sun and sea in peace and {privacy. Relax on the beach only six {blocks away or find water-sports action on{sparkling blue bays. Resort amenities, {such as a squash court, sauna, and {restaurant, enhance your stay. { { { { { { 1096{Club Trinidad continues the Palm Springs {tradition, offering a location that is {convenient to the city's attractions. The {region is best known as a golf and tennis {retreat and home to many championships. {Palm Springs is also a preferred {destination for sunseekers and shoppers. {Sight-seeing attractions appeal to anyone {from naturalists to history buffs. Be {sure to take a trip on the famous Palm {Springs Aerial Tramway to the 8,520-foot {mountain above the desert floor of the {Coachella Valley. { { 1099{The Blue Whale is near California's {longest pier and is across the street from{one of the finest beaches in the state. {This quaint resort was home to famous race{car driver Barney Olfield. Near by you {can cruise to Catalina Island or visit Los{Angeles or San Diego. Sight-seeing {adventures within driving distance include{favorites such as Disneyland, Knott's {Berry Farm, Scripps Institute of {Oceanography, the San Diego Zoo, The San {Diego Wild Animal Park, and Sea World. {For south of the border excitement, {explore Tijuana, Mexico. { 1101{The Lodge at Lake Tahoe is a small {family-oriented resort a mile from {the lake and at an altitude of 6,200 {feet, which may aggravate some health {conditions. In winter, Tahoe is a mecca {for skiers, boasting more than 16 ski {areas. Summer activities include boating, {fishing, golf, and tennis. For year-round {enjoyment, in-room bathrobes ensure {comfort to and from the heated pool and {spa. Along with family attractions and {fine local dining, there is the {sophisticated fun of casino action in {Stateline, Nevada, only six blocks away. { 1102{At Ocean Sands Beach Club, you can enjoy {the pleasures of beachfront living in {near-seclusion, yet have a wide variety of{sporting and sight-seeing activities. {Spend hours soaking up the Florida {sunshine on the beach or by the outdoor {pool. Most water sports are available {either at the resort or close by. Local {golf courses add to the list of sporting {activities. Area attractions you won't {want to miss include Walt Disney World(R),{the Daytona International Speedway, {historic St. Augustine, the Kennedy Space {Center, Cypress Gardens, and Sea World. { 1103{From game fishing in the Laguna Madre and {sport fishing in the deep waters of the {Gulf, to shopping in Mexico's mercados and{island specialty shops, Seascape {Condominiums offers family-style {entertainment day and night. After an {action-packed day that might include {exciting water sports and tasty {restaurants, relax in the resort's Jacuzzi{and chat with locals about what you'll {want to do tomorrow. Whether running with {the crowd or basking on the beach in {secluded privacy, you'll always find {something nearby to suit your fancy. { 1104{Enjoy watching the sun rise over the {Atlantic Ocean, unwind in one of the {whirlpools, or take a refreshing swim in {one of the two outdoor pools at Plantation{Island. One pool overlooks the beach, and {the other is set in a landscaped {courtyard. Play shuffleboard at the resort{or enjoy golf, tennis, horseback riding {and racquetball within five miles. A full-{time acitvities director is onstaff to {assist you. The wealth of the Orlando-area{amusem*nts is within a 90 minute drive. { { { 1105{Inverness at Del Lago is situated nearby {22,000-acre Lake Conroe, offering an array{of water activities for your Texas {vacation. Nearby is an 18-hole {championship golf course, health club, and{lighted tennis courts. The resort is less {than an hour's drive from Houston. Plan {to visit the Astrodome, the LBJ Space {Center, the Museum of Fine Arts, Herman {Park, and Six Flags/Astroworld. The resort{does not have on-site activities. { { { { 1109{The beautiful Gulf of Mexico, with its {pristine, sugary-white sand, is at your {doorstep. For the energetic, there are {volleyball, shuffleboard, and lighted {tennis courts and a putting green. A {large swimming pool and hot tub come with {a panoramic view of the Gulf. The varied {social activities will delight all ages. {Holiday Beach Resort-Destin is situated {in the heart of "The World's Luckiest {Fishing Village," with charter fishing {boats and pleasure crafts in abundance. { { { 1113{The Isle of Man is a beautiful island {located in the Irish Sea, packed with {historic and natural interests and {surrounded by superb coastal scenery. Set {back in the town yet within easy reach of {all amenities of Port Erin and its safe {bathing beach, Cherry Orchard Timeshare {provides guests with the comforts of home {but with the convenience of a hotel.The {compact units at the resort are basic and {practical in design. Facilities include a {restaurant, indoor pool, tennis and {discounted golf on the local 18-hole {course. { 1114{Located within a 42,000-acre community, {The Harbor Club at Palm Coast offers a {heated outdoor pool, saunas, and a {miniature golf course. One block from the {resort is an 80-slip marina where you can {dock or rent equipment. As guests of the {resort, you will have access to public {beaches within a short distance. Four {18-hole golf courses and an 18-court {tennis center with clay-, hard-, and {grass-surface courts are nearby. { { { { 1115{Christmas Mountain Village invites you to {enjoy year-round recreation amid the quiet{beauty of the Wisconsin Dells. The Dells, {fantastic rock formations that flank a {15-mile stretch of the Wisconsin River, {are the state's foremost natural {attraction. The resort offers four outdoor{pools open Memorial Day through Labor Day,{one indoor pool, a 27-hole golf course, {tennis courts, downhill ski slopes, a res-{taurant, and lounge. Some activities such {as swimming in the outdoor pool and skiing{are seasonal. The Dells offers many summer{-time activities. { 1118{Centro Vacanze Veronza (1100mt) is {situated in the very beautiful Trentino {region of northern Italy. The famous {Dolomite ski resort of Cavalese is less {than two miles away. The ancient town of {Trento is within easy driving distance, as{is Carezza and famous Dolomite passes such{as Passo Sella. In winter the area offers {the possibility to practise downhill and {cross country skiing. The skiing area {know as 'Pampeago/Obereggen' is only 30 {mins away by car. In summer there are {good opportunities for fishing, riding, {tennis, hiking and walking. { 1119{Step into a tropical fantasy at Costa de {Oro Beach Club, located oceanside in {Mazatlan. Walk out your door onto a {glistening beach and find hours of {water-sports excitement. Swim in the {resort's pool, or challenge a friend to a {tennis match. Follow fun-filled days with{marvelous nights of dining and dancing and{do it all right at the resort. { { { { { { 1120{Glenmore Sands offers suns seeking holiday{makers the luxury of its apartments and {resort facilities, along with scenic {tranquility. In a garden setting, the {units overlook a clear expanse of the {Indian Ocean. The restaurant and bar {provide good food and drink in a friendly {atmosphere. You can busy yourself with {watersports, or take a dip after a spell {in the sun on Glenmore Sands' protected {beach. Swimming is safe in the breakers {and the calm lagoon. Fishing is good and {golfers haven't far to go to Southbroom, {Port Edward or the Casino courses. { 1121{Club Colombo Hotel Quellenhof is situated {in an alpine landscape offering views of {the mountains in Germany. The resort {offers alpine tours for experienced {climbers, as well as hiking tours to {mountain lakes for swimming, sailing, {windsurfing, and fishing. In the winter {ski lifts are available to cater for all {levels of skiing. At the resort, you will {find a sauna, solarium, indoor pool and {billiards and bar. All the rooms have a {telephone and a living area. { { { 1125{Enjoy the sports and scenery of Colorado's{famous Summit County at Mountain Side {Resort at Frisco. You'll enjoy the use of {the tennis court, indoor and outdoor hot {tubs, indoor pool, steam room, sauna, and {racquetball court. In winter, the ski {areas of Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, {and Keystone-North Peak are within 10 {miles. Vail is only 25 miles away, while {Arapahoe Basin and Loveland are less than {a 20-minute drive. Summertime brings {horseback riding, hiking, and bicycle {rides. Minutes away are four 18-hole {championship golf courses, and Lake {Dillon, which offers boating and fishing. 1126{Located in Fraser/Winter Park, Indian {Peaks is minutes from three different ski {areas and is surrounded by a number of {warm-weather activities as well. Situated {on the western face of the Berthoud Pass {amid the Arapaho National Forest, the {slopes of Winter Park, Berthoud Pass, and {SilverCreek provide virtually unlimited {skiing and snowboarding. In warmer {weather, area lakes and rivers provide {opportunities for anglers and boating {enthusiasts, and there are more than 600 {miles of marked trails for hiking and {mountain biking. Golf and tennis {facilities can be found close by. 1127{Clusters of self-catering thatched cottage{,1 and 2 bedroom flats with sea views, {on sloping wooded parklands, on Kwa-Zulu {Natal South Coast.This is a cosy family {centered, fully self-catering and {serviced resort in the peaceful {surroundings of the beautiful Banana {Beach. It lies 12kms below Hibberdene and {is within easy reach of Port Shepstone and{Margate. A 200 metre walk leads down to a {safe and protected swimming beach, where a{lifeguard is on duty during the high {season. The beach also offers excellent {fishing off the rocks, a lagoon and rock {pool. 1128{Table Rock Resort is located within 500 {wooded acres that encompass many natural {waterfalls and streams. At the resort, {you'll find an excellent golf course, {tennis courts, and a swimming pool (closed{during winter). Be sure to make time for {the hour's drive to Asheville and visit {the Biltmore House and Gardens; a {magnificent 225-room mansion built by {George Vanderbilt. { { { { { 1130{Negril is located on the far western tip {of Jamaica, away from the bustle of the {main city areas. Just steps from your door{lie seven miles of white beach. Diving is {the leading aquatic pastime. Waterskiing, {windsurfing, and parasailing are also {popular. Water-sports equipment is {available for rental at the resort, and {local marinas offer charters and other {supplies. You'll also enjoy the resort's {tennis court and freshwater pool. {Nightlife in Negril is decidedly low-key, {featuring simple pleasures, such as {moonlight strolls and dancing to the lazy {beat of a calypso band. 1132{Located about an hour's drive southwest of{Dallas/Fort Worth and overlooking Lake {Granbury, The Ridge on Lake Granbury {offers a peaceful, relaxing getaway {featuring all your favorite aquatic {sports. You can swim and sun by the {resort's outdoor pool, enjoy a game of {tennis, or play golf close by. A {children's playground area is also {available. Adding a historical highlight {to your vacation is the town of Granbury. {Founded in the late 1800s, it is called "a{living, working museum" and is listed on {the National Register of Historic Places. { 1133{Ptarmigan Village at Whitefish is a quiet,{four-season family resort located on 52 {forested acres. Each unit is a cozy {mountain "home" with a rustic charm {indigenous of the area. On-site amenities {include an indoor/outdoor pool, a Jacuzzi,{sauna, tennis courts, children's fishing {pond, hiking, and cross-country skiing. {Although there are no planned activities {on site, there are several area {activities. The Big Mountain Ski area, {with more than 3,000 skiable acres, is {only 2.2 miles away. A car is recommended {to fully enjoy your vacation. { 1135{Reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa, La {Casa Del Sol is situated along Packery {Channel, only two blocks from the Gulf of {Mexico beaches. The resort offers a {quiet, relaxing atmosphere where you can {fish from a lighted pier, swim, or lounge {by the pool or spa. Paddleboats are {available for guest use. Local marinas {offering equipment rentals and deep-sea {fishing charters are available in Port {Aransas, about 20 miles away. { { { { 1136{Tucked into the Sawtooth Mountains along {the northern shore of Lake Superior is a {four-season hideaway--Caribou Highlands {Lodge. Area water activities {include inland lake fishing, charter {fishing, and canoeing. Back on land, enjoy{championship golf, {tennis, hiking, and mountain biking. A day{activity camp is offered for guests ages {4-12. Winter brings both downhill and {cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. {Whatever time of year, guests can unwind {in the resort's indoor pool or whirlpools.{Enjoy the resort's restaurant and lounge, {creating the perfect ending to your day. 1137{Come and relax on a sandy Atlantic beach {at Cocoplum Beach & Tennis Club. Play a {rousing set of tennis, organize a guest's {volleyball game, or go for a sail. If a {quiet afternoon is to your liking, take a {tour of the Museum of Natural History, {browse through the local shops in one of {Marathon's shopping villages. In the {evenings, dine al fresco and watch a {sunset, dine inside at a local restaurant {brimming with laid-back keys ambiance, or {have a drink at a Tiki bar. Key West is a {great day trip, just 55 miles south on {U.S. 1. { 1138{Lifetime in Hawaii at the Royal Kuhio {Condominium boasts one of Waikiki's most {fashionable vacation addresses. It's just {minutes from the beach, the acclaimed Ala {Wai Golf Course, the shops of the {International Market Place, and scores of {restaurants and night spots. On the {seventh-floor recreation deck at the {resort, you'll find an outdoor pool, {putting green, saunas, a weight room, and {more. The resort offers free parking. Oahu{boasts 45 public beaches, and famous {Waikiki Beach is just blocks away. { { 1139{Lake Chalet is a small, quiet resort {overlooking Lake of the Ozarks. This Osage{Beach resort offers water sports galore, {as well as many onshore activities. All {your favorite aquatic sports can be {enjoyed on the lake--from fishing to {waterskiing and sailing. Equipment rentals{are available at the marina on site. {Spend some time sunning on the swimming {dock or by one of two outdoor swimming {pools. Join the fun at the outdoor {shuffleboard court. Enjoy tennis, golf, {horseback riding, and outlet mall shopping{within a few miles. { 1141{Located in the heart of Colonial America, {Fairfield Williamsburg Patriots' Place {invites you to discover the culture of the{past amid the luxuries of modern resort {living. Williamsburg, located 45 miles {from Norfolk, is home to the foremost {historic district in the United States. {Scores of famous homes and buildings are {available for tours, and stores and {restaurants offer traditional fare. Other {area attractions include Jamestown, {Yorktown, College of William and Mary, and{Busch Gardens. Back at the resort, enjoy {tennis, swimming, outdoor grills, a {jogging trail, and horseshoes. 1142{An oasis at the base of the Santa Rosa {Mountains, Desert Breezes Timeshare Resort{pampers you with luxury. The condominiums {are surrounded by lush green lawns, {colorful gardens, and a small lake with a {decorative fountain. Tennis buffs will {love the five courts available within the {complex, three of which are lighted. A {recreation club with exercise equipment is{also available on site. The resort boasts {three pools and 10 spas. El Paseo, the {"Rodeo Drive of the Desert," is less than {10 minutes away. Disneyland and Knott's {Berry Farm are both within a two-hour {drive. 1145{The holiday complex of Oasis Village is {situated next to the Aparthotel Mourabel {just 2km from the type of beach that has {made the Algarve famous. Golf courses {abound in the area and there are stables, {casinos, nightclubs and restaurants too. {On-site facilities include an outdoor {swimming pool and tennis court. The {simply furnished apartments are in several{low rise buildings set in gardens. { { { { { 1146{Mossel Bay (1km from the resort) is {known for its traditional friendliness, {its history, its commercial harbour, its {closeness to lush Wilderness country, the {rainforest of Knysna, Oudtshoorn's {ostriches and the splendour of the Cango {Caves - and seven hundred species of {shells. This popular town is called {"Pearl of the Outeniqua" mountain {region, at the heart of the Garden Route. { { { { { 1147{Enjoy the country setting and family {atmosphere of Taylorsville Lake Resort, {with an 18-hole golf course on site and {Taylorsville Lake, just a mile from the {resort. Fishing is available on the lake {and the nearby Salt River. To unwind, take{a dip in the resort's glass-enclosed pool {open Memorial Day through Labor Day. {Antiques shops and some of Kentucky's {largest whiskey distilleries are in the {area. Louisville, about an hour's drive {away, offers many shops, restaurants, {museums, and night spots. { { 1149{Located in an unspoiled nature reserve {among rolling hills and lush forests, only{24 kms from historic Pilgrim's Rest, {Mount Sheba offers country cottages {nestled in the sweep of magnificent {mountains. From this tranquil base {you can fish for trout, explore the {Blyde River Canyon, make a memorable day {trip to the Kruger National Park or hike {on one of the beautiful walking trails {through the forests in the area. { { { { 1150{Scottsdale Camelback Resort is situated at{the foot of Camelback Mountain. A suburb {of Phoenix, Scottsdale is known for its {Western ambience, arts-and-crafts shops, {and golf courses. The resort reflects the {architecture of the area and has a {restaurant, games room, exercise room, {outdoor pool, tennis and racquetball {court, and indoor/outdoor whirlpools. {Area attractions include the Phoenix Zoo, {spring baseball training camps, desert {Jeep tours, hot-air balloon rides, and {tours to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and {Mexico. { 1151{Sint Maarten Sea Palace has a premier {location in the Dutch capital of {Philipsburg. The resort is located right {on the beach on Front Street, the hub of {the town's activity. Everything from water{sports to shopping is within walking {distance. As you explore the island, {you'll discover that each side has its own{flavor. Sint Maarten is a cosmopolitan {resort with stylish boutiques, fine {restaurants, and casinos. St. Martin, 20 {minutes away, is less developed and, with {picturesque fishing villages, has an {atmosphere reminiscent of the south of {France. 1152{Sunrise Beach Club & Villas is secluded {amid luxuriant gardens, and yet it is only{minutes from the shops, casinos, and {sight-seeing spots of Paradise Island and {Nassau. Water-sports enthusiasts will find{a world of opportunities here from scuba {diving to sailing. For on-site activities,{spend an afternoon at the resort's pool, {which features a whirlpool, grotto, and {waterfalls. There's also a children's pool{for younger guests. You can play golf and{tennis within a mile of the resort. { { { 1153{Located on the oceanfront of beautiful {Estero Island is Bel-Air Beach Club. Jet {Skis, sailboats, aqua bikes, and various {fishing charters are offered at marinas a {few minutes away. Golf and tennis {facilities are within five miles. Be sure {to set aside time for sight-seeing. A {must-see is Thomas Edison's winter home, {located on the Fort Myers mainland. { { { { { { 1154{Causeway on Gull offers facilities for {almost any recreational pursuit. The {resort is located between Gull Lake and {Upper Gull Lake. Everything you need for a{day on the water can be rented at the {resort's marina. If you bring your own {boat, 32 slips and a landing ramp are {available. Play tennis, volleyball, or {basketball; swim in the outdoor pool; or {tackle any of the area golf courses. In {winter, enjoy snowmobiling, ice fishing, {and cross-country skiing. Downhill skiing {at Ski Gull is only four miles away. { { 1156{Located only 10 miles from Myrtle Beach, {Seawatch Landing is a great place for {those in search of pure relaxation and {dramatic sunset views. From your balcony, {see Murrell's Inlet, the on-site outdoor {pool, whirlpool, sun deck, boat launch, {and picnic area. Bring your fishing pole {and drop a line into the inlet, which is a{haven for anglers and water-sports {enthusiasts. The area is one of the {nation's leading golf centers, with nearly{100 courses from which to choose. {Other area attractions include the famous {Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Brookgreen {Gardens, and historic Georgetown. 1158{As its name reveals, Isle of Palms Resort {& Beach Club is located directly on the {beach on Isle of Palms, a small barrier {island set just off the coast of {Charleston. Relaxation comes easy in this{quiet, unhurried atmosphere, but there are{plenty of ways to indulge your active side{too. If you're the seafaring sort, you'll {be in heaven, this part of the Atlantic {offers excellent boating and sport {fishing. Plan to spend at least one day {exploring Charleston, 15 miles away. { { { 1162{Situated atop Camelot Mountain, your {vacation home at Tiara del Sol {Condominiums offers the perfect location {to enjoy Ruidoso. In addition to the many {shops, art galleries, and restaurants, the{mild climate makes it an excellent {four-season vacation spot. The Ski Apache {ski area boasts a top elevation of 11,400 {feet, with a vertical drop of 1,700 feet. {Ruidoso Downs Race Track offers horse {racing during summer, and trout fishing is{great year-round in area lakes and {streams. Relax by the resort's indoor pool{after a day full of activity. { 1168{Kelly's Beach is 15km east of Bundaberg. {Here the Great Barrier Reef begins with {the two coral Islands, Lady Musgrave and {Lady Elliott Islands, both of which are {accessible by fast cataraman or plane. {See the humpback whales(mid Aug-Oct) from {a luxury catamaran or the giant turtles {at the Turtle Rookery at Mon Repos from {late November to late January. In summer {they come ashore to lay eggs and ten {weeks later, tiny turtle hatchlings make {their dash for the sea. Visit the famous {Bundaberg Rum Distillery, Bert Hinkler {Memorial or Schmeider's Cooperage. { 1169{Nestling in 35 acres of lush countryside {just minutes from Rosebud and 80km from {Melbourne, the resort offers you luxury {while enjoying the Mornington Peninsula. {Things-to-do: picnics, trail riding, {strawberry picking, galleries, craft {shops, beaches and wine tasting. The {Peninsula boasts easy access to marine {reserves, seal colonies, dolphin watching,{seafood, fishing, and surfing. The area {has many championship golf courses and {bowling clubs. The floodlit covered tennis{courts allow tennis to be played all year {round. Fingal's Restaurant, provides the {perfect family menu.Open Mon.Thurs. Friday 1171{Overlooking the Indian Ocean in Western {Australia, Silver Sands Resort features {indoor and outdoor pools with whirlpool {spas, sauna, recreation room, full and {half tennis courts, squash, gym, lounge {and BBQ areas. Fishing, prawning and {crabbing are popular pastimes around {Mandurah. The quiet inland waterways that {cover over 155 sq. kilometres, are great {for small boat cruising and sailing. On {the shores of the waterways there is one {of S.W. Australia's largest bird habitats.{Visit the area lawn bowling clubs, roller {skating rink, aquatic ctr., greyhound dog {track or cruise on the "Peel Princess". 1172{Lakeside Country Club is set on 60 acres {of natural bushland with a 30 acre private{lake reserved for canoeing and fishing. {Activities include golf, lawn bowls and {gaming at the licensed Numurkah Golf and {Bowls Club. Explore tourist attractions {of the Murray Valley including paddle {steamers, historic Echuca and local {wineries.Visit "Ned Kelly's Last Stand {at Glenrowan or ski at Mt Buller, Buffalo {or Fall's Creek. {Numurkah, in the heart of North Eastern {Victoria is the gateway to the Murray {River. { 1173{Situated on one of the world's most famous{beaches, Surfers Paradise, is Surfers {Royale. Surfing, sailing, parasailing, {fishing, boating, golf, tennis, squash, {hiking, shopping, dining, nightlife and {horseback riding are just a few of the {activities on the Gold Coast. Visit {Dreamworld, Seaworld or try your luck at {Jupiters Casino. At the resort laze by the{indoor pool or play a little half court {tennis and don't forget to try an Aussie {barbie. Right out your front door is the {wide beautiful beach. Take a beach walk to{the shops, morning jog or take an evening{moonlit beach stroll. 1174{Situated on the Tomago River in New South {Wales, The Moorings offer special {pleasures for boaters and anglers. A full {service marina adjoins the resort, {providing direct access to the sea and one{of Australia's best game fishing areas. {Nearby beaches and a stocked fishing lake {at the resort promise additional aquatic {sports. After a day on the water, take {advantage of the resort's heated swimming {pool, tennis court and spa. In the area {visit Tilba Winery which features the {"Ploughman's Lunch", Birdland Nature {Village, Mogo zoo or picnic at Pebbly {Beach. 1175{Nestled in the heart of Victoria's {picturesque and spectacular north east {alpine region is Bright, the perfect {holiday get-away...all year round. Notice {historic buildings,from Bright's gold {mining past or walk some of the safe {tracks which feature panoramic views, {bubbling mountain streams, parks and {picnic spots. Go back in time to see the {gold rush towns of Beechworth and {Yackandandah, or explore nearby Glenrowan {or Boyton's winery. During winter months {the snow fields of Falls Creek, Mt Hotham {and Mt Buffalo are an hour away offering {outstanding skiing for all levels. 1178{Located far enough away from large resort {complexes, Peppertree Sea Mystique {invites you to enjoy the serenity of {Garden City. If you are one of those {people who just wants to relax and get {away from it all, here is your answer. All{the excitement of Myrtle Beach is just {minutes away from this little paradise, {and the beach beckons at your doorstep. { { { { { { 1179{Mildura - meaning red earth has plenty to {offer the holiday maker. The tall red gum {lined Murray River carves its way through {the expansive parklands, while there is {nothing more relaxing than a cruise in a {paddle steamer, houseboat or sailing {craft. Tour the wineries in the district {including Trentham, Lindeman and the {Stanley Wine Co. See the Wentworth Gaol or{Orange World, enjoy the Golden River Zoo, {try fishing at Gol Gol Fisheries or visit {an opal cutter. { { { 1183{North Pier Ocean Villas enjoys a quiet {location on the outskirts of Carolina {Beach's main tourism center. The resort {features a large rock breakwater that {protects a small beach area from the {surf. There is a marina about two miles {from the resort to take care of any {equipment needs. In nearby Wilmington, {you'll feel the ambience of the Old South {as you tour antebellum homes. A summertime{favorite is The Boardwalk and Jubilee {Park, which offers amusem*nt rides, {miniature golf, and a water slide. { { 1184{Valle de Bravo welcomes vacationers with a{tranquil mountain setting 95 miles from {Mexico City. A nearby lake offers {activities, such as sailing and black bass{fishing. Horseback riding is another area {pastime. History buffs will enjoy {exploring the 1830s colonial town. { { { { { { { { 1187{Oro Negro Club stands at the end of the {seafront promenade of the popular, {subtropical town of Puerto de la Cruz. {Once the well-known Hotel Oro Negro, all {of the units offer ocean views. The {famous Lago Martianez swimming complex {and town center are close by. A laundry {service is also available. This resort is {an ideal choice for a holiday at any time {any time of year. { { { { { 1188{Everything you're looking for in a {tropical vacation spot awaits you at {Paradise Beach Club & Casino, located {alongside a beautiful beach on the {Dominican Republic's scenic northern {coast. Three restaurants, a swimming pool {with a swim-up bar, lounges, shops, a {casino, clubhouse, and nightly {entertainment are all on site. Golfing is {nearby, and boating is on site. For {day-trips, arrange a sight-seeing or {water-sport tour. { { { 1189{Come enjoy the peace and quiet that the {condominiums at Mustang Island Beach Club {offer. The condominiums provide a subtle {contrast to the unspoiled beauty of {Mustang Island, an 18-mile-long oasis on {the Gulf Coast of Texas. Not far from Port{Aransas, the area is renowned for its fine{beaches, superb shelling, and wonderful {fishing. Many water sports are available {from nearby outfitters. Units, although {not luxurious, are clean and offer easy {access to nearby sights such as Aransas {Wildlife Refuge, Aransas Pass, and the {attractions of nearby Corpus Christi. { 1192{Durango Mountain Resort is 25 miles north {of Durango at the base of Purgatory ski {slopes. The ski mountain has 72 trails {with 38 miles of groomed slopes, a {2,029-foot vertical drop, and nine {chairlifts. The terrain mix offers {something for every skier. The panorama {has been called "the most beautiful {scenery this side of the Italian Alps." In{summer, the resort offers hiking, mountain{biking, riding the Durango and Silverton {Narrow Gauge Railroad, horseback riding, {an alpine slide, and more. The American {Indian ruins at Mesa Verde National Park {are an hour and a half away. 1193{Sunset Bay is situated just 5 minutes' {walk from the beach, the colourful Puerto {Colon marina and close to the busy centre {of Playa de las Americas. The resort has {two swimming pools, one acclimatised {during the winter months and on site are a{selection of shops, restaurants and bars {providing entertainment to suit all {tastes. The apartments are spacious and {well furnished. The resort is on a hill {and has many steps to the units and may {not be suitable for people with walking {difficulties or in a wheelchair, {particularly 'G' and 'H' block. { 1195{Enjoy the luxuries of resort living in the{heart of a mountain wonderland at Thunder {Mountain Condominium in Steamboat Springs.{The area is best known for its fantastic {skiing, golf, tennis, hot-air ballooning, {lively Western atmosphere, and abundance {of hot mineral springs. The ski area, just{a mile away, offers family package {discounts. Summer in Steamboat Springs is {a perfect time for outdoor enthusiasts. {Routt National Forest is close by, where {you'll find hiking trails and horseback {riding. Boating and fishing are available {17 miles away at Stagecoach Reservoir. { 1197{View the best of Ocean City from {Lighthouse Point Villas (on 145th Street),{located next to the historic Fenwick {Lighthouse and only five blocks from the {bay and beach. The resort offers a {swimming pool and sun deck. Head to the {three-mile-long Boardwalk with its {amusem*nt rides, arcades, and restaurants.{Fishing tops the list of seafaring {activities here in the "White Marlin {Capital of the World." Although primarily {known as a summer vacation spot, Ocean {City offers a certain appeal in winter, {too, as beaches are nearly deserted, and {the atmosphere is relaxing. 1200{Casa del Mar Beach Resort is a {mile-and-a-half from Oranjestad on Aruba's{southern shore, an oasis rimmed with seven{miles of beaches and dotted with resort {hotels. Everything for a great vacation is{at your doorstep, from daytime activities {to local nightclub fun. Water sports lead{the list of recreational pastimes. Spend {time exploring the city of Oranjestad, {known for its lovely Dutch architecture {and fashionable duty-free shops. Close by,{you can enjoy 18 holes of golf at Tierra {Del Sol Golf Course, a championship course{designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. { 1201{Sunny Coast Resort Club is superbly {situated with a breathtaking view of the {clear, blue sea. Away from the bustle of {the main tourist centres and yet within {easy reach of them, the resort boasts an ë{la carte restaurant as well as a less {formal snackbar. You will find a beach and{excellent water-sports facilities, as well{as swimming pools, tennis and squash {courts and a health club. All the units {are air-conditioned and some have sea {views. { { { 1202{The Jardim do Vau apartments are set in a {superb location with direct access to a {beautiful stretch of sandy Algarve beach. {Praia da Rocha has many nightclubs and {restaurants and the fishing port of {Portimao can easily be reached by car. The{first phase of this attractive resort {overlooks the swimming pool and all the {apartments, designed and built to a high {standard, have balconies with direct views{of the sea. The second phase has an {extensive health club with indoor pool, {jacuzzi, turkish bath, sauna, gym, {dancing lessons and snooker room. { 1203{Playa Del Secreto gives you a secluded {vacation home on Acapulco Bay. Sunbathe on{the private beach, or boat and fish on the{bay. The resort has two pools-one complete{with a swim up bar! Great evenings begin {in the resort's restaurant and wind up in {the clubs of Acapulco center, a short {drive away. { { { { { { { 1207{Situated in a breezy, beach community, {Oceanside boasts one of the finest {small-craft harbors on the Pacific coast. {Adding to the town's vacation appeal is {its location. Midway between Los Angeles {and San Diego, it's within easy driving {distance of Southern California's most {famous amusem*nt parks and sight-seeing {attractions. Aquamarine Villas is less {than two blocks from the beach, about a {mile from Oceanside Pier, and only two {miles from Oceanside Marina. Oceanside and{the neighboring communities provide a wide{range of shopping, dining, and {entertainment choices. 1209{Southern hospitality mixed with alpine {charm--that's what you'll find at Alpine {Crest/Resort Club of Helen. At the resort,{enjoy the indoor pool with retractable {roof, tennis courts, and a health center {with a sauna and a whirlpool. The kids {will enjoy the playground, two water {slides, and paddleboats. Fishing or {canoeing enthusiasts will find plenty of {opportunities on both the Chattahoochee {River and Unicoi Lake, as well as the one {pond on site. Skiers will be delighted to {find the Sky Valley ski area only 45 miles{away. { 1210{Schooner II Beach & Racquet Club is within{easy reach of all the entertainment spots,{amusem*nt parks, shopping, and restaurants{of Myrtle Beach, a year-round vacation {area. Theaters include The Gatlin {Brothers, Alabama, Carolina Opry, Legends {in Concert, and Dixie Stampede. There are {more than 1,700 restaurants in the area, {including Hard Rock Cafe, Gilley's NASCAR {Cafe, and Planet Hollywood. There are more{than 90 championship golf courses. The {beach is just steps from the resort. Free {racquetball, outdoor pool (covered in the {winter months), exercise room, and sauna {are available. 1211{Come sample the relaxed atmosphere and {generous hospitality of the Ozarks at Port{Elsewhere. The resort overlooks the {120-mile Lake of the Ozarks. With 1,300 {miles of shoreline, there are unlimited {opportunities for water sports. Lake of {the Ozarks State Park offers hiking, {horseback riding, and other back-to-nature{pastimes. Boat launching and slips are {available at the resort. Golf courses, {miniature golf, go-cart tracks, a water {park, and musical shows are available in {the area. The resort's clubhouse offers {indoor and outdoor heated pools, a sauna, {and a whirlpool. 1212{At Marina de Oro in Puerto Vallarta, {you'll enjoy the finest leisure amenities {plus the charm and grace of old Mexico. {Sun, swim, and water-ski along the {resort's beach; play tennis on the clay {courts; or see the area's sights on {horseback. After a day in the sun, dine to{the sounds of live marimba music. An {all-inclusive meal and an activities {program is available to all RCI members at{a special discount price. { { { { 1213{Las Mimosas Beach Club is set amidst five {acres of colourful gardens looking {directly onto a beautiful Mediterranean {beach. Strategically situated midway {between Marbella and Fuengirola, day trips{to nearby Spanish cities and villages are {convenient. The Andalusian style {apartments are a short distance from {water sports, golf and a host of {activities you will enjoy in sunny Spain. { { { { { 1215{Club Riza is located close to the {sparkling, blue Mediterranean Sea. {Amenities include the indoor pool, a {whirlpool, outdoor jacuzzi, bar and games {room, laundry facilities, reading room and{24-hour reception. The large outdoor pool {and children's pool are surrounded by sun-{bathing areas. The units and public areas {are air conditioned and centrally heated. { { { { { { 1216{Manzanillo is the ideal place to go for {those who enjoy warm climates. {For the fishing enthusiasts, an abundant {variety of exotic fish are waiting to be {caught in the nearby port waters. {South of Manzanillo you can view palm {groves, high cliffs and the Faro de Campos{Promenade, a well known light house. { { { { { { { 1217{As the name promises, Peterson's {Waterfront Resort is located at the {water's edge on the southern tip of Lake {Chelan. Water sports are the number-one {pastime during summer. Boats and other {equipment can be rented through local {marinas. For more water fun, visit {Slidewaters Amusem*nt Park, only two miles{away. The resort is within one mile of an {18-hole championship golf course. In {winter, you'll find skiing at Echo Valley,{only eight miles from the resort, or {Mission Ridge, about an hour's drive {away. Also nearby are 150 miles of groomed{snowmobile trails. 1222{Right on the main Margate beachfront, {these cool, spacious units are fully {equipped and serviced, each with a balcony{featuring a barbecue and an uninterrupted {sea view. Within walking distance of all {the action, Margate Sands Time Sharing {offers quality, convenience, and fun for {the entire family. { { { { { { { 1225{Swan Mountain Resort is your passport to {unlimited Rocky Mountain adventure. Enjoy {fantastic winter skiing--Keystone is two {miles away and Copper Mountain, {Breckenridge, Arapaho Basin, and Loveland {Basin are within 15 miles. Enjoy an entire{realm of summer activity, including tennis{and swimming at the resort and boating on {Lake Dillon. { { { { { { 1226{Discover the tranquil beauty and {four-season sporting opportunities of {Wisconsin's northern lakes region at The {Pointe Resort and Club. A 6,000-acre chain{of lakes dominates the area's landscape, {creating a haven for boating and fishing {enthusiasts. Lake Minocqua, just outside {your door, is waiting for you to try your {skills at sailing, waterskiing, fishing, {windsurfing, and scuba diving. { { { { { 1228{A forty-five minute scenic drive from {Durban along Natal's semi-tropical north {coast takes you to Ballito. On the shore {of this little village, La Montagne offers{a splendid view of the bay with stacked {sun-facing terraces rising like a {grandstand from the dunes. Only a few {paces in front of the resort, Ballito's {sandy beaches invite you to spend long {leisurely hours in the sun, swimming, {sail-boarding, or hunting shells around {the rocks. { { { 1231{Sands Villa Resort is set directly on the {ocean in Atlantic Beach on Bogue Banks {Island. In addition to its beachfront {location, the resort offers tennis courts,{indoor and outdoor pools, a restaurant, {and a lounge. Water sports are available {both by the ocean and at Bogue Banks {Sound. Nearby marshes are excellent for {clamming, crabbing, and oystering. Back on{land, golf and tennis are the most popular{sports. Sightseers should visit Fort Macon{State Park, historic Beaufort, and Cape {Lookout National Seashore. { { 1235{Enjoy the excitement of Myrtle Beach from {Ocean Villas Beach & Racquet Club. Guests {receive memberships at the nearby Ocean {Dunes Health Club, which offers an indoor {swimming pool, sauna, steam room, health {bar, and exercise equipment. You can also {enjoy the resort's outdoor pool. Myrtle {Beach has something for everyone--more {than 87 championship golf courses, the {Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Broadway at the {Beach, Barefoot Landing, Fantasy Harbour, {many music theaters, restaurants, night {spots, and miles of beaches. { { 1237{Acapulco is one of the world's favorite {vacation escapes. See it at its finest at {Club Vacacional Tortuga. Swim and sunbathe{at the resort's pool areas or go to the {beach, just a block away. Beyond the {beach, Acapulco Bay beackons sailors, {surfers, and fishing enthusiasts. {Acapulco's shops, restaurants, and {nightspots lend a lively accent to your {vacation. { { { { { 1238{Mossy Creek at Sugar Mountain vacation {homes are located amid deep woodlands, {assuring you privacy and seclusion. In {winter, you're just moments from the {slopes of the Sugar Mountain ski area, {which offer a top elevation of 5,200 feet {and a vertical drop of 1,200 feet, with {trails and terrain to match every level of{skiing ability. In the summer, take {advantage of Sugar Mountain's 18-hole golf{course, a putting green, and tennis {courts. { { { 1239{Portobelo is located in Vilamoura, one of {the most sophisticated areas in the {Algarve. Many units offer spectacular sea {views. The beach, bustling yacht marina, {and golf and tennis facilities of {Vilamoura are close by. Free access is {granted to all leisure facilities and {entertainment at the nearby Don Pedro {Hotel. Car rental is recommended. { { { { { { 1240{Facing the beach in Carlsbad, Tamarack {Beach Resort is located about 35 miles {north of San Diego. Tamarack offers a {heated pool, sun decks, two whirlpools, {exercise facilities, a recreation room, {and a restaurant. Schedule at least a full{day for exploring San Diego, home of Sea {World, the San Diego Zoo, and many museums{and theaters. Also, Disneyland is just an {hour's drive north of Tamarack. { { { { { 1241{A modern complex on the ever-popular South{Coast, this resort offers fully-serviced {self-catering units, a stone's throw from {the beach. With fishing, beaching and {swimming on your doorstep and a host of {restaurants, shops and attractions nearby,{there's a new experience to be had every {day of your stay. Golfers have a choice of{several courses in the area. For bowlers, {there is a green right behind the resort. {For fishermen, the catches are good off {the rocks at the protected beach, but if {you're less energetic you may prefer to {buy your fresh fish on the Club's private {beach. 1242{The attractive village-style Monte {Carvoeiro Clube is above the beach and {village of Carvoeiro. It is built around a{central plaza with a fountain, {restaurants and bars. {The units are nicely furnished and each {has a patio or balcony. Twelve tennis {courts are available less than a mile away{at the Carvoeiro Clube de Tennis. The {Carvoeiro Golf Club is one mile from the {resort and is available to guests. For {more information please refer to the Web {site: { { 1243{Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the {Berkshires at Oak 'n Spruce Resort, set {amid 200+ acres at the foot of Beartown {State Forest. The resort has a three-hole {chip and putt golf course, two tennis {courts, a trout stream, and two indoor {and one outdoor pool as well as exercise {equipment. The nearby town of Stockbridge {is home to the Norman Rockwell Museum, {Chesterwood Museum, and historic homes. {Summer offers ballet, Tanglewood, and many{theater festivals. In winter, enjoy cross-{country skiing on site; for downhill {skiing, visit Butternut Basin, Catamount {Ski Area, or Brodie Mountain. 1245{A golfer's paradise awaits at Fox Hills {Resort. Both novice and expert golfers {will enjoy the 45 holes of challenging {golf that are wrapped within the pastoral {beauty and serenity of Wisconsin's rolling{countryside. The Sand Trap Sports Pub {offers dining in a casual atmosphere and {live entertainment on weekends. Fox {Hills also offers exciting summer and {winter activities: two indoor pools, two {outdoor pools, three whirlpools, a fitness{center, tennis, basketball, volleyball, {mini-golf, horseshoe pits, snowmobile {trails, bonfires, and more. { 1249{From parasailing above the Atlantic Ocean {to watching auto racing at Daytona {International Speedway, you'll find plenty{to do while vacationing at Fantasy Island {Resort II. Water-sports opportunities are {abundant along the famous beach, and {fishing charters can be arranged through {local marinas. Back on land, enjoy golf {and tennis only a mile away. Greyhound {racing is nearby. Walt Disney World(R), {Kennedy Space Center, Sea World, St. {Augustine, and Cypress Gardens are all {within a 90-minute drive. { { 1250{Overlooking Yaquina Bay, Embarcadero is {just steps from a full-service marina that{can supply any equipment you need-from {crab rings to small boats for the bay. {There are miles of sandy beaches, art {galleries, golf courses, and much more. {For simple relaxation, enjoy the resort's {indoor pool, sauna, and whirlpool. Be sure{to visit the 1871 Yaquina Bay lighthouse. {For souvenir hunting, browse through the {shops at quaint "Old Town" Newport, just a{short walk away. { { { 1252{The Sugar Mountain resort complex is one {of North Carolina's leading vacation {centers. Located in the Blue Ridge {Mountains in the western corner of the {state, Sugar Mountain offers facilities {for four seasons of recreation. In spring,{summer, and fall, the mountains serve as a{scenic stage for golf, tennis, horseback {riding, white-water rafting, fishing, and {hiking. Winter offers downhill skiing {November through March. Sightseeing {possibilities in the area include {Grandfather Mountain, Blowing Rock, {Tweetsie Railroad Amusem*nt Park, and {Linville Caverns. 1253{From golf on a world-famous course to {sunbathing on ocean beaches close by, {you'll discover an endless array of {vacation activities at Villas la Alhambra {El Cid. The resort is located alongside {the El Cid Golf Course. The resort offers {10 tennis courts, a marina, fishing, 12 {restaurants and bars, six swimming pools, {and basketball, racquetball, and squash {courts. You can enjoy the beach, just {minutes away by shuttle, or swim in the {pool on site. The evening offers more fun {at the disco. { { 1254{One of Hawaii's most widely acclaimed {resort developments, Princeville is {perhaps best known for its superb golf {course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr.{The nearby Makai course is comprised of {three nine-hole layouts. After a round on {the links, enjoy many amenities at the {Princeville Spa and Health Club, including{aerobics and a lap pool. You can grab a {racquet and play a set at the nearby {tennis club, which features eight courts. {Naturally, aquatic activities are in {abundance with the Pacific Ocean, famous {Hanalei Bay, and many different beaches {within a couple miles of your door. 1255{From a 32-mile stretch of beach to one of {America's leading historic districts, {you'll find plenty to see and do in {Galveston while vacationing at Inverness {by the Sea. The resort is across the {street from the Gulf and a mile from the {beach. On site, you'll find tennis and {basketball courts, an outdoor pool, {whirlpool, exercise equipment, and {barbecue grills. Golf, horseback riding, {and many water activities can be enjoyed {close by. Sightseers can visit the Strand {Historic District, Moody Gardens, and the {Railroad Museum. { 1257{In the seaside community of Wells, about {30 miles south of Portland, you will find {Misty Harbor Resort Condominium. To one {side of the resort is the Rachel Carson {Nature Reserve, and a short distance away {are the beaches. Ample water activities {are found in the Atlantic Ocean and in {rivers and inland lakes. Local marinas {offer equipment rental and fishing {charters. Take a dip in the resort's {indoor heated pool and whirlpool, or relax{in the sauna. The nearby town of Ogunquit {is a renowned artists' Mecca that boasts {art exhibits in summer and many boutiques,{antiques shops, and restaurants. 1259{Located near the border of Great Smoky {Mountains National Park, Laurel Springs {Resort is secluded from mainstream tourist{activity, yet within an easy drive of {year-round sports facilities and family {attractions. Located in Cosby, the resort {is 20 miles east of the popular towns of {Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Enjoy the {resort's outdoor pool and its rustic and {peaceful ambience. Popular area activities{include hiking, horseback riding, {fishing, golf, and white-water rafting. {This is a spot that will appeal to nature {lovers. { 1260{Experience a vacation full of fun for the {entire family at Ocean Towers Beach Club {in North Myrtle Beach. Water lovers will {enjoy everything from windsurfing and {deep-sea fishing to soaking up the sun at {the resort's outdoor pool. Back on land, {grab your golf clubs and play one of the {more than 87 courses in the area. If {tennis is your game, you'll enjoy the {abundance of courts close by. Be sure to {visit the Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Broadway {at the Beach, Barefoot Landing, Fantasy {Harbour, and historic Georgetown. House {parties, Rv's, motorcycles, boats, or {trailers are not allowed on site. 1265{Denia is a small and ancient harbor town {full of life and activity throughout the {year. Midway between Alicante and Valencia{on the Costa Blanca, the area is blessed {with a mild year-round climate. El Palmar {Holiday Club is situated amid tropical {palm trees and an orange grove close to a {beautiful sandy beach. { { { { { { { 1266{A turn-of-the-century mansion in the {southern Berkshires serves as your {vacation home at Stonegate. Tour the {Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, see{the Boston Symphony Orchestra perform at {Tanglewood, and visit the many antiques {shops and cultural attractions that the {region hosts. During the winter, head to {the mountains and challenge yourself on {local ski slopes, only three miles away. { { { { { 1269{Situated upon 10 secluded acres, Long {Beach Club's clifftop locale on the {southeastern coast of Barbados speaks of {sheer peace and quiet amid fantastic {scenery. Barbados, known for its endless {sunshine, blue skies, and silver-white {beaches, is a Caribbean gem. Its 300-year {association with Britain flavors the {island with rich history and culture. {Enjoy an abundance of water sports-all {within two miles. On site, enjoy the {swimming pool, table tennis, and a casual {open-air restaurant and bar. The capital {city of Bridgetown is a short drive away. { 1271{Located along the Atlantic Ocean, just {south of Daytona Beach, the Ocean Beach {Club offers a quiet, relaxing atmosphere {and a location that's convenient to {Florida's most popular family attractions.{Here, you can spend hours soaking up the {sunshine on the beach or by the outdoor {pool. In addition to golf and a number of {water sports, the area offers popular {spectator sports, such as auto and {greyhound racing. Within a two-hour {drive, you'll find the Kennedy Space {Center, Sea World, Walt Disney {World(R), and Marineland of Florida. { 1273{For year-round vacation fun, the city of {Pinamar is quickly growing in popularity. {The beaches are just minutes away and are {perfect for sunning, fishing and swimming.{At night, entertainment is a highlight, {with many restaurants and nightclubs {nearby. For a day trip, visit the {beautiful resort town of Mar del Plata. { { { { { { { 1275{Elegant shopping, exuberant live {entertainment and nightlife, Buenos Aires {is often aptly compared to Paris. {Dance the tango till dawn, or dine in {exquisite South American restaurants. { { { { { { { { { { 1276{Sabal Palms brings you the ultimate in {Florida vacationing. The resort is set {within the Orlando World Center complex. {As a resort guest, you will have access to{all the World Center Hotel amenities, {including an 18-hole golf course, tennis {courts, and a health club. In {addition to the resort's activities, {you're only minutes from Walt Disney {World(R). An endless variety of shopping, {dining, and entertainment choices will {complement your vacation stay. { { { 1281{Sun Lodge of Angel Fire is part of the {17,000-acre Angel Fire resort community {located 26 miles east of Taos. Angel Fire {is bordered by the Carson National Forest {and Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area. With an {average annual snowfall of 140 inches, {Angel Fire offers superb powder skiing. {More than 60 trails, ranging from beginner{to expert, wind through 400 acres of {skiable terrain. Summers are also filled {with activity. Try golfing on Angel Fire's{18-hole championship course, playing {tennis, horseback riding, hiking, or trout{fishing in Monte Verde Lake. { 1283{Silverado II is only two miles from the {Winter Park and Mary Jane ski areas. At {the resort, you'll find an indoor pool, {a sauna, and a whirlpool. Other {amenities include a small playground, {available in the summer, and a ski pro {shop. Ski season is from mid-November to {mid-April. Summer brings hiking, {horseback riding, and other back-to-nature{pastimes. You can boat on Lake Granby or {tee up at the 18-hole Pole Creek Course, {named America's top new public course by {Golf Digest in 1985, located 10 miles {away. { 1285{Carlsbad Inn puts an entire realm of {oceanfront activities at your doorstep. {Local marinas can outfit you with {everything you need for a day of boating {or fishing. Back on land, you can play {golf and tennis within six miles, work {out in the resort's gym, or take a dip in {the outdoor pool. For sight-seeing, {Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland, San Diego {Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Seaworld and {Legoland are within an easy drive. Tours {to Ensenada, Mexico, and J. Paul Getty {Museum/Hollywood are provided from this {resort location. { 1287{Kamaole Beach Club has a prime location {because it is directly in front of one of {Maui's finest swimming beaches on the lush{Gold Coast of Kihei. Water sports of all {kinds are offered. On site, you can {arrange snorkeling trips, fishing {charters, and other offshore excursions. {For the active set, golf, tennis, and {horseback riding can be enjoyed within {five miles. For nature buffs and {photographers, a day at Haleakala National{Park is a must: Rare wildlife and dazzling{tropical plants can be seen along the 30 {miles of trails that encircle the world's {largest dormant volcano. 1288{Aeolos Beach Club is situated in lush, {colourful gardens that slope down to a {beach on the beautiful island of Corfu. {Units comprise studios and suites, some {are located in the main building and some {are bungalows. A range of recreational {and leisure facilities are available. {Water-sports enthusiasts are well- {catered for with para-sailing and {waterskiing. The town of Corfu is about {8 kms away and is served by buses that {pass the resort. { { { 1289{Set in the popular Cape holiday town of {Plettenberg Bay this resort sits on its {private peninsula surrounded by azure {ocean, the setting here is unique in South{Africa. There is a wealth of on-site {recreation and the attractions of the {famous Garden Route are all with in easy {reach. Don't miss the on-site Captain's {Cabin where waves hurl against the windows{while you eat. { { { { { 1290{The Mediterranean style Cabana Beach {overlooking the beach, soars above {the shoreline of Umhlanga Rocks, one of {South Africa's most popular holiday {places. Sunseekers flock to this {beautifully situated resort. Its {cobblestone paths wind beneath white {washed archways, through landscaped {gardens, down to a sandy bay. { { { { { { 1291{Carihuela is the old fishing quarter of {the famous year round resort of {Torremolinos on Spain's Costa Del Sol. {Situated in attractive gardens, just 250 {metres from the beach, is the Carihuela {Park Palace. On-site are reception, bar, {restaurant, dance floor, billiard room, {two swimming pools one of which is 25 {metres long, children's pool and {playground, tennis court and parking. The{marina at Benalmadena is 2 kms away and it{is only 14kms to the city of Malaga. { { { 1293{Few projects around the country offer the {exciting variety of fun and entertainment {you'll find at this beachfront resort at {Umhlanga Rocks - for many years a popular {hotel. The well furnished and serviced {apartments overlook one of the most {attractive beaches along the Indian Ocean.{There are restaurants, bars, bowling {alley, creche, 2 pools, whirlpool spa and {live shows at this resort. In the {vicinity you can play golf, tennis, or {visit a health clinic nearby. Fish, {swim, play watersports or simply {relax in the sun on the wide white {beaches of Umhlanga Rocks. 1294{A yacht-lover's delight, Vidafel {Marina-Vallarta is on Puerto Vallarta's {sparkling harbor, moments from the marina.{For golfers, the famous Campo de Golf is {less than a half-mile away. Enjoy the {nearby beach or plan a day of fun at the {water park with slides and three pools on {site. { { { { { { { 1296{Located in the heart of New Zealand's {geo-thermal tourist area is Okawa Bay Lake{Resort. Nearby Tarawera is one of New {Zealand's most famous volcanoes and the {thrill of a float plane or helicopter {flight to view it from above is a truly {memorable experience. Recreational {activities in the area include trout- {fishing, sailing, waterskiing and white {water rafting. The mineral spas are {vacation treasures awaiting to be {discovered. Next to the resort is a hotel {complex with a restaurant/bar, conference {center, tennis courts and marina with {launching and mooring facilities. 1297{One of the world's most popular island {playgrounds, Honolulu is both a relaxed {resort center and a dynamic cosmopolitan {city. At Kuhio Banyan Club, you're {surrounded by Honolulu's biggest and best {attractions. World-famous Waikiki Beach is{just blocks away. Right across the street {is the International Market Place. The {acclaimed Ala Wai Golf Course is close by,{and Ala Wai Yacht Harbor is also within {minutes. Be sure to visit Diamond Head {State Monument and take the half-mile hike{to the rim of the extinct crater for a {spectacular view of Honolulu. { 1298{Across the street from the beach in {Durban's revamped Addington area, {Silversands offers casual, comfortable, {self-catering apartments - some with {spectacular sea views - for the on-the-go {holidaymaker. Close to all the {attractions of the Golden Mile, there's {ample to keep you occupied both day and {night, with babysitters on hand to keep {the little ones safe during adult outings.{Laundry facilities are provided on site. { { { { 1300{Experience Thailand, "Land of Smiles," in {a beachfront vacation at Sigma Resort Club{(South Pattaya). Flanked by superb beaches{and the Gulf of Siam, Pattaya is one of {the Orient's foremost seaside resorts area{Sigma is located at the quieter, not so {crowded Jomtien Beach. A sunny, warm {climate allows year-round enjoyment of {water sports. Exciting Bangkok is now just{2-hrs drive away using the new expressway.{ {(Website: { { { 1303{This resort is set on the east coast of {the Malaysian Peninsula. {The transparent South China Sea offers {unlimited water sports,while Cherating {Beach provides miles of sparkling sands {just made for sunbathing. {Cultural Village is about 2km away where {native villagers add traditional charm by {demonstrating ancient crafts and dances {for visitors. 5 km from the resort is a {place where giant leatherback turtles {return annually to lay eggs between the {months of May-Sept. { { 1304{Mimpi Jimbaran beckons you to a once-in- {a-lifetime tropical adventure on the {island of Bali. The resort is a hill {retreat overlooking Jimbaran Bay and Mount{Agung (the highest mountain in Bali). It {is also located next to the Four Seasons {Resort, a five star luxury hotel. {Stroll along the beautifully landscaped {beachfront nearby, that stretches for {almost a kilometer. Untold bargains await {souvenir hunters in the shops of Kuta (14 {km), Sanur (30 km), and Nusa Dua (10 {km).There is an International golf course {at Nusa Dua. { 1307{Bigwood Condominiums is situated alongside{the Bigwood Ski Touring Center and Golf {Course, which offers 15 miles of trails. {For downhill enthusiasts, Sun Valley {offers Dollar Mountain for beginners and {Bald Mountain for more advanced skiers. {Summer activities include golf on the {resort's nine-hole course (greens fees {included for two free rounds of golf per {day), fisihing, horseback riding, hiking, {bicycling, ice-skating, river rafting, and{sight-seeing. { { { 1310{Hotel y Club Villa de la Plata beckons you{to Guanajuato, capital of the state of the{same name, located in central Mexico. {Aristocratic and elegant, Guanajuato is a {traditional colonial city both in attitude{and architecture. When you're not touring {the many historic and artistic sights, you{can enjoy the native cuisine. { { { { { { { 1312{Situated on the heights of San Michele di {Pagana with spectacular views of the Gulf {of Tigullio, is the attractive Portofino {Est Residence. All along this beautiful {coastline you can find fascinating towns {and villages including Rapallo and Santa {Margherita Ligure (both accessible by {foot,2km) Portofino, San Fruttuoso and {romantic Cinqu Terre. Access to these {places may also be by ferry. The small {beach is pebbly. The resort is open all {year round and the on site facilities {comprise of a swimming pool and tennis {courts. Most of the units have balconies, {terraces or gardens with sea views. 1314{Grand Hotel Carezza (1630mt) is located {1km from the romantic lake Carezza. The {Hotel's grand opening was held in 1896. {During it`s first year the Austro- {Hungarian Empress Elisabeth was one {of their V.I.P. guests. The resort {boasts other famous names such as {Agatha Cristie and Winston Churchill. {In Winter, skiing can be found at 300m, {the Dolomiti Superskipass can be {reached in 15min by car. Summer {activities include mountain walks (inc the{famous Sissi Promenade), horse riding and {a 9 hole golf course which are all a short{distance away from the hotel. 1319{Streamside at Vail-Aspen is framed by a {clear-running stream and stands of Aspen {trees. The resort is located just a few {minutes' drive from the heart of Vail {Village and only two miles from the slopes{of Vail Mountain. The slopes of Beaver {Creek are also close at hand. In summer, {choose from golf, tennis, fishing, {rafting, biking, and hiking. Enjoy the {resort's indoor/outdoor pool. Take {advantage of the resort's health club, {where you will find racquetball courts, {saunas, a steam room, and whirpool. { { 1320{Streamside at Vail-Birch is ideally {situated only two miles from the ski lifts{of Vail Mountain. The Beaver Creek ski {area is also only 10 minutes away. Lift {tickets for both mountains are {interchangeable. Summer brings golf at the{five area courses, tennis, hiking, {white-water rafting, Jeep touring, and {fishing. When you want to relax, enjoy the{resort's indoor/outdoor pool. Take {advantage of the resort's health club, {where you'll find racquetball courts, {saunas, a steam room, and whirlpool. { { 1321{Mazatlan, a city like no other in Mexico, {is nestled on a natural bay of the Pacific{Ocean and on a scenic peninsula that {boasts the largest main crescent-shaped {boulevard as well as a wide variety of {outdoor tours, activities, and shopping {areas. Pueblo Bonito is right on the beach{where you can enjoy all kinds of water {sports. The interior decor is designed in {casual elegance and Mediterranean {influence. Two huge courtyards surround {free-form swimming pools so you can relax {and enjoy Mazatlan's sunsets. When dining,{Mazatlan has a large selection, but {seafood is still the favorite. 1322{Atalaya Towers resort is located right on {the beach in Garden City, just a few miles{south of Myrtle Beach. Garden City offers {both the seclusion from noisy tourist {crowds and the convenience of the area's {sports facilities. All water activities {from windsurfing to deep-sea fishing are {available. Golf can be played on more than{87 courses in the area, and tennis courts {are equally abundant. For sight-seeing, {visit the Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Broadway {at the Beach, and Fantasy Harbour where {families will find arcades, amusem*nt {rides, and more. { 1323{At Foxfire Golf & Country Club, spacious {private villas are nestled among majestic {pines and edged by one of two championship{golf courses. Amenities include golf and {expert instruction, a pro shop, swimming {pool, tennis, area general store, and {serene walking areas. For a fun day-trip, {you can explore famous Pinehurst, only {five miles from the resort, and other {nearby quaint towns with a variety of {shops and restaurants. This resort has {something for everyone. { { { 1325{The Mountainside at SilverCreek is an {ideal spot for your winter vacation. {Skiing thrills abound at the SilverCreek {ski area and at the nearby Winter Park {and Mary Jane ski areas. Copper Mountain, {Breckenridge, and Arapaho Basin are within{driving distance. Spring and summer {activities including fishing, white-water {rafting, and boating on Lake Granby, as {well as swimming, tennis and basketball at{the resort. Golf is only four miles away.{ { { { 1326{Southcape Resort and Club is located on {the southern part of Cape Cod, eight miles{east of Falmouth and 10 miles southwest of{Hyannis. The Cape is known as a summer {vacation mecca; you'll find that the best {features are the history, scenery, {charming beaches, seafood restaurants, and{wonderful shops. The resort has indoor and{outdoor tennis courts and pools. In {summer, take a ferry to Nantucket Island {or Martha's Vineyard and enjoy activities {for all ages. (Some attractions on the {Cape are seasonal.) { { 1327{Aspen Vacation Condominiums is nestled in {the Beartooth Range of the Rocky {Mountains. The 68-mile Beartooth Highway, {open late May through October, winds {through the Rockies to Yellowstone {National Park. Summer activities include {golf on the resort's 18-hole course, {fishing, tennis, white-water rafting, and {horseback riding. In winter, the area {receives 100 inches of ski-perfect snow. {The ski area, which offers more than 25 {miles of trails, is only five miles from {your door. { { 1329{Riptide II Beach Club is located directly {on the beach in Myrtle Beach and features {14 oceanfront units and 21 oceanview units{(perpendicular to the ocean). The resort {offers both an outdoor pool, which is {heated and covered in-season, and a heated{whirlpool. Enjoy all types of water {activities ranging from sailing to deep- {sea fishing. Myrtle Beach has many {quality tennis facilities and more than {100 championship golf courses. Other {attractions include historic Georgetown, {Brookgreen Gardens, Broadway at the Beach,{Barefoot Landing and numerous music {theaters, restaurants, and shopping areas. 1331{Overlooking Long Island Sound, Water's {Edge Inn & Resort offers the best of the {past and present. A 400-foot beach and the{Atlantic Ocean border the resort. Marinas {offer sailboat and powerboat rentals, as {well as deep-sea fishing charters. An 18- {hole golf course is 10 miles away. In {winter, skiing at Powder Ridge is a 40- {mile drive away. Outlet shopping, gifts, {and antiques are nearby. The area is {overflowing with sight-seeing attractions,{so leave plenty of time for exploring. { { { 1332{A cool retreat in fertile bushland, Kwa {Maritane is the Place of the Rock - of {cheetah, rhino, elephant, giraffe, {leopard, buck and bird life. This {exceptional resort lies in the bushy hills{and valleys at the core of one of South {Africa's largest game reserves and just {eight minutes away from the glamour and {action of Sun City. {The Wildlife activities include walking {trails and game drives, spotting game - {camped out at the resort's predator hide {or in the hush of the carpeted waterhole {hide below the chalets. { 1333{R©sidence Internationale de l'Odet is {situated in B©nodet in Brittany. The mild{climate of the area makes it a resort you {can visit the whole year round. You can {play tennis on-site or go horse-riding {just 10 km away. It is a unique resort on{this romantic coast, right by the ocean {and the banks of the River Odet. It is {just 200 metres from the new harbour. The{buildings are in local style with white {gables and grey blue slate roofs. { { { { 1334{The exquisite beaches and aquamarine seas {of Cancun provide a fitting backdrop for {RHC/Piramides Cancun Beach Resort. Every {amenity you could desire is provided at {this beachfront resort. Tennis courts, two{pools, a health club nearby, and a {restaurant are just some of the on-site {features. { { { { { { { 1335{These comfortable chalets are set {among rolling lawns and lush {gardens at this perennially popular {Eastern Transvaal resort. Stroll across {the golf course to watch hippos wallow {in the Sabi River, or take day trips to {the Kruger National Park, Pilgrims Rest, {Mac Mac Falls and other spectacles {nearby. { { { { { { 1337{The Ferienpark Oberalgau is situated {in a quiet region built on a hill {overlooking Missen, a typical small {village of this area. Facilities include {indoor pool, sauna, solarium, bar, {restaurant and a small playground. In {winter there is a ski school and ski-lift {for beginners nearby. The resort is {ideally situated for excursions to the {popular, world famous castles of {Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Lake {Constance, Austria and Switzerland. A car {is necessary to enjoy the area. { { 1338{This large, humming holiday complex offers{panoramic views across Margate Beach. It {is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach, {where you can swim, surf, snorkel, sail, {or simply laze in the sun. For the more {energetic, there are flood lit tennis {courts, squash courts, and saunas at the {resort. You can visit the scenic spots {close by-Shelley Beach, St. Michael's-on- {Sea, Ramsgate, and Southbroom- or make for{the buzz and bright lights of the Wild {Coast Casino father south. { { { 1339{Bugibba Holiday Complex is in a very {popular area of the island. The resort {combines self-catering units with {hotel-style facilities, including a {24-hour reception desk, co*cktail bar, {restaurant, pizzeria, games room, indoor {and outdoor swimming pools and a {minimarket. All public areas of the resort{are air-conditioned and the units are air {conditioned at certain times. The staff at{this resort are renowned for their {friendliness. { { { 1340{Jardines del Puerto is just a minuteØs {walk from the popular marina of Puerto {Banus with itØs numerous bars, night {clubs, cinema, shopping centre and {beach. {The exclusive resort town of Marbella, {with itØs shops and entertainment is just {5 kms away. { { { { { { { 1342{Enjoy an action-packed getaway or just {take in the sights of northern Colorado at{North Star in scenic Steamboat Springs. {Close to shopping, restaurants, and {nightlife, the resort is just minutes from{fantastic skiing, with more than 100 {trails for everyone from novices to {experts. Winter also brings opportunities {for snowmobiling and cross-country {touring. Summer offers hiking, horseback {riding, golf, biking, and tennis, as well {as the beauty of Routt National Forest. { { { 1345{Offering the best of land and sea, Coral {Ixtapa puts you minutes from the {spectacular beaches and the challenging {fairways of the Ixtapa Golf Course. Aside {from golf and sunning on the beach, the {area offers tennis, numerous water sports,{shopping, and sight-seeing trips to Ixtapa{Island. { { { { { { { 1348{Portolaconia Residence, part of the {Tancamanna complex, lies between the {picturesque towns of Palau and Cannigione,{close to Porto Cervo on the famous Costa {Smeralda. In summer there are frequent {regattas and golf tournaments nearby. {Tancamanna is built to an inventive modern{design, with views over the bay, and on- {site shops and restaurants open in high {season. Centro Energy is available for {guided scuba and snorkelling excursions to{the nearby islands. Windsurfing boards, {canoes and sailing boats can be hired, {tuition is available, { 1353{At Club Ocean Villas II, spend lively days{exploring the nearby beach and boardwalk, {then return to enjoy the resort's deluxe {array of amenities, including two free {memberships to the health club per unit. {With a standing tradition of being a {popular summer vacation spot, the area {offers excellent sport fishing, beaches, {and a variety of family entertainment. {Within walking distance are several {restaurants, beaches, a shopping mall, and{a miniature golf course. On site, you'll {find indoor and outdoor pools, tennis {courts, racquetball courts, and boat {docks. 1355{Ski Time Square is located within a short {walk of ski slopes, restaurants, and {shops. Skiers will enjoy the 100 downhill {trails and extensive network of {cross-country trails. In warmer months, {the surrounding Routt National Forest {offers hiking, horseback riding, and {biking. Within three miles of the resort, {there are two 18-hole championship golf {courses designed by Robert Trent Jones, {Jr. and Keith Foster. { { { { 1356{Powder Ridge Village offers stunning {scenery and year-round recreation. Eden is{located in the Wasatch Mountains of {north-central Utah. In winter, you can ski{in, ski out to the Powder Mountain with {25 trails on three interconnected {mountains. The slopes of Nordic Valley {and Snow Basin are both a short drive {away. In summer, Pine View Lake, 12 miles {away, offers sailing, waterskiing, {fishing, and windsurfing. An 18-hole golf {course is only five miles away. For a {small fee, guests have access to a nearby {health club that offers racquetball and {exercise facilities. 1358{The Mountain Club on Loon, a four-season {luxury resort, is located on the {Kancamagus Highway, in the heart of the {White Mountain National Forest. The resort{boasts slopeside accommodations to New {Hampshire's most popular ski area during {the winter months and summer activities {that include special events, mountain {bikes, in-line skates, animal shows, {nature walks, and daily logging shows. {In-house amenities include a full fitness {center, health club, indoor and outdoor {pools, Jacuzzi, racquetball, tennis and {squash courts, massage therapy, tanning, a{games room, a restaurant, and a lounge. 1361{Tucked into the Rockies about 90 miles {west of Denver, Breckenridge is known for {its excellent skiing and historic {atmosphere. The ski season begins in {mid-November and lasts until mid-April. {Downhillers can enjoy the twin peaks of {Breckenridge-it's just a three-block {shuttle ride to the nearest lifts. Most {familiar as a winter resort area, the {region has equal appeal as a summer {destination. The Arapaho National Forest {offers more than a million scenic acres {for hiking, horseback riding, and fishing.{Lake Dillon, about eight miles away, is a {popular spot for sailing. 1362{Lake Marion Resort and Marina offers a {unique vacation experience. If you are {confirmed to a "boat" unit, prepare for a {true outdoor experience. These units are {10-12-year-old boats. Although the boats {are not luxurious, they are clean and {offer onboard air-conditioning and an {electric generator. { { { { { { { 1364{In the beautiful Brenta Dolomites is the {Residence Rio Falze (1610mt) on the out- {skirts of Madonna di Campiglio. The 32 {lifts, serving 90 miles of ski routes and {cross-country trails, make it an ideal {choice for winter-sports enthusiasts {(Campiglio is on the World Cup ski {circuit). In summer the area is a wond- {erland for walkers (Genova Valley). The {resort nestles among pine trees, with a {golf course nearby and many other ameni- {ties. In Torrent Noce you can go kayaking {and rafting and hydrospeed at Dimaro Canoa{Club (tel 00390463973278). Summer skiing {at Tonale Glacier is 1 hour away by car. 1368{Located about 50 miles northeast of {Columbus, Apple Valley Resort is a {terrific family retreat where golf is in {the spotlight with an 18-hole PGA-rated {course next door. Take a side trip to Mo- {hican State Park, 25 miles away. There, {you can enjoy hiking and horseback riding.{Approximately nine miles away, Knox Lake {is perfect for fishing and boating. For {downhill skiing, Clear Fork Ski Area is {just a half-hour's drive away. Within an {hour's drive is the famous Longaberger {Basket Factory. Or, explore the heartland {of Amish country offering specialty shops {of handmade crafts, cheese shops and more. 1369{Enjoy the beauty and sunshine of Puerto {Vallarta: Move to a leisurely tropical {beat by day and an exciting Latin rhythm {at night. Sun Club & Villas Plaza las {Glorias boasts spa facilities, {restaurants, and pools-all near a {glistening beach and a famous shopping {plaza. { { { { { { { 1370{The charming Pueblo style apartments of {the Pueblo Evita Club are situated in the {heart of the Costa del Sol at Benalmadena.{The beach is just 500 metres away and {children will enjoy the Tivoli World {Amusem*nt Park and the Aquapark both of {which are within 8kms of the resort. On {site there is a restaurant and bar, and {the shops, bars and restaurants of {Benalmadena are within walking distance. {The elevated position of some of the {apartments (only accessible by flights of {steps) can cause difficulties for older or{disabled guests. { 1371{Located in the California high desert, The{Inn at Silver Lakes provides a perfect {escape from the stress of city life. Clear{skies and peace and quiet can be found, {along with on-site activities, such as {swimming in the pools, dining, dancing, {and biking. The nearby Silver Lakes {Clubhouse has a pool, a Jacuzzi, a 27-hole{PGA-rated golf course (call for rules on {attire and fees), exercise equipment, and {a games room. The lake and local beach are{one block away. Summer temperatures {average between 95 and 110 degrees, and {mild winters offer year-round golf and {fishing. 1374{The Bay of Islands, which is known for its{history and big game fishing, is home to {Club Paihia. There's plenty to see and do {here: Visit the Waitangi Treaty House and {Kelly Tarlton's Shipwreck Museum, or enjoy{a cruise around the islands. Minutes away {you'll discover sheltered beaches, golf, {bushwalks, and big game fishing. Back at {the resort, take a swim in the {indoor/outdoor pool or unwind with a {soothing stint in a sauna. Make use of the{resort's tennis court or exercise room. {The resort dining room is open for dinner {Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night. { 1375{Kalbarri has everything to offer {individuals, couples and families to {experience the wonders of nature, be it {deep sea fishing, a tropical bird {paradise, the mini grand canyon, {windsurfing, the world renown wild {flowers or riding a Harley Davidson. {Summer temps may reach 40 deg Celsius. {The weather is often dry & windy, great {for windsurfing. Winter temps range from {10-20 deg Celsius. Most rain falls {during June & July. Kalbarri is famous {for its wildflowers, which begin to bloom {after July. { 1376{PAHIO at Ka'Eo Kai is located within {Kauai's resort community of Princeville, {where everything, from recreation to {restaurants, is first class. Princeville {spans 11,000 acres along the island's {North Coast, which was the setting for the{film "South Pacific." The on-site {activities director can help you schedule {events for the day. The 27-hole Robert {Trent Jones Jr. Makai Golf Course, the {18-hole Prince Course, horse stables, {tennis courts, and the beaches of Hanalei {Bay are all close by for your enjoyment. {Fine dining is just minutes away as well. { 1378{Innsbruck Igls Golf Villas is located in {Helen, a town that has been remodeled to {resemble an Alpine village. An 18-bell {Glockenspiel adds to the European {atmosphere. The resort is set one mile {outside the town, offering such on-site {amenities as an 18-hole golf course, a {tennis court, an outdoor pool, and an {indoor whirlpool. Nearby, you'll find {fishing, horseback riding, white-water {rafting, live entertainment, and in {winter, downhill skiing at Sky Valley. {Area attractions include the Chattahoochee{National Forest, Toccoa Falls, Tallulah {Gorge Park, and several more state parks. 1379{Southern California Beach Club is a {"family-style" resort nestled on the {beach, just a block from the Southland's {longest pier and a mile from its harbor. {The resort is a short drive from many {shops and restaurants and is conveniently {located close to many diversions:45 {minutes from the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, {and Wild Animal Park and about an hour {from Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, {and Universal Studios. Also available are {boating, fishing, outdoor activities, and {professional sports year-round. After a {full day, you can also savor the ocean {view from the Club's rooftop whirlpool. 1380{Situated along a half-mile of white-sand {beach, Royal Islander Club la Plage is {an ideal spot for enjoying this {half-Dutch, half-French tropical island. {Amenities include a casino, comedy club, {restaurants, tennis courts, and the {largest freshwater swimming pool on the {island. Due to the large number of room {cleanings, the resort asks for members {cooperation in adhering to the 10 a.m. {checkout time. { { { { 1383{Pergola Holiday & Leisure Club is situated{in the picturesque village of Mellieha. {Shops, banks, restaurants, and bars are {just a two-minute walk away, as is the {main bus terminal for trips to the capital{city of Valletta. Facilities within the {resort include two outdoor swimming pools,{an indoor heated swimming pool, a {solarium, whirlpool, sauna, and a gym. {All units are air-conditioned and {centrally heated, and most have a {balcony or patio. { { { 1384{Wildcat Townhouse Resort is adjacent to {the 768,000-acre White Mountain National {Forest. Wildcat Mountain ski area is only {five miles from the resort, with a verti- {cal drop of 2,100 and 20 trails. In spring{and summer, the mountains are a panorama {of dense green forests and waterfalls. {Fall foliage is a breathtaking collage of {color. Factory outlets, as well as crafts {and antiques stores, fill the area with {tax-free shopping. This resort is perfect {for the avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys{entertaining themselves with such activi- {ties as biking, fishing, hiking, skiing, {and snowshoeing. 1386{Gaze upon the crystal-blue waters of the {Caribbean from Imperial Fiesta Club at {Hotel Casa Maya. Located on the beach, {this resort boasts three outdoor swimming {pools, tennis courts, and a host of {activities for seafaring guests. {Sailboats, sailboards, and scuba and {snorkeling equipment are available to help{you enjoy the beautiful offshore world. { { { { { { 1388{Club Algaida is located in very attractive{gardens directly on the seafront and {midway between Fuengirola and Marbella. {Several golf courses are within easy {reach, and the main towns of the area are {all less than 30 minutes away by car. The {club includes tennis courts, pool table, {bar and restaurant, 1 large swimming {pool, 1 small swimming pool, 2 childrens {pools and an attractive poolside terrace. {Some of the comfortable furnished units {have large balconies affording superb {views. { { 1389{Beaver Forest Chalet Villas are located {inside the Coosawattee River Resort in {northwest Georgia's Appalachian Mountains.{At this 8,000-acre resort, you'll have use{of the recreation center that includes {game and exercise rooms, volleyball and {basketball courts, an indoor pool, tennis,{and a snack bar. There are also two {outdoor pools on site. For a fee, enjoy {miniature golf or the equestrian center. {An 18-hole golf course is 15 miles away. {Carter's Lake is within a short drive, {offering fishing, boating, and water {activities. A car is a necessity at this {expansive resort. 1390{Forming part of the Madeira Carlton Hotel {Complex, the Madeira Beach Club is built {directly on the sea shore and within easy {walking distance from the capital city of {Funchal. Madeira is renowned for its {natural beauty and has a mild year-round {climate. Beach Club guests have access to{all facilities of the Carlton Hotel, {including restaurants, bars, tea room, {beauty salon, night club, health club and {tennis court. There are two pools, one {heated and one with direct access to the {sea, including watersports. { { 1396{The Mediterranean-style and pyramid-shaped{towers of Hotel y Villas Solaris Cancun {are designed for modern vacationers. This {all-inclusive resort features eight {restaurants, five bars, outdoor pools, {whirpools, gym, tennis court, miniclub, {marina, disco, games room, miniature golf,{entertainment, and more situated on the {white-sand beaches and crystalline, {turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. { { { { { 1397{Les Hauts de Vaugrenier is set in an area {of some 1,500 acres of forest parkland, {between Cannes and Nice. When you stay in {the heart of the fashionable Cote d'Azur, {you can enjoy restaurants, markets, {casinos, theatres, museums, sports and the{beaches. On-site, there are tennis courts,{gardens and an unheated outdoor swimming {pool. { { { { { { 1398{Point Brown Resort, set on a secluded {stretch of beach, offers a luxurious and {relaxing atmosphere. Located near Grays {Harbor, you'll find excellent {opportunities for whale-watching cruises, {fishing charters, and coastal sight-seeing{tours. Onshore, the facilities of nearby {Ocean Shores Country Club include tennis, {three pools, a sauna, and a game room, as {well as an 18-hole golf course. Horseback {riding, bicycling, and bird-watching are {some of the other diversions available in {the area. After a full day of activity, {enjoy dinner at one of the area's many {restaurants. 1402{High Sierra is a family-oriented resort {located atop Camelot Mountain overlooking {Ruidoso. At the resort, enjoy the lighted {tennis court and the clubhouse with an {indoor pool, sauna, and whirlpool. All {types of back-to-nature pastimes, {including fishing, horseback riding, and {hiking, are available in the area. In {addition, Ruidoso offers fine golf {facilities. In winter, Ski Apache is known{for its excellent powder skiing, at an {elevation of 12,000 feet and with a {vertical drop of 1,900 feet. {Gambling and bingo are available at the {Apache Reservation. 1407{Barclay Towers is uniquely designed so {that the indoor pool, whirlpool, and {exercise room offer lovely views of the {Atlantic Ocean. Jet Skis, windsurfing, and{deep-sea fishing are very popular. Local {marinas offer charters and rental {equipment. Enjoy dolphin-watching trips in{the summer and whale-watching trips in the{winter. Onshore, challenge an opponent on {one of the eight different golf courses or{numerous public tennis courts. The {Virginia Marine Science Museum and Ocean {Breeze Fun Park are five minutes away. {Historic Williamsburg, Jamestown, and {Busch Gardens are 60 minutes away. 1408{Silver Lakes Vacation Club is located {within the community of Silver Lakes. {Enjoy peace and quiet in this remote {location around the 277 acres of {sparkling lakes or take advantage of {the lighted tennis courts and exercise {facilities at the nearby Silver Lakes {Country Club. Don't miss the private, 27- {hole PGA-rated Robert Trent Jones golf {course nearby. {For more adventures, try sight-seeing in {Los Angeles, 115 miles away, or Las Vegas {gambling, 170 miles from the resort. { { 1409{Club La Costa at Marina del Sol, set in {beautifully landscaped gardens, is {situated just outside the coastal town of {Fuengirola. It overlooks the ruins of the {famous Arabic castle Sohail, with the {Mediterranean Sea to the front and {mountain ranges to the rear. The resort {boasts three large swimming pools, {tennis courts, two restaurants, and {stables. { { { { { 1410{Playa Paraiso is set on the sea front, at {the edge of the town, overlooking the {beautiful sweeping bay of Cala Millor. {This popular tourist centre, on the {Island's east coast just one hour's drive {from Palma, is an ideal base for exploring{the rest of Mallorca. The town offers a {good choice of shops, restaurants and {bars. Playa Paraiso's apartments are {spacious and comfortably furnished and {each has a balcony with seaview. { { { { 1411{The simply furnished units of Club los {Molinos are situated on Lanzarote's sunny {Costa Teguise, with its white beaches, {golf course, fine restaurants, and wide {range of amenities. The resort's {architecture and gardens provide a {beautiful setting for the magnificent {swimming pool. This is a resort located in{a very quiet area which allows you to {enjoy a peaceful holiday. This resort may {not be suitable for those with walking {difficulties as some of the units are {accessed by steps. { { 1412{Situated overlooking the beach of Meia {Praia, this small development is just {outside the historic town of Lagos at the {western end of the Algarve. Lagos has a {marina and a good selection of {restaurants, bars and shops, many selling {local handicraft. Watersports are {available on the sandy beach and an 18- {hole golf course is within easy reach. The{Beach Club has its own swimming pool and {restaurant. { { { { 1413{Situated between Salzburg and Kitzbuhel, {this ancient castle dates in part from {1325 and belonged to the King of Bavaria. {It has now been converted into luxurious {apartments reminiscent of a bygone era - {some have a four poster bed. There are {extensive grounds with tennis courts and {sunbathing terraces. The resort is a base{for skiing in the winter sports season and{exploring the region's lakes and mountains{at other times of the year. { { { { 1414{The Summit is located on 600 feet of {beautiful beachfront property on the Gulf {of Mexico and features two tennis courts, {two large pools (one heated), kiddie {pools, hot tubs, whirlpools, exercise {rooms, an arcade room, barbecue grills, {picnic tables, and shuffleboard courts. {Inside, each unit has a private balcony {overlooking the Gulf. The area offers golf{courses, a variety of water sports, and {ample family entertainment. You'll want to{visit Zoo World, Gulf World, Museum of Man{in the Sea, the undisturbed beauty of {Shell Island, and sample the fare at some {of the area's famous seafood restaurants. 1415{Enjoy fishing and sunbathing at Fiesta de {Cortez, located in a quiet fishing village{along the Gulf of California in {northwestern Mexico. Fishing charters can {be arranged nearby. Satisfy your appetite {at a local eatery-shrimp is a {specialty-and visit the moon-like craters {of Pinacate, where astronauts trained. { { { { { { { 1417{St Mandrier is a charming peninsula at the{extremity of Toulon. The area offers a {microclimate,a bay with harbour and water {sports, pleasure boating and hiking in the{surrounding hills. The Clubhouse Residence{overlooking the ocean is complete with {balconies and large bay windows allowing {guests to enjoy the climate and landscapes{of Provence. Visit the Penninsula of St {Mandrier situated in the cove of Creux de {St Georges or the little fishing port of {St Mandrier sur Mer where you can enjoy a {panoramic view of Toulon and the Cape {Sicie. { 1418{This pleasant, peacefully located resort {is just 100 metres walk from a sandy beach{at Port Des Torrent, on the south-west {coast of Ibiza. The resort offers {attractive apartments with satellite TV {and terraces or balconies. On-site {facilities include swimming pool, jacuzzi,{mini-golf, bar, shops and mini market. It {is also possible to learn to dive at the {nearby diving school. A car is recommended{although not essential. { { { { 1419{Clubhotel Serre-Chevalier is set at 1350 {metres in the Hautes Alpes. The resort {takes its name from the dominant local {peak which provides extensive skiing over {1200 acres, to a height of 1350 metres. {The Clubhotel is set 300 metres from the {ski lifts, which link the three villages {of Chantemerle, Villeneuve and Monetier {Les Bains. Bordered by the Parc des {Ecrins, there are many summer outdoor {activities including riding, rafting, {mountain climbing and fishing. { { { 1420{Sestriere is the most important tourist {centre of the Piedmont Alps. You can be {sure of a long ski season here, helped by {artificial snowmaking equipment if {necessary. It is the capital of a vast ski{domain known as the Milky Way. Sestriere, {(which is on the World Cup ski circuit) {has much to offer both in summer and {winter, downhill skiing, cross-country {skiing and in summer, numerous {excursions, horseback riding, an 18-hole {golf course, and tennis. For information {about Ski Lift openings in April contact {the Resort or the Tourist Informations on {0039 0122 755444 or Fax 0039 0122 755171 1424{At a height of 1450 mts Clubhotel Meribel {Les Allues is set in the Savoie region in {the prime ski area of the Trois Vallees. {With over 190 lifts and more than 600Km of{pistes, it is a paradise for the keen {skier, with trails suitable for all {standards. In summer, the region has {developed outdoor activities including {tennis, golf, horse-riding, hiking and {fishing - and there is summer skiing in {the Vanoise National Park. { { { { 1425{The last standing wood-frame hotel in {Jamestown, The Bay Voyage preserves the {charm of the past while providing the {deluxe lifestyle demanded by the modern {vacationer. The resort overlooks {Narragansett Bay, with a marina just a few{minutes away. The resort's restaurant {offers gourmet dining at its finest. You {can reach Newport via the connecting {bridge. Newport is the site of the Tennis {Hall of Fame and splendid mansions, which {you can tour. The bay and the Atlantic {Ocean beyond offer superb boating and {fishing. { 1426{Entertainment and activity surround you at{The Waves, located a block from the beach {in Ocean City. The resort, conveniently {located on the north end of town, offers {an enclosed pool and sunbathing area. {Among the many water activities available,{the area is especially well-suited for {deep-sea fishing. You can enjoy tennis, {miniature golf, and biking nearby or play {golf on the course 10 miles away. For {family fun, the Boardwalk is the area's {biggest attraction. Located on the south {end of town, the Boardwalk is lined with {souvenir shops, arcades, restaurants, and {amusem*nt rides. 1427{St Mellion Golf and Country Club is a {premier golf, leisure and health spa, 14km{from Plymouth. The extensive on-site {facilities for all the family include two {championship courses: the International {Jack Nicklaus and the Old Course. There is{also a driving range, top class leisure {and health spa, snooker room, licensed {restaurants and bar. Discounted green {fees are available for guests. The {detached lodges are amidst the courses and{beautiful Cornish countryside. { { { 1428{Cortina d'Ampezzo (1224mt) is a world {famous ski resort high in the Italian {Dolomites. Once the scene of a winter {Olympic Games, the ski facilities include {45 lifts spread over the wide and varied {slopes of a beautiful bowl-shaped valley. {But this is not just a winter resort, in {summer the mountains are just as {spectacular with walks and excursions. {The Sporting Hotel is close to the town's {many amenities and has a bar and {restaurant. { { { 1429{Visit Mazatlan, where you can parasail, {fish, boat, or just laze on the beautiful {beaches. Experience the traditional {Mexican charm of the shops and local sites{or have a cosmopolitan evening in {Mazatlan, "the nightlife capital of the {Mexican Riviera." Las Flores Beach Resort {can become your home base in this tropical{paradise. { { { { { { 1432{Discover the pleasure of the island of {Santa Catarina. Lying just off the {southeastern coast of Brazil, Santa {Catarina boasts wide, curving beaches; {turquoise waters; gentle mountains; and {historic sites dating back to the 18th {century. { { { { { { { { 1434{With the Atlantic Ocean nearby, The {Quarters (located on 122nd Street) offers {you a vacation stay with an endless array {of sporting opportunities. After a full {day of action, you can return to the {resort for a refreshing dip in the pool. A{popular pastime in the area is deep-sea {fishing. Several charter boat operators {are available to serve you, and local {marinas offer equipment rentals. Aside {from seafaring diversions, Ocean City {boasts a long list of land activities. The{Boardwalk, which runs from the inlet to {27th Street, can provide hours of {amusem*nt. 1437{Lake Havasu provides a scenic setting for {your vacation at Sands Vacation Resort. {All types of water sports are available on{the 46-mile-long lake, located just a mile{away. Back at the resort, enjoy a cozy {atmosphere, outdoor pool, pavillion area, {and a picnic area. For sight-seeing, take {a complimentary bus tour to the casinos in{Laughlin, Nevada. The most popular area {attraction is the English Village and the {famed London Bridge, now spanning a {channel of the Colorado River. { { { 1439{Located midway between Chicago and {Minneapolis, Wisconsin Dells is an ideal {family vacation spot with many different {and entertaining activities offered year- {round. In the late fall and winter, you {can ski, snowmobile and ice-skate in the {area. In the spring and summer, take the{kids to ride the "Ducks," on a scenic tour{or to one of the thrilling water parks. {The Dells offers such a variety of things {to see and do, you can't possibly {experience it all in one vacation. { { { 1440{The Landmark Resort encompasses 40 acres {atop a bluff overlooking the waters of {Green Bay in Door County. You'll enjoy {such amenities as indoor and outdoor {pools, whirlpools, an exercise room, and {five tennis courts. Organized activities {are offered daily through the summer and {on weekends during the rest of the year. {Adjacent to the resort is a 27-hole golf {course, one of several in the area. In {winter, cross-country skiing is available {five miles from the resort. Potawatomi ski{area offers downhill skiing. If you have a{snowmobile, bring it along and enjoy it {right at the resort. 1441{Located directly on the beautiful Oura {beach, the majority of the units face {south, giving maximum exposure to the {sun. The resort is within easy {walking distance of many restaurants and {night spots, and it is about 2 miles from {Albufeira. The resort offers child and {adult swimming pools adjacent to its own {restaurant and bar. Guests have access to {the on-site health club, for a fee, and {also to all amenities of the Montechoro {Hotel (a few minutes drive away), {including tennis courts - an additional {fee is charged. { 1442{Beverly Hills Club is a self-contained {leisure resort about a mile from the sandy{beach, shops, bars, and restaurants of Los{Cristianos. Situated in tropical gardens, {the resort has every modern amenity, {including squash, tennis, a bowling alley,{and a sauna. {A restaurant,bar and night club have eveni{ng entertainment to suit everyone. This {resort is not recommended for those with {walking difficulties. { { { { 1445{Immerse yourself in a tropical dream at {The Caribbean Princess Resort & Yacht. {Canc£n's many attractions are close by. {Ocean beaches are a block away, and a {Robert Trent Jones golf course and the {convention center are within 10 minutes. {The resort looks out over a lagoon and {boasts a boat dock, pool, restaurant, and {more. { { { { { { 1446{Surround yourself with tropical pleasures {at Pacific Palace Vacation Club in {Mazatlan. Step out your door onto a {shimmering beach, relax by the pool, play {tennis nearby, or enjoy the host of {seafaring sports. The resort's restaurants{and bars offer delightful endings to your {sunny Mazatlan days. { { { { { { { 1447{Clube Forum is situated near the marina in{the 5,000 acre, fast developing holiday {estate of Vilamoura. The apartments are {built in typical Portuguese style in low {rise buildings, with a balconies and {telephone in the apartments. There is a {shared swimming pool and a bar/snack bar {on site. { { { { { { { 1448{The resort is located near the heart of {the popular tourist centre of Puerto del {Carmen, just a short walk from the beach {and is ideal for family holidays. There is{an on-site leisure centre and kids' club {and restaurants, shops and boutiques close{by. All units have modern interiors and a{balcony overlooking the heated pool which {has a section for children. This resort {is not suitable for those with walking {difficulties. { { { { 1450{Avenue Plaza Resort and Pro Spa has a {prime location on St. Charles Avenue in {the Garden District, just minutes from the{historic French Quarter. The famous New {Orleans streetcar travels past the resort,{putting the city's most famous sights {within easy access. When you're not {sightseeing, indulge in a visit to the {Health Spa. The spa offers treatments, {such as herbal wraps and therapeutic {massages, as well as exercise equipment {and whirlpools. A courtyard with a pool, a{rooftop sundeck and hot tub, and a {restaurant are among the resort's other {amenities. 1451{Nestled in the Colorado Rockies is {Steamboat Springs, also known as "Ski {Town, USA." Steamboat offers more than {2,500 skiable acres with 107 trails, 20 {lifts, and a 90-meter ski jump. It is {adjacent to Routt National Forest, which {encompasses more than a millon acres. {Golf, horseback riding, jeep touring, {tennis, fishing, and hot-air ballooning {are just some of the warm weather {diversions available. Wet and wild water {fun awaits you on the heated aquaslide {open year-round. { { 1452{The beautiful mountain village of {Hinterthal is close to a very popular {holiday region situated south of Salzburg.{Marco Polo Club-Hotel Alpina provides {high-quality accommodation and is located {in a wonderful ski area. In summer, play {tennis or golf, hike, or go mountain {biking. The resort offers a sauna, steam {room, fitness and massage room for {your relaxation and many facilities for {children. There is also a restaurant, {a bar and a shop on site. { { { 1453{Cancun is surrounded by vacation {treasures, from the fascinating Mayan {ruins to the silky, white-sand beaches {great for sunbathing. At Cancun Clipper {Club, located next to a shopping mall, you{will find a wide variety of entertainment {and handcrafts as well as a pool and {restaurant. Water sports are also {available at the resort's marina. { { { { { { 1456{Dominio do Sol, which enjoys a quiet {location overlooking the sea, features a {restaurant, bar, evening entertainment, {swimming pools with a bar, and a jacuzzi. {Some units have a sea view. Santa Eulalia {beach located close to the resort, offers {a range of water sports. The resort is {close to the fishing village of Olhos {d'Agua, where there are plenty of seaside {restaurants and it is only three miles {from the lively town of Albufeira, where {you can shop for crystal, leather, and {pottery. { { 1458{Mykonos is often said to be the loveliest {of the Aegean islands. The island is {small and rocky with a fairly arid {landscape but has many beautiful golden {sand beaches. In the main town, a maze of{winding, whitewashed streets leads to a {picturesque harbour surrounded by bustling{cafes. After dark there is a fine choice {of lively nightspots. The very attractive {Club Mykonos is located directly on the {beach at Ornos, just three kilometres from{Mykonos town. { { { 1459{Situated in the heart of the beautiful {Kananaskis Country recreation area, The {Lodge at Kananaskis offers the unspoiled {mountain wilderness of the Canadian {Rockies. In the summer, splash in {sparkling lakes or play the 36-hole {Kananaskis golf course four miles away. {Winter vacationers can ski down slopes at {Mount Allan, site of the 1988 Winter {Olympics; Fortress Mountain, 15 miles {south of the lodge; or Banff's three {famous slopes-Norguay, Sunshine, and Lake {Louise. On site, you'll find a health {club, sauna, steam room, and indoor {swimming pool. 1460{This imaginatively designed apartment {block is surrounded by swimming pools set {in landscaped gardens with a tropical pool{bar, watershoots and floodlights for night{swimming. On-site there are bars and {restaurants, gymnasium, sauna and squash {court. Shops and discos are within a few {minutes' walk and the Tivoli Amusem*nt {Park is 2km away. { { { { { { 1461{Located midway between Valencia and {Alicante, Denia enjoys mild temperatures {all year round. Shopping facilities, {local markets, a choice of restaurants and{an attractive fishing harbour with {original charm, make it an ideal holiday {location. Club San Vicente overlooks {Denia with an appealing view of the sea. {The villas, each with their own garden are{set around a large central pool. { { { { { 1462{Situated between Benidorm and Altea on {Spain's popular Costa Blanca, the Alfaz {Paradise Club is an ideal location for {enjoying all types of holiday experiences.{The resort is located close to a pebble {beach with many places of interest to {visit including Terra Mitica, a theme {park offering great entertainment, which {is just 10km from the resort. {The attractive mountainous surroundings {provide a temperate climate year round. {The units are fully equipped and some {offer magnificent sea and mountain views. { { 1463{The resort is located near the centre of {Villars, south east of Lac Leman. Still {retaining its alpine village charm, the {town is set in a popular wintersports {centre with downhill and cross country {trails, while in summer there is tennis, {riding, golf, walking and hand-gliding. {The resort is built in traditional chalet {style and offers an indoor pool and a {sauna. { { { { { 1464{Club Bena Vista is set midway between {Marbella and Estepona on the Costa del {Sol, located in the foothills of the {Sierra de Ronda, only 250 metres from the {beach and within easy driving distance of {Marbella and Puerto Banus. The Club forms {part of the main leisure resort which is {serviced by a full commercial centre. {Reduced golf fees are available to RCI {exchangees at the nearby 18-hole golf {course and the on-site facilities include {outdoor bowling. { { { 1465{This spectacularly beautiful region {attracts visitors at all times of the {year. It is an area of lakes and {mountains, heritage and tradition. The {attractive Quaysiders Club is on the edge {of Lake Windermere offering a host of {water activities. On site there is a {whirlpool spa and sauna. The apartments {are grouped around a courtyard with a {picnic/barbeque area. { { { { { 1469{Situated near to the Benalmadena Yacht {Harbour and located right on the waterØs {edge is the Sunset Beach Club.The {villages of Mijas and Fuengirola are a {short drive away, as are many tennis and {golf clubs. The resort features two {outdoor pools, a heated indoor swimming {pool, a health centre with a gymnasium, a {beauty salon, supermarket, a teenager and {childrens club,bar and restaurants. {The well-equipped units have {air-conditioning and satellite {televisions and most have balconies {overlooking the sea. { 1471{For an enjoyable holiday with plenty of {nightlife nearby, El Retiro is the ideal {complex. Situated only 2kms from the {centre of Denia and 100mtrs from the {beautiful sandy beach of Las Marinas, the {two phases of El Retiro have comfortably {furnished units, some with partial {kitchens and the larger ones with full {kitchens. { { { { { { 1472{The Landing at Egg Harbor is set about a {block from the waters of Green Bay in Door{County. This part of Wisconsin offers {everything from snowskiing in winter to {waterskiing in summer. You'll find a great{assortment of art galleries, antiques {shops, restaurants, and cultural events in{the area. In warmer weather, play tennis {and swim at the resort or play golf and go{horseback riding just a mile away. In {winter, cross-country ski trails are {nearby and snowmobiling is just a block {away. For downhill action, Potowatomi ski {area is about 20 miles from the resort. { 1473{Experience the quiet ambience of Island {Links Resort in Port Royal Plantation on {Hilton Head Island, one of the country's {premier leisure-time destinations {featuring fine restaurants, world-class {athletic facilities, and miles of ocean {beach. Luxurious two- and three-bedroom {condominiums feature golf course views. {Relax at the on-site clubhouse and pool or{take advantage of golf facilities, tennis {courts, and the beach, just minutes away. { { { { 1475{Carved by glaciers and surrounded by {statuesque mountains, Lake Wanaka and the {town of Wanaka lie at the foot of the {Southern Alps of New Zealand. With the ski{fields so close by, the once small mining {town has become a tourist mecca. Aside {from skiing, guests enjoy hiking, mountain{sightseeing by plane and glacier walks. In{the summer this area becomes an aquatic {playground. Try jet-boating, rafting, {trout fishing, yachting, windsurfing, {water skiing and a whole lot more. At the {resort, test your backhand at tennis, {relax in the spa or chase that little {white ball on the golf course next door. 1477{The Cumberland Lorne is nestled in the {corner of Loutitt Bay, in the picturesque {town of Lorne, an approx. two hour drive {from Melbourne. Discover the nearby water {falls, catch the sight of kangaroos, {koalas and kookaburras, stroll along the {foreshore, or enjoy the many cafes and {restaurants.The Cumberland Lorne's own {restaurant is open all day long.The resort{offers a wide range of recreational {activites including two squash courts,two {tennis courts, indoor heated pool,spa,a {fully equipped gym,sauna,billards and a {children's club. Mountain bikes, {surfboards and body boards are available. 1479{Busby Manor is nestled near Paihia Beach, {old colonial houses, and Williams Memorial{Church, site of New Zealand's first {wedding in 1830. Located in the heart of {the Bay of Islands, this area boasts more {than 150 bush-clad sandy-beached islands, {which with their unspoiled beauty, are a {mariner's dream. The whole region is {steeped in history, boating, and fishing. {Visit the Kelly Tarlton Shipwreck Museum, {or the famous Treaty House, where in 1840,{the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. For the{golfer, experience breathtaking views from{each of the nearby course's 18 holes. { 1480{Magnetic Island is a distinctive granite {based island of 5,000 hectares with an {abundance of flora and fauna, palm fringed{beaches, 24km of walking tracks, many {hilltop lookouts and unspoilt National {Parkland. The island offers a nine-hole {golf course, lawn bowls, trail rides, hire{fishing boats, catamaran sailing, hire {vehicles, motor bikes and push bikes. {There is a wide variety of restaurants and{the supermarket is just 5mins walk away. {The resort offers a poolside barbecue, {spa, rooftop sundeck, half-court tennis, {bikes and direct access to the beach {where you can snorkel and use the kayaks. 1482{Just upstream from Fremantle Harbour, the {open sea and the white sandy beaches of {the Indian Ocean, is Pier 21 Resort. Some {units overlook the marina and the Swan {River which is home to thousands of {yachting and boating enthusiasts, gulls {pelicans and black swans. Amid the {landscaped gardens is a swimming pool and {spa and BBQ entertainment area. Tours will{take you on picturesque drives through {historic country side, once roamed by {characters such as bushranger "Moondyne {Joe". { { 1483{Situated on Queensland's Gold Coast, Beach{House Seaside Resort rises 17 stories {above Coolangatta beach. On site, you'll {find a host of bistros, boutiques, and {gift shops. Tofully enjoy the area, the {resort offers equipment for snorkeling, {windsurfing, waterskiing, and fishing. For{a change from the ocean activities, take a{dip in the heated pool, relax poolside at {the barbecue and bar or in the sauna or {spa. Try tennis, squash, a workout {at the gym, or cycling. Within walking {distance, experience the great {restaurants, discos, and nightlife of the {Gold Coast. 1485{Tucked amid lovely gardens in a quiet {corner of Singapore, Garden Hotel provides{a peaceful spot to relax between sight- {seeing and shopping outings in the city. {The central shopping districts of Orchard {Road and Scotts Road are just a few {minutes away-because Singapore is a free {port, there are bargains galore. Swim in {one of the resort's pools, courtyard or {rooftop, or unwind in the sauna after a {busy day. { { { { 1486{Set in lush gardens close by the Hastings {River Broadwater is the Village Resort. {In your private lagoon experience {swimming and water sports of all kinds. {While on the shores, the stylish cabanas {are perfect for relaxing, BBQ's and {enjoying warm tropical nights. To keep {you busy, try out the Omni Pro tennis {courts or the indoor sports complex with {heated pool, saunas, spa, mini gym, lawn {bowls and bicycles to ride. {For more adventure, the resort can {arrange hinterland excursions, deep sea {fishing, winery tours, river cruises, {camel rides and more. 1487{Capri Waters is situated in New South {Wales just across the Murray River bridge {from Yarrawonga, on Lake Mulwala an 11,000{acre freshwater playground. Boating, water{sports and fishing are enjoyed by the many{tourists and club members. Several clubs {in the vicinity offer a variety of {entertainment including poker machines, {golf, bowls and fine dining. Yarrawonga {boasts the largest golf club in Australia {with championship courses. Tours are {available to visit wineries and taste many{of the fine wines produced in the area. {From this region, you can also head for {the snow fields, approx. 2hrs drive away. 1489{An island located a few miles south of St.{Petersburg provides a quiet, subtropical {setting for your vacation at Tierra Verde {Yacht and Tennis Resort. Rent a boat and {navigate area waters, browse through the {shops in nearby Sarasota, or stay at the {resort and enjoy the tennis courts, a {swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and casual {restaurants. Jet Ski and boat rentals are {on site along with several restaurants and{live entertainment. Many public {golf courses are in the area as well. {Local attractions include the Ringling {Museum, Busch Gardens, St. Armand's {Circle, and Salvador Dali Museum. 1490{Enjoy a South American-style beach {vacation at Punta del Este. {Sportsmen can fish, water-ski and boat in {the Atlantic, or take a side trip to Isla {de Lobos, a wildlife preserve that is home{to nearly half a million sea lions. {Shop, see colonial ruins, or wander past {impressive local mansions. { { { { { { { 1493{Enjoy a South American-style beach {vacation at Punta del Este. {Sportsmen can fish, water-ski and boat in {the Atlantic or take a side trip to Isla {de Lobos, a wildlife preserve that is home{to nearly half a million sea lions. {Shop, see colonial ruins, or wander past {impressive local mansions. { { { { { { { 1494{Neuquen is in Argentina's Andine province.{It is bounded by Chile, and located {between the Colorado River in the North, {and the Limay River in the South. It is on{the Andean Peaks' West side. Half of the {Eastern region is an arid plateau due to {the winds coming from the Andean Peaks. {The SW, a region where lakes of glacier {origin are abundant, has been turned in {certain regions into a National Park {because of its beauty and tourist {conditions. { { { 1496{Unforgettable days and nights await you at{Alhambra at Poinciana. This resort offers {you the use of an Olympic-size heated {swimming pool, four lighted tennis {courts, a kiddie playground, and baby {pool. To top it all off, Walt Disney {World(R), Universal Studios, SeaWorld, {and other exciting Orlando-area {attractions are within 45 minutes of the {resort. { { { { { 1497{Set in the antique capital of Texas, {Inverness at New Braunfels provides first-{class accommodations for your vacation. {Water sports can be enjoyed at any of {several lakes in the area, with fishing no{further than the spring-fed river {bordering the resort. Back on land, golf {and tennis can be enjoyed within a mile of{the resort. The rich German heritage of {New Braunfels makes it a most interesting {town to explore, but its close proximity {to San Antonio and Austin provides a great{sight-seeing base. Points of interest {include the Alamo, Sea World, San Jose {Mission, River Walk and Six Flags. 1502{New Orleans offers an eclectic mix of {attractions, and they're all at your {doorstep when you stay at Club La Pension,{located at Canal and Decatur Streets. Caf©{Giovanni is located right at the resort, {or within a short walk, you can be dining {at Antoine's, listening to jazz on Bourbon{Street, wandering along the banks of the {Mississippi, or shopping. Discover {multifaceted New Orleans-part antebellum {graciousness and grandeur, part {uninhibited Mardi Gras spirit, and part {gleaming, modern city on the move. Casino {gambling is nearby. New Orleans offers {something for everyone. 1503{The beach is located just a few blocks {from The Carolina Club. You can head out {to cool waters in a rental boat or slip on{some water skis three miles from the {resort. Ocean fishing is also available. {For a quick swim, head for the resort's {outdoor pool. You'll also find on-site {tennis courts, a games room, and exercise {room. Golf is available nearby for a fee--{the price varies according to the season. {Bicycle rentals are also available. { { { { 1504{Canada House Beach Club is located in {Pompano Beach, a quiet community only 33 {miles from both Miami and Palm Beach. {You'll find water sports galore on the {Atlantic coast, just a short walk from the{resort. This part of Florida abounds with {sight-seeing possibilities, including Fort{Lauderdale's Birch State Park, the Miami {Seaquarium, Vizcaya, and Worth Avenue in {Palm Beach. The evening hours also hold {unlimited opportunities for fine dining {and entertainment. { { { 1509{At a height of 1113 mts, Le Mont D'Arbois {is set in a position overlooking the well {known wintersports town of Megeve in the {Frech Alps. The ski lifts and an 18-hole {golf course are all close by. Onsite {facilities include a restaurant, heated {indoor pool and a children's games room. {Nearby outdoor tennis courts are availble {in the summer. { { { { { { 1510{Newport Bay Club & Hotel, located in the {heart of the wharf district, puts you near{all of Newport's finest attractions. The {resort, just steps from Newport Harbor, is{housed in a restored mill that is listed {on the National Register of Historic {Places. Area waters are great for fishing {and are renowned for sailing. Tennis is {another popular pastime, as Newport is {home to the Tennis Hall of Fame. Golf and {biking can be enjoyed close by. The area {is overflowing with historic homes and {mansions, including Hammersmith Farm and {Belcourt Castle. Museums and art galleries{can also be found nearby. 1511{The resort is surrounded by the White {Mountains National Forest. At the resort's{indoor sports center nearby, you can, for {a fee, enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools,{a full line of exercise equipment, the {sauna, steam bath and whirlpool tub, {golf, indoor or outdoor tennis, racquet- {ball, and squash. Other area activities {include boating and fishing on Corcoran {Pond. In winter, ski on Snow's Mountain {and Mount Tec*mseh, cross-country ski on {more than 100 miles of groomed trails, ice{skate, or take an old-fashioned horse- {drawn sleigh ride. { 1513{Club Delta Mar is located midway between {Fuengirola and Marbella. All the units {have fully equipped kitchens and satellite{television, and are located in attractive {gardens with a swimming pool. { { { { { { { { { { 1514{Ourapraia Aparthotel overlooks the ocean, {close to the popular beach of Praia {da Oura and the bustling town of {Albufeira. On site, there are two pools, a{tennis court, sauna, three bars, nightly {live entertainment, a supermarket, beauty {salon, and a variety of shops. All the {units are air-conditioned and equipped {with satellite television. { { { { { { 1515{Golfing families will appreciate the {excellent position of Sierra Park Club, {just ten minutes away from the {Championship El Paraiso Golf Club, which {offers its facilities to those exchanging {into Sierra Park. Moreover, Sierra Park {is only a short journey from the {sophisticated and lively resort of Puerto {Banus. The Club, which is built in {typical Andalusian style boasts many {leisure facilities and bright, spacious, {comfortable accommodation. A car is {strongly recommended. { { 1516{A tropical paradise awaits you at Pelican {Resort Club. Located on Simpson Bay, the {resort is on the beach and midway between {the island's most popular night spots, {restaurants, and shopping. The resort {features a casino, two restaurants, four {tennis courts, five pools, water sports, a{health spa, shopping arcade, and more. { { { { { { { 1517{Only five minutes from the old city of {Jerusalem, the Timeshare at Jerusalem {Paradise stands close to the government {buildings, with all the many historic and {religious attractions of the city within {easy reach. This modern four star hotel {offers indoor and outdoor pool, tennis {courts and a health club. The Timeshare at{Jerusalem Paradise also has restaurants, {co*cktail bars and coffee shops on-site. { { { { { 1518{Located between Marbella and Fuengirola on{the sunny Mediterranean Sea, this {beachfront resort offers perfect comfort {for everyone, especially sun lovers. The {resort has its own clubhouse and many {other facilities, including crazy golf, a {Turkish bath, sauna, swimming pool, and {snooker table. The many attractions of {this famous vacation area are all within a{short distance of Barratt Leila Playa {Club. { { { { 1519{Kiawah Island is 10,000 acres of rare {semitropical beauty, where 10 miles of {wide Atlantic Ocean beach, maritime {forests, and picturesque marshes are {complemented by an award-winning resort {development. Located 21 miles southeast of{historic Charleston, Kiawah Island is a {self-contained community. The island {offers golfers the choice of four designer{courses, fully equipped tennis clubs, and {Night Heron Park-featuring an Olympic-size{pool, baseball and soccer fields, and 30 {miles of paved trails for cycling. {Shopping, entertainment, and dining are {found throughout the area. 1523{Promising a great getaway, Park Lane Club {is ideal for rest and recreation. Located {in Tenerife's popular Torviscas Area, it {is just a few minutes from bustling Playa {de las Americas. Relax in one of the {swimming pools or enjoy the nightlife in {the nearby discos and nightclubs or the {restaurants and bars near the complex. {This resort is not suitable for those with{walking difficulties. { { { { { 1525{The Harbour Club is located in the relaxed{village of Los Gigantes known for its {famous cliffs, on the southwest coast of {Tenerife. Most of the units enjoy a {spectacular view of the cliffs and the {island of La Gomera. The resort is well {appointed in the centre of the village {close to bars, shops and restaurants. {There is a small sandy beach, lido and {harbour within a short walk. A sports {centre is located nearby with miniature {golf and tennis. { { { 1527{Club Excelsior 2 is situated right in the {heart of the lively holiday resort of {Maspalomas/Playa Del Ingles on the sunny {coast of the island. A quiet resort not {far from restaurants; a shopping-centre {and entertainments. The beach and the {dunes of Maspalomas are a short walk away.{The well-decorated units, each with {balcony or garden terrace are set beside a{large swimming pool. { { { { { 1528{Powderhorn is located on the beautiful {North Slope of the Grand Mesa, the highest{flat-top mountain in the world. For {skiing, the Powderhorn lifts are virtually{at your doorstep. The resort also sponsors{a children's Learn to Ski program. In warm{weather, many lakes offer trout fishing {and other water activities. Mountain bike {rentals and horseback riding are available{at Mesa Lakes Resort, five miles away. {Powderhorn is on the nation's newest {scenic byways. Colorado National Monument {is an hour's drive away, and Glenwood {Springs' natural hot-spring pools are {within a 90-minute drive. 1531{Casitas del Monte offers a secluded {atmosphere where you can relax and unwind,{yet it is within minutes of Palm Springs' {popular attractions. Resort amenities {include an outdoor pool, whirlpool, {gazebo, and sun deck. The resort is only {three blocks from the nearest golf course,{and tennis buffs will find courts just a {mile away. For sight-seeing, take a {horseback ride through the Andreas or {Tahquitz canyons or ride on the Palm {Springs Aerial Tram, which takes you from {the base of Mount San Jacinto to the {mountaintop station, located at an {elevation of 8,520 feet. 1532{Beach House Golf & Racquet Club is {conveniently located near all that makes {Myrtle Beach a perennial vacation {favorite. Golf courses, Broadway at the {Beach, Fantasy Harbour, Barefoot Landing, {marinas, seafood restaurants, and {nightclubs are all within minutes of {the resort. And, of course, the beach is {at your doorstep. In addition to the {beach, you'll find amenities, such as an {outdoor pool and Jacuzzi (covered and {heated during winter months), and exercise{equipment. For sight-seeing, be sure to {visit Brookgreen Gardens and historic {Georgetown. 1533{Situated on the edge of the Bavarian {Forest, this resort is ideal for different{sports all year round. In the summer {months, sightseeing and hiking are {favourites while in winter, cross country {skiing is only a short walk away. The {resort offers a childrens playground, {tennis courts, solarium, Bavarian {restaurant and bicycle rental is also on {site. Other Bavarian specialities include {handcrafts made from glass which are {popular souvenirs. { { { 1534{Between the Karwendel and Wetterstein {ranges, lies the Siesta Ferienclub in the {popular health resort of Scharnitz. There {is a ski lift in the village, which is 6km{away and another 30 locally, as well as a {ski-school, toboggan run and ice rink, {plus the famous cross-country ski tracks {of the Leutasch valley. The comfortable {and relaxing Ferienclub offers apartments {with colour TV and balcony or sun terrace.{ { { { { 1535{Ferienclub Breitenbergerhof in Tscherms is{situated only 3kms away from the popular {town of Merano well know for its healthy {climate. The vineyards and fruit valleys {in the area make it ideal for hikers. In {winter guests can take a bus to the ski {regions of Merano 2000. Facilities at the {resort include restaurant, bar, indoor {pool and sauna. {Breitenbergerhof has an excellent {restaurant, co*cktail bar, hair salon, {sauna, solarium, and pool. The units are {in the Tyrolean style, which is still {retained in this part of northern Italy. { 1536{Ferienclub Schlosslhof is just a short {walk from the centre of Axams, a Tyrolean {mountain village on the edge of the famous{alpine region of Axamer-Lizum. The resort {has a very good restaurant with a sun {terrace. In winter, ski slopes and a lift {are nearby the hotel. After a day of {skiing, you can relax in the pool, sauna, {or solarium. All units are furnished in {Tyrolean style and have a radio and {telephone. { { { { 1537{Ferienclub Tirolensis is an ideal starting{point for excursions into the neighbouring{Dolomites, Merano, Lake Garda, Venice and {Verona. The region is famous for old {castles and palaces, fruit orchards and {vineyards. Numerous on-site facilities {include an indoor pool, heated outdoor {pool, sauna, gym, massage therapy and {solarium. After a day of sports or an {excursion guests can enjoy the relaxing {atmosphere of the resort's restaurant or {bar. { { { 1539{Angel Fire Cabin Share offers the best of {amenities in a scenic, unspoiled mountain {environment. In winter, Angel Fire's ski {slopes offer more than 60 trails and are {blanketed with an average of 140 inches of{powder annually. Lessons, equipment {rental, a youth ski program, and child {care are all offered, and the ski area is {open by the middle of December. In warm {weather, an 18-hole golf course and six {all-weather, tennis courts are available. {Golf pros are on hand for lessons. For an {adventure, go white-water rafting on the {Rio Grande River, about 30 miles away. { 1540{Located 30 miles north of San Diego, the {Lawrence Welk Resort offers a variety of {activities. There are two 18-hole golf {courses (an executive and a par 3) and two{championship courses nearby. There are {four lighted tennis courts, six swimming {pools and eight whirlpools, two exercise {rooms, a lap pool, and a sauna. Also on {site are Mr. W's restaurant, a market, {deli, and a 330-seat live Broadway-style {theater. For sight-seeing, visit the San {Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, SeaWorld, {Disneyland, Mexico, and more. Please call {(888) 802-7469 for theater tickets and {(800) 932-9355 for golf tee times. 1541{Vadella Pueblo is situated at Cala {Vadella, a peaceful area 20kms from the {town of Ibiza. The attractively designed {village is set in a secluded location on {Ibiza's most spectacular coast line, {overlooking a small bay edged with {beautiful, fine sand and the crystal-clear{water of the Mediterranean. Ibiza Town, {only half an hour away, is full of life, {overlooking the harbour, numerous {alleyways leading through the quaint old {streets dotted with craft shops and {fashionable boutiques. San Antonio, also {within easy reach offers a wide choice of {nightlife, restaurants and shops. 1542{From the drama of the cliff divers to the {splendor of ocean sunsets, Acapulco offers{vacation memories to last a lifetime. {Enjoy them all at Playa Dorado Acapulco {Suites. The beach and convention center {are only a block away, and a golf course {is two blocks away. At night, dine and {dance in Acapulco's night spots, only {minutes away. { { { { { { 1544{A location that is a half-mile from the {sparkling sands of Playa del Palmar is but{one feature that makes Ixtapa Palace {Resort an ideal setting for your tropical {escape. Ixtapa's shops and clubs are just {minutes away. On site, you'll find an {activity center with a spa and {racquetball, squash, and tennis courts. {Outside, there is a water slide and three {accessible pools, along with minature golf{and a children's play area. { { { { 1548{With its direct access to a safe beach {which forms a protected bay between a {tidal swimming pool and the sweep of the {golden St. Michaels Beach, this resort is {made for the enjoyment and safety of even {the tiniest family member. Enjoy all the {watersports available in the lagoon, sea {and keen fishermen will find many good {spots for a likely catch. St. Michaels has{its own golf course, swimming pool, {bowling greens and tennis court. Oribi {Gorge is a spectacular sight not to be {missed, only a little drive away. The Wild{Coast Casino is a half-hour's drive for {those in search of some risks and thrills. 1549{The friendly North Coast village of {Ballito has long been popular for the {sandy beaches that fringe its lush coast {line. Marine life abounds in its waters, {with a wealth of mussels and crayfish {among the rocky outcrops. For holiday {makers, Ballito has everything. You can {fish, surf, play tennis or golf, visit {nearby hotels and well-stocked shopping {centres. The resort town of Umdloti and {Umhlanga lie to the south, and a few {kilometres further, the bright lights of {Durban with its beachfront amenities and {swinging city night life. Northwards takes{you to renowned game reserves. 1550{Tucked away in a corner of the foothills {of the Waterberg, only two hours by car {from Johannesburg, lies Mabula Game {Reserve, Timeshare units are situated in {the Mabula Game Reserve,home to a wide {variety of wild animals including several {of the Big 5 and over 300 recorded bird {species. {Mabula offers full hotel facilities to {timeshare guests,including a restaurant, {boma,bars and sporting facilities.There is{a volleyball court at the Modaji Camp. {Live snake demostration is held every Sun {at 12h30.Learn about these fascinating and{often misunderstood creatures. 1556{This unique resort features the authentic {design and decor of the old Southwest, {from handmade adobe bricks to period {antiques. Campanilla Compound is located {three blocks from the main historic area--{a sightseer's mecca for history and art, {including the Cathedral of St. Francis of {Assisi, the Mission of San Miguel of Santa{Fe, the Loretto Chapel, the Fine Arts {Museum, and the Palace of the Governors {museum. Many recreational opportunities, {including golf, tennis, white-water {rafting, horseback riding, and snowskiing {are available within 20 miles. { 1557{Sunshine, tranquility, and a family {atmosphere characterize your vacation at {La Boca Casa by the Ocean, located across {the street from the beach. Close by, {explore downtown Boca Raton; enjoy golf, {tennis, and a variety of water-oriented {activities; or lounge in the sun by the {pool. For sight-seeing, Palm Beach is 25 {miles north, Fort Lauderdale is close by, {and Miami is just an hour's drive away. {South Beach State Park is located directly{across the street from the resort and {offers access to a beautiful beach. { { 1558{Clube Vilarosa is located in Portimao near{Praia da Rocha. In addition to it's two {large outdoor pools, the resort has a club{house with snack bar, disco and games room{In Praia da Rocha, you can take advantage {of the restaurants and nightclubs, or you {can enjoy sampling the day's catch on the {harbour side in Portimao. { { { { { { { 1559{Club La Riviera, located midway between {Fuengirola and Marbella is an attractive {development with gardens and swimming {pool. The units all have Andalusian style {balconies. All of these well furnished {units are equipped with satellite {television and telephone system. { { { { { { { { 1561{This resort offers swimming pools, tennis {courts, an aerobics studio, and {restaurants that serve international {cuisine. Beautiful white-sand beaches are {only two miles away. Sight-seeing, {attractions include the Toba Aquarium, {Pearl Island, and the Grand Shrine of {Ise. { { { { { { { 1562{Conveniently located for both business and{sight-seeing, the resort is situated near {the bullet train in Kobe. The resort is {the perfect home base as you explore the {many attractions of Kobe, a seaport city {with an exotic atmosphere. Shop, sightsee,{and end the day savoring the famous {million-dollar view of the nighttime {skyline from a rooftop restaurant. { { { { { { 1563{Estoril Eden is located in a prime {position overlooking the ocean at Monte {Estoril. All the facilities of this {famous resort are close at hand and guests{can play golf on local courses. {The accommodation is air-conditioned, {comfortably furnished and well equipped {including satellite TV. On site {amenities include: bars, disco-bar, {whirlpool, sauna, solarium and indoor and {outdoor swimming pool. { { { { 1564{Club Parque Mesa del Mar is located on the{northern coast midway between Puerto de la{Cruz and Santa Cruz, in an area known as {the vineyard of Tenerife. The resort is {arranged in terraces interspersed with {gardens, and it has spectacular ocean {views. There is a large heated swimming {pool and sun deck, garden chess, table {tennis, and a tennis court. A car would be{useful to enjoy the many attractions of {this vacation island, but there is a {shuttle bus and organized excursions on {site. This resort is not suitable for {those with walking difficulties. { 1566{West Oaks invites you to enjoy luxurious {living on West Lake Okoboji. The lake has {been ranked by the National Geographic {Society as one of the world's top three {lakes in size and beauty. Reaching a depth{of 140 feet, this spring-fed lake is so {pure you can actually drink from it. Here,{you'll find unlimited water activities. At{the resort, enjoy the two outdoor pools, {the indoor pool, and more. Five 18-hole {golf courses are in the area, one as close{as five blocks. In winter, there is {cross-country skiing on site, and the {downhill slopes of Riverside Hills are {only 17 miles away. 1567{Chalet High North is set within the {well-known Bryce Resort community, where {you'll have access to amenities ranging {from an 18-hole golf course to downhill {ski slopes. In summer, enjoy tennis, {miniature golf, swimming, wind surfing, {paddleboating, horseback riding, fishing, {and grass skiing. Winter offers you four {downhill ski slopes only a mile away for {both Alpine skiing and snowboarding {enthusiasts. You'll want to take time out {to enjoy the region's sight-seeing {attractions, including the Shenandoah {Caverns, Shenandoah Vineyard, and the {Skyline Drive. 1568{The resort is located in an area of {tropical beauty, sparkling blue waters, {and colorful vegetation atop impressive {mountains. Golfers will enjoy the 18-hole {Robert Trent Jones course. Club on the {Green also offers seven tennis courts. For{sight-seeing, visit Fort San Felipe, the {oldest fort in the New World (completed in{1577). Taste-test Caribbean rum at the {Brugal Rum distillery or take a horseback {riding tour through the hills and {sugarcane fields. { { { 1569{The elegant Madeira Regency Club is {situated on the sea front with direct {access to the balmy waters of the {atlantic. Just 10 minutes walk from the {bustling centre of Funchal, capital of {Madeira - The Floating Garden. There are {historic buildings, churches and plenty of{entertainment within easy reach. Club {amenities include lounge bar, main {restaurant, pool restaurant, sauna, squash{court and large sea water swimming pool. { { { { 1570{Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by {incredible vegetation. The city, divided {by the Cuale River, has streets that rise {up to the summit of hills; at its sides, {red roof houses and modern hotels stand {out. In Puerto Vallarta, the Costa Alegre {starts where the majesty of the sea, the {beauty of its beaches, exotic greenery, {and rivers flowing into the ocean are {breathtaking. { { { { { 1573{Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern {tip of the Baja Peninsula, is well known {for its dry, tropical climate. {A vacationer's paradise, sport fishing for{merline, sailfish and swordfish in the {waters of the Baja Peninsula is very {popular. {Beautiful scenery abounds as nearby {mountains continue into the Peninsula, {narrowing at its end to form a magnificent{natural stone arch, carved from the {beating of the waves over the centuries. { { { 1574{Seacastles Resort is located in the town {of Ogunquit, a quaint coastal village in {southern Maine, just a little over an hour{north of Boston. The resort is located a {short walk from Ogunquit's spectacular {beach, two blocks from the town center, {and directly across from the Marginal Way,{a beautiful one-mile walkway along the {rocky cliffs of Ogunquit. Nearby is {Perkins Cove, an area offering shops, {restaurants, galleries, deep-sea charters,{and more. You'll find golf only 10 miles {away and tennis nearby. After a day spent {enjoying the area, return to the resort to{relax in the indoor pool or hot tub. 1575{Holiday Vacation Condominiums is centrally{located to all of the Cape's wonderful {attractions. The indoor pool provides {year-round swimming. During the warmer {months, relax by the resort's new outdoor {pool. In nearby Hyannis, from July through{Labor Day, you can see {theater-in-the-round at the Melody Tent or{take a harbor tour that offers a view of {the Kennedy family's summer home. {Whale-watching tours are popular from {early April through late October. Shops {and restaurants are nearby. { { 1579{Sciota Village at Big Valley invites you {to enjoy family fun in the scenic Pocono {Mountains. Located in east central {Pennsylvania, this resort lies in a region{known for its many sight-seeing {attractions and recreational facilities. {Summer visitors can choose from golfing, {horseback riding, and trout fishing, all {within five miles. Clubhouse activities, {tennis courts, nature trails, and an {outdoor pool are on site. Winter brings {skiing to the area, and a very popular ski{resort, Camelback Mountain, is only 10 {miles away. Area attractions include {Bushkill Falls and the Delaware River. 1580{Known for its superb golf course designed {by Robert Trent Jones Jr., Princeville has{become one of Hawaii's most widely {acclaimed resort developments. You'll find{the Makai course, comprised of three {nine-hole layouts, nearby. After a round {on the links, enjoy many amenities at the {Princeville Spa and Health Club, including{aerobics and a lap pool. The eight-court {Princeville Tennis Club is just a short {stroll away. Of course, the opportunities {for aquatic sports are limitless, with the{Pacific Ocean, famous Hanalei Bay, and {many different beaches within two miles. { 1583{Residenza Bouganville is situated in the {sought-after area of Porto Rotondo, near {the famous Costa Smeralda and close to an {attractive yacht marina. The lively towns {of the north coast, the secluded bays, and{the unspoiled mountains of the interior {are well-worth exploring. The resort is {located in gardens by the sandy beach. {There are facilities for tennis and a {swimming pool in the area, and there is a {restaurant on site. { { { { 1584{The R©sidence is set high in the Savoie {Alps, in one of France's most chic {mountain resorts. In winter, 530km of {prepared pistes and 100 lifts provide a {paradise for skiers. In summer there is {skiing on the glacier, tennis, mountain {biking and walking. The resort is built {in traditional chalet style, in the centre{of the village and close to the ski lifts.{Units are furnished in alpine style, with {south facing balconies. { { { { 1585{Moness Country Club is situated in a {35-acre wooded estate, half a mile from {the town of Aberfeldy. On site there is a {small hotel and restaurant. The leisure {complex comprises indoor pool, squash {court, steam room, children's room and a {good snack-bar. Shooting, fishing, and {golf can be arranged. This is a family {resort - ideal as a touring base, well {suited to the golfer and outdoor {enthusiasts. { { { { 1588{Las Olas Beach Club of Cocoa Beach is set {on a barrier island in the Atlantic Ocean,{about 50 miles southeast ofOrlando. {Enjoy the beach, heated outdoor {pool, spa, and poolside barbecue grills. {Tennis courts are nearby, and many fine {golf courses are within an easy driving {distance. Visit Kennedy Space Center, 15 {miles away, or take in Orlando, about one {hour away. Stay close to the resort and {participate in planned weekly activities, {such as potluck cookouts, karaoke parties,{sand-sculpture contests, and more. This {family-operated resort offers an {enjoyable stay. 1589{The sun and sea of Manzanillo combine the {deluxe amenities of Manzanillo Tenisol {Club to make a perfect vacation. The beach{and ocean lie just a block away, promising{golden days of sunbathing and water {sports. The resort has a pool on-site. { { { { { { { { { 1590{High above Lake Iseo in the mountains {north east of Bergamo, lies Montecampione.{There are two separate areas, Le Baite di {Alpiaz (1800m) and La Splaza (1200m). In {winter there are 60kms of excellent ski {slopes right on the doorstep. The resort {offers many leisure facilities including {discos, pizzerias, bars, restaurants and {shops. A car is essential here. { { { { { { 1592{Situated between the lively tourist towns {of Fuengirola and Benalmdena, Mi Jardin {forms a quiet resort in a hilly location. {There is an excellent choice of shops, {restaurants, and markets in Fuengirola and{Benalmdena. The Tivoli World Amusem*nt {Park and two water parks are within easy {reach. Renting a car is essential to fully{enjoy the area as public transport is very{limited from the resort area. { { { { { 1595{Vila Magna-Albufeira Jardim is in an ideal{location for a quiet vacation above the {town of Albufeira. The town has markets, {shops, and a wide choice of nightlife and {bars. On site, there are swimming pools {and a restaurant offering international {and Portuguese cuisine. The apartments are{furnished in typical portuguese style and {and have either a balcony or a terrace. A {car would be an advantage, although a {shuttle bus runs to the town and the {beach. { { { 1596{Club Vistaflor is located on the South {Coast of Gran Canaria, in Maspalomas, less{than 2kms from an attractive sand-dune {beach. The resort is ideal for golfers as{it is set near to the local golf links. A{local bus service operates to the beach {and the centre of Playa del Ingles where {there is a good range of restaurants and {nightlife. On-site is a swimming pool, {sun terrace and a pool-bar. Tennis, {squash, gym, sauna and supermarket are {nearby. { { { 1597{Located on its own private island, just {off the coast of St. Croix, Hotel on the {Cay is perfect for those in search of sun,{sea, and relaxation. A ferryboat makes {regular trips between the resort and {Christiansted from early morning to late {evening. Wave Runners, Jet Skis, and {equipment for parasailing, windsurfing, {and snorkeling can be rented on site. {Scuba diving and deep-sea fishing are {excellent and available in area waters. {Half and full-day excursions to the {Underwater National Park are available. {For onshore fun, the resort has a huge {stretch of white-sand beach. 1598{Situated atop Camelot Mountain, Crown {Point Condominiums looks out on a scenic {mountain panorama. On site, you can enjoy {the indoor pool, exercise and video games {room, tennis court, hot tub, and {racquetball court. A short drive away is {summer horse racing at Ruidoso Downs. {Hiking, horseback riding, and fishing are {also close by. In winter, Ski Apache is {located about 23 miles away and boasts a {top elevation of 11,400 feet and a {vertical drop of 1,700 feet. Enjoy full {casino gambling at the Apache Reservation,{or browse for gifts, art, and antiques in {Ruidoso's many shops. 1599{Harbourside III, located in Palmetto Dunes{Plantation, offers a superb Hilton Head {vacation home located just moments from {the island's best attractions. The marina {offers boating, deep-sea fishing, {waterskiing, and scuba diving--all via {chartered boat. An outdoor swimming pool, {sauna, and steam room are also on site, in{addition to restaurants that serve a {complete list of continental cuisine for {you to savor. Within a close distance are {several golf courses, horse stables, {health clubs, and racquetball courts. { { 1600{Sun, surf, and tropical breezes await you {at Finisterra Club & Resort. Enjoy the {on-site exercise room, pool, and tennis {courts. In the evenings, dine in Cabo San {Lucas, then take a boat trip to the arch {that marks the spot where the Pacific {Ocean and the Gulf of California meet. { { { { { { { { 1602{Across the street from the beach in {Durban's revamped Addington area, {Silversands offers casual, comfortable, {self-catering apartments - some with {spectacular sea views - for the on-the-go {holidaymaker. Close to all the {attractions of the Golden Mile, there's {ample to keep you occupied both day and {night, with babysitters on hand to keep {the little ones safe during adult outings.{Laundry facilities are provided on site. { { { { 1604{Club Hotel Viking is situated near the {attractive village of Senhora da Rocha, {close to the Atlantic Ocean and a {beautiful, sandy beach. The units form {part of Hotel Viking, with on-site {facilities including a restaurant, disco {in high season, shop, and a co*cktail bar. {Perfect for a quiet vacation, the many {attractions of the Algarve are within a {short distance. { { { { { 1605{Overlooking a sea-water lagoon within the {estate of Quinta do Lago are the {attractively designed apartments of Quinta{do Lago Country Club. The far shore of {the lagoon has been set aside as a nature {reserve and beyond are the sand beaches {and sea. On-site there are leisure {facilities including tennis and swimming {pool. 72 holes of championship golf are {also available within the Quinta Do Lago {estate. A car is essential for this area. { { { { 1607{These apartments are located on the {water's edge. Each apartment has views {over the estuary to the beaches and {headlands opposite. The apartments benefit{from the full range of facilities of the {Marine Hotel, in whose grounds they stand,{including its own mooring for boats up to {14 feet. In summer there are colourful {sailing regattas on the estuary. There {are no "organised" activities although {most watersports are available and the {quiet old world charm of Salcombe and the {surrounding countryside wait to be {explored. A car is essential. { 1608{Club Olympus at Garden City is situated {amid a peaceful floral setting, just a few{minutes from the lively tourist centre of {Playa de las Americas. On site there is a {poolside bar and restaurant, clubhouse, {supermarket, heated swimming pool, laundry{and sunbathing terraces. { {The casino and marina are close by and the{Octopus Theme Park is only five minutes {away. Many of the attractive units have {large balconies. { { { 1609{Some 200kms from Athens, via the {spectacular Corinth canal, lies the beach {front resort of Porto Rio. The nearby {major town of Patras is a busy port with {ferry services to Italy and the Ionion {islands. Here too, you are within reach of{the major archeological sites of Olympia, {Delphi, Sparta, Mycenae and Epidavros. At {the resort there is a wide range of {entertainment and leisure facilities. { { { { { 1610{Set in the historic gardens of Taymouth {Castle, on the shores of Loch Tay, these {detached houses have been designed to {blend with the 18th century architecture {of Kenmore Village but contain every {modern convenience. The Club has a small {Pavilion with indoor pool, at the water's {edge. In the area you can enjoy salmon {fishing, golf, sailing and innumerable {watersports and wonderful walks amongst {the awe-inspiring Scottish Highlands. { { { { 1611{Strategically located midway between the {towns of Fuengirola and Marbella the {resort of Club Playa Vista at Torre Oceano{is ideally located for those who wish to {explore the many attractions in the area, {which are all within easy reach by car. {Adult and children's pools are available {on site as well as a children's play area.{All guests staying at a Club Playa Vista {resort have use of the Aztec Country Club {reached by free shuttle service, whose {facilities include tennis, badminton, {paddle tennis, sauna, jacuzzi and outdoor {pool. { 1612{Get away from it all at this beautiful {mountain resort. All units boast a seaside{view. You can relax in the swimming pool {or play tennis on one of four courts. { { { { { { { { { { { 1613{Bryan's Spanish Cove is nestled against {450-acre Lake Bryan and can provide you {with great opportunities for boating fun. {Other sporting activities within five {miles include tennis, golf, and horseback {riding. Of course, you're central to {Orlando's seemingly endless list of {attractions, including Walt Disney {World(R), Sea World, Wet 'N Wild and Water{Mania water parks. Orlando also provides {easy access to Daytona, the Kennedy Space {Center, Busch Gardens, Cypress Gardens, {and Silver Springs. { { 1617{With Rocky Mountain National Park at your {doorstep, a full range of recreational {activities within minutes, and an elegant {home base from which to enjoy it all, {Golden Eagle Resort offers the perfect {vacation destination. Located just outside{of Estes Park, the resort boasts an {outdoor pool, a whirlpool, and gorgeous {mountain views. Close by are miles of {hiking and horseback riding trails as well{as rivers and streams for fishing and {canoeing. Golf courses and tennis courts {are also within a short drive. Limited {stakes casino gambling is available in {Central City, about 40 miles away. 1619{The Ocean Towers Beach Club, located in {Florida's Panhandle, is part of the {100-mile Miracle Strip, so named for its {white-sand beaches. In addition to the {beautiful beach, the resort offers a {heated outdoor pool, sauna, and weight {room. Most water sports, golf, and tennis {are within a few miles of the resort. {Big-game fishing is especially popular in {this area. Panama City Beach offers an {array of shopping, dining, and {entertainment choices. Nearby attractions {include St. Andrews State Recreation Area,{Shipwreck Island, and Miracle Strip {Amusem*nt Park. 1623{Let The quarters at Marlin Cove be your {host as you enjoy the sights and sounds of{Ocean City. With the Atlantic just two {blocks away, you'll have access to an {endless array of water-sport diversions: {Deep-sea fishing charter boat operators {located at the Talbot Street Pier are {available to arrange your expedition. {Spend an afternoon at the Boardwalk, which{is lined with quaint shops, galleries, and{arcades. Or, take a trip to Frontier Town,{four miles away. The town re-creates the {West through staged holdups, street {fights, and can-can shows. { 1624{At Villas of Ocean Pines, you'll find {excellent facilities for family {recreation. You can play golf on an 18- {hole PGA course, complete with a pro shop,{driving range, and practice putting green.{Swim in one of four outdoor swimming pools{(open May 31 through Sept. 30), play {tennis on one of 18 championship tennis {courts (four with Har-Tru surfaces), fish,{sail, hike, or visit one of many antiques {shops in the area. The Atlantic Ocean is {only 10 miles away and is easily {accessible via the Ocean City Inlet. { { 1625{Powdery white-sand beaches, Caribbean blue{water, shops, restaurants, and different {nightclubs--this is Cancun. The Sunshine {Club at Tucancun Beach Resort & Villas {welcomes you to this sunny playground with{a beachfront location. All club units have{an ocean view. { { { { { { { { 1627{Mark IX Condominiums is located less than {a mile from Main Street in Breckenridge. {The small complex of nine units is in a {quiet residential community. For winter {excitement, Breckenridge's slopes are less{than two miles from the resort. You'll {also find Arapahoe Basin, Copper Mountain,{and Keystone ski areas within 15 miles. In{summer, Lake Dillon, where you can fish, {sail, and windsurf, is seven miles away. {The Genuine Jazz and month-long Bach, {Beethoven and Breckenridge music festivals{in July and the Breckenridge film festival{in mid-September are popular annual {events. 1630{Pant Glas Hall was built in a secluded {dell in Carmarthenshire, in the mid 19th {Century. After being destroyed by fire, {it was demolished to leave a tower which {is still part of the beautiful 42-acre {resort offering Scandinavian style lodges.{On site there is an indoor heated pool, {whirlpool, bar, restaurant, snooker, {saunas, solarium, table tennis, gym, games{room, tennis courts, barbeque, children's {playground, shop and a video library. { { { { 1632{Renegade Resort offers you a beautiful {view overlooking the Cumberland Plateau. {In summer, fish in one of several stocked {lakes. Swim in the outdoor pool, which is {open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, {or play a set of tennis (must bring your {own equipment). Plan a trip to nearby {Gatlinburg, only two hours away, or {Nashville, less than two hours away. { { { { { { 1634{The Village at Breckenridge offers indoor {and outdoor pools and saunas, an exercise {room, three restaurants, and a pub. The {Breckenridge ski area, located in the {Arapaho National Forest, boasts more than {100 ski runs. Among summer pastimes are {the challenging 18-hole Jack Nicklaus golf{course, tennis, swimming, fishing, hiking,{sailing, and windsurfing. The 2,600-foot {alpine slide adds more fun to your summer {day. Rent a mountain bike and ride on one {of the many trails found throughout the {area. { { 1635{In the heart of the Kiwifruit coast is Sun{Pacific Villas. Being in the Bay of {Plenty, the resort is strategically {located for the areas blend of natural {beauty and history. Sun Pacific Villas {is located on one of New Zealand's most {popular surf beaches and is a pleasant {drive to Rotorua and Taupo, where {there are thermal attractions and {excellent golf courses. At the Mount {enjoy deep sea fishing, diving, all water {sports and golfing. At Sun Pacific Villas {you'llfind a variety of leisure and {recreational activities. { 1636{Nestling on the edge of Lake Windermere {the resort comprises lakeland style {cottages with most balconies overlooking a{picturesque yachting marina. All {residents have full use of the Spinnaker {Club which has a waterside terrace, {bistro, swimming pool, spas, sauna, steam {room, children's pool, exercise equipment {and games room. On the lake shore there {is a private picnic and barbeque area. {Various outdoor and water sports {available. { { { 1637{Banff Rocky Mountain resort is located in {a spectacular setting within Banff {National Park. The resort features a {fitness club with exercise equipment, {squash, indoor pool, indoor/outdoor hot {tubs and restaurants. Winter offers {downhill skiing at Sunshine Village, Mount{Norquay, and Lake Louise; cross-country {skiing in Banff National Park; heli-skiing{in the Bugaboos; and sleigh rides. Summer {offers heli-hiking, area hot springs, {fishing, golf, horseback riding and {boating. To top it all a myraid of shops {and restaurants await visitors in the town{of Banff. 1638{Tucked along the shores of Cape Cod, The {Ocean Club on Smuggler's Beach is a {beautiful vacation spot for the entire {family. Laze away summer days on the beach{or simply enjoy the Cape Cod scenery. A {videocasette library, hot tubs, a sauna, {and exercise equipment are available to {enjoy on site. Guests will love the {resort's indoor/outdoor pool, located {directly on the beach. Your cozy vacation {home has a nautical theme lending to your {Cape Cod experience. There are many unique{shops and restaurants a short drive away. { { 1639{Rockridge I & II is located three miles {from Breckenridge's Main Street. {Warm-weather recreation {for the area includes tennis, golf, {hiking, horseback riding, sailing, and {fishing. Winter offers more than 100 {different ski runs within a 20-mile {radius. Cross-country skiing is also {available. { { { { { { 1640{Smuggler's Cove Resort West is located on {beautiful Yaquina Bay's fishing harbor in {Newport, Oregon. Watch the commercial {fishing boats travel out to sea or go {charter fishing on the ocean. Whale- {watching trips are available during {migration season. Along the historic bay- {front, browse the quaint shops, cafes, and{galleries. Across the bridge is the {Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield {Marine Research Center. Explore tide {pools and state parks. The rugged Oregon {beaches are among the most beautiful on {the West Coast and offer some of the {world's most spectacular sunsets. 1641{From the base of Mount Yatsugatake, you {can view spectacular mountain peaks, {forests, and lakes. The white birch trees {and the exotic scent of alpine flora make {this a very European setting. Nearby, {visit the souvenir and coffee shops in the{highland town of Kiyosato. { { { { { { { { 1642{This resort is set on a graceful plateau {on the Izu Peninsula. A Mecca for sports, {the area offers all the comforts of a {four-season resort location. Local museums{and churches lend a romantic atmosphere. {On-site amenities include a swimming pool,{croquet, and a restaurant featuring an {international menu. { { { { { { { 1643{The mountain village of Sestriere is {situated high in the Piedmont Alps, {Grangesises is located about 2 miles from {the town centre. The ski slopes of the {Milky Way offer skiing suitable for all {levels (Sestriere is on the World cup ski {circuit). In the summer, fishing, {climbing, and golf are just some of the {activities available. Units are built in {mountain-village style with wood {furnishings, and all have TV. For {information about the opening of Ski lifts{during April contact The Resort or Tourist{Information on 0039 0122 755444 or Fax {0039 0122 755171 1644{Beside the Adriatic sea in the heart of {the unspoilt Gargano region of southern {Italy, I Delfini offers a holiday which is{very local in character. Vineyards, {picturesque fishing villages and sleepy {towns beg to be explored. The resort is {in a quiet setting on a private, pebbly {beach between the villages of Vieste (with{Pizzerias, Restaurants, discos and pubs) {and Pugnochiuso. On-site, and nearby, {facilities include a boutique, restaurant,{bar, football pitch and watersports. { { { 1645{Experience a tradition of excellence at {Massanutten's Shenandoah Villas. With {Virginia's only quad chairlift and a {vertical drop from 795 to 1,110 feet, the {resort offers a thrilling challenge for {downhill skiers and snowboarders. Also on {site, enjoy two extensive sports complexes{with an indoor pool, gymnasium, racquet- {ball courts, exercise equipment, steam {room, sauna, massage services, and child- {ren's programs. In summer, enjoy the out- {door pools and tennis courts and mountain {biking. A golf pro shop offers an 18-hole,{PGA-rated or nine-hole executive course, {putting green, and driving range. 1646{Golf Colony Resort at Deer Track is part {of the renowned Deerfield Plantation, home{of Deer Track Golf and Country Club. As a {resort guest, you'll have full use of all {country-club facilities. In addition to {the two first-class, 18-hole golf courses,{Deerfield Plantation offers two lighted {tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a {whirlpool. A mile away is a beautiful, {white ocean beach that's just made for {lazy days of sunbathing. Children will {especially enjoy the Myrtle Beach {Pavilion, a beachfront boardwalk lined {with arcades and amusem*nt parks. { 1648{In the heart of England's Lake District {lies Burnside Park Owners Club, nestling {on the edge of Lake Windermere beside the {well-known Burnside Hotel. The town of {Bowness, a few minutes' walk away, offers {a wide choice of restaurants and craft {shops. The Burnside Hotel offers a {restaurant and co*cktail lounge and an {extensive indoor leisure complex. { { { { { { 1649{The 16th century Villa Corner and its {surrounding park, are situated in the {heart of the Veneto region just 36 kms {from Venice. Le Barchesse, attached to {the Villa, has been converted into several{tastefully appointed apartments. All {within close proximity to Venice. Guests {of Le Barchesse will appreciate their {holiday in the quiet countryside of {Treviso. { { { { { 1652{The Gold Coast never looked better than it{does from your Dolphin Beach Club {condominium. On site, you'll find a {swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool, and {shuffleboard court. Offshore, you can {enjoy water sports, such as fishing, scuba{diving, surfing, boating, and skiing. {Golf, tennis, and racquetball are also {available close by. Sightseers will want {to take in Ponce Inlet, the planetarium, {the Ocean Civic Center, and the Museum of {Arts and Sciences. In addition, {Marineland, Kennedy Space Center, Walt {Disney World(R), and all the other sights {of Orlando are within an hour's drive. 1654{Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, {Berkshire by the Sea's Delray Beach {location gives you easy access to nearby {West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Just {steps away from the beach, the resort puts{you in the midst of popular ocean sports, {including surfing, windsurfing, and {swimming. The town of Delray Beach has a {long list of leisure attractions, as well {as charming Atlantic Avenue, known for its{many art galleries, restaurants, and {quaint shops. The Loxahatchee Wildlife {Refuge for endangered species and the {140-acre Morikami Museum of Japanese {Culture are close by. 1657{Shenandoah Crossing Resort & Country Club {is located approximately 30 miles {northeast of Charlottesville and 107 miles{southwest of Washington, D.C. The focal {point of the resort is the large manor {house built in the style of Colonial {Virginia. Surrounding the manor house are {amenities, such as two outdoor pools, two {lighted tennis courts, a restaurant, an {18-hole championship golf course, a mile- {long lake for fishing, and an equestrian {center. Nestled among the wooded area of {the property are log cabin accommodations {and a 47-room lodge. { 1658{Superbly situated on a hill overlooking {the Urbanizacion Torviscas and the sea, {The Regency Club Tenerife is an ideal {location from which to enjoy a stay on the{island. For those looking for a lively {vacation, the centre of Playa de las {Americas is just a short distance away. {The resort offers a high standard of {accommodations set admist attractive {gardens and sun terraces. The Regency Club{is situated close to the Aquapark which {can be enjoyed by all members of the {family. { { 1660{The Tindaya apartments are situated on the{western side of Puerto Rico between the {beach and the commercial shopping centre. {It boasts a breathtaking view of the bay {and the valley. The superb shopping {centre provides everything you would ever {need at duty-free prices. Within the {apartment complex is a swimming pool, and {a mexican restaurant and there is an {excellent restaurant nearby. An 18-hole {golf course is just 20 minutes drive away.{Not suitable for those with walking {difficulties. { { 1661{For decades, holidaymakers have known and {loved the charming sub-tropical seaside {town of Scottburgh, only half-an-hour from{Durban. An expanse of green lawns {overlooks the main bathing beach with safe{swimming for all the family. The Blue {Marlin Hotel, which overlooks this beach, {is situated in a large sheltered garden {where you can relax under tropical palm {trees or join in the entertainment {provided. { { { { 1662{Relax in comfort at this exclusive self {catering resort situated between Illovo {Beach and the Umzimbazi River, and only {100m from the shark protected beach. {Facilities include squash courts, saunas, {full sized snooker table, table tennis, {pool, video games, 18 hole miniature golf,{two swimming pools, trampolines, {laundromat, take away restaurant and kiosk{at the pool. A twenty minute drive takes {you to Durban and a ninety minute drive to{the dazzling Wild Coast. { { { 1667{The resort is situated in the Eifel region{of Germany, less than 40 miles from {Cologne, Bonn, and Aachen. The attractive {town of Gemõnd offers health treatments, {and an outdoor pool. In the area you can {visit the amusem*nt park of Phantasialand,{lakes, and forests. The Rhineland, with {its castles and wine-growing areas, is {also within easy reach by car. The units {are spacious and furnished in local style.{ { { { { 1668{Club Casablanca is situated in the {fashionable La Paz district of Puerto de {la Cruz on the northwest coast of {Tenerife. The club is within easy reach of{the town's attractions, such as the {beautiful seafront and lido, restaurants, {shops, and a wide choice of entertainment.{On-site amenities include a swimming pool {with children's section, shops, a games {room, snackbar and the first bowling green{on the island. Nearby are a sauna, gym {and squash court. Each unit has a {telephone and satellite television. This {resort is not suitable for those with {walking difficulties as it is on a hill. 1669{Puntepiedra is located in the quaint town {of Covenas on the beautiful Caribbean {coast of Colombia. Daytime diversions on {your South American vacation include {swimming and tennis, as well as an endless{array of water sports. After hours, you {can sample Colombian cuisine or relax in {your condominium. Cartagena, four hours {away, is a must-see attraction. { { { { { { 1670{Jaco Beach Hotel & Club is set amid lush {tropical vegetation, seasoned with a hint {of Latin ambience. Stroll through the {gardens, play along the beach, rent a {moped and explore the countryside, or try {your luck at the nearby casinos. { { { { { { { { { 1673{Just north of Miami and located on the {beach, the Hollywood Beach Hotel offers {ample opportunity to take advantage of the{activities and attractions of the Gold {Coast. Swim along the resort's coastline {or in the large outdoor pool. Close by, {you can play golf and tennis. You may also{charter a boat for deep-sea fishing. Jai {alai and horse racing are popular {spectator sports in the area. Be sure to {visit the attractions of Miami, Fort {Lauderdale, and Boca Raton, where you'll {also find great shopping, fine dining, and{live entertainment. { 1674{Families will love Lochanhully,just 10 km {from Aviemore, Britain's well-known ski {resort and year-round holiday centre. {Lochanhully is the perfect place for those{who want to get away from it all in {simple, compact chalet style {accommodation. In the grounds, as well as {bird watching and fishing, there are {tennis courts and an all-year dry ski- {slope with tow. Indoors, there is a small {pool, sauna, solarium, steam room and {games room and snack bar. { { { 1675{The bright lights and fast pace of Las {Vegas await you at the Royal Aloha Vegas/ {RAVC. Within a block, you'll find casinos,{restaurants, and live entertainment. {During the day, play a round of golf or a {game of tennis at facilities you'll find a{mile from the resort. Lake Mead, 36 miles {away, has all you need to enjoy most water{activities. The Hoover Dam, Red Rock {Canyon, and Death Valley are some {attractions you may want to see before {heading out for a night on the town. If {shopping strikes your fancy, there are {several malls located about a mile from {the resort. 1676{Year-round vacation fun awaits you at the {Royal Aloha Tahoe/RAVC. In winter, try the{slopes of Heavenly Valley Ski Resort just {a few blocks away. Cross-country ski {trails are 10 miles from the resort. In {the summer, Lake Tahoe draws sunseekers. {You can stretch out on the beach, go {waterskiing or scuba diving, rent boats, {or try fishing. Play a round of golf or {practice your stroke on the putting green {at the course four miles away. After a day{of fun in the sun or snow, visit the area {casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs-all {only four miles from the resort. { 1677{Located on the famous Kona Coast of the {Big Island of Hawaii, the Royal Aloha {Keauhou-Kona Surf and Racquet Club is your{base for a beautiful tropical vacation. {Close to everything, the resort includes {an extensive recreation area featuring {tennis courts, a large swimming pool, and {a clubhouse. Experience the thrills of {deep-sea fishing, surfing, snorkeling, or {scuba diving only a 10-minute drive away. {If you're ready for golf, a course awaits {you just a mile away. If you seek {nightlife, clubs featuring live {entertainment are a half-mile away. { 1678{From your private lanai at the Royal Aloha{Village by the Sea/RAVC, you can watch {gorgeous sunsets or just enjoy a quiet {breakfast. The resort provides you with a {putting green, Jacuzzi, and swimming pool.{Within 10 miles of the resort, you can {participate in a variety of activities, {such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving,{hiking, golfing, tennis, or horseback {riding. Sight-seeing awaits you in Maui. {Several tour companies can take you by {bus, boat, or bicycle through the {highlights of the island. { { 1679{You can keep busy every day of your stay {at Royal Aloha Butterfield/RAVC-cooling {off with a dip in the pool or relaxing in {the whirlpool. A few blocks away, you'll {find tennis courts, a park, picnic areas {with barbecue grills, a playground, golf {course, and putting green. In Phoenix, {just a little more than a half-hour's {drive away, visit the Heard Museum, which {boasts a marvelous collection of American {Indian arts and artifacts. Or stop by the {Desert Botanical Garden with its thousands{of different cacti. { { 1680{Golden rays of sunshine and cool Gulf {breezes set the mood at Bonita Resort and {Club. With the Gulf of Mexico and miles of{sandy beach a short distance from your {vacation home, a host of water activities {is close at hand. On site, you can swim, {fish, boat, ride bicycles, or relax in the{whirlpool. Pontoon boats are available for{guest use on site, with only the cost of {gas being charged. For an interesting {side trip, Thomas Edison's winter home is{within 30 miles. The Fort Myers greyhound{dog racing track is eight miles from the {resort. { 1681{Marina Cay is located on the shore of {Flathead Lake, one of the largest {freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi. {Here, you can lie on the beach, water-ski,{swim, sail, or fish. Other summertime {activities include white-water rafting, {tennis, and golf on an 18-hole course {designed by Bill Hull. Don't miss the fine{dining, theater, art galleries, and {festivals in the area. In the winter, {enjoy downhill skiing on Big Mountain, 40 {miles away. Be sure to take time for area {attractions, including Glacier National {Park. { 1682{The Sand Castle Beach Resort is located on{the outskirts of Sosua, a city steeped in {European tradition and the Spanish {influence native to the Dominican {Republic. At the resort, play a set of {tennis, or just relax by one of two {free-form pools. At night, enjoy dancing {in the disco, or a nightclub review. Just {yards away, the surf beckons you, offering{scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, and{fishing. Excellent golfing is just 15 {miles away. Watch the sun set from one of {the resort's five restaurants. A shuttle {service runs several times a day to the {town of Sosua and Sosua Beach. 1685{The Galway Bay Cottages are located in the{picturesque village of Barna, some 5 kms {from the centre of Galway Town. The {beauty of the area is legendary - it is {one of the few unspoilt areas of Europe. {Within a few minutes' drive, you will find{several restaurants, shops and bars - a {car is advisable, but with good public {transport not essential. The cottages have{traditional open fires and are furnished {in the local style. Barna offers peace and{quiet to the visitor who wants to tour the{area and use the cottages as a base. { { 1689{Flower-filled gardens, a gourmet {restaurant, swimming pool, leisure center,{and tennis courts are some of the on-site {facilities you will find at Barratt Dona {Lola Club. This attractive beachfront {property is within 15 minutes of the shops{and nightlife of Marbella and 25 minutes {from the fashionable Puerto Banus. The {units are furnished to a high standard {with fully equipped kitchens. { { { { { 1690{Lucayan is located on Ocean City's {Assawoman Bay. Anglers will enjoy great {deep-sea fishing. The Atlantic coast is {only two blocks away, putting {an endless array of water sports within {easy reach. As a guest at the resort, {you'll have two membership passes to the {Ocean City Health Club, which offers an {indoor pool, sauna, racquetball courts, {and a full line of exercise equipment. The{three-mile-long boardwalk is lined with {shops, arcades, and galleries. Frontier {Town, four miles south, re-creates the Old{West through staged holdups, street {fights, and cancan shows. 1692{Acapulco, a resort area that combines {magnificent scenery with the comforts of a{modern city, is home to Royal Aloha {Torreblanca/RAVC at the Torreblanca {Condominium. From deep-sea fishing to {parasailing to yachting, Acapulco offers {you an endless array of offshore {diversions. Shopping is a favorite {pastime, and the lively nightlife is {unsurpassed. { { { { { 1694{Located in Dennis Port, only two blocks {from Nantucket Sound, The Club of Cape Cod{provides an ideal home base in Cape Cod. {Enjoy the history and entertainment {offered by the cape. It is a favorite {vacation spot to enjoy the seaside {atmosphere or to relax. The beach is only {a 10-minute private walk away. Cape Cod is{filled with historic attractions, museums,{antiques shops, and factory outlet stores,{so set aside plenty of time for shopping {and sight-seeing. From April to October, {you can even take a whale-watching cruise.{ { 1695{Diamond Club la Cumbre is in a quiet, {elevated position above Puerto Del Carmen {just a short stroll from the old town with{its interesting shops, bars and {restaurants. The beaches and sports {centre are about 8 minutes' walk away. {On-site is a swimming pool, children's {pool, sun terrace, bar, snack bar and {restaurant. The well-furnished apartments {each have a south-facing balcony. This {resort is not recommended for those with {walking difficulties. { { { 1698{El Marques is on the southwest coast of {Tenerife in a sun-trapped bay just a {ten-minute walk uphill from the hustle and{bustle of Los Gigantes. The resort has the{charm and intimacy of a traditional {Spanish village with white-washed, red- {roof villas situated in tiers on a {hillside. This resort may not be suitable{for those with walking difficulties due {to the number of steps. { { { { { 1699{Royal Palms is located within Orlando's {World Center complex, putting all the {amenities of the World Center Hotel and {the resort at your disposal. On site, {you'll find an 18-hole golf course, {tennis courts, and a completely {equipped fitness center. For water sports,{Lake Bryan offers boating and waterskiing {only a mile away. In addition, you are {just minutes from the attractions of Walt {Disney World(R), and you are within an {easy drive of many more area attractions. { { { 1702{This resort is surrounded by fine swimming{beaches and romantic bays perfect for {fishing or just lazing around in the sun. {With an endless array of water and land {sports awaiting you, you're sure to find {plenty to do. On site, relax in the sauna {or enjoy the Japanese cuisine in the {resort's restaurant. { { { { { { { 1703{Set in the middle of the hills of Genting {Highlands & near the cable car station, {enjoy the varied sporting activities as {well as Malaysia's only casino all within {easy reach of Genting View Resort. You'll {enjoy exploring the surrounding {countryside, too. { { { { { { { { 1706{Discover Queensland's Gold Coast while {staying at The "Q" Old Burleigh Road. Try {parasailing, take a cruise on the canals {or to Stradbroke Island, go diving, play {golf, visit Dreamworld or Sea World, try {your luck at Jupiters Casino, or shop at {the many malls and shops. There's plenty {to do in this oceanside playground. Each {unit has a large balcony. In the evening {try the many restaurants, bars, discos & {nightclubs all within easy reach of the {resort. { { { 1707{Golden Shores Holiday Club located on the {shores of the Broadwater, the Gold {Coast's boating and fishing mecca, offers {the perfect spot for relaxation and {recreation. Soak up the sun at the world- {famous Gold Coast beaches nearby, or go {scuba diving, sailing, cruising, hiking, {cycling, and picnicking. Visit Dreamworld,{Seaworld and Movieworld. Experience the {great restaurants, shopping, and nightlife{of the Gold Coast. At the resort, enjoy a {spa and sauna, a swimming pool, a {barbecue area, canoes and bicycles. { { 1708{Lake Edge Resort is located on Lake Taupo,{world famous for its Rainbow trout and its{geothermal wonderlands. A popular {destination, it is New Zealand's largest {lake and is near skiing areas. Take in the{picturesque view looking south down the {lake, where the Tongariro National Park {Mountain ranges lie. In and around Taupo, {visitors will find snow and water skiing, {fishing, forestry walks, hunting, boating,{golf, hot pools, lawn bowling, and {geysers. Taupo serves as a great place to {shake off city tensions, relax, fish, {sight-see, or just cruise around in a {boat. 1709{Terranora Resort has panoranic views {across the verdant Terranora Hills, {enjoying a unique location on the {Tweed/Gold Coast. The resort is a self {contained complex with beautifully {landscaped tropical gardens, heated and {cold swimming pools, heated spa in a {landscaped waterfall, barbecue, sauna and {children's play area. An 18-hole golf {course and tennis courts are adjoining. { { { { { 1710{Las Palmas Beach Club is located in the {heart of one of Mexico's most popular {resort locations. Whether you're a sun {worshiper or a water-sports enthusiast, {you'll find ample opportunities along {Puerto Vallarta's beautiful beaches. This {coastal playground offers you hours of {shopping, tasty Mexican cuisine, and of {course, lively entertainment. { { { { { { 1711{Whispering Woods is located in an {extensive resort community that features {on-site amenities including a 27-hole golf{course, an outdoor pool and hot tub, four {tennis courts, and a restaurant. Winding {through the area's attractive landscape {are roads suitable for bicycling and {jogging. Surrounding the resort is Mount {Hood National Forest, accented with lakes,{waterfalls, glaciers, and extensive hiking{trails. Mount Hood is always snowcapped, {allowing year-round skiing. For a change {of pace, take a side trip into Portland. { { 1712{Crystal Lodge is located in the heart of {Whistler Village, offering you easy access{to area attractions. Whistler and {Blackcomb mountains feature a myriad of {downhill and cross-country skiing trails. {For summer golf, one of Whistler's three {designer golf courses is two blocks from {the resort. Walking trails leading from {Whistler to Alta and Lost Lakes uncover {nearby alpine meadows and glacier regions.{In addition, you'll find opportunities for{guided hiking tours, horseback riding, {bicycle riding, tennis, swimming, boating,{windsurfing, fishing, and kayaking. { 1713{Whiski Jack at the Village Gate House is {located in Whistler, a picturesque village{about 75 miles from Vancouver. This {international vacation community offers {spectacular scenery, top-notch sports {facilities, and a large assortment of {shops, restaurants, and night spots. From {late November to early May, it's ski {season in Whistler. Summers in Whistler {offer three 18-hole championship golf {courses, tennis courts, and five lakes for{boating and fishing-all within a mile of {the resort. Other activities include {hiking, river rafting, horseback riding, {and bicycling. 1715{You'll have the beach and the Atlantic {Ocean right in your front yard at The Four{Sails. When not out swimming in the surf, {enjoy the resort's indoor pool, exercise {room, sauna, sidewalk cafe, and {full-service restaurant and lounge. You {can play tennis at facilities located {close to the resort. Only 50 miles away is{one of the nation's leading historic {restoration areas, Williamsburg. Jamestown{and Busch Gardens are both within 50 miles{of the resort, as well. { { { 1716{Windjammer Resort is located in the serene{small town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, {between Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach.{Charming shops, grocery and covenience {stores, and restaurants--from fast food to{gourmet--are within walking distance. {This oceanfront resort has two buildings. {Walk along miles of soft sandy beaches or {relax carefree in the comfort of the {heated pools or tropical picnic area. All {units have full kitchens, color cable {television, and direct-dial telephones. {Computer modem access is available in the {guest lounge. A bus stop is nearby. { 1717{Montauk Manor is nestled on a hill {overlooking the Long Island Sound. The {resort is a large estate with many on-site{amenities. Work out in the exercise room, {rejuvenate in the sauna, swim in the {indoor or outdoor pools, serve up a set of{tennis, or relax in the whirlpool. Close {by, you can enjoy bicycling, golf, and all{of the water sports available in or on the{Atlantic Ocean. From Viking Landing, you {can ride the ferry to Block Island, Rhode {Island. For urban excitement, New York {City is only three hours away. { { 1721{There is a typical Mediterranean charm {about the sheltered, palm-fringed town of {Hyeres. Here you will find harbours, {exotic gardens, a market and a picturesque{square where boules is played. Those who {love the sea will enjoy trips to discover {the beauty of the off-shore islands of {Port-Cros, Levant and Porquerolles. This {resort is an ideal choice for sailing and {windsurfing enthusiasts. The resort {consists of apartments with balconies or {terraces but most of them have no view of {the sea or gardens. There is a selection {of restaurants, bars, boutiques and beach {closeby. 1722{There is a typical Mediterranean charm {about the sheltered, palm-fringed town of {HyÛres. Here you will find harbours, {gardens, a market and a picturesque square{where boules is played. Those who love the{sea will enjoy trips to discover the {beauty of the off-shore islands of Port- {Cros, Levant and Porquerolles or watching {one of the frequent sailing regattas. {This resort is an ideal choice for sailing{and windsurfing enthusiasts. The {apartments have balconies or terraces but {most of them have no view of the sea or {gardens. Within easy reach of the resorts {is a selection of restaurants and bars. 1723{Saint Raphaœl is situated at the junction {of the two wooded promontories of Les {Maures and l'Esterel, on the Gulf of {Fr©jus. There are many tourist attractions{in the area and some 30km of rocky coves, {beaches and harbours to explore. In the {town itself, there are facilities for {golf, tennis and horse-riding, a casino {and a Thalassotherapy centre. The {Clubhotel residence consists of apartments{and villas. { { { { 1726{Queensland's Gold Coast is Australia's {premier holiday destination. Miles of {beaches, shopping, nightlife, restaurants,{a casino, water sports and every type of {activity you could think of make this a {great vacation destination. At the resort {enjoy tennis, indoor and outdoor pools, {gym, sauna, spa and recreational lounges. {Visit Seaworld, Dreamworld or try your {luck at Jupiters Casino. Just 15 kms. {south you'll find Coolangatta and Tweed {Heads. Here you'll discover Twin Towns {RSL, one of the best licensed clubs in {Australia offering live entertainment, {dining, dancing and poker machines. 1727{Nestled in the South Island of New {Zealand, Queenstown, plays host to {vacationer's dreams all year round. A {world renowned ski area, Queenstown boasts{a number of quaint hotels, restaurants and{a variety of shops and boutiques. In the {centre of Queenstown, overlooking Lake {Wakatipu with the Earnslaw Wharf on the {doorstep, is The Lofts Apartments.Scenic {tours from here will take you to Milford {Sound or Mt. Cook. The area offers squash,{tennis, jet-boating, rafting fishing, {sailing horseback riding, golf and of {course skiing. At the resort enjoy the {BBQ and heated spa pool. 1729{The most popular tourist area on the South{Island is Queenstown. gateway to the {famous ski areas of Milford Sound, {Fiordland National Park, Coronet Peak ski {fields, and The Remarkables. {Activity doesn't stop in the summer, {the area is busy all year round. {Summer brings jet-boating, white {water rafting, golf and hiking to name {just a few activities available. In town, {check out the shops, restaurants, {year-round gondola and other tourist {attractions. { { 1731{Lake Edge Resort is on the shores of Lake {Mulwala, an 11,000 acre lake offering a {great variety of water sports and superb {fishing. Adjacent to the resort is the {Mulwala Water Ski Club, which offers {excellent entertainment with poker {machines and Oriental dining. The largest {golf club in Australia and the Services {Club is just nearby. Spend your days {sightseeing aboard a cruise boat or visit {wineries and historical towns, which are {only a short distance away. If you prefer {snow, the Alpine region is just 2hrs drive{from Yarrawonga and here you can enjoy all{the pleasures of winter sports. 1733{Las Brisas is set in the fishing village {of Playa Blanca on the south coast of {Lanzarote. The resort consists of {attractive, Andalusian style bungalows {each with its sun terrace and barbecue. {The central units are grouped around {impressive swimming pools, including {outdoor heated pool. Further amenities {include an open-air bar, a restaurant, two{tennis courts, a mini-market and several {sun terraces. The units all have their {own colour TV and satellite channels. { { { 1734{Located on a mountain overlooking the golf{course, Pacifica Golf is a newly developed{vacation spot filled with activities for {the entire family. You can sunbathe on the{beach, stroll through the surf, rent a Jet{Ski, or just a mile away, play a great {game of golf. After a full day, enjoy {authentic Mexican cuisine in the resort's {restaurant, El Faro, which overlooks {Ixtapa Bay. { { { { { 1744{Fayed and the El Morgan Touristic Village {are located some 140km east of Cairo, on {the edge of the Great Bitter Lake. The {resort is an ideal centre for excursions {to central and northern Egypt and bookings{can be made at reception to visit many {interesting historical sites. The {apartments and villas of El Morgan are {built in typical Arabic style and are {fully air-conditioned. On-site facilities{include 3 swimming pools, 3 restaurants {and shops selling souvenirs from the area.{ { { 1748{Bask in the sun of the Costa del Sol at {Royal Aloha Spain. The climate is {subtropical and the atmosphere rich with {Spanish heritage. Royal Aloha gives {orientations every Tuesday to acquaint you{with attractions both on site and in the {surrounding community of Nueva Andalusia. {The resort has its own outdoor pool. Close{by you'll find outstanding beaches, a golf{course, and a marina. Explore Nueva {Andalusia for casino gambling, {restaurants, and great shopping {or visit Marbella for more shopping and {dining opportunities. { 1750{Club Orlando Vacation Resort is only three{miles from Universal Studios, and minutes {from Wet 'N Wild water park, Walt Disney {World(R), and Sea World. Shops, {restaurants, and night spots are also {close by. When you're not sampling all the{area has to offer, you can swim and play {tennis at the resort. Cypress Gardens is {about 60 minutes from the resort, and {Busch Gardens is approximately two hours {away in Tampa. The Kennedy Space Center {and the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean {are worth a day-trip and are only 60 miles{away. { 1754{B. Mae's Resort Inn & Suites is located in{the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and {within walking distance of Lake {Winnipesaukee. Lake cruises, which depart {from nearby Weirs Beach, offer an {opportunity to view Winnipesaukee's 283 {miles of shoreline and the surrounding {mountains. Attractions, such as Polar {Caves and Lost River, are fun for the {entire family. Enjoy country fairs, {historical tours, and tax-free factory- {outlet shopping. In winter, Gunstock {Mountain offers alpine and cross-country {skiing. Also you can make a splash in the {indoor and outdoor pools. 1755{Located in the heart of fascinating San {Francisco, Club Donatello is the perfect {base for exploring the city's shops, {museums, and other diversions. The resort {offers concierge services to help plan {activities. You can enjoy entertainment {ranging from opera to professional {football, tour the Museum of Modern Art, {savor the tastes of Fisherman's Wharf and {Chinatown, or hop a ride on a cable car. {After a day's outing, pamper yourself in {the resort's sauna or steam room, soak in {the Jacuzzi, use the exercise facilities, {or just relax in your comfortable vacation{home. 1756{Spring Creek Ranch is set atop a butte {just outside the town of Jackson. On-site{summer activities include hiking, horse- {back riding, hiking, swimming and tennis. {Area activities include white water {rafting and mountain climbing. There are {two golf courses, one designed by Robert {Trent Jones, Jr. and the other by Arnold {Palmer, in the area. In the winter, you {can enjoy more than six miles of groomed {cross-country ski trails on-site, and you {are only 10 miles from superb downhill {skiing. Yellowstone National Park, 50 {miles away, makes a great side trip. { 1757{Set along the shores of Lake of the Ozarks{is Lakeview Resort. Lake of the Ozarks {offers more than 1,300 miles of shoreline-{-this is the place for boating and fishing{enthusiasts! A natural gravel beach, {several boat docks and fishing piers dot {the resort's shoreline, spanning more than{a mile. Back on land, you can sun by the {outdoor pool, or enjoy the indoor pool and{whirlpool spa. If you're feeling more {energetic, play a game of tennis, {basketball or volleyball. In addition to {the resort's own array of activities, {you'll find many more fun attractions {within a short drive. 1758{Peppertree's Fontana Village is bordered {by Nantahala National Forest, the Great {Smoky Mountains National Park, and Fontana{Lake. Fontana Lake offers boating, {waterskiing, and fishing. Sign up for {horseback riding at the resort's stables. {The resort, while rustic and secluded, {offers a miniature golf course, lighted {tennis courts, two outdoor pools, and a {water slide open Memorial Day through {Labor Day. The fully equipped fitness {center, indoor pool, and recreation room {are open year-round. The Adventure Center {offers outdoor recreation including {mountain biking and hiking tours. 1759{Sunset Harbour Club is located just a few {minutes from the shops, restaurants, and {exciting nightlife of Playa de las {Americas. The units are built in typical {Andalusian style, all with satellite {television. The resort is close to the {exclusive Puerto Colon marina, and you can{enjoy all the facilities of the harbor, {including the Torviscas beach. On-site {facilities include a snack bar, a jacuzzi,{a fine swimming pool with its own bar, a {children's play area with a paddle pool {and many restaurants and shops nearby. {There is on-going construction next to the{resort this could cause noise and dust. 1760{The beautifully appointed, newly renovated{award-winning Fairway Villas are nestled {in the picturesque Pocono Mountains locat-{ed 90 miles from New York. The centerpiece{of the Resort is Fernwood Hotel offering {owners a full selection of amenities in- {cluding a Winter Fun Center and an 18-hole{golf course plus themed retaurants includ-{ing Mama Bella's, the Jukebox Diner and {the Trolley Stop Pub. Surrounded by a wide{selection of nearby attractions including {waterparks, waterfalls, cultural activi- {ties, outlet shopping and NASCAR racing, {these mountain vacation villas offer an un{-rivaled selection in all accommodations. 1761{Year-round activities--from swimming at {the world's longest freshwater beach at {Wasaga on Georgian Bay to skiing at {Ontario's largest Alpine ski area, Blue {Mountain--make Vacation Inn Resort & Club {a perfect vacation destination. Nearby, {you'll find fishing, golf courses, and {riding stables. On-site options include {volleyball, tennis, an outdoor pool, an {indoor pool, a sauna, and a whirlpool. {Cross-country and snowmobiling trails add {to the winter fun. There is a restaurant {and lounge at the resort. The City of {Toronto is about 90 minutes drive away and{Niagara Falls is about 3 hours drive away. 1764{Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by {incredible native flora. The city, divided{by the Cuale River, has streets that rise {up to the summit of hills; at its sides, {red roof houses and modern hotels stand {out. In Puerto Vallarta, the Costa Alegre {starts where the majesty of the sea, the {beauty of its beaches, and the rivers flow{into the ocean. { { { { { { 1765{Located on the Dutch side of Sint {Maarten/St. Martin island, Belair Beach {Hotel is situated on an expanse of {white-sand beach. With the azure waters of{the ocean just steps from your door, you {can dip in the water for skin diving, {scuba diving, waterskiing, fishing, or {boating. Rental equipment is available on {site for all activities. Within three {miles of the resort are a horseback-riding{stable, scooter rentals, and a health club{with a steam room and a sauna. If you want{to explore the island by car, the resort {offers a rental service. The resort also {has a convenience store on site. 1766{Nestling in a wooded valley, in the {picturesque village of Little Haven and {just 200 metres from the beach, lies Haven{Court, in the Pembrokeshire National Park.{The apartment complex of Haven Court has {been designed to compliment the {environment. The surrounding coastal {area, with its rich historical heritage, {offers activities ranging from walking and{bird-watching to windsurfing. The village{has several cosy Inns. { { { { 1768{Peppertree Ocean Club offers fabulous {vacation experiences for those who like to{relax at the surf's edge. Many units have {ocean views with private patios, allowing {you to sit back and take in the sweet {ocean breeze. The Grand Strand area is {packed with restaurants, theaters, and {other entertainment. The resort has been {completely renovated, and it is awaiting {your visit. { { { { { 1769{Hyannis is best known for its large, {pretty beaches and deep-water harbor. {Courtyard Resort is located in downtown {Hyannis, close to the beaches and the {docks. In addition to this great location,{the resort offers an indoor pool, {whirlpool, sauna, sun deck, and restaurant{that presents live entertainment during {the summer season. Set aside time for {sight-seeing--the Cape is filled with many{interesting attractions. Shops and {restaurants are within walking distance. {Between April and October, a whale- {watching cruise is a must. **The on-site {restaurant is closed in the off season. 1772{You'll find vacation fun waiting for you {at The Edelweiss. Winter offers downhill {skiing at The Big Mountain, and visitors {can also enjoy ice-skating, cross-country {skiing, and fine to casual dining. In {summer, experience the thrills of white- {water rafting, boating, windsurfing, {waterskiing, mountain biking, hiking, {horseback riding, and gondola rides up to {the summit for a 360-degree view that will{take your breath away. Play a round at one{of the 10 golf courses in the valley. {Glacier National Park is just 35 miles {away. Amtrak has service from the East {and West into Whitefish. 1773{Puerto Vallarta is a village of romance, {mariachis, and warm sunny beaches. Enjoy {fine foods in beautiful hillside {restaurants and exciting nightlife in the {local cantinas and discos. Experience {fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling, and{diving or even take a daytime or romantic {sunset cruise. Club Playa Fiesta lets you {experience part of this paradise, designed{in warm Spanish colonial architecture. {With only 15 fully furnished units, the {resort lets you enjoy comfort, quiet {and privacy in luxurious Mexican {surroundings. { 1775{Clover Ridge is located in a region of {hills, valleys, and unspoiled woodlands. {In the center of it all is 1,500-acre Lake{Panorama, every bit as scenic as its name {implies. The showpiece of the resort is {the 18-hole golf course. Two outdoor {tennis courts and an outdoor swimming {pool round out the recreational {facilities. Only four blocks away is Lake {Panorama, where you can enjoy a beach, {fishing, and a 38-mile bike trail. A bit {further from the resort, Des Moines, {Iowa's capital, offers many restaurants, {shops, and night spots. { 1778{Within a 35-mile radius of Orofino is {a skiers paradise--Breckenridge, Vail, {Copper Mountain, Arapahoe Basin and {Keystone Mountain. Ski seasons vary {each year; contact the resort prior to {confirming. In the summer, there are five {world- class golf courses within 35 {miles, including an 18-hole Robert Trent {Jones course eight miles away. In the {area, you will find horseback riding, Jeep{touring, white-water rafting, and fishing.{Lake Dillon presents more opportunities {for boating and fishing. There are more {than 100 miles of paved bicycle pathways {open May to November. 1779{Heritage Club at Harbour Town offers {elegant accommodations. A full list of {ocean sports, a swimming pool, golf {courses, tennis courts, and an open-air {hot tub are but a sampling of activities {available. The resort is located in Sea {Pines Plantation, with many activities {just a few minutes away. More than 15 {miles of trails-great for jogging and {biking-wind throughout the plantation. {Specialty shopping and harborfront dining {are within walking distance. A complete {activities program is also offered for {your enjoyment. { 1780{Located one hour from Houston, Piney {Shores Resort is on the banks of Lake {Conroe, a 22,000-acre man-made lake. Lake {Conroe boasts a wide variety of water {sports, including fishing, skiing, {sailing, and boating. Covered boat slips {and a launch ramp are on site. When you're{not on the water, enjoy tennis, miniature {golf, shuffleboard, volleyball, {basketball, or horseback riding. Resort {amenities such as the lake, boats, and an {outdoor pool, are located about five {blocks from the units. { { 1781{Located in the harbor town of Oxnard, {Mandalay Shores Resort offers a long list {of recreational diversions. Enjoy water {sports from sailing to fishing, play {tennis, or challenge the area's golf {courses. Sight-seeing opportunities abound{in Los Angeles, 60 miles away; in Santa {Barbara, 30 miles away; and in nearby {Ojai. { { { { { { 1784{The greater Fort Lauderdale area, best {known for its 23 miles of continuous ocean{beach, also rates top billing as a {yachting capital. The city has nearly as {many canals as Venice, and more than 2,600{area dining spots are available to satisfy{a wide range of tastes. Just north of Fort{Lauderdale is Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, a {quieter but equally enchanting vacation {spot. Located directly on the Atlantic {Ocean, with 300 feet of sandy beach, Costa{del Sol Resort is your home base for a {perfect Florida vacation. { { 1786{The resort offers comfortably furnished {apartments, all with a balcony and some {affording spectacular views of the ocean. {On-site there is a heated swimming pool {with sun terraces, children's playground {area, restaurant, bar, Gym, and a games {room. A health club incorporating sauna, {turkish bath, jacuzzi, gym and beauty {salon is also situated within the complex.{Nearby there are tennis and bowling {facilities as well as scuba diving. There {is also a local bus which operates to both{Playa de las Americas and Los Gigantes. { { 1788{Comfort, sophistication, and unparalleled {service and accommodations await you at {French Lick Springs Villas. The adjacent {French Lick Springs Hotel provides access {to an 18-hole championship golf course, {indoor and outdoor tennis courts, {year-round swimming pools, complete {equestrian facilities, mineral baths, and {a spa with exercise equipment. Billiard {tables, video games, and a bowling alley {are also available at the hotel. Nearby {attractions include Patoka Lake and Paoli {Peaks ski area. { { 1789{Situated on the popular Marathon Beach, {the Golden Coast Holiday Club is a perfect{choice for a relaxing holiday by the sea. {The famous village of Marathon is 7 km {away and Athens is less than an hour's {drive. The resort is 4km from the town of{Nea Makri, with its shops, tavernas and {night-life. The hotel has bars, a night {club, theatre, mini-market, boutique, an {organised mini club, lots of sporting {activities and daily entertainment. { { { { 1790{Located on the beach in the newly {developed Nuevo Vallarta community, 15 {miles north of Puerto Vallarta, Bahia del {Sol Beach Resort serves as an ideal home {base for a terrific Mexican vacation. {Water sports dominate the area's {recreational diversions, but be sure to {visit Puerto Vallarta for nightlife that {is unsurpassed. { { { { { { 1791{In the heart of Door County lies the town {of Ephraim, home to Waterbury Inn. You'll {find many beaches near the resort. A mile {away, you can fish from a public pier, or {rent boats for fishing and waterskiing. On{site, enjoy the indoor and outdoor pool. {In warm weather, golfers can choose from a{nine-hole course or an 18-hole {course--both a mile away. Tennis is as {close as one mile. In winter, try {cross-country skiing on groomed trails {only three miles away. Downhill action can{be found at Potowatomi State park, just a {half-hour drive from the resort. { 1793{Amenities abound at Superior Shores, which{features indoor and outdoor pools and {whirlpools, saunas, tennis courts, and {more than a mile of Lake Superior's {coastline. Close by, you can rent a {charter boat for fishing. Golfers can tee {up at the nearby 18-hole golf course. In {winter, enjoy 15 miles of cross-country {ski trails nearby. Lutsen, the largest {downhill ski area in the Midwest, is less {than an hour away. Hundreds of miles of {snowmobile trails are easily accessible. { { { 1794{Just north of famous Daytona Beach, the {Georgian Inn Beach Club offers a vacation {of sun-drenched fun in addition to various{other recreational pursuits. Swim in the {ocean or in the resort's outdoor pool or {give surfing or deep-sea fishing a try. {Bicycle and boat rentals, tennis courts, {parks, and an 18-hole golf course are {within five miles of the resort. For your {dining and entertainment needs, several {restaurants and nightclubs are in the {area. Other attractions within driving {distance include Walt Disney World(R), Sea{World, Cypress Gardens, St. Augustine, and{Kennedy Space Center. 1795{Nestled alongside a private beach, {Sunisands is perfect for your next {vacation getaway. You can enjoy the {resort's pool when you're not indulging in{the area's popular water activities. The {resort is located within 20 minutes of {Daytona Beach, an hour from St. Augustine,{and less than two hours from the family {attractions of Orlando. { { { { { { 1797{Located three miles south of Myrtle Beach,{Plantation Resort of Myrtle Beach is only {one mile from the Atlantic Ocean beaches. {With nearly 100 golf courses, music {theaters, the NASCAR Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe,{Planet Hollywood, and 1,800 restaurants, {Myrtle Beach has become the year-round {family entertainment capital of the {Southeast. Feature theaters include {Alabama and the Carolina Opry. Don't miss {great outlet shopping, the Pavilion, {Broadway at the Beach, Fantasy Harbour, {Barefoot Landing, and the on-site million {dollar swimming pool, playground, and {health club. 1799{In the heart of the French Riviera, {between Antibes and Nice lies Marina Baie {des Anges. The complex consists of 4 {unusual pyramids of apartments facing the {marina and sea. Nearby you will find many {shops. From here, you can also explore {all the attractions of this famous {"Cote d'Azur" area. The reception has a {list of all the attractions recommended in{the region. { { { { { 1800{In the heart of Central Otago, at the foot{of the Southern Alps, lies Lake Wanaka, {home of Edgewater Club. This bustling {tourist destination is popular year-round.{Two of the best ski areas, Treble Cone and{Cardrona, are a short drive away. Or take {the breathtakingly beautiful helicopter {ride from the helicopter pad. At these ski{fields, both the expert and beginner will {find what they are looking for. During {summer days, water activities abound. From{rafting and jet boating, to water skiing {and trout fishing, Wanaka becomes a huge {aquatic playground. { 1801{Discovered by Captain Cook in 1770, Banks {Peninsula protects Akaroa Harbor, home to {Club Lavaud. In 1840, namesake for Club {Lavaud, Captain Charles Lavaud, led 63 {immigrantes to settle the area. And though{the Treaty of Waitangi pronounced British {sovereignty for the area, these hearty {French remained to settle Akaroa. In 1850,{many British joined the French settlers {and established one of New Zealand's main {whaling and fishing ports. Beside rich {history, guests will find great relaxation{and recreation in the area. Experience the{beach, golf, tennis horseback riding and {golf all within easy reach of the resort. 1803{The lush sub-tropical northern New South {Wales area is home to Boambee Bay Resort. {Bordered by national parkland on one side {and the Boambee River on the other, {Fishing, canoeing and hiking are at your {front door. Boambee Beach is just a short {walk away. Golf, shopping, movies and {clubs are a few kms. away. At the {resort experience the huge swimming pool {with spa and bridge, tennis, squash, lawn {bowls, gym, sauna, playground, hair salon,{games room, members lounge and mini golf. {After a hard day, enjoy a drink at the {Brig Bar or dine at The Bay Cafe {restaurant. 1808{Pacific Palms Resort is located north of {Sydney on the mid-north coast of New {South Wales. The resort is set on a hill {with the beautiful Elizabeth Beach just 5 {minutes walk away on one side and tranquil{Wallis Lake 10 minutes walk on the other {side. Booti Booti National Park covers a {lot of the surrounding area ensuring that {the region will maintain its natural {beauty. Sailing, boating, fishing and {swimming are popular activities on the {many nearby beaches and lakes. A short 15 {minute drive away you will find {Forster/Tuncurry where there are many {restaurants, clubs, cafes and shops. 1810{Mt Hutt Resort is relatively remote,and {is approximately a 50 minutes drive from {Christchurch airport by car. The resort {is built on a hill, set in a tranquil {rural environment, providing all units {with stunning views across the Rakaia {River to the Hutt Mountains. The resort {is a centre for adult activites such as {trout and salmon fishing, tramping, golf {and skiing. The resort is also convenient {to Springfield Station, where you can {catch the Transalpine Express, one of the {world's great railway journeys. { { 1811{On Australia's Gold Coast, holiday just {one block from Coolangatta Beach, where {you can spend hours relaxing on the {rooftop recreation area or have a BBQ. In {the immediate area is the Tweed River, all{sports and excellent shopping. It is also{less than an hour's drive to attractions {such as Seaworld, Dreamworld and {Movieworld. { { { { { { 1812{Turangi means different things for many {people - the swish of skis on fresh fallen{snow; the thrill of a fighting rainbow {trout; the still beauty of mountain {reflections in a lake; the challenge of {white water rafting, rock and mountain {climbing; the rhythm of horse trekking {over bush trails; relaxing in a thermal {pool; water skiing on a crystal clear {lake,it is all these and much much more. {Kaimanawa Lodge is located in Turangi {which is situated in the heart of the {North Island, nestled in a bend of the {mighty Tongariro River between the {volcanic mountains and Lake Taupo. 1815{Within a short stroll of the Gold Coast's {beautiful Broadwater, the resort offers {endless possibilities for holiday-makers. {The resort consists of 42 apartments in a {multi-storey building and offers guests a {wide range of sporting and recreational {facilities. Relax by the heated outdoor {pool, play tennis, go for a bike ride, or {just go fishing. Only a ten minute drive {from the resort are the fabulous shopping {arcades of Surfers Paradise, with a myriad{of boutiques, gift shops, restaurants and {sidewalk cafes. { { 1816{Situated in the heart Port Macquarie, Port{Pacific Resort is the ideal base for {exploring the mid New South Wales coast. { {One block from Hastings River and a short {drive to surfing beaches, guests can use {catamarans, windsurfers and equipment for {fishing. Explore historic museums, art {galleries and craft shops. Visit the {animal parks, tour the region's vineyards,{go scuba diving or surfing. Restaurants, {shopping centers, boutiques and all other {modern conveniences are all within walking{distance. { 1817{Have fun and relax at Lakes Entrance with {its beautiful Ninety Mile Beach, expansive{waterways and magnificent hinterland of {mountains, forests and streams. The Mt {Hotham Ski Resorts (3hrs drive) surrounds {you with panoramic views across the roof {of the Victorian High Plains. The {Gippsland Lakes are beautiful, diverse and{untouched. Try fishing at nearby Barrier {Landing or Tambo River just 15mins drive {away. A great surfing beach is just 10mins{away, while a 40mins drive takes you to {the Buchan Caves. Go white water rafting {on the Snowy River or on trail rides {forged by the original mountain bush men. 1818{In a prime position, directly opposite {the beach, Whitecliffs Beach Resort {on the Mornington Peninsula, is on the {Portsea side of Rye, approx 80 kms from {Melbourne City. The district boasts many {attractions, including markets, mazes, {horseriding, well known wineries, {fishing, national parks and historical {buildings. From the highest point on the {peninsula, Arthur's Seat offers {spectacular views from the chairlift and {viewing tower.The area is famous for {its golf courses, which are some of the {finest in Victoria. There is a wide {choice of restaurants, and shops close by. 1821{On the shores of Lake Taupo, you will find{the Canadian cedar chalets of The Retreat.{ {You can fish the lake and river for trout,{play golf on the championship courses of {Wairakei and Taupo, or enjoy the thermal {pools. In Winter, if you can leave your {fire you may like to ski one of Tongariro {National Parks mountain slopes. { {The geothermal area of Rotorua is only one{hour's drive away, thermal activity and {geysers can be viewed. Other popular {pursuits are whitewater rafting, canoeing,{waterskiing or parasailing. 1824{Queenstown lies in a sheltered cove, on {Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand's most popular {year round resort. The Central Otago {region has a colorful history, with signs {of the gold rush days still present. New {Zealand's largest mountains are found in {this region and offer good slopes and {modern chairlifts. In the summer hang {gliding, canoeing, windsurfing, rafting, {speed boating and trout fishing are {popular. Tours by boat, plane, {helicopter and four wheel drive can be {booked to visit this unique area. { { 1830{Villas Jazmin en Costambar is located {outside the resort community of Puerto {Plata, in a small, quiet neighborhood. A {warm family atmosphere and daily {activities on site make Villas Jazmin an {unforgettable place to stay. Our beach is {located a short walk away. All kinds of {excursions are available from the resort. { { { { { { { 1831{Located on 1,500 acres, Telemark is the {perfect location for your next vacation. {Year-round, you'll enjoy the main lodge {with its indoor pool, saunas, a walk-in {hot tub and occasional weekend {entertainment. The resort also offers an {18-hole golf course, four outdoor tennis {courts and an outdoor pool. In winter, {cross-country skiing, snow boarding, snow {tubing and snow mobiling are available. {Cross-country ski equipment is available {for rent. You may also try your luck at {ice-skating during the winter months. { { 1834{Auron is a well known ski resort in the {southern Alps, full of charm and {character, and it is here you will find {R©sidence N©vada. During the winter there{is skiing from 1600m, usually in brilliant{sunshine and superb snow, with slopes {suitable for all grades. In summer you {can simply enjoy local walks in fresh {mountain air, or you can go horseriding, {parascending canoeing, swimming, or play {tennis. { { { { 1835{Casa Carezza (1630mt) is situated in the {mountain village of Carezza, in the {Dolomite Alto Adige region, 27 kms from {Bolzano. The Dolomites are renowned for {their spectacular scenery. In winter high{standard ski runs are available. More {advanced ski runs can be reached by car {(Superski Dolomites area). Summer {activities inc Mountain walks (inc the {famous Sissi Promenade), horse riding and {a 9 hole golf course. Casa Carezza is {built in the style of the traditional wood{clad chalets. { { 1837{Lavish show productions, top-name {entertainers, and the excitement of the {gaming tables await you in Las Vegas. Your{vacation home at The Carriage House puts {you in the heart of the "Entertainment {Capital of the World." Enjoy the MGM Hotel{and Theme Park next door, head for Lake {Mead, or take a tour of Hoover Dam, less {than an hour's drive away. Explore Red {Rock Canyon, Death Valley, and the Valley {of Fire or relax by the resort's outdoor {pool before a night on the town. { { { 1839{Eden Sunset Bay Nuevo Vallarta is situated{in a prime beachfront location in the {Nuevo Vallarta development, five miles {north of Puerto Vallarta International {Airport. The resort has been designed in {the traditional Mediterranean style. The {facilities include an 18-hole golf course,{which is located one mile away (green fee {US$30 per person), water sports, and an {activities program. There are two {restaurants and three bars. { { { { 1840{Located on the best beach along Ixtapa's {bay, right in the heart of the city's fun {and entertainment, Riviera Beach Resort {Ixtapa is near excellent restaurants, {golf, discos, nightclubs, and the marina. {The resort offers Jacuzzi, tennis courts,{a beauty salon, gym, spa, sauna, boutique,{and travel agency. You may also delight {yourself with the most delicious dishes in{Ixtapa while enjoying the comfortable {atmosphere in the restaurants and bars. { { { { 1841{Hideaway Beach Club-Mazatlan is situated {in the heart of Mazatlan, one of Mexico's {most popular vacation destinations. Water {sports dominate the day's recreational {diversions, and active nightlife take you {into morning. Enjoy a game of golf only {six miles from the resort or play a set of{tennis less than a mile away. { { { { { { { 1844{Enjoy an oceanfront escape on the Mexican {Riviera at El Moro Tower El Cid at {Mazatlan. Amenities include a 27-hole {golf course, basketball and squash {courts, 10 tennis courts, fishing, six {swimming pools, 12 restaurants and bars. {Picture-perfect sunsets, fun in the sun, {sight-seeing, and relaxation are also {specialities. { { { { { { 1845{Sun Club Plaza las Glorias Cozumel is a {beautiful Mexican resort located in {Cozumel, Mexico's original international {Caribbean resort area. The heart of {Cozumel is a wide plaza, where you will {find numerous shops and restaurants. For a{thrilling adventure, go on a scuba diving {trip-Cozumel is a diver's paradise. { { { { { { { 1846{The Plas Talgarth resort is set in 64 {acres of grounds with an 18th century {Georgian Manor house at its centre, {overlooking the River Dyfi in the {Snowdonia National Park. The resort has {excellent restaurant and bar facilities {and a first class health and beauty spa. {On-site there is a leisure centre with {a pool, squash, tennis, outdoor pool, {snooker and pitch and putt course. Most {apartments have a balcony or terrace and {are furnished to the highest standards, {including heating and fully equipped {kitchen. All units have tv and videos. { 1847{The village style Barratt Villacana Club {lies next to the beach near Estepona and {only 10kms from Puerto Banus. Sun-dappled {walkways meander through flower filled {courtyards towards the Barratt Club which {provides indoor and outdoor pools, {poolside cafe/bar and restaurant. Other {on-site facilities include squash and {tennis courts, sauna and Turkish bath. The{Golf Manager will pre-book tee times at {concessionary rates at golf courses close {to the resort. { { { 1848{The apartments of Dalfaber Golf & Country {Club are set in acres of mature woodland {on the banks of the River Spey, against {the rugged mountain backdrop of the {Cairngorms. The year-round sports mecca {of Aviemore and its ski slopes are close {by and within easy reach are Inverness and{Loch Ness. On site there is a 9-hole golf{course, indoor swimming pool, indoor and {outdoor tennis, badminton, children's {playground, gymnasium, whirlpool bath and {sauna. { { { 1849{Set deep in the heart of the Highlands the{lodges and apartments of the Loch Rannoch {Highland Club nestle in woods overlooking {the loch. The area is ideal for outdoor {pursuits including rock-climbing, {rambling, pony-trekking and coarse- {fishing. On-site facilities include a {heated pool, sauna, squash, tennis, {sailing and windsurfing. The apartments {all have a fully fitted kitchen, central {heating, TV and a private patio or {balcony. { { { 1850{Diamond Club Maritima is a small, friendly{development in a quiet, residential area {close to the beach in Puerto del Carmen. {It is ideal for those seeking a peaceful, {relaxing vacation. There is a swimming {pool with a section for children, bar and {snack bar on site, and a good range of {entertainment and sports facilities can be{found close by. The units are well- {equipped with modern interiors and are {either ground floor with a small,colourful{garden or first floor with a terrace, {accessed by a staircase. { { 1851{Galveston Island, a mecca for water-sports{enthusiasts, is home to Pirates' Cove {Townhomes. Enjoy surfing, fishing, or just{basking on golden beaches in the Texas {sun. Adjacent to the resort is Galveston {Country Club where you can enjoy their {championship 18-hole course, four outdoor {tennis courts, and outdoor pool. The {beach area is less than a mile away, and {fishing is available at the resort. {History buffs will love touring {Galveston's Strand Historic District--a {mix of galleries, restaurants, boutiques, {studios, and businesses in restored 19th- {century ironfront buildings. 1852{Galveston, a city steeped in Texas {history, is home to San Luis Condominiums.{The resort's free-form pool-the perfect {setting for sunning and swimming-boasts a {Polynesian-style, swim-up bar. Tennis is {available on site with golf available at {Galveston Country Club, the oldest country{club in Texas. On the beach, enjoy {everything from sailing to horseback {riding. Historic sites you'll want to see {include Ashton Villa, The Bishop's Palace,{Tremont House Hotel, and the Railroad {Museum. { { 1853{Enjoy a tropical holiday in America's {Caribbean paradise, the U.S. Virgin {Islands. Located amid 46 acres of tropical{gardens, Virgin Grand Villas (also known {as Westin Vacation Club-St. John) is a {premier resort on the exclusive island of {St. John. The island is perfect for those{who love the outdoors, sandy beaches, and {plenty of recreational diversions. The {resort offers an outdoor swimming pool and{six lighted tennis courts. { { { { 1854{At Summer Oaks resort you can enjoy a {relaxing vacation of great fishing, {waterskiing, boating, and canoeing on {beautiful Lake Wisconsin. Nearby Devil's {Lake offers spectacular alpine scenery, {rock climbing, and scuba diving. You can {golf on 21 courses, all within 30 miles. {Visit Circus World Museum, House on the {Rock, or Ho Chunk Casino. The Wisconsin {Dells area is nearby and offers scenic {boat rides, water parks, amusem*nt parks, {and greyhound racing. During winter, ski {on the slopes of Devil's Head, Tyrol Basin{or Cascade, or you can try cross-country {skiing, snowmibiling, and ice fishing. 1856{WimPen Sue‹o Azul is ideally situated on {the sunny west coast of Tenerife, about {eight miles from Playa de las Americas and{20 minutes from the picturesque resort of {Los Gigantes. The detached villas are {located in tropical gardens and are {equipped with color televisions with {satellite channels. There is no need to {leave the development, as nearby {facilities include tennis courts, {supermarkets, bars, and restaurants. { { { { 1857{Set at the gateway to the Lakes, Pine Lake{Resort is the perfect base for touring {northern England's famous landmarks. The {carefully planned leisure resort has a {wealth of facilities on site, including a {watersports centre with sailing and {water-skiing. The Clubhouse boasts {a restaurant, indoor pool, Turkish bath, {gym, solarium and regular entertainment {in the bars. The lodges are well equipped {- some units have a view over the lake. { { { { 1858{Flamingo Beach Resort is located directly {on the beach of beautiful Simpson Bay. {This resort includes an array of amenities{to enhance your enjoyment of this tropical{paradise. The on-site activity desk offers{a variety of water sports. Guests have the{opportunity to participate in everything {from parasailing to deep-sea fishing. Take{a dip in the resort's fabulous negative {edge pool or bask in the sun while {enjoying one of the island's famous {tropical co*cktails. Enjoy duty-free {shopping in either Philipsburg-capital of {the Dutch side or Marigot-capital of the {French side. 1861{Marco Island offers fine restaurants, {elegant shops, and a quiet, peaceful {atmosphere. Marco Resort & Club is two {miles from the beach on the Marco River. {At the resort, swim in the outdoor pool, {relax in the whirlpool, or catch the local{trolley for a tour of the island. Fishing {is available on the resort's private dock,{or you may rent one of the resort's {18-foot pontoons. Bicycles are {available for a ride along Marco's {palm-lined avenues, and golf and tennis {are close by. Set aside a day for a trip {to the Everglades National Park, only 15 {miles away. 1862{Delray Beach has the distinction of being {chosen the number-one American city in {1994. It is the epitome of the Gold Coast,{which is rich in historical traditions. {Located between Palm Beach and Fort {Lauderdale, Berkshire on the Ocean is {directly on the beach, so all you have to {do to enjoy the sand and surf is step {outside your door. Set aside time to visit{restored downtown Delray Beach, with its {quaint shops, restaurants, and antiques {stores. Cason Cottage, Sunday House Tea {Room, Morakami Museum, Butterfly World, {Lion Country Safari, and Loxahatchee {National Reserve are all close by. 1863{Golf Villas of Bonita Springs is in a {peaceful community about midway between {Fort Myers and Naples. An 18-hole public {golf course is approximately one block {from the villas (the golf course is not {affiliated with the resort). A heated, {outdoor pool and shuffelboard courts are {on site. Eight charcoal grills are {available for use. A year-round greyhound {racing track is four miles from the {resort. The Gulf of Mexico, only seven {miles away, offers aquatic sports and {beautiful beaches. Marco Island, just a {short drive south, is considered one of {the world's finest shelling spots. 1864{Breathtaking sunsets, romantic strolls on {famous Mullet Bay Beach, playing tennis on{two hard-surface courts, and golfing on a {championship couse--this is the resort {life at The Towers at Mullet Bay. { { { { { { { { { { 1866{La Manga, 100kms south of Alicante, is a {narrow strip of land 22kms long separating{the Mediterranean from a 180km  lagoon {with 5 islands, called Mar Menor. The {Atalaya and Star Alfa apartments are {situated on the Mediterranean coast. { { { { { { { { { 1867{Adjoining the beautiful Mijas Golf {Courses, Matchroom Country Club features {fully equipped units with panoramic views {of the golf courses and mountains. In {addition to two outdoor swimming pools and{an indoor heated swimming pool, the {clubhouse facilities include a gymnasium, {jacuzzi,sauna, paddle tennis, {championship snooker room, bar and {restaurant. { { { { { 1869{Nestled in a quiet valley of the Arapaho {National Forest, Village Square at Copper {Mountain Resort offers you indoor tennis {and racquetball courts, an indoor pool, {two 18-hole golf courses, hot tubs, and a {complete ensemble of exercise equipment. {Use of the on-site athletic club is {available for a nominal fee. The Copper {Mountain ski area boasts 2,400 acres of {skiing. Also close by are Keystone and {Breckenridge. Limited-stakes gambling in {Central City is just an hour away. { { { 1870{Hotel Deutschmeister was built in the {courtyard of an old Viennese residence. {It is set in a peaceful location and only {minutes from the centre. Here, surrounded{by Vienna's magnificent buildings, you can{visit the opera, the Spanish Riding {School, St. Stephan's Cathedral, the {Schoenbrunn Palace, exclusive shops and {many other famous sights. Hotel {Deutschmeister has a bar onsite. { { { { { 1871{Situated on Japan's south-central coast, {XIV (Eksiv) Shirahama offers the {traditional charm of Japan with all of {today's modern conveniences. A complete {exercise facility, swimming pools, tennis {courts, a whirlpool, and restaurant are on{site. When you're not relaxing at the {resort, visit the World Safari Park, five {blocks away. { { { { { { 1872{Strategically located midway between the {towns of Fuengirola and Marbella, Club {Playa Vista at Lubina Sol is ideally {located for those who wish to explore the {many attractions in the area which are all{within easy reach by car. A swimming pool {is on site however all guests staying at a{Club Playa Vista resort have full {complimentary use of the Aztec Country {Club facilities which include tennis, {badminton, paddle tennis, sauna, jacuzzi {and outdoor pool. There is a free shuttle {service provided between the Aztec Country{Club and the resort. { 1873{Golf, tennis, scuba diving, fishing, and {shelling are just a few of the diversions {available in the Fort Myers Beach area. {Kahlua Beach Club provides easy access to {these and several other activities. On {site, enjoy the swimming pool, hot tub, {bicycles, and shuffleboard court. {Sun-lovers will appreciate the beach. {Within an hour's drive are Thomas Edison's{winter home and gardens, the Shell {Factory, and the Corkscrew Swamp {Sanctuary. Close by, Naples offers {particularly good shopping. Dining and {entertainment choices are abundant in the {area as well. 1877{Cape Cod's beautiful Nantucket Sound is {home to The Edgewater. Sight-seeing {opportunities abound in the area. You can {enjoy day trips to Martha's Vineyard, the {John F. Kennedy Memorial, and the historic{town of Hyannis or spend the afternoon {browsing through the area's many shops. {There is also an indoor/outdoor pool {available from mid-April until late {October. { { { { { 1878{Club Calahonda is situated midway between {Marbella and Fuengirola. The area is {renowned for its abundant vegetation and {pine trees. On site are gardens, tennis {and paddle tennis courts, a restaurant, {a bar, & swimming pools. { { { { { { { { { 1880{We invite you to Cancun, a favorite place {to go on vacation. {When walking along its white sand beaches {or water skiing on its blue waters, you'll{think you have found a treasure. {Lagoons and other bodies of water are a {lucid, aquamarine color. {Here you will find several Mayan temples {waiting to be rediscovered. {Altogether, Cancun offers a wide variety {of activities ranging from ruins to modern{discos. { { { 1881{Condoclub Coral Cuernavaca is located in {the state of Morelos, in a sheltered {valley of the Sierra del Ajusco's mountain{range. The spring-like weather year-round {provides a perfect environment for {beautiful flowers always in bloom. Enjoy {its old architecture and cobblestoned {streets reminiscent of an era long past. { { { { { { { 1882{Offering elegance, luxury, and privacy, {Vanderbilt Beach & Harbour Club is nestled{between the Gulf of Mexico and Naples Bay.{This resort offers heated swimming pools, {a whirlpool, a sauna, an exercise room, {bicycles, and a bay-front dock area. {Notable attractions include a greyhound {race track and Jungle Larry's African {Safari. { { { { { { 1883{On the outskirts of the bustling, {beautiful capital city of Funchal lies the{Alto Lido of Madeira, ablaze with {colourful flowers and plants. In addition {to the fascinating shops, cobblestoned {streets, and harbours in Funchal, there {are excursions to be enjoyed to quaint {villages all over the island. The units {are furnished in traditional style and {have balconies. { { { { { 1884{Enjoy the charming country life of the {little mountain village of Jausiers, {located in the southern Alps of France. {Jausiers offers a host of sporting and {leisure activities. In summer, enjoy the {beach and bathing area at the lake, canoe {along the River Ubaye, or simply enjoy the{fresh mountain air. Renting a car is {recommended. { { { { { { 1885{An air-conditioned oasis on Durban's {Golden Mile, this flamboyant resort boasts{two restaurants, co*cktail bar and {sea-facing units with bathroom, {kitchenette and round-the-clock room {service. Here you're in the heart of {Durban's holiday funland, with boutiques, {discos, family attractions and non-stop {entertainment all around you. { { { { { { 1886{Everything you need for leisure and {pleasure is available at Tenbury. All the {attractions of Durban's Golden Mile are {within easy reach. Addington Beach is only{metres away for those swimming, sailing, {surfing enthusiasts. Should you decide on {a shopping spree at The Workshop - Durban'{shopping and entertainment complex near {the City Hall or anywhere else you want to{be, there's a bus stop right on your {doorstep with the mynah bus running at {regular intervals. { { { 1887{Right on the beachfront at Amanzimtoti {overlooking the Indian Ocean, this self- {catering resort provides a swimming pool {and braai facilities for full family {relaxation. The air-conditioned {apartments are spacious and well-fitted, {complete with washing machines for all {those beach towels. { { { { { { { 1888{The charm of a Mediterranean resort, the {sophistication of a French Chateau, and {all the fun and action of the Transvaal's {unique waterway playground merge at {Riviera International Hotel. Every suite {at the resort gives a view of the river {which is banked by weeping willows and {evergreen shrubs. The Riviera is run as a {hotel with free membership of the {adjoining country club. Full use of a {range of land and water sports includes {golf, tennis courts and squash courts. {There is also skiing and speed boating. {The resort offer guests storage and {launching for their own water craft. 1889{Self-catering cabanas are situated at {Port Owen, 90 minutes's drive up the west {coast from Cape Town. { {Here, sun, seafood and sailing are always {part of the menu. { { { { { { { { { 1890{On the banks of the Swartvlei Lake, just a{short drive from Sedgefield Beach on the {Garden Route, this resort is ideal for {water sports enthusiast. Fish, waterski, {windsurf or go boating from your doorstep,{or soak up the sun around the swimming {pool on site. TV and Hi-Fi equipment are {available in your comfortable self- {contained chalet which is serviced daily. {When cooking and berbecueing becomes a {bore, try the resort's restaurant. There {are also tennis and squash courts and a {games room to keep you on your toes, as {well as a trampoline for the children and {a mini-golf. 1891{Palm Park is just over the road from the {beach, giving you uninterrupted views of {the Indian Ocean. The self-catering {apartments - within walking distance of {all Margate's facilities - are spacious {and well equipped, offering washing {machine and dryer, microwave oven and two {colour TV's. { { { { { { { 1893{Nestling in a craggy wildflower country {below the rugged Langeberg, Montagu is {more than a picturesque karoo village. For{over 200 years its hot radioactive springs{have been recognized worldwide for their {healing power. Its invigorating warm baths{bubble up at a consistent 43 degree C, {with the highest percentage of radium in {the country. Alternatively, walk the {valleys, hike a trail to the waterfalls in{Donkerskloof and to the top of the 1100 {metre Blou Punt, from where you can see {five towns. Visit the nearby vineyards, {noted for delicious Muscadel Wine. { 1894{Spectacular views across the False Bay to {Table Mountain, spacious sundecks {overlooking a small crafts harbour where {the day's catch is on sale at the {quayside, and tasteful, comfortable {furnishings characterise this Gordon's Bay{resort. An easy drive from the famous {fruit and wine estates, it's the perfect {spot from which to enjoy the fairest Cape.{ { { { { { 1895{From your self-catering unit here you have{a bird's eye view across the lapping {waters of South Beach to the Bluff, where {ships from around the world glide by into {the harbour. On your rooftop is the {resort's super private leisure deck where,{high above the city, you can enjoy mini- {golf, squash and a barbecue at the {poolside. { { { { { { 1897{Approximately 1 hours drive from {Johannesburg and Pretoria, this resort is {set in parkland on the Magalies River {at Hartbeespoort Dam. { {The comfortable units are just a stroll {away from facilities for golf, {tennis, squash, swimming, sauna {and volley-ball. Round off a fishing {or boating excursion with a meal {in one of the resort's restaurants. { { { { 1898{Jacob's Landing Condominiums are located {in the Pacific Northwest at beautiful {Birch Bay, Washington, six miles south of {the Canadian border. The resort is two {hours away from Seattle and only 40 {minutes from Vancouver, British Columbia. {This family destination has every type of {recreation available: a water slide park, {biking, beachcombing, swimming, fishing, {go-carting, windsurfing, clamming, {crabbing, Jet Skis, ocean kayaking, or {just enjoying the beautiful sunsets. Boat {launch facilities are available nearby. {Within a few miles are 11 golf courses, {and downhill skiing is an hour away. 1899{Just north of Daytona Beach, Tropic Sun {Towers Phase I & II offers you recreation {and relaxation along Florida's eastern {coast. Take a refreshing dip in the {outdoor pool or hit the beach for more {water fun. A sauna and whirlpool {provide additional on-site comforts. {Within an 11-mile radius, enjoy {horseback riding, golf, tennis, boating, {and fishing. The resort also rents bikes, {boogie boards, and beach chairs and {umbrellas for a small fee. Enjoy the {area's quaint shops, superb restaurants, {and a wide variety of entertainment {options. Be sure to visit nearby Orlando. 1900{A terrific setting is just the beginning {of the rewards awaiting you at Squaw {Valley Lodge. You'll enjoy amenities such {as the six large whirlpools, a sauna and {steam room, an outdoor pool, and tennis {courts. Skiers couldn't ask for a better {home base--you can ski out right from the {door of your condominium. In summer, enjoy{fishing, horseback riding, river rafting, {golf, and water sports on scenic Lake {Tahoe. For evening fun, restaurants and {nightclubs are scattered all along the {lakeshore, and casinos are as close as 18 {miles. The Village at Squaw Valley {Pedestrian Mall is only steps away. 1901{Pointe Royale Village and Country Club is {located near Branson and Table Rock Lake, {as well as being bordered by Lake {Taneycomo. On site, you can tee up on a {world class 18-hole golf course or you can{enjoy the lighted tennis courts and two {outdoor pools. Lake Taneycomo is a famous {trout-fishing spot. Boat rentals, {launching facilities, and supplies are {available nearby. Nine miles away is {Silver Dollar City, an amusem*nt park with{an 1880s theme. Round out your vacation {here with a visit to crafts shops, music {shows, and restaurants. { 1902{Imagine relaxing by a Highland Loch, the {stillness only disturbed by the lapping {waves, the cry of a waterfowl or the {distant whisper of a mountain waterfall. {Escape to the Great Glen Water Park Club, {set in some of the finest scenery of the {Scottish Highlands. For the more active, {there is mountain biking, clay pigeon {shooting, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, {rock climbing, abseiling and Nordic ski {school - all available with qualified {instruction. { { { 1903{Year-round, a stay at Wind In The Pines {offers a variety of cultural performances,{outdoor activities, antiquing, shopping, {and fine dining. Nearby one can find {Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston {Symphony and Boston Pops, Norman Rockwell {museum, Williamstown Theatre Festival, and{dance theater at Jacobs Pillow. Its {location in the Berkshires offers many {sight-seeing opportunities such as Mount {Greylock, Appalachain Trail, and the main {street of Stockbridge. Boston and New York{City are within a 2.5-hour drive. For more{information, please visit { 1904{North of Mexico City, Tequisquiapan is {surrounded by the majestic peaks of the {Sierra Gorda Range. Tequisquiapan is a {historic town noted for its small-town {charm and cobblestoned streets. Places of {interest to visit include La Pe‹a de {Bernal, San Juan del Rio (known for its {silversmith work), San Agustin's former {convent, the aquaduct of Queretaro, and {San Miguel de Allende town, which is {approximately an hour away. { { { { 1905{Seefeld is set in a unique location on an {Alpine plateau of some 30 square miles. {The varied scenery includes dense pine {forests, larch woods and lush meadows. {There is a ski school and ski lifts nearby{and even in winter the high altitude {allows you more than the expected {sunshine. The resort is within easy reach {of Innsbruck and Garmisch-Partenkirchen in{Germany. Hotel Hochegg is well equipped {with a sauna, fitness room and a {restaurant. { { { 1908{Englewood Beach Club is the perfect home {base for exploring the Cape's many {museums, shops, and historic sites. At the{resort, you'll find a tennis court and {both an indoor and an outdoor pool. {Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic Ocean are{only a block away. Between April and {October, be sure to go on a whale-watching{cruise. Tour the Heritage Plantation, the {Kennedy Memorial, and the town of {Plymouth, site of the famous Plymouth {Rock. Neighboring Martha's Vineyard and {Nantucket Island also offer interesting {sight-seeing. Ferry boats to the islands {are available in Hyannis. 1909{This 400-acre, four-season resort is in {the heart of Flathead Valley, home of {Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake, the {Big Mountain, and an array of excellent {golf courses. The resort hosts an 18-hole {championship golf course, a recreation and{fitness center, year-round heated pool and{spas, a tennis court, ice-skating, cross- {country skiing, a restaurant, and lounge. {Meadow Lake is minutes from snowmobiling {trails and offers a complimentary daily {ski shuttle to Big Mountain. Troop {Meadow Lake offers supervised children's {activities year-round. { 1912{Sand and Surf Condominium is located {directly on the beach, where in addition {to its prime location, the resort offers {amenities, such as an outdoor heated pool,{tennis court, and picnic area. Daytona is{famous not only for its sandy beaches, but{also for the Daytona International {Speedway, home to the Daytona 500 and {Firecracker 400. Other races are {scheduled throughout the year. Florida's {popular sport of greyhound racing is also {close by. For a day-trip, Orlando is less{than two hours away. { { 1915{Club Calypso is just a couple of hundred {metres inland from the beautiful sandy {beaches of Puerto del Carmen, where many {types of water sports are available. The {apartments each with their own balcony are{grouped around a large swimming pool with {a children's section and an enormous sun {terrace and interspersed with colourful, {flower-filled gardens. On-site is a bar {and restaurant and nearby are a choice of {shops, restaurants and bars. { { { { 1916{Woodford Bridge Country Club is peacefully{located on the outskirts of a village {surrounded by rolling, green meadows. {This is an excellent base for exploring {the spectacular north Devon beaches and {coastline and the wild, unspoilt moorland {of Dartmoor and Exmoor. On-site amenities{include a leisure centre with squash {courts, an indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi and{gymnasium. The local style lodges and {apartments are comfortably furnished and {well equipped. { { { 1918{Diamond las Calas 3 is a self-contained {resort, with a friendly atmosphere, {adjoining its sister resorts of Diamond {las Calas 1 and 2 and is ideal for family {holidays. All units have modern interiors {and are situated around a heated pool with{a small section for children and a sun {terrace. Located in the residential area {of the former fishing town of Puerto del {Carmen, it is just a short walk from the {shops and restaurants. There is an on-site{leisure centre and kids' club. This resort{is not suitable for those with walking {difficulties. { 1920{Alpine Club, is 1km away from the world {ski championship downhill course and less {than a mile from the town of Schladming. {This famous winter-sports area offers {skiing, tobogganing, ice-skating, curling,{and sleigh rides. In summer, there is {skiing on the Dachstein glacier. The {resort offers a program of entertainment {and sight-seeing trips. On-site facilities{include a heated indoor pool, volleyball {and tennis courts, and a friendly cellar {bar. { { { 1921{Stony Court at Bryce Mountain is located {within the expansive Bryce Resort {community, just outside the George {Washington National Forest. Near your {doorstep are the fairways of the resort's {18-hole PGA golf course. Just around the {corner awaits Creekside Fitness Center for{the exercise buffs. A few minutes away are{stables that offer guided rides along {beautiful Lake Laura. During summer {months, one can enjoy grass skiing, {windsurfing, canoeing, and miniature golf {around the resort. In winter, experience {the thrill of skiing on nearby slopes. { 1922{SunBay Resort is set on the shores of Lake{Hamilton in Hot Springs. This southern {retreat offers you both quiet seclusion {and a full line of recreational {facilities. Fitness enthusiasts will rave {about the resort's health club that {features Nautilus equipment, an indoor {pool, two racquetball courts, saunas, and {whirlpools. Outdoors, there are two pools {and four lighted tennis courts. Hot {Springs National Park offers 4,800 acres {for hiking and horseback riding within a {short drive. For golfers, there is an 18- {hole course only 5 miles away. { 1923{The beauty of the Ouachita Mountains and {Hot Springs National Park surrounds you at{The Wharf. Located along the shores of {Lake Hamilton, this luxurious retreat {offers you not only a scenic setting, but {also activities and amenities catering to {all your vacation needs. In addition to a {number of water activities, the resort {offers tennis courts, an outdoor pool, a {playground, and a picnic area. Golf is {only 10 miles away. Other area attractions{include the Mid-America Center Museum, the{Arkansas Alligator Farm, and Oaklawn {Racetrack. { 1924{Los Lagos at Hot Springs Village is the {perfect four-season resort for your {vacation. The resort is 20 miles from Hot {Springs National Park (known for its {mineral springs), providing an excellent {area for hiking and horseback riding. {Boating, fishing, and swimming are offered{on Lake Hamilton and Lake Quachita. {On-site activities include tennis, {badminton, volleyball, horseshoes, and an {outdoor pool. The village features six {18-hole golf courses, two outdoor pools, {an indoor pool, tennis, and a playground {and picnic area. Oaklawn Racetrack has {races from February through mid-April. 1926{Los Indios at Cherokee Village offers a {friendly, casual atmosphere. The resort {has a tennis court, outdoor pool, hot tub,{badminton, volleyball and horseshoes. In {the village, you can play on one of two {golf courses, or enjoy the recreation {centers, tennis courts or swimming pools. {Water-sports enthusiasts can enjoy their {favorite pastimes on Lake Thunderbird at {the resort. For a more relaxing pace, you{can fish in Lake Thunderbird or one of the{other six lakes available in Cherokee {Village, swim and enjoy the sandy beach on{Lake Sequoyah, lounge poolside, or enjoy {the natural beauty of the area. 1927{If you've a passion for golf, you'll find {no better place than the Greens at Bella {Vista. There are 117 holes to conquer, all{for a fee. The on-site pro shops offer {rental clubs and a full line of golf {apparel and equipment. You'll also find {tennis, badminton, volleyball, horseshoes,{and an outdoor pool. The nearby village {offers additional tennis and racquetball {courts, four outdoor pools, an indoor {pool, and a nature walking trail. Seven {small lakes offer everything from water {skiing to fishing. See the countryside on {horseback--stables offering guided trail {rides are available. 1931{Spend a dream vacation at the Royal Palm {Club at the Aruba Grand. Located at the {edge of the Caribbean Sea, on the {beautiful snow-white sands of Palm Beach, {the resort offers spacious apartments, {fine dining, an Olympic-size freshwater {pool, nightly entertainment, tennis, {windsurfing, a daily activities program, a{casino, and a variety of water sports and {excursions. Located within five miles of {the resort, you'll find the Tiera Del Sol {Golf Course, an 18-hole championship golf {course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. { { 1932{Delve into Civil War history at {Presidential Resort at Chancellorsville. {Adjacent to an 1863 battlefield, this {resort puts you in the heart of many of {America's great historic sites. For {recreation, you'll find a full range of {activities available. Boat and fish at the{on-site lakes or, in season, enjoy an {afternoon at the resort's swimming pools. {Be sure to explore the battlefields and {scenic Virginia countryside during a hike {or jog along the local trails. Washington,{D.C., is just an hour away. { { 1935{Fj€llk€llan is located on a forested {mountainside 5km above the village of {Fun€sdalen. Cross country skiing and, {during summer, hiking trails lead {through the resort to the bare mountain {region above the treeline. From June to {August, the long sunny days bring the {mountains to life. The large, timberlog {lodges of Fj€llk€llan each have their own {sauna. On-site leisure pursuits include {mini-golf and billiards. Fishing is {available (a fishing license is required).{A car is essential to enjoy the area. { { 1936{Storlien is a small village in the Swedish{province of J€mtland, close to the {Norwegian border. In fact the nearest {large city is the Norwegian city of {Trondheim, only 100 km to the west. A {winter-wonderland, the excellent snow {conditions make this a popular skiing {area, often visited by the Swedish Royal {Family. In summer, walking in the {mountains to collect wild berries is an {enjoyable way of exploring the area.A car {is essential to enjoy the area. { { { 1937{Marstrand is a beautiful tiny island off {the Swedish west coast. Although only 2-3{km long, the island is a very popular {summer vacation area and a Mecca for {boating enthusiasts. The units at Villa {Maritime are built to take full advantage {of its maritime location and some have sun{terraces overlooking a yacht harbour. You {can bathe in the sea off the rocky {coastline or at the resort, which has its {own swimming pool. { { { { 1938{Hollywood Beach Tower, on Florida's {southeastern coast between Fort Lauderdale{and Miami, puts you in a great location to{enjoy the shops, restaurants, museums, and{night spots of both cities as well as the {beautiful, palm-lined beaches for which {Hollywood is known. If you're longing for {lazy days of sunning and swimming, you {need go no further than your doorstep--the{resort is located on the beach. Tennis {facilities and several golf courses are in{the area. { { { 1940{Bariloche borders one of Latin America's {most important ski centers. Downhill {action begins in July and last till {September. This is a great spot for {warm-weather holidays as well; the city {overlooks the startlingly blue waters of {Lake Nahuel Huapi and is ringed by {snowcapped mountain peaks, a breathtaking {setting for outdoor recreation. { { { { { { 1943{Fj€llvattnet is situated on a small {peninsula on Lake Vattnan. Its location is{uniquely peaceful, surrounded by lake and {woodland some 20 kms from the nearest {village - an ideal spot for nature lovers.{Snow usually lasts from November until {May and cross-country skiing is popular. {Fishing is very good, the lodges are only {10-25 metres from the lake. In summer the {'midnight sun' brings long, bright days. {A car is essential to enjoy the area. { { { { 1944{Fj€lls€tern, in T€nndalen, is situated {on the southern side of Mount Skarvarna. {The resort's position is so high, close {to the treeline, that only small trees {called mountain birches grow here. {The long guaranteed snow season provides {extensive skiing both downhill and {cross-country. The timberlog lodges {each have a sauna and wonderful views over{the mountains to the south. The clubhouse{has a lounge, solarium and billiards. {A car is essential to enjoy the area. { { { 1945{On the west coast of Sweden, close to the {Norwegian border, in the beautiful {province of Bohusl€nge is the resort of {Capri. The resort is built in the style {of an old fishing village on a rocky {promontory with the sea on two sides. {On-site facilities include a swimming {pool, saunas, tennis courts, boating, {restaurant and solarium. Snackbar, shop {and pool is open only mid May - mid Sept. {The popular tourist town of Stromstad is {6km away and has a good range of shops. A {car is esential to enjoy the area. There {is a ferry from Stromstad to the islands {of Koster and to Sandefjord all year round 1946{Fj€llbyn is situated in T€nn€s, in the {west of H€rjedalen province. T€nn€s is a {small, picturesque mountain village with {genuine old buildings in an area renowned {for its beauty. The skiing season is {from November until May, both {cross-country, on-site and downhill - {15km away. Long summer days mean plenty {of time for walking, hiking and fishing. {In summer, tennis is available on-site. {Fjallbyn`s lodges are built on a {hillside with good views. A car is {essential to enjoy the area. { { 1947{Treat yourself to a tropical vacation at {Panoly Town & Beach Club, on Borocay {Island. This bow-tie-shaped island, {rimmed by towering coconut trees and fine {white-sand beaches, offers a restful {escape from the hustle and bustle of {everyday world. Sail into the sunset on a{romantic native "bancas" cruise or enjoy {swimming, fishing, snorkeling, scuba {diving, sunbathing and water skiing. The {more adventurous might want to go on an {island hopping cruise, visit the bat cave,{trek round the island, gather puka shells {or go for night fishing and diving. {(Website: 1948{Nestled on the wooded shores of Peninsula {Lake, this resort invites you to enjoy {four seasons of fun in beautiful Ontario. {In summer, the numerous area waterways are{great for sailing, windsurfing, {waterskiing, canoeing, and fishing. On {land, enjoy two challenging resort golf {courses, indoor and outdoor tennis, {racquetball, and squash. From December to {April, it's ski season, with extensive {cross-country trails on the property. For {downhill action, the slopes are only five {minutes away. The resort also has {snowmobiling, and sleigh rides. { 1951{Located within a 380-acre estate, Ocean {Edge offers an extensive list of {amenities, plus a location far from the {crowds but near the Cape's many {attractions. Located in the town of {Brewster-midpoint on Cape Cod {Peninsula-you can do as little or as much {as you wish. Cape Cod is overflowing with {sight-seeing attractions and sporting {opportunities, but the activities and {amenities right at the resort provide {stiff competition for your time. { { { 1953{On the beach south of the popular resort {town of Cancun, Caribbean Reef Club at {Villa Marina is close to a live coral {reef. It's a splendid spot for scuba {diving or snorkeling. An hour's drive {south of the resort is Tulum, where {ancient Mayan ruins overlook the dazzling {blue Caribbean. Play tennis, swim or fish {right at the resort. The shops and {nightlife of Cancun are only a 30-minute {drive away. { { { { 1956{This small resort is located just a few {minutes from the lively shops, bars and {restaurants of Puerto del Carmen and is {ideal for family holidays. All of the {apartments have their own terrace, are {well equipped with modern interiors and {overlook the shallow swimming pool. {Visitors can also enjoy the amenities of {the adjoining resorts, Diamond las Calas 2{and 3 which have a heated swimming pool {with a section for children. There is an {on-site leisure centre and kids' club. The{resort is unsuitable for those with {walking difficulties. { 1958{Just a five-minute walk to the beach in {the Playa Dorada resort complex, Geo Group{at Village Caraibe boasts an 18-hole {Robert Trent Jones golf course, two pools,{tennis courts, a restaurant, and more. If {you're a water-sports enthusiast, you can {enjoy windsurfing, waterskiing, fishing, {snorkeling, and scuba diving. Equipment {rentals are available on the beach or {close by. When you want to get out and {explore your surroundings, you can hop on {the resort's shuttle bus, which travels to{various spots in the Puerto Plata area. Or{rent a bicycle or motor scooter. { 1959{Tremblant has a spectacular mountain, {lakes, a pictoresque village, golf a {festival of colours in fall, skiing in {winter, and nature comes alive in spring {and brings the warmth of summer. In {summer: swimming pool, tennis courts, {playground & volleyball court. Two lakes {within 500 metres (rental of sailboats, {canoes & water bicycles). Horseback {riding, walking, hiking, cycling and {rollerblade trails nearby. A cruise on {manificent Lake Tremblant. In winter: {downhill & cross-country skiing, snow- {boarding. Also skating rinks, snowmobile {trails, snowshoeing and other sports. 1960{The Geo Group at Berkshire Beach Club is {highlighted by a 100-foot private beach. {Guests will also enjoy the resort's heated{outdoor pool and spa, sun deck, and gas {barbecue grills. At the southern end of {Deerfield Beach, 50 yards offshore, is a {colorful underwater reef--a favorite place{for scuba diving and snorkeling. The Gold {Coast offers plenty of other oceangoing {activities, such as sailing and deep-sea {fishing. Fort Lauderdale and Miami are to {the south, and Palm Beach is to the north-{offering opportunities for sightseeing, {dining, and shopping. { 1962{Erlenbruck is a traditional country house {situated in the heart of the Black Forest.{Tastefully converted the resort offers {well furnished modern apartments. On-site {facilities include an indoor pool, sauna, {gym and restaurant. In winter the area {offers cross-country skiing. The Feldberg {mountain, a 30 minute drive away, can be {used for downhill skiing. In summer the {area is ideal for hiking and watersport {activities. The popular Titisee is only a {few minutes drive away. Daytrips can be {taken to Alsace, France, famous for wine, {storks and villages that date back to the {middle ages. 1964{Situated in the grounds of a magnificent {280-acre estate, Hilton Dunkeld is located{a short distance from the estate's private{stretch of the River Tay on which guests {have exclusive fishing rights. Extensive {on-site facilities heated indoor pool,all-{weather tennis courts, croquetlawn, clay {shootingrange and an extensive indoor {leisure complex. All lodges have been {tastefully furnished to providehigh {standard accommodation. { { { { 1965{The beach at Praia da Oura is less than a {mile away from Ourahotel Aparthotel, and a{free shuttle bus will take you there. The {resort's privileged position also puts it {close to Albufeira. The on-site facilities{are impressive, including a gym, aerobics {room, massage therapy, Turkish bath, {beauty salon and squash courts. The {nearest golf courses are in Gale, 8kms {away and Vilamoura 15kms away. {The well-equipped units have modern {furnishings and are fully air-conditioned.{The resort provides a bar, swimming {pool and a snack bar. { 1966{On the coast between the fishing centre of{Portimao and historic Lagos lies the {Algarve's ancient capital, Alvor. It is {here, in an 18 acre site some 700m from a {beautiful sandy beach, that you will find {the Alto Golf and Country Club set in {beautiful gardens. At Alto's Beach Club {you can enjoy a full range of watersports.{On-site is a club which offers an indoor {pool, sauna, jacuzzi and solarium which is{free to RCI guests; an a la carte {restaurant, tennis courts and putting {green. An exclusive 18-hole golf course {with associated facilities is nearby. { 1968{The Cove At Yarmouth is nestled in Cape {Cod. At the resort, enjoy indoor and {outdoor pools, a fitness center, indoor {and outdoor tennis courts, racquetball, {picnic and barbecue areas, and the {beauty of Cape Cod. On-site and off-site {activities programs will keep your days {filled with exciting adventures. To find {the best dining, theater, and more, visit {the concierge. The resort is centrally {located to the best that Cape Cod and the {surrounding areas have to offer. The {restaurant on site is seasonal. Live {entertainment is offered only on weekends.{A car is recommended during your stay. 1970{This superb resort is located directly on {the beach in one of Denmark's most popular{tourist locations. The island of Bornholm{lies south of the coast of Sweden, and is {famous for its smoked herring and {handikraft. Formerly a five star hotel, {the resort has been completely renovated {and offers accommodation of the highest {standard, together with an excellent {facilities package on site which includes {a health centre featuring whirlpool spa, {sauna, solarium and massage. { { { 1972{Situated in one of Mexico's most popular {vacation destinations, Buganvilias Resort {Vacation Club is a sun-soaked delight. {Try parasailing, surfing, deep-sea fishing{or boating. The city retains the tropical {trappings that made it famous in the film {Night of the Iguana-the bougainvillea {splashed across white-walled buildings, {the swaying palm trees, and the {cobblestoned streets. { { { { { 1976{Enjoy a panoramic view of a sunset and {sand dunes from your condominium at {Horizon Beach/Terrace Dunes Resort. The {resort is located in the town of North {Truro, which boasts a long maritime {history dating back to when the Pilgrims {first rounded the cape and viewed the {towering cliffs. Enjoy the resort's beach {and outdoor pool--just a short walk from {your unit. Antique shops, exclusive {boutiques, and historic sites abound in {nearby Provincetown. { { { 1977{Palm Gardens has a spectacular location {on top of a cliff with beautiful, sandy {beaches close by. It is situated less than{two miles from the picturesque fishing {village of Praia do Carvoeiro. The {luxurious town houses are designed in the {style of the Algarve and are built around {a large swimming pool. The tennis centre, {shops, restaurants and night spots are all{within a short distance. The Carvoeiro {Golf Club is about three miles from the {resort. { { { 1979{A self-contained vacation resort, Los {Amigos Beach Club, offers guests the {chance to relax around palm-fringed pools,{a game of tennis, or a gentle afternoon of{bowls on the resortØs green. Concessionary{rates are available at Mijas Golf course {and within easy reach are the shopping and{night life of Marbella and Fuengirola. { { { { { { { 1980{Neue Post in the heart of Zell am See, is {ideal for both a relaxing or active {holiday. There are many sporting {facilities at the lake, just a few {minutes' walk away, and ski slopes and {tennis courts nearby, as well as a golf {course which is approx. 2kms away. Summer {leisure activities centre around the large{garden with barbecue parties held beside {the heated-pool. Indoors, the facilities {include a restaurant, sauna, 2 whirlpools {and fitness centre. All rooms have cable {colour-TV and minibar. { { 1982{Enjoy beautiful views of the quaint {village of Nashville, Indiana, and the {surrounding countryside from your private {balcony overlooking the hills at Hotel {Nashville. This Brown County resort offers{a lodge with a year-round pool, spa, and {sauna. Craft, art, and antiques shops-- {plus a variety of restaurants--are steps {from your door. Scenic 16,000-acre Brown {County State Park is just minutes away. { { { { { 1986{Stilbaai is a lovely little town with a {traditional farming community that still {have nick names given to them years ago. {Stilheuwels is the type of resort you go {to if you are in need of a peaceful {resting holiday. It is ideal for a large {family that loves the beach and fishing. {Stilbaai has one of the most beautiful {beaches in the Cape Province, where, if {you are up very early in the morning, you {can pick up some amazing shells. { { { { 1987{Sahara Sunset Club is a luxury resort {styled on traditional Moorish {architecture. Surrounding a beautifully {landscaped pool and gardens, the resort is{just a short distance from the beach. {Close by are the Torrequebrada Golf Club, {tennis courts, casino, and the Benalmadena{yacht marina. On site, there is a {restaurant, supermarket, and a clubhouse {complete with an indoor pool, gymnasium, {sauna, and Jacuzzi. The units also have {satellite televisions and are fully {air-conditioned. { { 1989{Bahia Blanca has a spectacular location, {nestled in a steep hillside about one {kilometer from the beach at Puerto Rico on{the sunny south coast of Gran Canaria. {Each unit has a terrace or garden, taking {full advantage of the spectacular sun and {ocean views below. A funicular allows {easier access to the upstairs units. {Puerto Rico is a popular resort, with a {sandy beach and a good selection of shops,{restaurants, and caf©s. A car is {recommended to enjoy the area. { { { 1990{The Royal Oasis Club is located within the{Benal Beach tourist complex which is one {of the largest in Spain. Built around its {own water park, it is situated in the {heart of Benalmadena Costa, famous for its{many bars, restaurants and night spots. {For the sports minded there are golf {courses and fishing only a short distance {away and a fitness centre nearby at the {sister resort of La Quinta. { { { { { 1991{Tranquility is the key word at this {Eastern Transvaal resort, set among lush {gardens on 179 hectares of indigenous {bush. Cottages are all self-catering On- {site facilities include two swimming pools{with natural mineral water. { { { { { { { { { 1992{Set high above the ocean on the famous {Dolphin Coast. {This resort combines a {village atmosphere with plenty of {facilities for seaside fun. Completely {safe bathing in and around the tidal pools{for the whole family. Hunt for shells, or {go fishing from the famous Rock. For the {energetic holiday maker, there is tennis {or squash and then cool off in the large {and lovely swimming pool or just soak up {the sun. { { { 1993{This seaside resort is set above the {Illovo's golden stretches of beach, with {spectacular views of the sea. For {entertainment you can join the bustle and {night life of Durban close by, or head {further south to the Wild Coast on a {comfortable hour and a half's drive past {some of South Africa's most popular resort{towns. For shopping and dining out, {Warner Beach and Amanzimtoti are just up {the road. When you are not sunning {yourself on the beach, you can take your {leisure at the pool or in the games room, {swimming or surfing nearby or windsurfing {on the South Coast lagoons. 1995{Comfortable self-catering apartments (some{air-conditioned) with beautiful sea views {are available at this resort, 40 metres {from the beach with a tidal rock pool and {life-guard during peak seasons. There is {a games room and video library on site, {and Durban is a 20-minute drive away. { { { { { { { { 1997{This resort offers the natural beauty of {white sandy beaches, lush bush, wild life {at the lakes and in the game areas and {big-game fishing out on the deep sea. In {the village there are restaurants, banks, {shops, two hotels, curio shops with Zulu {craftwork and gifts, discos in season, {putt-putt, bikes for hire and a huge {waterslide. The Natal Parks Board {conducts daily launch tours into the {estuary's upper reaches where you can spot{the fish eagle and sea crocodiles basking {on the water's edge. Or follow nature {walks and hiking trails. { 1998{Orlando's Sunshine Resort boasts an {on-site swimming pool, tennis court, {kiddie pool, shuffleboard court, outdoor {spa, sauna, and cookout area. Within {15 miles of the resort are famous family {attractions such as Walt Disney World(R) {and SeaWorld. After a day of play, return {to the resort for a relaxing stint in the {on-site whirlpool. { { { { { { 1999{Just 35 kilometres from Brits in the {North West Province, is a Bushveld {resort divided into 13 camps. There {are 9 swimming pools, barbeque and {entertainment facilities. {These facilities include squash, tennis, {swimming. Game {watching expeditions from an open vehicle {are arranged for the wild life spectator. {Dikhololo is a lush green wonderland set {among some beautiful natural rock {formations, and it offers city-dwellers a {quiet sanctuary with all the comforts and {convenience they are accustomed to. No TV {sets in any chalets,limited hire from Recp 2002{Whiski Jack at the Fitzsimmons is located {in the heart of Whistler Village resort at{the foot of Blackcomb and Whistler {mountains. You'll find bars, restaurants {and shopping in the same block. Swing into{summer with a round of golf on the three {18-hole championship golf courses. Valley {lakes are close by offering boating and {fishing. Other summer activities include {hiking, cycling, and tennis. The ski {season runs from mid-November to May, with{an anual snowfall of 450 inches. Blackcomb{and Whistler Mountains offer more than 200{downhill trails. No a/c, no play- {ground nearby. One parking stall only 2003{Whiski Jack at Powder's Edge lies in the {heart of Whistler Village. Almost all {amenities are within one mile. Swing into {summer and choose a game of golf on the {Arnold Palmer course, or the Robert Trent {Jones course or the Nicklaus North course.{Five valley lakes are only a mile away, {offering boating and fishing. Other summer{activities include hiking, cycling, and {tennis. With an annual snowfall of 450 {inches. Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains {offer more than 200 marked downhill {trails. { { 2004{Mabalingwe is one of life's hidden {pleasures. A nature conservation reserve, {set in the heart of the Bushveld that is {fast disappearing. Nestling in the {Baviaansberge and straddling the Karee- {spruit, Mabalingwe will remain a secluded {haven. Restricted access and limited {membership are designed to ensure that you{and your family can enjoy nature the way {it was meant to be. There is an abundance {of water with a profusion of bird-life. {You may see wild kingfisher, blue star- {lings, hornbills, ostrich and many more. {Or you can sit back and observe the wild {game gathering at the waterholes to drink. 2005{Bantry Bay is superbly located right on {the sea front. The self-catering {apartments, built against a sheltered, {craggy rockface, achieve a wonderful {balance between the simple and the lux- {urious. Individual balconies stretch out {from each apartment providing private {sunbathing. Sea Point, with its unusual {boutiques, excellent restaurants and night{spots, is just a few minutes' drive away .{The resort has its own swimming pool. {Picnic baskets are available from recep- {tion at a fee - please give 24h notice. {Braai facilities are available (your {porter can help you to get the fire ready) 2008{Let your vacation adventure begin at {Villas at Poco Diablo. The resort offers {an outdoor pool. Entertainment and fine {dining, both indoors and out, are located {nearby. In nearby Sedona, you can enjoy an{abundance of American Indian arts and {crafts because of its proximity to {Navajo, Hopi, and other reservations. A {complex of galleries, many featuring {nationally acclaimed Western artists, is {located in the Sedona Art Center. For more{adventure, the Grand Canyon is 107 miles {northwest. { { 2009{You will find relaxation at Gulf Pointe of{Naples, where gentle Gulf breezes and the {white sands of Vanderbilt Beach, famous {for beautiful sunsets, create the perfect {seaside locale. Enjoy lazy days in the {sun, swim in the heated pool, take a ride {on a Sailfish, or explore the area on a {bicycle. Wiggins Pass State Recreation {Area is within walking distance, or take a{short drive into downtown Naples for a {memorable shopping experience. **PLEASE {NOTE: The adjoining property to the resort{is currently beingdeveloped and is under {construction. Expect some noise and dust {between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. 2010{Suntide Hotel, Margate is right on the {beach with the main Margate beach a short {walk away. The bright lights of the Wild {Coast Sun is only 30kms down the coast and{the Margate country Club a mere 3kms away.{Safe swimming and a variety of {sight-seeing and recreation facilities {nearby make for a fun family holiday. { { { { { { { 2015{The Ridge offers 46 elegant and spacious {vacation condominiums on nearly seven {acres of tall pines. On-site amenities {include a private swimming pool, tennis {court, and year-round spa. The resort is {secluded and relaxing yet conveniently {located in the heart of nationally {recognized Sunriver resort. Activities {include 33 miles of paved walking/biking {trails, two championship golf courses, {horseback riding, and fishing on the {sparkling Deschutes River. Mount Bachelor,{only 18 miles away, offers some of the {finest skiing and winter activities found {anywhere. 2016{The Royal Palace Hotel enjoys a {beachfront location in the popular {Hurghada development on the Red Sea. The {Red Sea is famous worldwide for its {beautiful coral and exotic marine life, {and the crystal-clear water is ideal for {snorkeling. The resort is an excellent {base for exploring the numerous historic {sites of Ancient Egypt-Luxor and the {Valley of the Kings are only about five {hours away. Facilities on site include {bars and restaurants, and sailing trips {are organised from the resorts marina. { { 2018{Club Lago Verde is built on a hillside {overlooking the town of Puerto del Carmen,{and each unit has a large balcony with a {spectacular view of the old port and the {sea. There is a large heated swimming pool{surrounded by sun terraces and a poolside {bar. Within two kilometres of the resort,{you'll find waterskiing and windsurfing {from the rocky beach. This resort is not {suitable for those with walking {difficulties. { { { { 2022{If you love the sun-drenched beach with {its unlimited ocean and sky, The Surf Club{offers it to you within steps of your {front door. Located on Dewey Beach, the {resort is just a few hours from {Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, so you {can enjoy the best of big-city life as {well. Fish from a chartered boat (or cast {your line from the nearby pier), surf on {the waves, or drive into either city for a{day of sight-seeing. On site, enjoy the {outdoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, {videocassette library, and bicycles. { { 2023{Club Regency of Marco Island is located on{Marco Island, where nearly four miles of {sandy white beaches hug the waters of the {Gulf of Mexico. On site, you will find a {swimming pool, Jacuzzi, barbecue grills, {and tennis, basketball, and shuffleboard {courts. Offshore, you can enjoy {activities, such as fishing, boating, and {the renowned shelling. Golf courses are {minutes away. For a change of pace, visit {Miami, only two hours away, or Walt {Disney World(R), within four hours of {the resort. For waterfront dining and {entertainment, stop by any of the several {restaurants in the area. 2024{Eagle Crest features an extensive list of {outdoor activities, including an indoor {pool and a million-dollar indoor {recreation facility that houses tennis and{racquetball courts. Built on 1,250 acres, {the resort provides opportunities to fish,{ride horses, swim, golf on one of three {18-hole golf courses, and practice putting{on the 18-hole putting course. Take a walk{or jog along the almost seven miles of {trails and explore the resort. The resort {has nearly two miles of Deshcutes River {frontage, where you can fish for trout. {Mount Bachelor, 38 miles away, offers the {finest in downhill skiing. 2025{Enjoy all the excitement of New England's {premier four-season mountain resort at {Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel. In the summer, {you can enjoy championship golf on site. {Racquetball, white-water rafting, fishing,{mountain biking, and hiking are also {available in the area. In winter, take {advantage of the resort's prime location {at the foot of Sugarloaf/USA ski area. {You're right in the thick of the downhill {and cross-country ski action. To top off {an active day, settle in and enjoy the {dining pleasures at one of the ski-village{restaurants or dine on site. { 2026{Sedona Vacation Club/Los Abrigados is {situated amid 20 acres of lush landscaping{at Los Abrigados Resort. Recreation {enthusiasts have numerous choices for {activity-tennis, Nautilus workouts, {swimming, and aerobics. For the golfer, {there are two full-size courses only seven{miles away. If you enjoy fishing, cast {your line for trout in Oak Creek. Save a {day to tour the Sedona countryside. The {resort is next door to the Tlaquepaque Art{Village. For those with relaxation in {mind, the resort offers a eucalyptus steam{bath, a whirlpool, massages, facials, a {tanning salon, and sauna. 2028{Beautiful sunsets, white-sand beaches, and{nightlife beyond compare are all elements {of Manzanillo, home of Golden Shores {Manzanillo at Playa de Oro. On-site {facilities include two swimming pools, {tennis courts, three restaurants, a {nightclub, and a beach club. Be sure to {visit nearby Cuyutlan Beach, which is {known for the Green Wave, a mountainous {wave with crests that reach 50 feet or {more. { { { { 2029{The Mondi Ferienclub Oberstaufen is {situated on the sunny hills of the popular{village of Oberstaufen. Oberstaufen is {well known for its healthy climate. There {are facilities for the whole family which {include medical treatments, massage, {solarium, steam bath, playground, indoor {pool, restaurant and bars. In winter {guests will find a wide range of {wintersports. In summer excursions can be {arranged to Bodensee, Switzerland and {Austria. There is a golf course nearby {which guests can use at a special rate. { { 2032{Nords× Klit at Henne Strand is on the west{coast of Denmark, about 40kms north of {Esbjerg. This coastline is famous for its{vast, unspoilt sand dunes and small {villages. A day trip can be made to {Legoland, the famous miniature town, to {the golf course or you can spend a {peaceful day walking in the Blâbjerg {plantation, near Nords× Klit, where there {is a sand dune 64 metres high giving fine {views of the surrounding area. { { { { 2033{Grand Destination Vacation Club is part of{the lovely Oasis Resort. Play tennis or {relax in one of the resort's swimming {pools or whirlpools. Take advantage of {the Spa at the Oasis andthe Gun Club or {visit the resort's 24-hour casino. The {resort also boasts three golf courses, a {miniature golf course, a go-cart track, {and an arcade on site. For {sight-seeing, Zion National Park is 70 {miles away, Bryce Canyon National Park is {150 miles away, and Valley of Fire State {Park is an hour's drive away. Snow Canyon {State Park is 45 minutes away. For skiing,{Brian Head Resort is 90 minutes away. 2035{In the heart of Wales, Cwm Chwefru is set {in a secluded valley, surrounded by fields{and forests. This is the perfect place {for walkers, country lovers and bird- {watchers - or as a base to explore the {Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia and the many {beauty spots of Wales. On-site facilities{include a bar, fishing lake, indoor pool, {sauna and solarium. The cottages are {attractively furnished in country style. { { { { { 2036{Sand, sun, surf and all the pleasures of {the beautiful Mexican Riviera await you at{Golden Shores Flamingos. {Enjoy numerous water sports as well as {first-class shopping in the immediate {area, plus lively nightlife. Be sure to {take in an authentic Mexican fiesta as {well, and pick up a souvenir to help you {remember your holiday. { { { { { { 2039{Warm days and cool evenings are in store {for you at Villa Varadero in Nuevo {Vallarta. You'll be able to enjoy an {endless array of water sports here and at {the marina. Scuba diving, deep-sea {fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and {bodysurfing are area favorites. The {designer shops, international restaurants,{and lively night spots of Puerto Vallarta {are 15 minutes away. { { { { { 2040{Nestled in the woods that surround Lake {Morency, Club Geopremiere offers you a {peaceful getaway. During the summer, you {can fish, steer a canoe on the lake, {paddleboat, play golf, go horseback riding{close by or go for a hike in one of the {trails on site. For wintertime action, {enjoy the slopes of St. Sauveur, only 10 {miles away, or the cross-country ski or {snowmobile trails on site. Snowmobiles {are available for rent on site. Year- {round, you'll love the alpine charm of St.{Hippolyte, the resort's hometown. For more{diversion, the sights and shops of {Montreal are within an hour's drive. 2041{Harbour Club at Harbour Town is located in{Sea Pines Plantation and features {luxuriously furnished villas with superb {appointments. Each villa boasts two {whirlpool tubs, a spacious living room, {and a gourmet-equipped kitchen. Guests {enjoy a heated swimming pool, an outdoor {hot tub, and other special resort {amenities. A complete activities program {is also provided for your enjoyment. { { { { { 2046{Gardenias, camellias, orchids, and azaleas{grow in wild profusion in the beautiful {town of Fortin de las Flores. Mexico's {highest volcano, the towering {Citlaltepetl, can be seen from the city {when weather permits. At Fortin de las {Flores Resort Club, you can swim and play {tennis on site. Also, you can enjoy one- {day tours to Xalapa, Veracruz, Catemaco, {Tajin and Coscomatepec. { { { { { 2047{Half an hour's drive north of Durban, Salt{Rock is a haven away from the crowds. {Units here are just metres from the {landmark tidal pool and jetty, and the {resort has its own sheltered swimming pool{as well as tennis and squash courts on {site. The timeshare units are self- {catering, but there is also a restaurant {and cosy bar at the resort. { { { { { { 2049{This standard resort offers fully-equipped{self-catering apartments a short walk from{the beach in cosmopolitan Sea Point. {Explore this vibrant area on foot, or take{a scenic ride along the coastline on {bicycles provided by the resort. From {your base here, you're within easy walking{distance of a host of interesting shops {and restaurants, with Cape Town's other {famous attractions just a car trip away. {And if you choose to "stay at home", {you'll find a heated plunge pool and {second channel TV. { { 2050{Just five minute's walk from the Margate {Shopping Centre, an exclusive home-from- {home awaits you. This is Marine Terrace {where, with only nine units, you can enjoy{all the holiday action of the South Coast {from a haven of peace and quiet. Relax and{make yourself at home or stroll down to {the privacy of your beach on Treasure Bay.{Despite its enviably peaceful location, {Marine Terrace is a stone's throw from {some of South Africa's most popular {vacation sports. Head north and you're in {Durban or just twenty minutes' scenic {drive south there's the exciting Wild {Coast Casino. 2051{Sanbonani offers thatched units with {a central complex with exercise and {entertainment facilities. Situated {just outside Hazyview, the resort is {within easy drive of the Kruger National {Park, Mac-Mac and other spectacular {waterfalls, Blyde River Canyon, "God's {Window", Long Tom Pass, Pilgrims Rest and {The Sudwala Caves. Swim in the warm {natural waters of Sanbonani`s swimming {pool, hike through the surrounding {unspoilt vegetation, teeming with bird {life and small animals, or drop your {line into a nearby stream. { 2055{Oc©ano Beach Club nestles directly on the {edge of a quiet secluded beach, ideally {situated midway between Marbella and the {bustling market town of Fuengirola. The {well equipped studios and apartments all {have balconies or terraces with sea views.{Numerous excellent facilities are nearby, {including tennis, golf and watersports. { { { { { { { 2056{Situated in one of Denmark's most {attractive holiday regions in North {Zealand, Feriecentret Râgeleje Klit is {only 45 minutes drive from the city of {Copenhagen. It is only half an hour's {drive to get the ferry to Sweden. There {is a private beach on site and each of the{modern units have sea views. On-site there{is a small outdoor swimming pool, sauna {and solarium and nearby there are many {holiday towns and marinas. { { { { 2060{At Catalina Beach Club, you can swim in {the heated outdoor pool, work out in the {gym, or enjoy the waters of the Atlantic {Ocean in your oceanfront unit. A {children's pool is also on site. Within a {short drive, you will find facilities for {biking, horseback riding, hiking, jogging,{golfing, scuba diving, and playing tennis.{Less than a mile away are many fine {restaurants and nightclubs. Be sure to {save a day or two to visit the Walt Disney{World(R) theme parks and the Kennedy Space{Center, each about an hour away. { { 2062{Fronting one of Vilamoura's championship {golf courses, Four Seasons Vilamoura {offers everything in terms of luxury and {relaxation. Discounted guaranteed golf {starting times on several 18-hole courses {and an impressive clubhouse that includes {indoor and outdoor pools, squash, saunas, {and snooker provide year-round activities {for the entire family. The units are also {beautifully furnished and designed. { { { { { 2063{Club Tarahal is situated in the 'La Paz' {area of Puerto de la Cruz, not far from {the Botanical Gardens. Within a few {minutes walk you will find shops, bars, {restaurants and night-life. This compact {resort has a small heated roof-top {swimming pool, surrounded by sun terraces,{which have marvellouse views over the sea {to the impressive lido complex for which {Puerto de la Cruz is famous. This resort {is not suitable for those with walking {difficulties. A children's play area is {on-site equipped with Sony Playstations {and an area for small children (parent {supervision required). 2064{Ixtapa, part of the Mexican Riviera, {offers the vacationer a tropical escape. {By day you can visit the spectacular {beaches or the challenging fairways of the{Ixtapa golf course. Aside from golf and {sunning on the beach, the area offers an {array of water sports and shopping. {Complete the day by dining at one one of {the local restaurants and dancing at one {of the great night spots nearby. { { { { { 2065{Hotel Cancun Palace offers you a world of {tropical vacation pleasures. Bask on the {powdery, white-sand beach; swim and {snorkel in aquamarine waters; or try your {luck at deep-sea fishing. Back on land, {enjoy the resort's tennis courts, gym, {swimming pool, and restaurants, or you can{tour the ancient Mayan ruins. Palace {Resorts owns Golf Club Playacar, designed {by Robert Van Hagge. Information is {available at the guest service desk. {There are special prices for RCI members. { { { 2066{America's favorite playground, Orlando, is{home to High Point World Resort. Beautiful{accommodations and a long list of {amenities will make your Florida vacation {a delight. A heated swimming pool, game {room, whirlpool, lighted tennis court, and{fitness course are available. And you'll {find all of the area's varied attractions {minutes from your vacation hideaway. {Within a block of the resort, many {restaurants are on hand to provide you {with delightful culinary options. { { { 2067{Absorb the East Coast sun as you play golf{on one of two challenging courses located {at one of America's leading golf centers, {which offers discounted rates. Practice {your stroke at the nearby driving range {before playing the championship courses. {For water enthusiasts, the beach is just a{short walk from the villa. After a stroll {along the shore, take a break at the on- {site picnic area, where you can cook your {favorite barbecue meals on the grills {provided. { { { 2069{From an 18-hole Robert Trent Jones golf {course to beautiful Logan Martin Lake, {East Pines at Alpine Bay offers everything{for a great vacation. Enjoy fishing on the{lake, play a round of golf on the on-site {course, swim in the outdoor pool, or enjoy{the whirlpool tub in your condominium. If {you like to sightsee, DeSota Caverns and {Talladega Speedway are 25 miles away, or {you can visit Birmingham, within an hour's{drive. { { { { 2070{Located in the scenic foothills of South {Carolina's moutains, a relaxed country {atmosphere makes Villas of Foxwood Hills {a wonderful vacation retreat. Enjoy {fishing and boating on nearby Lake {Hartwell, a 56,000-acre lake. You will {need a car to fully enjoy the resort {amenities, nine-hole golf course, indoor {and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts,{volleyball, and horseshoe pits. Some of {which are a distance from the units, in {this 2,600-acre property. Cities and sites{within 30 minutes to two hours are {Asheville, NC, Cherokee, NC, Clemson, SC, {Helen, GA, Atlanta, GA, and Commerce, GA. 2071{Enjoy a four-season slate of activities in{a serene mountain setting at Quail Hollow {Village at Beech Mountain Lakes. Spend {winter days sledding on the resort's {equipment or enjoy lake sports, swimming, {fishing, tennis, or golf nearby during the{summer. Year-round, you can take advantage{of the gym for a quick workout. Head for {the racquetball courts or swim in the {indoor pool. { { { { { 2072{Your Westwind Manor vacation can be as {active or relaxed as you wish. Some units {are located alongside Lake Bridgeport, {offering quiet days of fishing, or you can{bring your boat for exciting days of {boating, waterskiing, or sailing. "The {Club" at Runaway Bay boasts the finest {18-hole golf course in the area. You can {also relax in the warmth of the abundant {Texas sunshine by the on-site swimming {pool. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is {less than a 90-minute drive away. The {Texas Motor Speedway is within a 60-minute{drive. { 2073{Located in northeastern North Carolina, {Carriage Manor at Lake Royale offers a {full range of vacation activities. You can{swim, fish, and water ski, or play golf {and tennis. These resort amenities are on{the resort property but not near the {units. The resort is best suited for those{who enjoy a quiet and relaxing vacation. { { { { { { { 2074{The Vacation Club offers a host of {activities and attractions for any time of{the year. In the summer, you can play five{of northern Michigan's premier golf {courses, including The Chief, Arnold {Palmer's The Legend, and a Tom Weiskopf {course. Area amenities include an outdoor {pool; private beach club; tennis courts; {shopping; three restaurants; and a health {club with a full Nautilus program, sauna, {racquetball, steam room, and Wellness Spa.{During the winter, ski, snowboard, or {tube at Shanty Creek Resort, which boasts {41 downhill runs, a tubingpark, and {19 miles of cross-country trails. 2075{Silverwoods at Treasure Lake, located {in north central Pennsylvania, is nestled {in the heart of an 8,000-acre resort {community just south of Allegheny National{Forest and bordering Pennsylvania State {Game Lands #77. Treasure Lake has two {lakes with beach areas, an indoor and {three outdoor pools, tennis courts, and {two PGA 18-hole golf courses. Winter {brings sledding, and cross-country skiing,{all available on site. As the resort {encompasses thousands of acres, guests {will have to drive to amenities. Enjoy {good food and entertainment at the Ski {Lodge or dining at the Country Club. 2079{The Pianeta Maratea complex is located on {a hillside overlooking the sea a short {distance from the ancient Roman town of {Maratea in southern Italy. Below, a pebble{beach is gently lapped by a sparkling, {clear sea, and mountains covered in lush {vegetation form a spectacular backdrop. {The resort is near the well-known Grand {Hotel, and the complex offers a wide range{of leisure and entertainment facilities, {including a water slide during the high {season. { { { 2080{Porto Rotondo Gardens, set in its own {grounds with a central swimming pool, is {situated in the centre of the elegant {resort of Porto Rotondo and only 300m from{the famous 'Piazzetta' and marina. In {this area, near the well known Costa {Smeralda, many hours can be spent {exploring the most famous beaches and {wilderness of Interior Sardegna or just {wandering round Porto Rotondo, looking at {the many boutiques or trying the local {cuisine. { { { 2081{Porto Rosa is a large holiday village by {the sea, on the north-eastern coast of the{beautiful island of Sicily between Tindari{and Milazzo. Porto Rosa's attractive {apartments, set in gardens, and each with {balcony or terrace, are furnished in {light, modern Italian style. The marina {and village centre are only 2km away. { { { { { { { 2082{Morritt's Tortuga Club offers you a {beachside vacation home on beautiful Grand{Cayman Island. Relax on the silky sand or {by the pool, then dive into the {crystalline offshore waters, where you can{enjoy aquatic pastimes. The undersea world{is filled with spectacular coral and other{marine life-see it on a submarine tour or {during a scuba dive. The resort offers a {complete diving, snorkeling, and {windsurfing program plus an array of {activities and nightly entertainment. {David's, the on-site restaurant, provides {international and island cuisine. A gift {shop is also on site. 2083{The beautiful white-sand beaches and warm {Gulf waters of Longboat Key are within {steps of the resort and are perfect for {sunning, swimming, and a host of other {beach activities. Four Winds of Longboat {Key offers a swimming pool, whirlpool, {tennis courts, shuffleboard court, {barbecue grills, and bicycles. Anglers can{enjoy exciting Gulf fishing just seven {miles away, and golfers will find a course{only 12 miles from the resort. If you'd {rather shop, visit St. Armand's Circle {with its exclusive shops and restaurants. {Close by is the Ringling Museum Complex {with its fabulous art collection. 2084{Nestled among tall California pines, Lake {Arrowhead Chalets is the perfect getaway {spot for your mountain vacation. The {breathtaking scenery of the San Bernardino{National Forest and picturesque Lake {Arrowhead Village make this one of the {most lovely and enchanting areas in {California. Fishing, hiking, and biking {are just some of the area's summer {activities. In the winter, enjoy skiing, {only 18 miles away. To relax, browse {through the many quaint shops or enjoy {fine dining and entertainment in the {village. { 2085{Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge {Mountains, Country Hideaway at Mountain {Lakes is the perfect spot for a peaceful {vacation. Built on rolling hills {overlooking beautiful Lake Qualatchee,the {resort offers on-site amenities that {include a miniature golf course, water {slide, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, {and activities for all ages. Visit the {German alpine village of Helen just six {miles away. { { { { 2088{Wychnor Hall, built in the late 18th {century, is set amidst 50 acres of {delightful parkland just 5 miles north of {Lichfield, the birthplace of Dr Johnson. {Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry Cathedral {and the Peak District National Park are {but a short drive away. Guests can enjoy {golf, tennis, croquet, bowling and many {other outdoor activities. The resort also{offers a bar, restaurant and leisure {centre which includes indoor pool, {whirlpool, sauna, steam room, solarium and{small gymnasium. { { 2089{Experience the delights of this mountain {village, situated just 100km north of {Oslo. Club Norefjell offers excellent {cross-country and alpine skiing only 100m {away. In Summer, the resort is ideal for {walking, horseriding or watersports at the{nearby Kroedern lake. The resort is {located on a private road which requires a{toll. The apartments are built in local {style blending into the picturesque {Norwegian scenery. The units are very {comfortable, each offering a private {sauna, TV/video, dishwasher and terrace. { { 2090{Aparthotel Cerro Alagoa is situated close {to the sandy beach of Albufeira and just a{few minutes' walk from the centre of town,{where there is a wide choice of nightlife.{If you enjoy golf, there are several golf {courses in Vilamoura, 15kms away, or at {Gale, 8kms away. At the resort, you will {find restaurants, bars and two swimming {pools, one of which is indoor and has a {tropical ambience. { { { { { 2091{Located on its own island in Simpson Bay {Lagoon, one of the largest lagoons in the {Caribbean, Port de Plaisance Resort & {Casino combines French and Dutch culture {to provide the beauty, peace, and {tranquility often associated with Sint {Maarten. Situated in lush, tropical {gardens, the resort boasts three {restaurants (serving Continental, seafood,{and gourmet fare), a Monte Carlo-style {casino, a spa and tennis center, two {swimming pools, and a superb marina that {is home to some of the most luxurious {yachts in the world. { 2093{Sun yourself by the beautiful pool at {Ocean Reef Yacht Club and Resort in {Freeport. Choose from a wide array of {water activities such as waterskiing, {scuba diving, and boating--all at the {resort. Or, play a game of golf on the {nearby green. For entertainment and {shopping, be sure to visit the {International Bazaar and Port Lucaya or {try your luck at Princess Casino. { { { { { 2094{A vacation at Geo Group at Imperialakes {offers a wide range of amenities--an {18-hole golf course, three outdoor pools, {a clubhouse, a picnic area, and tennis and{racquetball courts--either on site or {within six miles. Walt Disney World(R), {Busch Gardens, and SeaWorld are within 60 {miles. The resort is less than 70 miles {from the Gulf of Mexico, where you can {enjoy water sports. The Kennedy {Space Center is 105 miles away. { { { { 2095{The Kimball serves as the perfect home {base for your vacation in Salt Lake City. {The city's famous Temple Square is less {than a block away, and two major shopping {centers and a theater are within two {blocks. For the athlete in the family, {boating, horseback riding, and golf also {are available in the area. When winter {snows fall, skiers should enjoy the seven {major ski areas that can be found within {30 miles. { { { { 2096{When the snow begins to fall, head for {Whiski Jack at the Whistlerview for {exciting winter fun. Ski Whistler's {world-class slopes or try cross-country {skiing nearby. Summer offers ample {activity, too. You'll find an Arnold {Palmer-designed golf course nearby, and a {swimming pool and numerous mountain trails{for hiking and exploration can be found in{the area. For evening entertainment, you {are right there. One parking stall {available per unit. No a/c { { { 2099{Golden sunshine and unrivaled elegance are{hallmarks of vacations at Desert Springs {Villas, located on the grounds of Desert {Springs Resort and Spa. Pamper yourself in{the fully equipped, European-style spa; {accept the challenge of the two 18-hole {golf courses; play tennis; or relax at {poolside. Fine dining and entertainment {are on site as well. Close by, you'll find{excellent shops and restaurants, as well {as art galleries, museums, and interesting{desert attractions. { { { 2100{Discover the wonder of the Florida Keys {during your stay at The Reef at Marathon {Resort Club. This part of the Atlantic {Ocean is superb for water sports. Specta- {cular coral reefs are in the area for you {to explore while scuba diving, snorkeling,{or via a glass-bottom boat. One of the {most famous areas is John Pennekamp Coral {Reef State Park, 50 miles away. If you {prefer to enjoy the ocean from land, you {can soak in the sun or stroll along the {public beach, two miles away. At the {resort, you'll find a heated outdoor pool,{tennis courts, paddle boats, canoes, row- {boats, bicycles, and many other amenities. 2101{Sunrise Cove at Village West is surrounded{by a four-season vacation adventureland. {In the summer, your day might include {lounging on sandy beaches, shopping, {antiques hunting, enjoying an amusem*nt {park, or splashing through Boji Bay. {Boating, fishing, and other water sports {abound on the blue waters of Lake Okoboji.{Fall and spring activities in the area {include golf, tennis, and hunting. In {winter, relax in the indoor pool and {Jacuzzi or brave the elements for ice- {skating, cross-country skiing, and {snowmobiling . { 2102{Strategically located midway between the {towns of Fuengirola and Marbella in Urb. {Riviera del Sol, Club Playa Vista at {Pueblo Don Miguel is ideally located for {those who wish to explore the many {attractions in the area which are all {within easy reach by car. A swimming pool {is on site however all guests staying at a{Club Playa Vista resort have use of the {Aztec Country Club facilities which {include tennis, badminton, paddle tennis, {sauna, jacuzzi and outdoor pool. There is {a free shuttle service provided between {the Aztec Country Club and the resort. { 2103{Strategically located midway between the {towns of Fuengirola and Marbella in Urb. {Riviera del Sol, the Club Playa Vista {resort of Club Sierra Blanca is ideally {located for those who wish to explore the {many attractions in the area which are all{within easy reach by car. A swimming pool {is on site however all guests staying at a{Club Playa Vista resort have use of the {Aztec Country Club facilities which {include tennis, badminton, paddle tennis, {sauna, jacuzzi and outdoor pool. There is {a free shuttle bus service provided {between the Aztec Country Club and the {resort. 2104{Club Alegria is located on Fuerteventura, {the second largest of the Canary Islands {which until recently has remained off the {tourist map. The west coast is rugged and {rocky; the eastern coast however, has {fine, sandy beaches. The resort is in the{El Castillo area, on the eastern side and {offers a range of water-sports and an {attractive marina. A large complex {adjacent to the beach offers restaurants, {bars and shops. { { { { 2106{Hampton Beach, in the heart of the New {Hampshire seacoast, provides a scenic and {fun-filled vacation setting. The resort is{a block from the beach and is surrounded {by restaurants and shops. It makes for a {perfect East Coast vacation destination. {Water Country, one of the country's best {water parks, is 15 minutes away. Deep-sea {fishing and whale-watching are nearby. {Boston is an hour's drive away. The famous{Hampton Beach Boardwalk, Casino Ballroom, {arcades, childrens playground, {restaurants, shops, and more are all {within walking distance. { 2107{Located along the southeastern coast of {Brazil, the peninsula of Armacao dos {Buzios spills into the Atlantic Ocean and {is 75 miles east of the River. {With an attractive tropical climate, the {area is an important tourist and {ecological center with nice beaches, {mountains, and tropical vegetation. {Buzios is a charming place to visit and {offers beautiful views. { { { { { 2108{Take a dip in the irresistibly clear, warm{waters of the Caribbean, or relax on the {white, sandy beach at Trafalgar Beach {Villas. For nighttime diversions, visit {the nearby casino, or dine and enjoy live {entertainment within the area. Nearby {amenities include boating, fishing, and {windsurfing. { { { { { { { 2111{Hotel Cristallino (1224mt) located in {Cortina, is set in a wide valley {surrounded by majestic mountains like {Tofane, Faloria and Monte Cristallino, {once the setting for a Winter Olympic {games. Cortina is particularly suitable {for winter and summer sports and it is a {renowned international centre in the Alps.{Apart from the skiing, the area offers {ski-school, bob sleighs, cable cars walks {and excursions. Also on site is a beauty {centre and sauna. The apartments are {currently hotel suites, with daily maid {service. { 2112{Residenza Parco dello Stelvio (1150mt) is {a ski resort which is also a health spot {and an attractive summer holiday retreat. {This resort, built in traditional chalet {style and developed around a hotel {complex, has good skiing with lifts to {2400m. Summer skiing is available at {nearby Passo Tonale. On-site resort {facilities are located in the Hotel {Kristiania and include bars, restaurant, {disco, sauna and gym. In Torrent Noce you {can experience kayak, rafting and {hydrospeed at Dimaro Canoa Club (tel. {00390463 973278). { 2113{A resort with a longer summer season than {many others in the country, Residence {Laurin (1629mt) is ideal for lovers of {winter sports. The resort has 35 chalet {style units situated in spectacular {mountain scenery. Located at Carezza in {the Italian Dolomites, the resort has {excellent facilities, including a sauna/ {solarium. There is a small market place {nearby. In winter high standard ski runs {are avail. More advanced ski runs can be {reached by car (Dolomiti super ski area). {Summer activities inc mountain walks (inc {the Sissi promenade), horse riding and a 9{hole golf course a short distance away. 2115{The splendor of the ancient Mayan {civilization is re-created at Melia Vaca- {tion Club at Paradisus Cozumel. {Wander through the old-world-style plazas {and verandas or worship the sun beside the{pool or on the beach. Rent a moped from {the resort for a day's adventure. Cozumel,{a beautiful island surrounded by the {Caribbean,offers exquisitely clear water {that is perfect for snorkeling and scuba {diving. { { { { 2116{Situated on the southern coast of the {island, Roca Mar Sports and Country Club {has a truly spectacular location, perched {on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.{You can enjoy the panoramic views from the{restaurant and terrace. There are three {bars, including one at poolside with {barbecue service. The natural seawater {swimming pool is special, for it is on a {platform jutting out into the sea. The {bustling city of Funchal is only 15 {minutes away and is well worth a visit, {with its courtyards, gardens, and markets.{There is a shuttle bus available for the {trip. 2117{Fairways Club has been developed within an{existing leisure complex, the Amarilla {Golf and Country Club. The resort is {situated in a very quiet area on the sunny{south side of the island and boasts a {variety of on-site facilities, including a{swimming pool, bars and a restaurant, {making it an ideal location for families {with young children. Golf, tennis and {Horesback riding is nearby. Most units {offer spectacular views of Mount Teide, {and some apartments have sea views.A car {is recommended as there is no public {transport except taxis. { 2118{San Jose del Cabo is famous for its {excellent fishing and its dry, tropical {climate. {Experience the wide variety of terrain in {the exciting Baja Peninsula area as you {walk or horseback ride through desert, {hills and beaches. {Sunbathe on the sandy shores of the {Pacific ocean, or charter a boat for {fishing. {Enjoy local entertainment in the outskirts{of San Jose del Cabo. { { { 2119{Banff Gate Mountain offers a pristine, {quiet and secluded Rocky Mountain vacation{setting. The resort is ideally positioned{next to the untouched Wind Valley Natural {Area and only minutes from the {international ambiance of Banff National {Park. Summer visitors can enjoy {hiking from their doors. Activities in {the area include great golf at Banff, {Canmore and Kananaskis to fishing, {horseback riding, river rafting and heli- {tours. Winter in the area offers world {class Rocky Mountain downhill skiing, {cross-country skiing, snowmobile tours and{even dog sled tours. 2121{Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the{Intracoastal Waterway, Fort Lauderdale {Beach Resort puts you within steps of the {sun-drenched beaches of the Atlantic. At {the resort, you can relax in the heated {outdoor pool, unwind in the whirlpool, or {grab a good book and recline out on the {sun deck. For the more adventurous, set {sail by yacht or water taxi to explore {Fort Lauderdale. { { { { { 2122{Nestled near Mont-Ste. Anne and only 30 {minutes away from Quebec city, Chalets La {Falaise offers plenty of activities during{your stay. Winter brings fabulous {downhill and cross-country skiing. Summer{and fall are great for whale watching {excursions, about 1 hour away on the St {Lawrence river or to wnwind at the {resort's pool. An all season favourite is{to visit the many historic sites and to {sample delicious French cuisine at all the{many restaurants in Quebec city. { { { 2125{XIV (Eksiv) Karuizawa is located in the {mountain country in the central part of {Honshu. You'll find vacation excitement to{fill every season at this resort. In {winter, ski the slopes of Asama Nisen, 20 {miles away. During the warmer months, you {can enjoy golf, horseback riding, and {fishing close by. At the resort, you can {enjoy the swimming pool, tennis courts, {and fitness room. { { { { { 2130{Calabogie Lodge Resort is situated on the {shore of beautiful Calabogie Lake. {Canada's capital city, Ottawa, is within {an 80-minute drive from the resort, where {you can enjoy sight-seeing, shopping, a {casino, hockey, live theater, and more. In{summer, enjoy the sandy beach, {paddleboating, tennis, guided fishing {tours, biking, hiking, kayaking, and {canoeing. In winter, cross-country skiing,{snowmobiling, skating, and ice fishing are{available. Nearby, partake in golf, {snowboarding, and miniature golf. {Horseback riding and white-water rafting {are offered less than an hour away. 2131{Fully furnished and luxuriously decorated {units will pamper you at Deer Park. {Nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire,{the resort is a scenic vacation spot. {On-site amenities include an indoor pool, {racquetball courts, exercise equipment, a {game room, and tennis. In summer, you can {enjoy many area attractions, including a {five-acre trout pond for fishing and {swimming. During the winter, ski downhill {or cross-country at Loon Mountain, only {two miles away. { { { 2132{Offering both beautiful surroundings and a{wealth of recreation, Hiawatha Manor West {at Lake Tansi Village is a terrific {vacation retreat. You can enjoy water {sports on Lake Tansi from April through {September (rental boats are available {June - September for fishing, but not for {skiing); play golf, tennis, and {racquetball; or get back to nature in {nearby Cumberland Mountains State Park. {The resort boasts indoor and outdoor pools{for a relaxing swim, a health club to keep{in shape, and a restaurant. There are fees{to use the indoor pool and weight room. { 2134{From an 18-hole Robert Trent Jones golf {course to beautiful Logan Martin Lake, {Dogwood Hills at Alpine Bay offers {everything for a great vacation. Enjoy {fishing on the lake, play a round of golf {on the on-site course, swim in the outdoor{pool, or enjoy the whirlpool tub in your {condominium. If you like to sightsee, {DeSota Caverns and Talladega Speedway are {25 miles away, or you can visit {Birmingham, within an hour's drive. { { { { 2136{Nestled in a private, mountainside {setting, Crown Ridge Resort offers a {variety of activities in the heart of the {Mount Washington Valley. Enjoy year-round {tax-free outlet shopping or downhill {skiing at nearby Cranmore, Attitash, or {Wildcat Mountain. Only three miles from {the resort, you can enjoy canoeing, white-{water rafting, or kayaking on the Saco {River. Enjoy on-site hiking, cross-country{skiing, jogging trails, indoor swimming, {and a variety of other activities. { { { 2139{Playa Linda Beach Resort offers all the {ingredients for a perfect Caribbean {vacation. Sail, swim, fish, surf, or just {relax on one of Aruba's most beautiful {beaches. You'll especially enjoy the {resort's swimming pool, which features a {lovely waterfall and is surrounded by {lush, tropical landscaping. Two {restaurants are also on the grounds plus a{pool and beach bar. Also close by, enjoy {the 18-hole championship Tiera Del Sol {Golf Course, designed by Robert {Trent Jones Jr. The resort offers {the best in on-site facilities and warm {Aruban hospitality. 2142{Thatch and natural timber feature {prominently in the self-contained chalets {which enhance their beautiful setting. {In winter, snuggle around the fire in your{cozy lounge and watch the snow transform {the summits of Drakensberg outside. In {summer, swim, fish, or saddle up at the {stable close by for a ride through {spectacular countryside. { { { { { { 2143{Picture yourself at sunrise, watching the {birds from your bush lodge on the border {of Kruger National Park. Just a lion's {roar from Kruger Gate on the Sabie River, {this exciting resort offers { of luxurious, self-contained bush {lodges for those who like to enjoy the {wilderness in style. The resort has been {carefully planned to preserve the natural {ecology, offering personally supervised {game walks into the bush that give {game-viewing a whole new dimension. { { { 2146{The resort offers 5 large swimming pools, {one indoor pool, sauna's, barbecue {facilities, and beautiful gardens. {Nearby is a large stretch of beautiful {beach. The resort also contains a leisure {center with tennis, pool tables, {gymnasium, squash and water sports. A {variety of entertainment are about two {miles away. { { { { { { 2147{This Ballito resort offers you a spacious {115 square metre living area to relax in {complete privacy. The self-catering {apartments are fully equipped, with large {verandahs, and you are welcome to braai on{the grounds while the kids splash in the {pool - fenced for their safety. { { { { { { { { 2149{Mixing magnificent countryside with a {complete range of recreational and leisure{amenities, Grand Traverse Resort Village {provides an ideal vacation setting. {Located alongside Grand Traverse Bay, this{four-season resort offers indoor and {outdoor tennis courts and swimming pools, {a health club, championship golf courses, {cross-country ski trails, and much more. { { { { { { 2150{Southwind II is located behind the private{gates of Shipyard Plantation--only a few {blocks from the beach. Take advantage of {the scenery of a lush fairway and tranquil{lagoons from your back porch. Enjoy the {resort's swimming pool, outdoor whirlpool,{playground, gas grills, and putting green.{Golf is available for a fee at any one of {the 27 nearby golf courses. Bicycle {rentals are also available. { { { { { 2152{Cyprus is a place where you can truly ski {in the morning and swim in the afternoon. {It appeals to historians and {sun-worshippers alike. Club Aphrodite, {named after the best-known of the Greek {Goddesses, offers a wide range of on-site {facilities including a shuttle service to {Limasol and Curium Beach. Limassol is a {thriving centre with shops, restaurants, {bars and nightclubs. The apartments are {spacious and furnished to a high standard.{ { { { 2153{Located directly on the beach of {Hutchinson Island, only 45 miles north of {West Palm Beach, Vistana's Beach Club is {ideal for relaxing and enjoying the {tranquil beauty of Florida's Treasure {Coast. Resort amenities include a swimming{pool with a kiddie wading pool and outdoor{spa, a boardwalk with gazebo, picnic area,{video arcade, club room for social events,{tennis courts, and a fully staffed {activities department. The beaches are {quiet and uncrowded, and the fishing is {superb--a perfect setting for a scenic {sunset cruise. { 2154{On a prime site on Beach Road in {the heart of Cape Town's trendy Sea Point {area, the Riviera provides a comfortable {base from which to enjoy the beauty {and vibrancy of Cape Town. The {apartments have private balconies {(some with sea view) from which to {breathe in the salt air. { { { { { { { 2155{A splendid Sea Point setting and spacious {sophisticated apartments are the order of {the day here, with useful extras such as {free resort transport to the city and {beaches, a leisure desk that keeps you {informed and gladly arranges your {excursions. {An outstanding way to enjoy Cape Town, {in one of RCI's most luxurious resorts {with incredible views of the ocean. { { { { { 2157{Endless Mountain Resort is a small, quiet {rural resort that is nestled in the {Endless Mountains of northeastern {Pennsylvania. Downhill skiers are two {miles away from Elk Mountain. {Cross-country ski trails abound in the {area. Golfers will enjoy six courses {within a 10-mile radius, ranging from {beginner to professional. Sightseers can {travel 25 miles to Scranton and enjoy the {Steamtown National Park and Lackawanna {County Coal Mine Tour and Museum or travel{to state and county parks. Paintball {fields are 25 minutes away. Thousands of {acres of state gamelands are minutes away. 2158{One of the best-known ski areas in Italy {houses Residence Sporthotel Astoria {(1440mt). Set in the heart of the {Dolomites just 3km from Corvara, one of {the villages from where the famous Sella- {Ronda ski tour starts, the resort stands {in a quiet position. Villa in Badia ski {run, known as La Gran Risa is on the World{Cup ski circuit. There are ski runs to {suit all levels of skiers in the winter. {Mountain sports and skiing at the {marmolada glacier(60 Km) are available in {the summer. It is also possible to arrange{excursions to the mountains. { 2159{This resort consists of apartments within {a 14th and 19th century chateau, built in {20 hectares of parkland, in southern {Brittany, situated approx 20km from the {Gulf of Morbiham. The medieval city of {Vannes with it's old city walls, yachting {harbour, pedestrian areas and shops {nearby. The chateau's facilities include {an excellent lounge and a billiard room. {In the grounds there is a swimming {pool and tennis court. There are no {organised activities. A car is essential. { { { 2160{The longest cable-car lift in the world {will take members to the ski-slopes at the{Clubhotel, a French ski resort which {stands facing the impressive panorama of {Mont Blanc. Situated adjacent to the {ski-lifts, it offers 212kms of pistes {from 1250 to 3520m. In summer there is {tennis, squash, swimming, horseriding, {rafting and rock-climbing. There is {also a well-equipped, commercial centre {with shops, restaurants, bars and a {supermarket. Resort is at a height of {2050 metres. { { 2164{Harbor Hill is situated atop the sand {dunes of Cape Cod. The resort is located {just minutes from the beautiful beaches of{the Cape Cod National Seashore. While the {resort provides limited on-site amenities,{Provincetown attractions will keep you {busy in season. You can also enjoy the {solitude of the off season. Provincetown {is best known for its beaches, whale- {watching attractions, shops and gallaries,{and its acceptance of alternate {lifestyles. In addition, local marinas {offer boat rentals and fishing charters. { { 2165{Situated midway between the two nearby {towns of Fuengirola and La Cala, Club la {Costa at Las Farolas is a charming and {quiet resort with tranquil views of the {Mediterranean Sea to the front and the {mountain ranges to the rear. On-site {amenities include a clubhouse and two {swimming pools. { { { { { { { 2167{Located on the island of Honshu, minutes {away are the beaches that line the Inland {Sea, where you can enjoy fishing, boating {and boardsailing. Tennis courts and an {18-hole golf course are even closer. {Sight-seeing cruises leave from docks {three blocks away, and a large amusem*nt {park nearby provides another fun {diversion. { { { { { { 2168{Little Eden is one of those rare places wh{ere man & nature exist in perfect harmony.{ Situated on a ravine within the Waterberg{ range of mountains, just 40 minutes from { Pretoria, the resort offers you a unique {opportunity to commune with nature, far re{moved from the stress of city life. Here {you can relax in self-contained stone & t {hatch chalets, which are fully serviced, t{ucked away in the bush. { { { { { 2169{Thousands of hectares of indigenous forest{are yours for the exploring, and right on {your doorstep, but it's the magnificent {Knysna Lagoon that really steals the show {here. Knysna Chalets is close to the {lagoon, where you can swim, water ski, {wind surf, sail, or fish in beautiful {surroundings or take a lazy sight-seeing {cruise. Here, you are in the heart of the{Garden Route, with Plettenberg Bay, {Sedgefield, George and Mossel Bay all {within easy striking distance. Try Knysna{Chalets for an unforgettable taste of this{magnificent area. { 2170{This 860 acre estate offers every {opportunity for an active holiday amid the{splendour of the Drakensberg. With a {comfortable self-catering apartment as {your "home base", go trout fishing or {indulge in non-motorised watersport on the{resort's 15 acre "Kwa-Nyoni" Dam; play a {round of golf; walk or ride a trail; join {the teenagers in "Discovery Park" for {video games, pool, trampolines or table {tennis; take the little ones round the {aviary and rabbit hutches. Be active and {enjoy. { { 2171{High in the Drakensberg with superb views {of Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peak is {Champagne Sports and Resort Club, the {perfect way to enjoy a active mountain {holiday with comfort in self-catering The {Drakensberg means nature at its best, you {can enjoy hiking and trout fishing. {Numerous recreational facilities include {bowling, tennis, golf, sports putt, mini g{ym and sauna. A beautician is also on site{ and a pool incorporating natural rocks. { { { { 2172{Praia da Gale is a quiet and secluded area{about five miles west of Albufeira. Hotel {Apartmento Vila Gale, situated back from {the Monchique mountains, looks out over {the Atlantic Ocean. In summer, the beach {offers all types of water sports. On site,{there is a restaurant, bar, snack bar, and{many facilities for children. Also, there {is miniature golf on site and a game room {with two snooker tables and table games. { { { { { 2173{Club Vista Verde is located on the sunny {southern coast of Gran Canaria. Access to{the dunes and the beach is less than 2km {away. The resort consists of 16 bungalows{and includes a pool with a jacuzzi, {private barbeque and micromarket. Golf, {tennis and squash are close by. Water {enthusiasts can enjoy the new water park {or go skindiving and waterskiing. The {more adventurous can attempt go-kart {racing or gambling at the casino in the {lively Playa del Ingles. { { { 2174{Situated in the beautiful foothills of Los{Cristianos and about one mile from the {beach, Los Claveles offers the perfect {setting for your vacation. It is within {easy walking distance of the original {fishing village of Los Cristianos, which {has a wide selection of sophisticated {shops, bars, and restaurants. There is a {small supermarket on site. Some of the {comfortably furnished units have large sun{terraces, all have color televisions with{satellite channels, as well as every {amenity to ensure an unforgettable {vacation. This resort may not be suitable {for those with walking difficulties. 2175{Moon Beach Club offers a holiday as exotic{as its name, sited as it is on the shores {of the Red Sea in South Sinai. Two hours {from Cairo, trips can be arranged to {explore the antiquities of Egypt. The {clear waters of the Red Sea offer the best{possible range of water-sports. {Facilities will include a bar, a {restaurant, lounge, and tennis. Other {activities to be enjoyed include camel {riding. Located 20kms from the nearest {town, a car is considered necessary here {if you wish to travel around. { { 2176{Village Cascais Suite Hotel is situated {amid the pine woods of Gandarinha Park and{slightly inland from the Atlantic Ocean. {The resort has remained true to local {style and offers a genuine taste of {Portuguese hospitality. The marina, {fishing harbour and Estoril offer a full {range of entertainment. The resort {includes swimming pools, restaurant, {bar, gardens and a sauna. On the beach {you will find windsurfing and Jet skis. { { { { 2177{This four-season, 2,200-acre resort is {nestled along the scenic Delaware River in{the beautiful Poconos. Guests can enjoy {championship golf on the 27-hole course, {downhill skiing on 23 challenging fully {lighted trails, snow tubing, ice-skating, {canoeing, tubing, rafting, horsebacking {riding, hiking, tennis, swimming in indoor{and outdoor pools, basketball, fishing, {mountain biking, and children's play {areas. Other activities include Broadway {shows at the Shawnee Playhouse, outlet {malls, triple "A" baseball, steam {locomovtive rides, coal mine tours, and {the Crayola Factory. 2178{Treat yourself to a beachside getaway at {Fairfield Westwinds at Myrtle Beach. With {everything from an Atlantic Ocean beach to{more than 100 championship golf courses {virtually at your doorstep, there's no end{to the fun. Swim, sun, enjoy your favorite{recreational pastimes, and visit local {attractions, such as Brookgreen Gardens, {Barefoot Landing, Broadway at the Beach, {Fantasy Harbour, or the Myrtle Beach {Pavilion. Sensational seafood and lots of {great musical theater entertainment make {for perfect evenings. { { 2180{Ocean Club is surrounded by vacation {pleasures. Located on the island of {Cancun, the resort is across the street {from the beautiful lagoon and just moments{from a 18-hole golf course and tennis {courts. Cancun's biggest shopping area, {many restaurants, and night spots also are{close by. If you want to venture farther {away, you can take day-trips to see the {mysterious Mayan ruins on the nearby {mainland. All the suites are overlooking {the golf course, giving you the most {beautiful sunset view. { { 2181{Explore everything that Acapulco has to {offer during your stay at Bayview Club at {el Presidente. Enjoy the golden beaches {just outside your door, take a swim in {Pacific waters, or go fishing, boating, or{waterskiing. Golf and tennis facilities {are available just minutes away. The {area's fine restaurants and nightlife {complete this perfect vacation picture. { { { { { { 2182{In Cuernava you can visit the Cathedral, {the beautiful gardens of Borda, the {archaeological zone of Teopanzolco, {Cuernava Plaza (Mall), and Cortes Palace. {Nearby, you can also enjoy Tepoztlan and {the archaeological zone of Xochicalco, ski{on the lake of Tequesquitengo and the {lagoons of Zempoala, get to know the {animals at the zoofari, and buy all types {of Mexican handmade silver. { { { { { 2184{The island of Mactan may be small, but {it's full of vacation pleasures-and {Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort puts them {all at your doorstep. Step out your door {for a day of swimming and sun on the {beach, or laze away the day by the {beautiful outdoor swimming pool, which has{its own waterfall. When you're ready for {action, take to the water for boating, {fishing and boardsailing excitement. Or {try out the new 'live', actual shooting {range-SILVER BULLET. {(Website: { { 2186{Cradled in the mountain countryside of {northeastern Japan, Hotel Sun Marina {Tamaniwa offers a chance to enjoy outdoor {recreation while exploring another {culture. If you come in winter, you'll {find Alpine and Nordic skiing literally at{your doorstep. In summer, this is a {peaceful spot to relax and enjoy hiking, {golf, and other warm-weather activities. { { { { { { 2187{Spend the day at Okinawa's Moon Beach, {where the sand is white and the water {turns many shades of blue. If you want {more activity, then spend the day at {Kokusai Dori, known as the International {Avenue. It is almost a mile long, lined {with restaurants, department stores and {souvenir shops. { { { { { { { 2188{You're surrounded by a world of vacation {pleasures at Brigantine Beach Club. From {the surf-washed beaches to the glamorous {casinos, the area beholds a lengthy list {of activities for vacationers. Indulge in {leisurely hours on the beach or relax in {the sun by the outdoor pool. You can also {enjoy active days of boating, fishing, {golf, and tennis close by. At night, head {for the exciting nightclub showrooms and {casinos of Atlantic City, approximately {five miles from the resort. { { { 2189{Nestled in the woods that surround Lake {Morency, Geo Group at Lac Morency offers {you a peaceful getaway. During the summer,{you can fish, steer a canoe on the lake, {paddleboat, play golf, go horseback riding{close by or go for a hike in one of the {trails on site. For wintertime action, {enjoy the slopes of St. Sauveur, only 10 {miles away, or the cross-country ski or {snowmobile trails on site. Snowmobiles are{available for rent on site. Year-round, {you'll love the alpine charm of St. {Hippolyte, the resort's hometown. For {more diversion, the sights and shops of {Montreal are within an hour's drive. 2191{The Quarters at Lake George invites {you to discover Lake George, the popular {year-round vacation playground in eastern {New York. It was also the summer home of {Georgia O'Keeffe, the renowned painter, {and her husband Alfred Stieglitz, a {photographer. Resort amenities include an {outdoor pool, an indoor exercise pool, a {sauna, exercise equipment, and playground {area. Enjoy lake activities, Saratoga Race{Track, golf, and horseback riding during {the summer. In the winter, ski the slopes {of West and Gore mountains. { { 2194{Resting on the edge of the clear waters of{Great Langdale Beck, Chapel Stile is a {restored 200 year old farmhouse surrounded{by the beautiful Lake District. All of {the apartments are to be found within this{exclusive residence. The many facilities {of the neighbouring Langdale Estate are {also available including squash, heated {swimming pool, health and beauty salon. { { { { { { 2197{If you want a relaxing vacation in the {sun, Shell Island Beach Club is for you. {Begin with an island tour and visit the {wildlife refuge, historic lighthouse and {museum, then comb the resort's beach for {shells. Other on-site activities include {bicycling, fishing, swimming, and relaxing{in the whirlpool. { { { { { { { 2198{Enjoy your next vacation in beautiful Fort{Myers Beach at the Sandcastle Beach Club. {On site, enjoy fishing, bicycling, or {relaxing by the outdoor pool and {whirlpool. Across the street, the Gulf of {Mexico graces the region with its {beautiful white-sand beaches and a wide {variety of water sports. The Fort Myers {Beach area has fine restaurants, shops, {and several clubs providing additional {entertainment possibilities. { { { { 2199{Come to the mountains of Breckenridge for {a vacation full of outdoor recreation and {quiet relaxation. Beaver Run Resort is the{perfect Breckenridge host, offering {everything from ski slopes to nighttime {entertainment on site. Enjoy super skiing {in winter and choose from golf, tennis, {horseback riding, and water sports in {summer. { { { { { { 2201{Alii Kai Resort invites you to discover {the pleasures of Kauai's lush North Shore,{where you'll find a wonderful blend of {natural beauty and modern vacation {amenities. Located in the acclaimed {Princeville community, the resort is close{to golf courses, tennis courts, the beach,{and an assortment of excellent shops, {restaurants, and night spots. { { { { { { 2202{Enjoy the spectacular mountain setting of {Whistler Vacation Club at Lake placid {Lodge. The resort is located across from {the gondola at the base of Whistler {Mountain in Whistler Creekside. The many {shops and restaurants of Whistler Village {are located three miles away. {An automobile is advisable, although {public transit is right outside your door.{Activities nearby include world class {skiing, three championship golf courses, {and a network of trails for hiking and {biking. { { 2204{Located in the fantastic Upper Village of {Whistler, the resort is just minutes from {the Blackcomb and Whistler ski areas. {Winter snows provide hours of skiing {enjoyment, both downhill and {cross-country. Warm weather offers golf, {tennis, horseback riding, and fishing {close by, with skiing in the higher {elevations. Take a hike or a bike ride {along breathtaking mountain trails. In the{evening, explore the many restaurants and {nightclubs of Whistler or return to your {vacation home for a cozy night by the {fire. Underground parking, chains advised,{oversize parking not within walking 2208{A great vacation spot for families, Tree {Tops Resort is surrounded by the shops, {amusem*nt parks, and other attractions of {Gatlinburg. Indulge in all your favorite {outdoor sports, from fishing in summer to {downhill skiing in winter. On site, enjoy {resort amenities, such as indoor and {outdoor pools and a whirlpool. Or just {relax and take in the lovely Smoky {Mountains scenery. { { { { { 2209{Located in the heart of Pigeon Forge, {Oakmont Resort overlooks the panoramic {Smoky Mountains' scenery. Take advantage {of the resort's indoor and outdoor pools, {whirlpool, sauna, and workout room or {enjoy fishing, hiking, and horseback {riding in nearby Great Smoky Mountains {National Park. The amusem*nt parks, ski {slopes, and crafts shops of Pigeon Forge {and neighboring Gatlinburg offer even more{vacation fun. { { { { 2210{This well positioned development backed by{mountains recreates Andalusian style {villas and apartments set in landscaped {gardens with a private swimming pool and a{poolside restaurant in a tranquil south- {facing location overlooking the sea. The{Burriana beach with sporting facilities, {restaurants, sand and safe swimming is {within walking distance. Nearby {facilities include tennis, bars, {restaurants and the famous caves of Nerja.{A car is recommended for full appreciation{of the area. { { 2211{Martin Terrace-Redbud Villas is hidden {amid piney woodlands alongside Lake {Martin. This lakeside location offers {fishing, boating, waterskiing, and {swimming-it's a water lover's dream. On {land, you'll find challenging golf and {tennis. History buffs will enjoy nearby {Horseshoe Bend National Military Park. { { { { { { { 2213{An "outlook of tranquility" describes Club{Vista Serena, located in the south, about {two miles from a sand-dune beach and near {a well-known golf course. Also in the {vicinity is an amusem*nt and water park {with rides to keep the youngsters {entertained. The resort is situated around{a swimming pool area. There is a {supermarket nearby. { { { { { { 2214{On the banks of Lake Longmere, this is {the ideal resort if you're looking for a {break in tranquil surroundings. A shuttle {service is offered across to the hotel by {ferry during the day. For wildlife, the {Kruger National Park is a 37kms away, {with the endless joys of the Mpumalanga {all within comfortable distance. Night {drives can be booked through reception. { { { { { { 2215{The Lake District, one of England's most {impressive National Parks, is the home of {Elterwater Hall at Langdale. The {magnificent Hall is a nineteenth century {stone building in five acres of formal {gardens with a tennis court and {overlooking the sparkling Elter Water {itself. The neighbouring Langdale Estate {offers a further 35 acres of beautiful {grounds, and Country Club; a marvellously {equipped sub-tropical health and leisure {facility. { { { 2216{This resort is a beautiful high-rise {building with 17 floors. It offers an {outdoor pool, fitness studio, Japanese and{Western restaurants, and a pool bar. {Surrounding attractions include the Toba {Aquarium, Pearl Island, and the Grand {Shrine of Ise. { { { { { { { { 2217{Located within the Heavenly Valley North {ski area and four miles from Lake Tahoe, {Perennial Vacation at Tahoe Village is the{perfect base for your Nevada getaway. {Close by, visitors will find casinos, {nightclubs, restaurants, skiing, golf {courses, tennis courts, fishing, boating, {and lakeside beaches. { { { { { { { 2218{Perennial Vacation at ImperiaLakes offers {a peaceful vacation home that is centrally{located between the Florida coasts. Busch {Gardens, Walt Disney World(R), and Sea {World are all within 60 miles. The Gulf of{Mexico and the abundant aquatic activities{it provides is less than 70 miles from the{resort. The Kennedy Space Center is about {a two-hour drive away. { { { { { { 2219{From horse racing to hunting to skiing, {you can find it all at Champion's Run {Condominiums. The resort is next to one of{the premier quarter horse tracks in the {world; you'll be conveniently situated to {take advantage of all that the area has to{offer. Go to the races, enjoy the {beautiful mountains and lakes, visit the {many shops in Ruidoso, or stay at the {resort and relax in the pool and hot tub. {In winter, cross-country and downhill {skiing are a short drive away. At the {nearby Apache reservation, you can enjoy {Las Vegas-style gambling all through the {year. 2221{Club Playa Flores, on the Costa del Sol, {is well-placed for visitors seeking a {quiet break. Close to Torremolinos, there {is a wide range of restaurants, bars, and {shops to choose from. Facilities at the {resort include a swimming pool, sauna, {children's playground, game room, bar and {restaurant, and attractive poolside {terrace. The units are attractively {furnished, most offering views to the sea.{ { { { { 2222{Torrenueva Park is situated on Spain's {Costa del Sol, just east of Marbella, in a{region that is reputed to have a {magnificent 320 days of sunshine a year. {The complex is built in Andalusian style {and situated within landscaped gardens. {The units are grouped in typical Spanish- {style blocks. The swimming pool is {surrounded by gardens which lead down to {a separate lawn and barbecue area. The {resort provides the ideal location for {a peaceful holiday. A car is necesary. { { { 2224{Located in the quiet and peaceful {Urbanizacion El Durazno, Club Ambassador {Parque Farrais is in a beautiful setting. {Enjoy the two acres of landscaped gardens,{where you can take advantage of the {acclimatised pool, sauna, jacuzzi, {restaurant, and bar. You'll be just a few{minutes' walk to the bars, shops, and {nightlife of Puerto de la Cruz. All units {are pleasantly furnished and have a {balcony or terrace. { { { { 2226{Near the beach in unspoilt Jeffreys Bay, {chalets here are self-catering (each with {its own braai facilities), with rustic {wooden furniture to complement their all- {wood construction. The atmosphere is {peaceful and relaxing, but there's plenty {to do: swimming and tennis on the {property, and boating, fishing and other {watersports nearby. { { { { { { 2227{Enjoy your share of the South Coast {sunshine in a comfortable duplex apartment{just over the road from the beach at {Amanzimtoti. Units are fully equipped for{self-catering, with open-plan kitchens and{sheltered braai facilities. Shoot up to {Durban for some holiday action, or meander{South and explore the coastline. { { { { { { { 2231{Timesharing at the Beach Hotel on the {Marine Parade puts you at the heart of {Durban's 'Golden Mile' holiday playground.{Enjoy the "vibes" of the Holiday Capital -{with a spacious, air-conditioned apartment{as your base. { { { { { { { { { 2232{Callao Garden is located on the southwest {coast of Tenerife close to the sea. There {are lovely gardens throughout the resort. {It is a very large, self-contained resort {with four swimming pools, a tennis and {squash-court, volleyball, and miniature {golf. Other facilities include two {restaurants,a bar,where live entertainment{is available, and a grocery store. The {hustle and bustle of Playa de las {Americas is just a 15-minute drive away so{a car would be useful here. { { { 2233{Punkaharju is one of Finland's most {beautiful areas. Its numerous lakes and {unspoilt countryside offer a wide range of{sporting facilities including watersports,{fishing, hiking and in winter, {cross-country skiing. The area is a very {popular holiday destination, even the {tzars of Russia spent their holidays {there. As well as the peaceful {countryside you can enjoy the varied {culture of nearby Savonlinna and the {Retretti Arts Centre. The woodland houses{are furnished to a high standard, each {with its own sauna and jacuzzi. { 2234{Jomtien Beach Paradise is a beach front {condominium development combining the {natural charms of quiet, unspoiled, palm {fringed beaches with the warm embrace of {fresh sea breezes.Explore the mystic Thai {temples, visit Bangkok or just laze in one{of the two swimming pools beneath tropical{palms. { { { { { { { 2237{Located near scenic Lake Conroe, Inverness{at Walden-Phase II is a relaxing getaway. {For additional entertainment and {activities, Houston is just an hour's {drive from the resort. { { { { { { { { { { 2241{In verdant Uvongo on the lower South {Coast, and a short stroll from the Indian {Ocean, this resort offers spacious duplex {units, each with a small private walled {garden and wide tiled patio for outdoor {relaxation. Imported fittings and {finishes provide luxurious touches and {there is 24-hour security for added peace {of mind. { { { { { { 2243{San Buenaventura de Atitlan offers {panoramic views of Lake Atitlan and three {volcanoes. Tropical vegetation and {landscaped grounds surround the resort's {pool and tennis courts. Dine on-site at {either the open-air or enclosed {restaurants, or relax in the on-site bar. {Explore the markets of {Chichicastenango, an hour's drive away, {and purchase authentic native goods. { { { { { 2246{Active vacationers who want a unique {experience, such as island hopping on a {40-foot yacht, diving, or sailing, will {find it at Oasis Marigot. Peace and {serenity abound in these beautiful {surroundings. From a small beach area, {glide around Marigot Bay using the {resort's fleet of sailboats, sailboards, {and kayaks. There is a PADI dive center on{site. The resort also offers sailing {excursions to nearby deserted beaches and {snorkeling adventures. Visitors can take a{sight-seeing trip to learn about the {history of St. Lucia. { 2247{Holiday Club Katinkulta is set amidst the {beautiful lakeland countryside of Kainuu {province. The unspoilt area around {Vuokatti offers fishing, boating, hiking {and swimming in summer. In winter there {are possibilities for downhill and cross- {country ski-ing. On-site there is an 18- {hole golf-course and outdoor tennis courts{as well as an indoor leisure centre with {sauna, poolworld, tennis, squash and {badminton courts, golf practice range, {children's play and games rooms, {restaurants and bars. Each unit has a {private sauna, barbecue on the terrace and{bicycles. 2249{Casas del Sol Hotel Suite & Beach Resort {is located on beautiful Isla de Margarita,{known as "The Caribbean Pearl."The resort {is close to Playa el Angel Beach in the {Pampatar Bay, where you will have the {opportunity to enjoy duty-free shopping. {At night, you can try your luck in a {casino or taste exquisite island fare or {international cuisine served up at any of {the area restaurants. Later, you could {have a great time in a disco or night {club. { { { 2253{Telemark Pointe Red Apple Club is a {peaceful and relaxing vacation {destination. The small resort is located {on a lake that offers fishing, boating, {swimming, and canoeing. There is also a {volleyball court on site. In the summer, {hiking and biking trails are approximately{one mile away. In the winter, cross- {country skiing is available near the {resort. All guests also have full use of {resort amenities at Telemark Resort, which{is approximately 12 miles away. Telemark {amenities include an indoor/outdoor pool, {whirlpool, tennis courts, golfing, and {cross-country skiing. 2254{Club Ten is a luxurious complex designed {and built to include just ten spacious {units. Situated on the beachfront, it {offers complete privacy on site. Each {unit has three spacious bedrooms, large {living areas, a modern fitted kitchen, {well furnished bathrooms and spacious {verandahs. Guest can relax by the pool, {laze in the surf, potter in the rock {pools, or enjoy golf, squash, bowls or the{other activities available at the nearby {Country Club. { { { 2255{Graig Park is set in the picturesque {village of Dyserth, between Prestatyn and {Rhuddlan. Clwyd County's rich local {history, its castles and country houses {attract many visitors. The sandy beaches,{mountains, lakes and forests provide a {variety of opportunities for those {interested in sailing, golf, hiking, {country sports or just soaking up the {scenery. The lodges are attractively {furnished. There is also a country club {on-site with full leisure facilities. { { { 2256{Thanks to the thermal cures available and {its mild climate, Ischia - an island in {the Bay of Naples - is ideal for a quiet {holiday. The resort is only 300m from the{village of Panza, overlooking vineyards, {with magnificent views of mountains. Many {sandy beaches are nearby, one of them {being the famous Poseidon beach complex. {You can also lounge at the resort's {outdoor swimming pool naturally heated by {thermal waters. The apartments are built {on 2 levels. { { { 2257{Only 10 minutes from downtown Acapulco, {Sun Club & Plaza Las Glorias Mirador is {the place to be for south-of-the-border {fun in the sun. Famous for its many {attractions, Acapulco offers discos, {shopping, restaurants, and more-including {its renowned cliff-diving show. The resort{has three pools, a nightclub, two bars, a {cafeteria, and restaurant. You can swim, {fish, snorkel, or just relax on the warm, {sunny sand. In town, explore the native {markets, dance the night away, or treat {yourself to authentic Mexican cuisine. { { 2258{In a glorious mountain setting in the {Winterton district of the Drakensberg, {this resort offers tastefully furnished {self-catering thatched cottages, with {fireplace, television, video and hi-fi {equipment, microwave and braai/barbecue {facilities. In the lovely gardens are hot{and cold pools and a tennis court, with {excellent opportunities for hiking, {horseriding, fishing and golf nearby. { { { { { 2259{Camel's Spring Club is located one minute {away from the sandy beaches of Costa {Teguise and is in a very quiet area. {Landscaped parks and gardens make this {the ideal place to spend a peaceful {vacation. If you prefer sight-seeing to {sunbathing, you can visit Teguise, the {historic capital of the island, only {about six miles away. There is an {organized excursion programme available {from the resort's reception desk. { { { { 2262{WorldMark at Eagle Crest offers a diverse {list of outdoor sports activities and a {million-dollar indoor recreation facility {with tennis and racquetball courts. Built {on 1,250 acres, the resort provides {opportunities to ride horses, swim, and {golf on one of 3 golf courses. Take a walk{or jog along the almost seven miles of {trails and explore the resort. A nearly {two-mile stretch of the Deschutes River {provides a chance for steelhead or trout {fishing. Mount Bachelor, 38 miles away, {offers the finest downhill and powder {skiing. { 2263{Club Sol y So‹ar is set in a quiet area, {yet only 5 minutes from the bustling {centre of San Antonio. The resort is built{in a U-shape around the large swimming {pool. A bar and snack bar are available on{site. You may request the use of tennis {and sauna facilities. The resort also has {a large garden sun terrace. { { { { { { { 2266{Located in the heart of the prestigious {village of Beaver Creek, St. James Place {provides exceptional luxury within your {mountain vacation home. Shopping and {dining in the village are right outside {your door. Both downhill and cross-country{skiing are available on site, or you can {visit the slopes at Vail, only nine miles {away. In the summer, hiking, horseback {riding, and golf are on site, and tennis {is only two blocks away. After a busy day,{relax by the resort's indoor pool, try an {invigorating workout in the exercise room,{or enjoy a delicious meal at the {restaurant. 2267{Overlooking the glittering Indian Ocean {and with the lush indigenous forest as {your neighbour, you will enjoy all the {services and comforts of a three-star {hotel at this popular North Coast resort. {Step out of your apartment to join in {the fun at the pool or tennis court, {spoil yourself in the resort`s {restaurants and bars or simply soak {up the sun and surf on your doorstep. {Breakers guests have a standing {invitation to enjoy all that southern {sun's nearby Umhlanga Sands and {Cabana Beach resorts have to offer. { 2268{Wood and thatch chalets in this beautiful,{unspoilt area are an ideal base from which{to see the nature trails, game reserves {and marine parks here. Use the resort's {fully rigged diving boat, complete with {equipment and instructor, to explore the {fabulous sub-tropical reefs, returning for{a cooler in the rustic pub built on {stilts. { { { { { { 2270{Waterberry Hill is neighbouring Casa do {Sol, a luxury village resort in Hazyview {in the beautiful Eastern Transvaal. The {chalets are luxuriously furnished and {spacious. the Kruger National Park is only{25 minutes away. The renowned beauty spots{like Gods Window, Bourkes Luck Potholes, {Blyde River Canyon and numerous {spectacular waterfalls are all within easy{reach. An entrance permit is required in {season and during long weekends to gain {entrance to the Kruger National Park, {which can be obtained from Pretoria. Also {available at the resort, tennis, table {tennis, darts, mini-golf and videos. 2271{"The Biggest Little City in the World" {welcomes you to Club Lakeridge, where {guests enjoy full use of the adjacent {Lakeridge Tennis Club and discounted {privileges at the 6,800-yard Robert Trent {Jones-designed golf course. The Lakeridge {Tennis Club includes the most extensive {health and fitness facilities in the Reno {area, with 14 outdoor and four indoor {tennis courts, an indoor lap pool, an {Olympic-sized outdoor pool, racquetball {courts, a full fitness center, and two {spectacular restaurants. Downtown Reno, {with its many gaming and entertainment {attractions, is only four miles away. 2272{Nestled near Mont-Tremblant Mountain, La {Voliere du Mont-Tremblant provides a {scenic spot for a vacation getaway. {Wintertime action includes cross-country {skiing, ice-skating, downhill skiing (with{or without a ski school), sleigh rides, {dog sled rides and snowmobiling. During {the summer, enjoy the pool on site or go {to one of the several lakes in the area {for fishing, swimming, and sailing. You {can also tour the area at your own speed {by mountain bike. You will find numerous {attractions in the city of Montr©al which {is 1.5 hours away. { 2274{No matter what the season, Les Gites du {Fjord has amenities to ensure a vacation {full of fun. During the summer, take a {cruise on the Saguenay River, or go whale {watching. Horseback riding, fishing for {trout and salmon, tennis, and swimming are{other favorite pastimes to enjoy here. In {winter, try ice fishing, spend a day {cross-country or alpine skiing. { { { { { { 2277{The Falls offers a terrific location for a{holiday in the Lone Star State. The resort{boasts an on-site golf course, putting {green, and driving range. This 18-hole {course is built around eight lakes and {features beautiful, large Bermuda {greens. The resort also features tennis {courts, swimming pools and volleyball {facilities. Shopping, hunting, and fishing{opportunities are close by. Browse {through antiques shops in Round Top and {don't miss the Blue Bell Ice Cream at the {Little Creamery in Brenham. { { 2280{For a taste of the great outdoors, visit {Mount Bachelor Village Resort. On-site {recreation includes a full-service {health club (The Athletic Club of {Bend), as well as tennis, swimming, {fishing, and a 2.2-mile nature trail {along the Deschutes River. Off-site {activities include white-water rafting, {hiking, golf at nine area courses, {mountain biking, and world-class rock {climbing. Boating and windsurfing are only{25 miles away in the Cascade Lakes. From {November to April, Mount Bachelor, only 20{minutes from the resort, offers premier {downhill and cross-country skiing. 2283{Located in Maui, WorldMark at Valley Isle {is situated on nearly 300 feet of sandy {beach. The Pacific Ocean provides the {perfect setting for any water sport, and {the nearby towns offer plenty to see and {do. Enjoy golf and tennis while you're {away from the beach. The resort offers a {barbeque area and outdoor pool. The towns {of Kaanapali and Napili feature elegant {dining in addition to traditional {Hawaiian entertainment. Lahaina-only seven{miles south of the resort-is home to the {old courthouse, built in 1859; the Banyan {Tree; and the Wharf Cinema Shopping {Complex. 2285{As its name implies, you'll discover a new{vacation experience every day at Discovery{Beach Resort. Situated on the beautiful, {white sands of popular Cocoa Beach, the {resort puts sun and fun right outside your{door. Swim in refreshing Atlantic waters, {or stay ashore in the resort's pool. The {exercise room and sauna along with tennis,{basketball, and volleyball courts are all {available for your use. Visit nearby Cape {Kennedy, 15 miles away; laugh at the {antics of trained whales at Sea World(R) {45 miles away; or wander through Walt {Disney World(R) or Universal Studios {Florida(R), both 60 miles from the resort. 2286{The beautiful beaches of Mazatlan are {waiting for you at Luna Palace. Let your {cares fall away as you relax under a {brilliant tropical sun. Mazatlan is well {known for its deep-sea fishing, and you'll{find many opportunities to land your own {record catch. Boating, waterskiing, and {swimming are other options to enjoy among {the abundant water sports in the area. { { { { { { 2287{Sun Club & Plaza las Glorias Cabo San {Lucas is in southernmost Baja California {Sur, renowned for its excellant blue {marlin fishing. Feel the warmth of the {Mexican sun as you lounge on the nearby {beach or take advantage of the resort's {swimming pool. When dusk falls, venture {into town for live entertainment and local{cuisine. { { { { { { 2292{Tyne Beach Terrace is located on four {miles of beautiful beach. Enjoy a {spectacular ocean view from the resort or {relax by the on-site outdoor pool. The {resort's remote location allows you to {enjoy the peace and quiet of the island. {If you prefer activities, spend an {afternoon fishing, snorkeling, or swimming{in the tropical waters just outside your {door. Venture into Port Lucaya, shop at {the International Bazaar, or try your luck{at Princess Casino. { { { 2293{A tradition of excellence continues at {Eagle Trace at Massanutten. With {Virginia's only quad chairlift and a {vertical drop from 795 to 1,110 feet, {Massanutten offers a thrilling challenge {for downhill skiers and snowboarders. Also{on site, enjoy two extensive sports {complexes with an indoor pool, gymnasium, {racquetball courts, exercise equipment, {steam room, sauna, massage services, and {children's programs. In summer, enjoy the {outdoor pool and tennis courts. The golf {pro shop offers an 18-hole, PGA-rated or {nine-hole Executive golf course, a putting{green, and driving range. 2294{Located in the heart of eastern Canada, Le{Scandinave offers year-round activity. The{resort has barbecue grills, an outdoor {pool and game room. For summer fun, 36 {holes of golf, horseback riding and hiking{trails are available within one mile. In {the winter, enjoy the nearby facilities of{Mont Saint Anne, where you can enjoy {excellent downhill skiing at the largest {ski area in eastern Canada. The resort is {40 minutes from old Quebec City, museums, {the Parliament, and many historical sites.{ { { 2295{A vacation with sea, sun, and fun is yours{at the beautiful Ocean Key Resort. Visit {nearby historic areas, stroll along the {boardwalk, or go deep-sea fishing, {parasailing, or boating. Enjoy a {massage at the resort's Massage Therapy {Center or try a meal either from room {service or in the restaurant. Relax at the{indoor pool and Jacuzzi. Enhance your tan {in the tanning salon or shape up in the {exercise room. Virginia Beach and Ocean {Key Resort invite you to sample all the {area and resort have to offer. { { 2296{Ajijic is a beautiful, quaint town. {Stroll down cobblestone streets that were {laid down when the Spanish ruled. {Feel the mexican ambiance of centuries {past while shopping or dinning in {traditional restaurants. {Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest lake, {offers opportunities for sun bathing and {fishing. { { { { { { 2297{The luxury of Double Tree Hotels comes to {Ixtapa at Ocean Imperial Club at Double {Tree Hotel. The resort's sundrenched {beaches offer warm Pacific waters that are{perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and {diving. You'll also find one of Ixtapa's {largest swimming pools and a fitness room,{or the staff can arrange a golf or tennis {match at facilities only a half-mile away.{Complete the day with a spectacular ocean {sunset. { { { { 2298{The beautiful pine trees of Lake Tahoe's {north shore surround your vacation home at{Brockway Springs Resort. For your {enjoyment you'll find a private lakefront {clubhouse, saunas, a boat dock, a {heated swimming pool, tennis courts, and a{half-mile of wooded and level shoreline {for leisurely strolls. In winter, Tahoe's {many ski areas can be found close by, each{offering a range of skiing challenges. Try{your luck gambling at one of the local {casinos. Finish the day with a meal from {one of the many fine restaurants in the {area. { 2299{Calabash is famous for its two dozen {seafood restaurants and its warm, friendly{atmosphere. Shops dot the streets, {offering unique gifts and small-town {charm. Anglers enjoy huge catches from the{Gulf Stream Charters. Golfers have a {choice of more than 25 area championship {courses, and tennis players will enjoy the{lighted courts located on site. The resort{overlooks a private marina on the scenic {Calabash River. The town of Calabash, a {quaint fishing village, is a refreshing {pause in the midst of the activity of its {neighbor, the Grand Strand. { 2300{Nestling in a sheltered valley amid the {unspoilt beauty of the Drakensberg, the {chalets are dotted beside a tranquil {lake which mirrors the majesty of {the mountains. Under-carpet heating {and a roaring fire will ensure a {cosy retreat even when snow cloaks {the peaks, and for a super night out, {the adjacent Drakensberg Sun Hotel, where {all dining and recreation facilities are {yours to enjoy.As well as Luxury self {catering apartments adjoining the hotel. { { { 2301{On the waterfront between George and {Mossel Bay, the Hartenbos Hotel offers you{all the sightseeing and relaxation {opportunities for which the {Garden Route is renowned. The self- {catering apartments are a stone's throw {from the water, as is the on-site {restaurant which offers live {entertainment. { { { { { { 2302{The Palace, on Durban's Golden Mile, has {glamour, a touch of razzamatazz, elegance {and comfort. There are 76 self-contained,{attractive apartments. Amenities include {one restaurant, pool deck overlooking the {palm-fringed Marine Parade and the Indian {Ocean beyond. Durban has some {of South Africa's finest beaches, cinemas,{markets, amusem*nt parks, theatres and {restaurants. { { { { { 2306{Kowie River Chalets overlook Port Alfred's{beach and Kowie River. The beautiful {Kowie River offers many pleasures from {simple canoeing in quiet waters, to the {existing thrill of power-boating. Water {skiing and wind surfing also provide fun. {Port Alfred is essentially a seaside {holiday destination, with the emphasis on {family holidays. { { { { { { 2309{White Cape Dutch-style units with lock-up {garages overlook the stretch of ocean {where the famous "Supertubes" (bait for {surfers the world over) roll shorewards at{this Jeffreys Bay resort. Take to the {waves for some watersport action, gather {shells on the golden beaches, potter {around the sheltered lagoon or {braai/barbecue on your private patio. { { { { { { 2311{Contact RCI South Africa { { { { { { { { { { { { { { 2313{Millstream is a very exclusive fishing {farm situated near the beautiful {Dullstroom town in the Eastern {Transvaal.Perfect for fishing enthusiasts.{The secluded traditional fishing cottages {are fully furnished and designed to {accommadate ten people.10 dams and 13 {wiers.A 400 hectare estate with {zebra,blesbuck,grey rhebuck and duiker. {Please note that this is a fly fishing {resort only. { { { { 2314{Located within one of North America's {premier ski areas, Whiski Jack at the {Ironwood offers exciting ways to spend {your vacation. The Whistler and Blackcomb {ski areas offer more than 200 downhill {trails. A recreation room with a {fireplace, heated outdoor pool, and {outdoor hot spa will provide additional {comfort for you. The resort overlooks an {award-winning Arnold Palmer golf course {and provides trails for walking and {cycling. Nearby (about 1 mile), Whistler {Village offers shops, restaurants, and {live entertainment. Winding highway, apprx{approx distance is 2.5 hours. 2316{Within the Sterkfontein Nature Reserve, {Qwantani offers magnificent views of the {Drakensberg and 36 kilometres of lakefront{access to the awe-inspiring Sterkfontein {Dam. Sturdy brick and tile self-catering {chalets are insulated against the mountain{extremes, with full height picture windows{to make the most of views beyond. Each {unit has a fireplace. The impressive {Clubhouse Complex incorporates restaurant,{bar, pool and pool decks, squash, tennis, {sailing and water skiing. { { { 2317{Just minutes from Warmbaths, this scenic {retreat is stocked with various game {species and offers a combination of {unspoilt bushveld and a traditional {farm. Relax in your rustic self- {catering chalet, with barbeque {facilities on the large patio, or take the{children along to the farm yard. This {resort offers horseriding, clay pigeon {shooting, archery and many more {activities. { { { { 2318{At Lawrence Welk's Desert Oasis, you'll {find the perfect vacation getaway. {Adjacent to the resort are 27 holes of {championship golf and 10 tennis courts. {Take a refreshing dip in one of two {swimming pools, work on a tan in the {Southern California sun, or relax in the {soothing waters of the spa. Your choices {don't stop there. You'll find the heart {of Palm Springs just minutes away, where {you can shop with the stars on Palm {Canyon Drive or dine at many popular {restaurants. { { 2321{Kruger Park Lodge a prime location in the {beautiful Eastern Transvaal. It is only a{42km drive to the Kruger National {Park (Paul Kruger Gate). There are many {scenic attractions in the area such as the{Blyde River Canyon, Gods Window and {Pilgims Rest. { { { { { { { { 2322{Lions Dive Hotel-Bonaire offers a variety {of island experiences. Enjoy the resort's {quiet, friendly, and relaxing atmosphere. {The resort reflects the beauty of {Caribbean architecture. Spacious one- and {two-bedroom suites are decorated with a {tropical theme. Enjoy gorgeous views and {fine dining at the Ocean Front restaurant.{Relax and admire the sunset from your seat{at the lovely seaside bar. Bon Bini Divers{offers complete diving freedom and the {finest equipment and professional {instruction. { { 2323{A new option for those wanting a break in {an unspoilt setting a stone's throw from {Cape Town, this resort offers a limited {number of charming and luxurious thatched {self-catering cottages in a private nature{reserve on the slopes of Chapman's Peak {Drive. Stroll to the beach through the {Milkwood forest or swim in the natural {rock pool on site. Enjoy a barbecue on {your secluded patio overlooking the wide {expanse of long beach and ocean. { { { { 2326{Come to the Big Island of Hawaii, home to {beautiful, sun-drenched beaches, verdant {hills, and The Kona Coast Resort. You'll {have easy access to all the island has to {offer, including deep-sea fishing, scuba {diving, romantic sunset cruises, and {excellent shopping. Or enjoy co*cktails at {the Sea Shell Point, the resort's {restaurant. Afterward, take a dip in one {of the two on-site swimming pools or relax{in one of their three whirlpools. { { { { 2327{Located at the entrance to Rocky Mountain {National Park, Rams Horn Village offers a {vacation of scenic beauty and relaxation. {View elk and deer from your front porch. {Golfing, fishing, and various water sports{are close by. Rent canoes, rowboats, and {paddleboats at Lake Estes. On site, you'll{enjoy the solar-heated pool (summer only),{hot tub, and children's play area. Winter {activities include cross-country skiing, {snowshoeing, ice-skating, and sleigh {rides. About 40 miles from the resort, {you will find downhill skiing and {limited-stakes casino gambling. { 2328{The Commodore Beach Club is located on {the sandy beach overlooking the clear {blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico in {Madeira Beach, near St. Petersburg. Called{the "Sunshine City", St. Petersburg has a {perfect climate for year-round outdoor {recreation. The beaches are the primary {center of activity. You can enjoy skin {diving, parasailing, fishing, boating, {waterskiing, and sailing. In addition, the{St. Petersburg area has become the most {important tourist center on Florida's {western coast, due in large part to its {many interesting sightseeing attractions. { 2329{The Place On The Bay is situated opposite {Camps Bay and less than ten minutes from {the centre of Cape Town. All amenities {are close by, 250m from shops, {restaurants, sports club and theatre. The{units are all luxuriously furnished and {well equipped. The leisure area has a {swimming pool and sun patios, with strict {security to ensure privacy. { { { { { { 2330{The rustle of palm trees, the splashing of{beautiful, clear-blue Caribbean waters {washing upon a white-sand beach--these are{the sounds of a premier Caribbean vacation{destination. Club Viva Dominicus offers {the perfect island retreat. Enjoy swimming{at the beach or in the resort pool, {playing tennis, scuba diving, or horseback{riding. For evening entertainment, visit {the resort's theater and disco. { { { { { 2333{With almost 23 miles of public beach to {explore in the Daytona Beach area, fun in {the sun is guaranteed at Atlantic Terrace.{Wander out to the beach for a swim or {enjoy the on-site swimming pool. Golf, {tennis, and the sight-seeing opportunities{of Daytona Beach are just minutes away. {After an active day, return to the resort {for a soak in the whirlpool. For a change {of pace, visit Orlando's family {attractions, which are about 75 miles {away. { { { 2334{Nestled in the majestic Colorado Rocky {Mountains, you'll find Keystone Ski Resort{with River Bank Lodge. The resort offers {close proximity to skiing, dining, {nightlife and an abundance of winter {activities. This quiet, tastefully {decorated lodge features oversized {whirlpools and kitchenettes in each unit. {With biking, hiking, rafting, sailing, {fishing, and numerous other summer {activities available, this resort is truly{a family-oriented, self-contained year- {round resort. { { 2336{The Harbor at Depoe Bay is located at {Depoe Bay, Oregon, home of the "World's {Smallest Harbor." Also known as the {"Whale Watching Capital of the World," {Depoe Bay is the home of the famous {"Spouting Horn," a phenomenon of the sea. {Migrating grey whales can be seen feeding {near shore. Charter fishing for salmon {and bass and whale-watching are popular {boat excursions. The small town provides {world class dining and evening entertain- {ment, gift shops, and art galleries. A {vacation at The Harbor at Depoe Bay offers{charm, luxury, and adventure. { 2339{Located in a small village on the {California coast, San Luis Bay Inn {Timeshare Resort offers the perfect family{vacation. A swimming pool, tennis courts, {and a golf course are just a few of the {sports facilities available to you. {Attractions close to the resort include {Pismo Beach and the famous Hearst Castle. {The area also boasts more than 30 wineries{that you may tour. Fishing enthusiasts {will enjoy Morro Bay, a quiet fishing {village approximately 20 minutes north of {the resort. { { 2342{The Great Smoky Mountains offer a wealth {of vacation fun, and you'll find it all at{Gatlinburg Town Square Resort. The {attractions of Gatlinburg are just a block{away, or take a drive and explore the {nearby mountains. Numerous trails and {paths can be found easily. The resort {offers an indoor swimming pool for {year-round swimming and an exercise room. { { { { { { 2344{Located in the Honshu region, Mikawawan {Resort Linx East Wing invites you to {experience the excitement of the oceanside{vacation. You're just a short stroll from{Miyazaki Beach, where you'll find {opportunities for swimming, sailing and {fishing; or go digging for clams. Back at{the resort, enjoy tennis courts, swimming {pools and a health spa. { { { { { { 2345{Scenic mountain views enhance the beauty {of Li-Yu Tan Lake, home to Victors Hualien{Li-Yu Tan Resort. Create your own list of{activities, which might include boating, {lake fishing and swimming on site. Take a{day trip and explore Taroko Gorge (30 km {away; car rental NT$2000-3000 per day), {13-mile spectacular stretch of marble {formations and mountain streams, or visit {Ami Cultural Village to observe {centuries-old tribal dances (15 km). { { { { 2348{Located in central Michigan at Canadian {Lakes, Wintergreen Quarters is a quiet {golf resort that offers great outdoor {amenities. On-site features include nine {tennis courts, three golf courses, a {picnic area, and a clubhouse. The indoor {pool is across the street, and the outdoor{pool is nearby. Hiking, canoeing, {horseback riding, miniature golf, fishing,{and boating are close by. Weather {permitting, ice-skating and cross-country {skiing can be found nearby. Grand Rapids {is the closest major city. Go to { and click on{Lakes rental for more information. 2349{Come to the Colorado Rockies for an {unforgettable vacation experience at Inn {at SilverCreek. Winter offers famous {Colorado skiing at the SilverCreek or {Winter Park ski areas. There is {ice-skating on the resort's ponds, or {snowmobiling and cross-country skiing are {only minutes away. Ice fishing is also {available a short distance away. Swimming,{tennis, and biking are a few of the {resort's summer activities available. {Rocky Mountain National Park offers a {beautiful setting for hiking, fishing, or {wildlife viewing. Three mountain lakes {offer fishing, boating, and windsurfing. 2350{Large, thatched cottages nestle below {the towering peaks of Cathkin and {Champagne in the Drakensberg, with {a stocked trout dam virtually on your {doorstep. There is also a tennis court {and swimming pool on site, with horse {riding, billiards and petrol station. { { { { { { { { 2352{Sun and sand are two ingredients for a {perfect vacation getaway, and you'll find {them both in abundance at RHC/Villas {Sheraton Ixtapa. Explore the beach right {outside your door or visit area beaches {such as Playa Quieta or La Ropa. Fishing, {boating, and waterskiing are available on {site. The neighboring town of Zihuatanejo {offers excellent seafood and the ambience {of a small fishing village. { { { { { 2353{Southern Baja's rare and remote beauty is {yours to explore at Sol Mar Beach Club {Resort. With almost 300 days of sun each {year, Cabo San Lucas is enjoying {increasing popularity. Pacific waters, as {well as a beach, are just a step away and {offer the best in deep-sea fishing. Resort{amenities include a swimming pool and a {tennis court. { { { { { { 2356{Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by exuberant{vegetation. The city, divided by the Cuale{River, has streets which rise up to the {summit of hills, where red roofed houses {and modern hotels stand out. In Puerto {Vallarta the Costa Alegre starts where the{majesty of the sea, the beauty of it's {beaches, the exotic vegetation and rivers {flow into the ocean. { { { { { { 2357{Pueblo Bonito Resort Los Cabos is {overlooking the Sea of Cortes on the {exclusive El Medano beach. Los Cabos is {famous for sportfishing, extraordinary {golf courses, and its beaches. The town of{Cabo San Lucas is just minutes away from {many shopping areas. In Los Cabos, you may{find outdoor activities like snorkeling, {boating, and ATV rides. When dining, enjoy{Las Palomas for casual dinner and {Cilatro's, an oceanfront speciality {restaurant. An entry fee of US$15 per {person will be applied in the form of a {tourist card. { 2358{Puerto Vallarta, a city surrounded by {exuberant vegetation, is divided by the {Cuale River. Streets rise to the summit {of hills, and red-roof houses and modern {hotels stand out. In Puerto Vallarta, the {Costa Alegre starts where the majesty of {the sea, the beauty of its beaches, the {exotic vegetation, and the rivers flowing {into the ocean are absolutely fabulous. { { { { { { 2361{For year-round vacation fun, the city of {Pinamar is quickly growing in popularity. {The beaches are just minutes away and are {perfect for sunning, fishing and swimming.{For the highlights and entertainment of {your evening, discover the many {restaurants and nightclubs nearby. For a {day trip, visit the beautiful resort town {of Mar del Plata. { { { { { { 2362{For year-round vacation fun, the city of {Pinamar is quickly growing in popularity. {At Club Punta Medanos Centro, you'll {discover adventure around every corner. {The beaches are just minutes away and are {perfect for sunning, fishing and swimming.{At night, entertainment is highlighted by {many restaurants and nightclubs nearby. {For a day trip, visit the beautiful resort{town of Mar del Plata. { { { { { 2364{The northwest landscape of Argentina is a {dramatic contrast of mountains and plains,{laced with beautiful freshwater streams. {In the heart of this outdoor paradise, {you'll find El Siambon Country Club. {For sight-seeing, visit nearby San Miguel {de Tucuman. { { { { { { { { 2367{Lake Ypacarai is a popular vacation {destination, with many vacation activities{available. Set on its beautiful shores, {San Bernardino Country Golf Club caters to{your every vacation need. Just outside {your door enjoy lake swimming, a day in {the sun or take a stroll in this beautiful{setting. Play a round of golf on the {resort's 18-hole course, go fishing, {horseback riding or bicycling to round out{your active days at San Bernardino Country{Club. { { { 2369{Internationally known for skiing and ski {competitions, Cerro Catedral draws skiers {from around the world. You'll be at the {center of it all at Catedral Sky Village. {You'll enjoy the area's resemblance to a {Swiss Alpine village and the many {activities available, including ice {skating and cross-country skiing. During {warm weather, the Lake District becomes a {haven for swimmers and fishermen at many {nearby lakes. { { { { 2371{If you are looking for a place away from {crowds, The Grand Baja Club is the ideal {getaway resort. This oceanside resort {offers a magnificent view along with many {activities. Close by are the cities of {Rosarito and Ensenada which offer exciting{nightlife. { { { { { { { { 2374{Located in an interesting and historical {town, this resort provides privacy and {comfort to its visitors. Enjoy beautiful {sunsets at Juan Griego bay, sports {activities on the surrounding beaches, and{active nightlife in Porlamar, a 30-minute {drive from the resort. You will also enjoy{great international dishes and duty-free {shopping in town. { { { { { { 2377{This resort, part of a large complex, {consists of town houses with balconies {overlooking colorfully landscaped gardens {and a large swimming pool with wet {bar,Jacuzzi, and restaurant.You can spend {your vacation on the huge sun terrace or {in the clubhouse , which offers 2 saunas, {a gymnasium, and a games room. There is {also, crazy golf and a children's {playground. Alternatively, you can enjoy {the cosmopolitan facilities of Playa de {las Americas, a 20-minute walk away. { { { 2378{Club Marina, located on the southeast {coast of Tenerife, is in a peaceful {location near the fishing village of Las {Galletas, which has a small pebble beach {and selection of shops, bars and {restaurants. On-site facilities include a {large swimming pool, a small children's {pool, a sun terrace, a poolside bar, {jacuzzi, restaurant, supermarket, {nightclub and snackbar. { { { { { 2380{Summer or winter, it is always in season {at Montana with something to suit all {tastes; ski-ing, tennis, golf, riding, {jogging, shopping and international {evening entertainment. The Inter Golf {holiday centre is located in an exclusive {setting in the immediate vicinity of shops{and international boutiques, as well as {the famous ski-slopes. The Residence has {its own restaurant, garage, indoor {swimming pool, steam bath, hammam and {solarium. There is a kindergarten 500 mtrs{from the resort. On site there is also a {billiards table and table tennis. { 2381{Royal Sunset Beach Club consists of {superbly furnished units located close to {Tenerife's beautiful Fanabe beach area. {The environment is relaxed and peaceful, {yet still close to the excitement of Playa{de las Americas. Tenerife-style dwellings {with large balconies or terraces surround {a vast sun terrace with a free-form pool {and a palm-thatched bar at its center. The{resort has a private clubhouse with a bar,{lounge, restaurant, gymnasium, squash {courts and sauna. { { { 2383{This resort is located in the lap of the {Italian Dolomites in the picturesque {village of Sappada (1250mt), 50 minutes {away from the internationally famous ski {centre of Cortina d'Ampezzo. The resort {offers fabulous mountain views, and within{the village itself, there are numerous {old-style chalets to admire. In summer, {the resort offers miniature golf and a {children's playground. Other facilities {include a restaurant, bar, gym and sauna. { { { { 2384{At the top of Val Badia, in the heart of {the Dolomites, lies the village of Corvara{and Hotel Miramonti (1568mt). The area is {known as one of the best ski areas and an {excellent starting point for the Sella {Ronda ski tour. The Dolomite Superski pass{offers about 600 miles of ski runs. Alta {Badia is on the World cup ski circuit. {There is summer skiing available at {marmolada (60 km). There are breathtaking {views of the Dolomite peaks and plenty of {marked trails for walking. The resort has {a restaurant, bar, tavern, and fitness {centre. All units have a television and {telephone. 2387{Hotel Apartmento Domus Maris is situated {in Olhos D'Agua, near Praia Da Oura, only {5km from Albufeira. The sandy beach, only {200 metres away, is ideal for a wide range{of water-sports. For Algarvian culture, {you can explore the local fishermen's {community where you will find traditional {houses. The resort offers sea views from {some units and houses. { { { { { { 2388{Strategically located midway between the {towns of Fuengirola and Marbella in Urb. {Riviera del Sol, the Club Playa Vista {Copacabana Club is ideally located for {those who wish to explore the many {attractions in the area which are all {within easy reach by car. A swimming pool {is on site however all guests staying at a{Club Playa Vista resort have use of the {Aztec Country Club facilities which {include tennis, badminton, paddle tennis, {sauna, jacuzzi and outdoor pool. There is {a free shuttle bus provided between the {Aztec Country Club and the resort. { 2389{Club Tenerife is situated on the {sun-drenched south coast of Tenerife. The {area is ideal for swimming, water sports, {and seafishing. The resort has two {swimming pools and a pool bar, and there {is a good selection of restaurants and {bars close by. The neighbouring Playa de {las Americas provides exciting nightlife. { { { { { { { 2391{Golf and Ferienclub Amadeus is an ideal {place for a skiing holiday. Located in {the pretty village of Radstadt, the {region offers over 400 ski lifts, {cross-country trails for all levels of {skiers, and romantic sleigh rides for {those who prefer to relax. In summer, the{resort is ideal for walking, fishing, {tennis, summer skiing, bowling and {cycling. The resort is built in typical {local style, and the units are very {comfortably furnished. { { { 2392{This Egyptian resort is located in {Hurghada on the shores of the Red Sea. The{area is famous for its coral and clear, {warm waters. The sea here is also reputed{to have a cure for rheumatism and {arthritis. On-site facilities include 2 {swimming pools, 3 restaurants, and open {air theatre. The one and two bedroom {apartments have air-conditioning and are {equipped with telephones and colour {televisions. { { { { 2393{Casa Canazei (1520mt) is situated in the {heart of the Dolomites, where in winter, {ski on the slopes of Val di Fassa, and in {summer on the nearby Marmolada glacier. {This is one of the villages from where the{famous Sella Ronda starts (Dolomiti {Superski area). The resort is in a quiet {area. The village of Canazei offers {restaurants, bars, shopping, discos, {swimming, ice skating and cross-country {skiing in winter, and rock climbing, {horse-riding, fishing, walking and {excursions in the summer. On-site there is{a bar, sauna, taverna, solarium and {whirlpool. 2394{Serra Alimini 2 is situated in a quiet {location surrounded by a pine-wood only {100 metres from the sea and sandy beach on{the south oriental coast of Italy in {Puglia region. There is a bar, swimming {pool, playground area and a mini club for {children. Guests can use the facilities at{the Country Club and Serra Alimini 1 about{300 metres away, where various sports are {available. { { { { { 2395{These resorts are set on the beautiful {Algarve coast, laid out among mature pine,{cork and olive trees. A perfect natural {setting for the villas and apartments {designed in traditional Algarve style. In {the grounds are 4 large swimming pool {complexes, 4 tennis courts and a 50 base {golf driving range with putting green and {a 3 hole course. A short walk of some {300m leads to two marvellous sandy {beaches. { { { { 2396{A change of pace is available to visitors {at Club Calida at Mar Menor. The resort {is situated beside the shallow and warm {waters of the Mar Menor Lagoon, ideal {for swimming and windsurfing. The resort {has a swimming pool which is closed in {Winter. The port of Cartagena, which is {over 2000 years old, is 50kms away and {offers a wealth of historical sights and {buildings. { { { { { 2397{Set on the edge of the dunes of {Maspalomas, this resort boasts beautiful {landscaped gardens and impressive views {out to sea from every roof-terraced {bungalow. Club Primavera is a quiet {resort not far from a multitude of bars, {restaurants and shops. Members can relax {at the on-site pool or windsurf and {waterski at the nearby beach, or just {wander through the impressive sandy hills {beyond the resort. { { { { 2398{Beverly Hills Heights is a self-contained {leisure resort about a mile from the sandy{beach, shops, bars, and restaurants of Los{Cristianos. Situated in tropical gardens, {the resort has every modern amenity, {including squash, tennis.The bowling {alley,childrens play area and sauna are {available at the Beverly Hills club the {sister resort. With a restaurant, {nightclub, and {international cabaret, the resorts have {something for everyone. { { { 2399{Cross country skiing is the main {attraction of this resort, located at the {ski centre of Le Praz de Lys, in Haute {Savoie. In all, around 150km of cross {country trails are available in the {surrounding area, downhill ski slopes, {with T-bars and cable cars just 1km from {the resort. In summer, the area is quiet {and ideal for mountain walks along marked {trails. The local tourist board will {advise you of all organised activities {such as hand gliding, swimming, tennis and{golf. The resort has no activities and no {amenities, but nearby are shops and {restaurants open in high season. 2400{Cross-country skiing is the main {attractions for resorts Les Mouflons 1500 {and Les Mouflons II, both located at the {ski centre of Le Praz de Lys in Haute {Savoie. Around 85kms of cross-country {trails are open in the surrounding area, {and downhill ski slopes, with T-bars and {cable cars 1km from the resort. In summer,{the area is ideal for mountain walks along{marked trails. The local tourist board {will advise you of organised activities {such as hand gliding, swimming, tennis and{golf. The resort has no activities or {amenities, there are shops and restaurants{nearby which are open in high season. 2402{Situated on the slopes of a hill in {Patalavaca near Arguinegin, Mariposa del {Sol offers views over the sea. {Watersports, including windsurfing and {water-skiing, can be enjoyed only 3 {kilometres away. The resort offers a {swimming pool and bar, and mini-market. A {car would greatly add to your enjoyment of{the area. { { { { { { 2403{Apartamentos Tropical Park is situated {close to the Atlantic Ocean within a {complex that offers a wide range of {leisure facilities. On-site amenities {include two swimming pools, a children's {pool, bar, squash, sauna, tennis, {restaurant and disco. Entertainment is {also organised every day except Friday, {with live music and shows some evenings. { { { { { { 2404{Club Marbella is situated midway {between Fuengirola and Marbella on the {Sitio de Calahonda urbanisation in the {heart of the Costa del Sol. There are {numerous facilities available on site for {guests. Its central location makes {day-trips possible to Gibraltar, Morocco, {Granada and many other places. { { { { { { { 2405{Club San Antonio, previously known as {Phoenix Owners Club, is set in the prime {area of La Carihuela, within easy reach of{shops, restaurants and entertainment. It {is only minutes away from some of the {Costa del Sol's finest beaches. The {Andalusian style resort provides a range {of services including a private swimming {pool and spacious snackbar. {The units, all with kitchens and most with{balconies are situated close to the pool {and are well-furnished. { { { 2408{The resort is situated in an attractive {fishing village, on the edge of the {marina, and has marvellous views of the {promontory of St. Jean Cap Ferrat. Being {located midway between Nice and Monaco, {there is plenty for visitors to do: {shopping in the numerous boutiques, {sampling the excellent restaurants, {watersports and sightseeing among the many{attractions of the area. { { { { { 2409{Overlooking the River Ely and a short {drive from the centre of Cardiff, Miskin {Manor nestles in 20 acres of garden and {woodland. The resort has stone lodges {equipped to a high standard, all with {balcony and full kitchen. In the grounds {are also an hotel with restaurant and bar,{and a leisure club offering a variety of {facilities including gym, squash and {badminton courts, swimming pool, 2 {solariums, creche, jacuzzi, steam room, {sauna and restaurant. { { { 2410{This new resort consists of two {accommodation blocks built around a large {swimming pool. Situated beside a 5-star {hotel, it has a 200m long private beach {and plans for a small marina. On-site {facilities will include 2 outdoor swimming{pools, a fully-equipped gymnasium, 3 {restaurants, bars and a grocery store, as {well as a range of watersports available {from the beach. The one and two bedroom {units will all be fully air-conditioned {with colour-TV. { { { 2411{This unusually designed, modern aparthotel{is situated on the coast only 20km from {Amsterdam, with its impressive choice of {shopping and sightseeing. A long sandy {beach, from which the usual range of {watersports is available, is just across {the road from the resort and a few hundred{metres away there is a large indoor {swimming pool complex with waterslides, {jacuzzis, four indoor tennis courts, three{squash courts and twelve bowling lanes. { { { { 2413{The resort is situated on a cliff in the {old part of Skagen. Most units overlook {the sea, which is only about 100 meters {away. Skagen lies at the far north of {Jutland, and there is a daily connection {to Sweden and Norway from the nearby towns{of Fredrikshavn and Hirtshals. There are {no green fees at the golf course 12km {away. The resort offers good opportunities{for walking in the dunes and nearby {countryside. In Skagen you can visit {museums, containing famous works of local {painters. { { 2414{Superbly located, this vacation complex is{about 1km from the centre of Albufeira, {just a short distance from the many {beaches of the Algarve. Amid the villas {and low-rise units, a pool complex {includes a children's pool, pool bar and {restaurant. { { { { { { { { 2415{Malama Beach Club, designed in an elegant {colonial style, is located in the unspoilt{area of Protaras offering relaxed holidays{for all ages and an ideal family resort. {All apartments are built in low rise units{around courtyards and beautiful gardens {and are very spacious and attractively {furnished with a full kitchen, private {facilities and balconies. The Club offers {a 24 hour reception service. { { { { { 2416{Situated in 108 acres of parkland, on the {shores of Loch Lomond is Cameron House {Country Estate. The resort includes one, {two and three bedroom lodges, all designed{to the highest standard and lavishly {equipped. The lodges have magnificent {views over the loch, marina and over {fairways of the 9-hole golf-course. The {leisure club has 2 indoor heated swimming {pools, sauna, plus squash courts, and {snooker room. { { { { 2417{Kalajoki Beach is located on the shores of{the Gulf of Bothnia in an area well known {for its beach and leisure facilities. The{Finnish west coast claims to be one of the{sunniest regions in northern Europe in {summer, where the sun shines for {practically 24 hours a day. Each of the {two storey units at the resort has a {terrace and is well equipped with a sauna,{TV and video. A car is necessary to fully {enjoy the area. { { { { 2418{The resort of Yllas Loma is located in {Lapland, 160km north of the Arctic Circle.{Here there are no crowds, nature is {unspoilt and fresh air really means just {that. In summer Lapland is ideal for {lovers of the big outdoors; with {opportunities to enjoy hiking, canoeing {and salmon fishing. In winter the {possibilities for floodlit cross-country {skiing are endless. All the units have a {fireplace, fully equipped kitchen and a {private sauna.There is no public transport{except during the peak skiing season, so a{car is necessary at other times. { 2419{Ruka Loma lies in the north-east of {Finland, just 25km from the Russian {border. The area is well known for its {skiing facilities and its "wilderness- {like" scenery. Ruka Loma is 7 km from the{ski resort of Ruka, with several ski lifts{plus an impressive indoor leisure centre {with tennis and squash courts, gym and {golf simulator. The small units, built in{a typical Lapland-style , are of a good {standard. Each has a full kitchen with {microwave, sauna, television and video. A {car is considered necessary here. { { 2420{Mirette Touristic Village is situated on {the shores of the Red Sea, famous for its {coral reefs and clear, warm waters which {provide ideal opportunities for diving and{windsurfing. The resort offers a range of {facilities including swimming pools, a {health club, restaurant, shops and games {room. All the units are air-conditioned {and equipped with telephone and satellite {TV. Reception staff are able to make tour {bookings for guests to places of interest {such as Luxor, 4 hours drive away. { { { 2421{Villas de Sesimbra is located on the coast{south of Lisbon, set amid beautiful {scenery on a hillside above the seaside {town of Sesimbra. An attractive holiday {centre with promenade lined with fish {restaurants and shops. Resort facilities {are extensive and include outdoor and {indoor swimming pools, indoor tennis {court, squash court, health club, {restaurant, bar and pool-side bar. The {units are equipped with TV and have {limited kitchens. { { { 2422{This resort (1869mt) is located 3km from {the centre of Selva di Valgardena in the {heart of the Dolomites, one of the most {attractive regions of Northern Italy. Its{position in winter is excellent for {skiers, with direct access to the piste {(Santa Cristina ski run is on the World {Cup circuit), in summer for the lakes and {mountains. The medieval towns of Merano, {Bressanone and Bolzano are nearby. On- {site facilities include a pizzeria {restaurant and bar. The apartments, built {in typical Tyrolean style, all have {telephone and television. { 2423{Royal Oasis Club at la Quinta is situated {in the heart of the vibrant tourist center{of the Benalmadena coast, where a gently {rolling landscape leads down to the warm {waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Here you {can relax on the beach, sunbathe, or enjoy{water sports, such as windsurfing, {waterskiing, and fishing. There are also {five world-class golf courses within {driving distance and several tennis clubs.{The apartments include a fully equipped {kitchen, satellite television and {telephones. On-site entertainment is {available. { 2424{Puerto Colon Club is set in the up-market {harbour development at the Torviscas end {of Las Americas, just 150 metres from the {crescent shaped beach. The marina with its{yachts and launches is directly in front {of the units. There are numerous bars, {boutiques and restaurants on and around {the quayside. The resort has an outdoor {swimming pool and jacuzzi and the units {are furnished in an attractive but simple {manner. { { { { 2425{Resort is situated in finnish Lapland, {which is very popular both in the winter -{for downhill and cross-country skiing, {winter fishing and snowmobiling - and in {the summer and autumn - for hiking and {fishing. On-site this resort, there is a {hotel which offers a good range of {facilities including a health spa with {saunas and children's playroom. The units{are in traditional timberlog lodges. Each {has a well-equipped kitchen and a shower {room with sauna.There are buses to the ski{slopes in high seasononly, so a car is {considered necessary to fully enjoy the {area. 2426{Club Pyla Beach is located in the {Pyla-area of Larnaca on the south-west {coast of Cyprus. A long sandy stretch of {beach is only 150m away and for energetic {visitors, a wide range of watersports can {be enjoyed including windsurfing, water {skiing and parascending. A number of {restaurants, bars, supermarkets, shops and{discos are within easy reach of the {resort. The units are built in typical {Cypriot style, most with a verandah. { { { { 2428{Located in the heart of Sliema, Malta's {popular resort, and only 100m from the {beach, is the Park Suites. Let yourself {be tempted by the open-air cafes, food {stalls, bars and multitude of shops {available on the promenade. Or opt for {watching a game of water polo while {bathing on the rocks. Sliema Creek, only 5{minutes away, offers boating excursions. {The hotel, tastefully decorated, includes {a panoramic view from the rooftop pool. { { { { 2429{Hollywood Mirage is a resort where guests {can enjoy the year-round sunny climate and{the peace and quiet of Los Cristianos. {Situated on a hillside above the town on {the island's south side, the resort's {architecture is designed to recall an age {of grandeur and elegance while offering {all the modern amenities. Facilities at {the sports centre include squash courts, {gym, aerobic classes, table tennis, {jacuzzi,sauna, turkish bath, and pool {table. There is a charge per person per {week to use the centre. { { 2430{Club la Costa at Marina Park, located on {Spain's Costa del Sol, is an ideal base {for exploring the old Spain. The resort {enjoys a privileged position, with {spectacular views of the sea and {mountains. Although within walking {distance of the sea, the development {boasts swimming pools (one heated), a {whirlpool, clubhouse, and extensive {gardens. { { { { { 2431{Club Bellasol is situated on Mijas Costa {in the Riviera del Mar Urbanisation, with {beautiful views of the Mediterranean. The{resort is set in attractive gardens with a{kidney-shaped swimming pool surrounded by {sun-bathing areas. The apartments are {spacious, nicely furnished and are {equipped with satellite television. Some {units also have barbecues on the terrace. {The club is conveniently situated, with {supermarkets, banks, sports clubs and {nightlife all within 5 minutes' drive. {A car would be an advantage here. { { 2433{Fontes Romanas Holiday Club is located in {Vilamoura. The resort offers an outdoor {swimming pool with a separate children's {pool, both of which are surrounded by a {terrace with a poolside bar. Other {facilities include a bar, and a {restaurant. There are several golf courses{close by. The spacious units are {simply furnished. As the resort is {more than half a mile from the beach or {marina, a car is considered necessary for {your vacation enjoyment. { { { 2434{This resort is located in Albufeira, {approx. 800m from the sandy beach at Forte{de Sao Joao. The area is ideally suited {for exploring local fishing villages and {markets. On-site you can find indoor, {outdoor and children`s swimming pools, {bars, restaurant, disco, games room, {health club and gymnasium. The outdoor {pool area is surrounded by gardens where {you can also find a waterfall and small {lakes near the pool bar. { { { { 2435{Hotelsol overlooks Albufeira and the {Atlantic Ocean, is ideally located, being {just a short walk to the town centre with {its numerous shops, restaurants, and {lovely sandy beaches. The apartments are {spacious, comfortably furnished and {includes radio and satellite television, {air conditioning, heating and kitchenette.{The on site facilities include a large {swimming pool, squash, tennis courts, {health club with indoor swimming pool, {gymnasium, sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, {poolside snack bar, games room, restaurant{and co*cktail bar. { 2436{This resort is situated just 100m from the{beautiful sandy beach of Los Pocillos {and close to Puerto del Carmen, with its {many bars and restaurants just a stroll {away. It is surrounded by attractive {gardens, and every unit has a balcony or {terrace overlooking the heated swimming {pool which has a section for children. All{units have satellite television. The {resort's facilities include a restaurant, {pool bar and clubhouse. An ideal resort {all year round. { { { 2438{Altamira Club is situated within the quiet{urbanization El Beril, just a short drive {away from the shops, restaurants, and {exciting nightlife of the very popular {resort town of Playa de las Americas. The {resort has extensive gardens, swimming {pool, heated from end of November until {begining of April and childrens pool. {There is a sandy beach nearby. {You can stroll along the walkway from the {resort to Las Americas and Los Cristianos.{ { { { 2441{Against a beautiful backdrop of mountain {scenery with impressive views towards the {coast, this resort is located inland, away{from the hustle and bustle of Benidorm, {though the town, with its long, sandy {beaches and famous nightlife, is within {easy reach. On-site you can enjoy a {lovely swimming pool, in its attractive {garden setting. The resort is ideal for {those seeking to have a peaceful holiday. {A car is essential to make the most of {this resort. { { { 2442{Situated near to the casino in {Torrequebrada and with a challenging golf {course on the coast 2 kms away. {A large swimming pool set in landscaped {gardens has a terrace overlooking the {casino and provides the focal point of the{resort. A car would add to your holiday {enjoyment here. { { { { { { { 2443{Located in Wootton, just outside Ryde, the{resort is situated in a peaceful creek, {and has an outdoor pool in summer and a {bar/lounge. The Isle of Wight offers {many alternatives to visitors and the {island's atmosphere is one of quaint {winding roads, flower filled meadows, long{sandy beaches, small harbours and unspoilt{towns and villages. There is a timeless {quality to the island that makes the Isle {of Wight unique in the British Isles. { { { { 2444{Alfa*gar Village is situated on the top of {an ocean cliff with private access {(via steps) to the beautiful Santa Eulalia{beach. The apartments offer a peaceful {and relaxed atmosphere. The lively town {of Albufeira is only 3km away with its {wide range of entertainment on offer day {and night, facilities on site include two {outdoor swimming pools, two tennis courts,{mini-market, restaurant, 2 bars, snack-bar{and a children's playground. { { { { 2446{Club Nautilus is set in landscaped gardens{with palm trees, and is only 100 metres {from the windsurfing on Matagorda beach. {The swimming pool has a wet bar (in summer{only) and incorporates a children's pool. {The resort has a well-stocked supermarket,{a bar and restaurant, a games room, {satellite television and an outside pool {table. A shopping complex is a few {minutes walk away. { { { { { 2447{Club Cala Blanca overlooks the beach {of Taurito Bay, which nestles between the {rugged mountains and the sparkling ocean. {Around the headland is the picturesque {fishing village and marina of Puerto de {Mogan, presenting the perfect contrast {between old and new. The resort offers {elegant designs with panoramic views from {most units. Guests at the resort's {restaurant enjoy a choice of international{and island cuisine. A nanny is on site {from Sunday to Friday during the day to {organise games etc for the children. Also {an activities co-ordinator is on site.A {car is considered necessary here. 2449{In the Alps at a height of 1300m, Les {Thermalies sits overlooking the Rhone {Valley. The resort is part of the Thermal {Centre of Ovronnaz. The apartments are {linked by glazed galleries and heated by {"Secteur Soins". Child care is available {during high season. The resort offers {treatments for stress, hammam, sauna, gym {fitness area, indoor and outdoor pools {and a beautiful terrace. The village {offers downhill and cross- country {skiing, tennis, paragliding, horse {riding, sledging, cross country cycling {and mountain walks. A resort for all {seasons. 2450{One of the best known ski areas in Italy {is the location for Residence Sottsass {(1450mt). Situated just 3 km from {Corvara, a village famous for being the {starting place of the internationally {renowned Sella-Ronda ski run. Villa in {Badia ski run, known as La Gran Risa is on{the World Cup ski circuit. The resort has {a number of on-site amenities including a {bar, restaurant, sauna and solarium. A {games room is provided and a small {gymnasium is also available for those {visitors who wish to keep in good shape {during their stay. { 2451{At Coral Princess Club, you'll delight in {all that Cozumel has to offer. The {island's coastal waters, famous for their {clarity and teeming aquatic life, are {perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. {Deep-sea fishing and waterskiing are {popular maritime sports, too. A swimming {pool is on site as are other sun-filled {activities you'll enjoy. Close by, Cancun {offers dusk-to-dawn nightlife, so reserve {some energy for the evening. { { { { 2454{Ixtapa, part of the Mexican Riviera, {offers vacationers a tropical escape. By {day, you can visit the spectacular beaches{or the challenging fairways of the Ixtapa {Golf Course. Aside from golf and a {beautiful beach, the area offers an array {of water sports and shopping. Complete the{day by dining at one of the local {restaurants and dancing at one of the {great night spots nearby. { { { { { 2455{ { { { { { { { { { { { { { { 2456{Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by exuberant{vegetation. The city, divided by the Cuale{River, has streets which rise up to the {summit of hills; at its beaches, red {roofed houses and modern hotels stand out.{In Puerto Vallarta, the Costa Alegre {starts where the majesty of the sea, the {beauty of its beaches, and the rivers {flowing into the ocean are proverbial. { { { { { { 2459{Begin your vacation in tropical paradise {at the Golden Shores Cancun. The resort {boasts a magnificent beach, and for those {hot chili-pepper afternoons, there's an {indoor pool. Sample exotic drinks at one {of the resort's six restaurants. {Comfortable units, each with a glorious {view of the Caribbean, compliment your {vacation. { { { { { { 2460{ { { { { { { { { { { { { { { 2462{In Huatulco there are 7 beautiful bays, {which are located in scarecely populated {areas. Some are so remote that you must {arrive by boat. Huatulco offers a variety {of water sports and golf and tennis are {available as well. If you enjoy seafood {Huatulco boasts its fair share, some {favorites include many varieties of {shellfish to include lobster at prices too{low to miss out on. { { { { { 2463{Select your own theme at this resort {because the activities and atmosphere have{something for everyone. Enjoy the huge {pool and swim up to the island tiki bar. {Or plunge into one of the many water {sports available. There's equipment on {site for your convenience. { { { { { { { { 2465{Miles of beaches and year-round sunny {weather make Cancun a premier choice for a{family vacation destination. Canc£n Sunset{Club offers a beachfront location and a {variety of amenities to enjoy. Boats are {available for those in search of game fish{in the clear-blue waters, or you can go {to the beach for a day of ocean swimming. { { { { { { { 2466{Club Marina Mar en Puerto Aventuras is {located about 50 miles south of Cancun. {This resort offers many amenities and {services, including a marina, tennis, {beaches, water sports, and restaurants. {There is also a museum of spanish {shipwrecks. Located on the mainland, the {resort is just a 40-minutes ferry ride {from the island of Cozumel. { { { { { { 2468{In the historic city of Porlamar, which {features a wonderful view of the sea, you {can find the resort Margabella Suites, {located in the duty-free shopping area of {Isla de Margarita. Each unit of this {beautiful resort is equipped with special {comforts needed to enjoy a wonderful {vacation. At night, you could try your {luck in a casino or taste typical or {international dishes in any of the {restaurants. Later, you could have a great{time in a disco or night club. { { { 2472{La Trucha Azul is located in the beautiful{Andes Mountains, where you can find {spectacular views, peaceful places, green {mountains, and fresh rivers-just the right{place to spend a quiet vacation. The {excellent architecture of the resort, {located in the town of Santo Domingo, will{make your vacation unforgettable. { { { { { { { 2474{Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern {tip of Baja Peninsula, is well known for {its dry climate and famous as {one of the best spots for deep-sea {fishing. Marlin, dorado, sailfish, and {swordfish are the best catches. Beautiful {scenery abounds as nearby mountains {continue into the peninsula, narrowing at {its end to form a magnificent natural {stone arch, carved from the beating of the{waves over the centuries. Marina Fiesta is{right on the heart of Cabo San Lucas. { { { 2475{In Huatulco, there are seven beautiful {bays located in almost untouched areas. {Some are so remote you need a boat to go {to them. Huatulco offers a variety of {water sports; golf is available as well. {If you enjoy seafood, Huautulco boast its {fair share. Some favorites include many {varieties of shellfish, including lobster {at prices too low to miss. { { { { { { 2476{Here you will find serviced, self-catering{apartments overlooking the sea a short {walk from the sun-bathing lawns and surf {of Scott Bay, where safe beaches, a tidal {and kiddies' pool, water slide, miniature {train and mini-golf provide fun for the {whole family. Enjoy all the South Coast {action from Durban to the Wild Coast. { { { { { { { 2477{Great restaurants, fashionable shops, {world-class skiing, and an active {nightlife make Park City one of Utah's {most popular vacation destinations. You're{sure to have an unforgettable time at Park{Plaza. Skiing is just a mile away. When {you're ready to call it a day, take a dip {in the fully enclosed swimming pool, {unwind in the sauna, or soak in the {Jacuzzi. During warm weather, some ski {resorts have chairlifts set up to carry {mountain bikes to biking and {hiking trails. The resort also offers {complimentary van service to any location {within Park City. 2478{Vacation at Havasu Dunes Resort, a mile {from the center of Lake Havasu City and {the London Bridge. Spend your days {enjoying water sports on Lake Havasu, {playing golf and tennis close by, or {sunning by the three on-site swimming {pools or whirlpool and hot tubs. The {Laughlin, Nevada, gambling center is 70 {miles away. Those looking for more scenic {sights can take a trip to the Grand Canyon{(230 miles away), Hoover Dam (135 miles {away), Parker Dam (30 miles away), Oatman {Ghost Town (70 miles away), or Flagstaff {(200 miles away). { 2479{Set amid the majestic Sierra Nevada {mountains, The Heidelberg Inn offers a {touch of history and legend along with its{superb vacation amenities. Opened in {1928, the inn starred in such Hollywood {movies as "Road to Utopia" and housed {stars Clark Gable, Betty Grable, and {others. Today, the inn has been completely{refurbished. Relax by the four-sided {fireplace. You'll find access nearby to {beautiful June Lake for boating and {fishing, and in winter, skiing is just {minutes away. { { 2481{Come to the heart of Colonial America, {where Fairfield Williamsburg at Kingsgate {invites you to discover the culture of the{past amid the luxuries of modern resort {living. Williamsburg is one of the {foremost historic districts in the United {States. You can tour the many famous homes{and buildings, or shop and dine in the {stores and restaurants offering {traditional fare. Other area attractions {include Jamestown, Yorktown, College of {William and Mary, and Busch Gardens. When {not sight-seeing, enjoy the recreation {complex, indoor and outdoor pools, tanning{bed, miniature golf, and on-site masseuse. 2486{Maui's idyllic western shore of long, {sandy beaches is yours to explore during {your stay at Kihei Akahi. Bask under an {island sun on warm golden sand; swim in {crystal-blue waters perfect for snorkeling{and skin diving--you'll find a world of {wonder under the ocean waves. Take a day {trip to explore the lush valleys of Maui, {or experience the drama of Haleakala, a {volcanic crater of stark and magnificent {beauty. { { { { 2487{Pacific Fantasy, within The Pono Kai {Resort, is on the eastern coast of Kauai. {Relax by the resort's outdoor pool or on {the beach. You'll also find tennis, {shuffleboard, and bicycles on site, or you{can play golf at one of several courses {close by. For more action, head offshore {and try surfing, snorkeling, boating, or {fishing. Kauai is called the "Garden Isle"{because of its natural beauty. Helicopter {tours will take you over beautiful {beaches, lava-rock grottoes, and scenic {viewpoints. The resort also offers a {seasonal children's program. { 2488{Kings Lodge is situated in the village of {Hogsback, high in the Amatola Mountains in{the Eastern Cape. The village has an {abundance of tranquility, clean fresh air,{forest walks along the banks of numerous {streams, waterfalls and birdlife. This {quaint resort has a warm, homely {atmosphere with a restaurant on-site which{offers good meals and a fantastic little {bar. Also has bowling green and hiking {trails. { { { { 2489{The Park Regency beckons you to visit the {white powder of Park City's ski slopes. {You'll enjoy first-rate cross-country and {downhill skiing in Utah's most popular {resort area. The resort offers amenities {such as picnic areas, a swimming pool, and{a whirlpool. In summer and fall, you can {enjoy boating, fishing, and waterskiing at{Deer Creek or Jordanelle Reservoir, 10 {miles away, or Rockport, about 20 miles {away. Summer hot-air balloon festivals, {art festivals, and other cultural {activities accent warm-weather visits. {Golf courses are within 30 minutes of the {resort. 2490{Located on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico,{Sundial at Mustang Towers rises 15 stories{above windswept dunes for a breathtaking {view of the Gulf and miles of sandy {beachfront. Just a few minutes from the {quaint fishing village of Port Aransas and{a half-hour from Corpus Christi, vacations{here offer seclusion without sacrificing {the opportunity for activities. After a {day of sightseeing, fishing, tennis, or {golf, relax by the resort's bi-level {outdoor pool. Mustang Towers is ideally {situated for day-trips to the King Ranch, {the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, or to nearby {towns along the Mexican border. 2491{Situated on the beach, The Pono Kai is on {the eastern coast of Kauai, where the {average annual temperature is 70 degrees. {Relax by the resort's outdoor pool or on {the beach. You'll also find volleyball, {tennis, shuffleboard, and bicycles on {site, as well as croquet. You can play {golf at one of several courses close by. {For more action, head offshore and try {surfing, snorkeling, boating, or fishing. {Kauai is called the "Garden Isle" because {of its natural beauty. Take helicopter {tours over the lovely beaches and scenic {viewpoints. The resort is family oriented.{ 2492{Nestled in the lush woods of East Texas, {on the shoreline of Lake Palestine, the {quaint rustic cabins at this resort are {tucked away in close harmony with nature {and create an ideal setting for rest and {relaxation. Amenities and activities {include a lighted tennis court, fishing {pier, badminton, playground, swimming, {miniature golf, and nature trails. Guests {have a marina and boat dock access, Jet {Ski rentals, and horseback riding {facilities just a few miles away. Tyler {and all its attractions are 15 miles away,{and Canton Trade Days or First Monday are {also within a short drive. 2493{Turquoise waters and white sands are in {abundance in Puerto Plata. Tropicana {Caribe is just steps away from the beach {and all the water activities you can {imagine. An 18-hole, Robert Trent Jones {golf course is just a few minutes away, in{addition to dozens of fine restaurants, {discotheques, and opportunities for {shopping. Or a lazy day by the resort's {outdoor pool may be all your heart {desires. Whichever it is, action or {relaxation, you'll find it here. { { { 2495{Costa Smeralda is situated along the south{coast of Natal, amongst the coves and {beaches. Margate is close by offering all {the entertainment a family would need. The{units are full equipped, spacious and {overlook the beach. { { { { { { { { { 2496{The lake in question is unspoilt St Lucia,{home to hippos, crocodiles and countless {waterbirds. Set in a tropical landscaped {environment overlooking the estuary, Lake {View Cabanas are fully equipped for self- {catering and offer a number of on-site {facilities, including swimming pool, {sauna, barbecue areas and restaurant. { { { { { { { 2497{This new entry comprises a hotel, {refurbished in ethnic style, and newly {built self-catering units in a picturesque{setting outside Pietermaritzburg. {Children will enjoy the farm-like {atmosphere and the whole family can follow{a trail on horse back through beautiful {countryside. { { { { { { { 2498{In the heart of the scenic-rich Eastern {Transvaal, this resort in the lush {Sabie River valley, is within easy {distance of the Kruger National Park. The{self-contained cabanas are fully equipped {for self-catering and once development is {complete, there will be a large central {entertainment complex as well as a number {of on-site sports facilities. { { { { { { 2501{Experience the vacation life at Vista {Mirage Resort, located in the famous {desert town of Palm Springs. You'll enjoy {the two swimming pools, two whirlpools, a {tennis court, and exercise equipment. In {this vacation haven, you'll find plenty to{keep you busy year-round. Winter {activities range from playing golf at {numerous courses close by to taking an {aerial tram up the mountain for some {cross-country skiing. The resort's central{location places you near downtown museums,{shops, art galleries, restaurants, and {nightlife. In the summer, beat the heat at{Oasis Water Park. 2503{With Cape Hangklip to the east and {dramatic Cape Point to the west, this {resort is located in a beautiful area {within the deep-blue crescent of False {Bay. Here, you'll find 35 km's of {sparkling white beaches. Strand Pavilion {features an impressive glass-roofed foyer {with subtropical plants and water gardens,{as well as luxurious units complete with {patios and landscaped terraces. The resort{is close to the winelands of Stellenbosch,{Paarl and Franshoek Cape town is 30 {minutes away. The closest game farm is 30 {km from the resort. Barbeque facilities {are available. 2505{The sun, sea, and sand are yours for the {taking at The Victorian. Relax in the {heated year-round swimming pool or {luxuriate in the sensuous warmth of the {whirlpools. For additional activities, {you'll find lighted tennis courts, a {fitness center, a barbecue area, and a {children's playground. The resort also {offers Garibaldi's, a New York-style deli.{Visit the historic Strand district, turn- {of-the-century homes, the Railroad Museum,{and countless other attractions, including{32 miles of beaches. { { 2506{Little Switzerland is situated {high up in the Oliviershoek Pass amongst {the unspoilt Drakensberg mountains, {offering comfortable, well furnished {units. There are facilities of {every kind, from fishing at {Sterkfontein Dam to horse riding and {hiking, there's a swimming pool on site. {The hotel offers games room, sauna, {squash and tennis. { { { { { 2507{Located in beautiful North Creek, The {Summit at Gore Mountain offers an exciting{four-season vacation destination. In {winter, ski the slopes at Gore Mountain {and traverse groomed cross-country trails {as well. In warmer months, relax by the {indoor pool or visit Lake George, 25 {miles away, for a variety of water sports.{White-water rafting is popular in April, {May, and early June. In the fall, enjoy {crisp days and a blazing array of autumn {colors, the Adorondack ballon festival, or{Oktoberfest on Gore Mountain. Whatever the{season, you're sure to discover a great {vacation getaway here. 2509{Lake Chelan, one of the most scenic spots {in the Pacific Northwest, provides a {beautiful backdrop for WorldMark at Lake {Chelan Shores. In addition to the numerous{water sports, the resort offers an on-site{clubhouse with a television, racquetball {and tennis courts, five swimming pools {(one covered in winter), and a whirlpool. {Echo Valley ski area is about eight miles {away, offering downhill and cross-country {skiing. Serious downhill enthusiasts must {travel to Mission Ridge, or Loup Loup, all{about 1 1/2 hour drive. { { 2510{Enjoy a combination of natural beauty {and tropical pleasures at Paradise Harbour{Club & Marina on exciting Paradise Island,{just across the bridge from picturesque {Nassau. Stop by the elegant Columbus {Tavern Restaurant & Bar and savor the {international gourmet delights. Take off {on the Resort's Club Launch, shop at one {of the straw markets, or browse Nassau's {duty-free shops. Snorkel, swim, relax in {a hammock under the palm trees, or island-{hop for a few hours. { { { 2512{You'll find everything you could want at {4 Seasons at Desert Breezes. Tennis {buffs will love the five courts, three of {which are lighted. Two pools and {whirlpools are also available, along with {a games room, television room, exercise {room, and table tennis. El Paseo, {considered by some to be the "Rodeo Drive {of the Desert," is located less than 10 {minutes from the resort. Disneyland and {Knott's Berry Farm are within a two-hour {drive. { { { 2514{Located in northern Michigan, The {Homestead offers vacation activities for {everyone. During winter, ski buffs will {enjoy the on-site ski area, ice-skating, {and cross-country trails. In warmer {months, enjoy Lake Michigan and all that {the area offers, from golf, canoeing, and {fishing, to its beach. Or take advantage {of the resort's three outdoor pools, {tennis courts, nine-hole par three golf {course, and whirlpool. Sleeping Bear Dunes{National Lakeshore surrounds the resort, {and a dune climb area is a few miles away.{In the evening, enjoy the on-site {restaurant or relax in front of a fire. 2517{Pacific Shores Nature Resort is an {environmentally friendly resort. Located {directly on Craig Bay, most units have a {view of the water. The quiet, secluded {beach offers varied water activities, {including salmon fishing charters. Next {door to the resort is a bird sanctuary. Be{sure to reserve time to enjoy sight-seeing{excursions of the area's lovely scenery. {There are five golf courses within a 20- {minute drive. Unwind at the end of the day{in the hot tub located in the beachside {cabana, where you'll also find a barbecue {grill. { 2518{From its vantage point high on Sugar {Mountain, The Highlands at Sugar offers {you a distinctive four-season resort in {the middle of the famed North Carolina {High Country. Within a short drive from {the resort, you'll find a tennis club, an {18-hole golf course, horseback riding, and{snowskiing. Hiking, canoeing, fishing, {swimming, and rafting beckon outdoor {enthusiasts, while the arts and crafts of {native artisans, antiques shops, local {attractions, and the numerous seasonal {events appeal to others. { { 2519{Coconut Palms Resort is located on a {breezy hilltop, a short drive from the {international villages of Sosua and {Cabarete. The resort boasts 50 units and {offers one- and two-bedroom accommodations{with patios overlooking distant views of {miles of beachfront. Water sports are {available, including free scuba lessons {in the resort's 90-foot swimming pool. {Fully equipped horse stables can be found {at the edge of the property. Enjoy a real {tropical vacation; sun, hot weather, and {beaches await you. { { 2520{The largest island in the Inland Sea, {Awaji Island plays host to vacationers {seeking sand, sea, and island fun. {Discover all that and more during your {stay at XIV (Eksiv) Awajishima. The beach {is only three miles away, or you can walk {a block to the marina, where sailboats {await for a day of sailing in Osaka Bay. {Evenings, enjoy the fresh seafood the {island is known for. { { { { { 2522{With almost 23 miles of public beach to {explore in the Daytona Beach area, fun in {the sun is guaranteed at Tropic Shores. Go{to the beach for a swim, or enjoy the {resort's on-site swimming pool and {whirlpool. Golf and tennis, as well as the{attractions of Daytona Beach, are just {minutes away. After an active day, return {to the resort to prepare your meal in your{unit, or you can cook at the on-site {barbecue grills. For additional enjoyment,{the attractions of Orlando are about an {hour away. { { 2524{Overlooking the fairways of Arnold {Palmer's Tahquitz Creek Golf Course, this {three-story resort offers year-round {desert pleasure. On the premises, enjoy {two outdoor pools or take advantage of the{tennis court and exercise equipment. Relax{at the end of your day in the resort's {sauna or outdoor whirlpools. Excellent {shopping and restaurants can be found {nearby. For more diversions, the sights {and sounds of Los Angeles are just a {day-trip away. { { { 2527{Located on the beach near the historic {town of Rhodes, Sun Beach Holiday Club is {bordered by clear, blue Mediterranean {waters. In the area, you can enjoy water {sports, windsurfing, tennis, horseback {riding and delightful sight-seeing. The {lively nightlife of Rhodes, with its {international casino and more than 600 {bars and restaurants, is about six miles {away. The resort has two swimming pools, {two children's pools, and a grocery store.{Sports facilities include tennis, table {tennis, mini golf and volleyball. { { 2528{Located at 2000m altitude in the alpes- {maritimes in the South of France, Isola {2000 borders the national park/wildlife {reserve, Parc Mercantour. The chalet style{Residence Le Bristol, is built on the {terraced mountainside. Club Le Bristol has{stylish accommodation with high quality {furniture and fittings. From each {apartment balcony there are superb views {of this beautiful mountain region. Winter {offers skiing on 120 Km of piste, skating,{snowboarding and good apres ski. Summer {offers walking in Parc Mercantour for {nature lovers,plus swimming,fishing, {VTT,horse riding, tennis,golf and archery. 2529{This coastal location close to the old {world villages of St Agnes and {Perranporth, with miles of surf beach, {makes this central Cornwall situation an {ideal touring base. The cathedral city of{Truro is only 13km away. Lands End and St{Ives are a short drive away. The village {offers tennis and putting. The super new {club has an indoor heated pool, sauna, {bar, games, video and a night club. { { { { { 2531{Close to the Slovenian and Austrian {borders in Friuli Alpi Carniche region, {this is both a summer and winter resort {(800mt). Tarvisio offers a selection of {shops, bars and restaurants and there are {many excursions in the area. In winter it {is possible to ski up to 1400m and also in{Austria and Kranjsca Gora (World Cup {skiing area-20km). Trips can be organised {to towns such as Villach, Klagenfurt and {Bled. The accommodation is in large {chalet-style buildings. The facilities {include a bar and restaurant, gymnasium {and a mini-club for children from 5 to 12 {years of age. 2532{Residence Letojanni, surrounded by olives {and almonds, is situated on a hillside, {approximately 2km from the village of {Letojanni and 5km from Taormina near to {the Ionio sea. On-site there is a {bar/snack bar and swimming pool. Due to {the mild climate, its considered to be a {famous health seaside resort, with a {pebble beach. Other amenities include a {children's play room. In the nearby {villages visitors can enjoy a wide {selection of pizzerias and fish {restaurants. Interesting excursions {include Castelmola, Gole Dell'Acantara and{the volcano Etna (3323mt). 2533{Troutbeck Inn nestles amoung the pine {trees in the most attractive part of {Nyanga near to the trout-filled mountain {streams. All the amenities of the {neighbouring country hotel are available {to members, including the restaurant, golf{course, tennis, squash, clay pigeon {shooting, swimming, horse-riding and {fishing. The apartments overlook the {golf-course and private lake and are all {entirely self-contained and {stylishly furnished. { { { 2534{Caribbea Bay is situated on the shores of {Lake Kariba, the second largest {constructed lake in Africa. Facilities at {the adjacent hotel are available to {members and include a swimming pool, {restaurants, and a casino. The units are {entirely self-contained and tastefully {furnished, offering all modern comforts {and a sensational view of Kariba and the {breathtaking African sunset. { { { { { 2536{La Casona de Vidiago is a 19th century {property which has been restored and {beautifully furnished in traditional {Spanish style. The apartments have {limited kitchen facilities but there are {a number of restaurants and bars within {easy reach, in the attractive resort of {Llanes. La Casona De Vidiago has a bar {and restaurant onsite, but is only open {in the summer months. The resort has an {outdoor swimming pool and a fitness room {and sauna are also planned. The area is {renowned for river and sea fishing, {National parks, historic towns and {spectacular sandy beaches. 2539{Dunas Club has a seafront position beside {the harbour in Corralejo, boasting views {over the sparkling sea toward Lanzarote {and Isla de los Lobos. This is an island {for those seeking peace and quiet on {wonderful sandy beaches, with the {opportunity to try windsurfing in what is {now one of Europe's finest centres. {On-site facilities include a gym, {squash court, restaurant, and poolside {bar. { { { { 2540{To the southeast of the island, some 9kms {from Funchal, lies Canico. Canico Bay Club{is situated opposite to the Royal Orchid. {The apartments at Canico Bay Club are {spacious and have partial sea views. The {resort has its own plunge pool and sun {terraces. { { { { { { { { 2541{Jardines de la Hacienda is situated in the{south of the province of Alicante, not far{from the port of Torrevieja. The resort is{located near to the sea, in a quiet part {of the Costa Blanca. It is built in {traditional Spanish style and set in {landscaped gardens featuring many tropical{plants. The units are very attractive and {comfortably furnished. { { { { { { 2546{The resort of Le Terrazze di Portorotondo,{set on the island of Sardinia in the {centre of ever-popular Porto Rotondo, is {only a short distance from the marina. {There is a swimming pool on-site and all {other amenities such as a bar, pizzeria {and supermarket are close at hand. The {neat apartments each have a television and{limited kitchen facilities. There is a {large shaded terrace in each apartment {which is used as an extension to the {living area, with a fixed dining area. { { { 2548{The hamlet of Brennes lies in the Bavarian{forests, right on the border with {Czechoslovakia. The woods and lakes of {the Arber region are popular with walkers {and bobsleigh and fishing are also {available. In winter cross-country skiing{is available both near to the hotel and {further afield. The ski-lifts are within {walking distance. Hotel facilities {include sauna, steamroom, whirlpool and {solarium. { { { { 2550{Cobbled pathways twist among the gardens {and pretty colour-washed buildings at the {Regency Beach Club. A beautiful free-form{swimming pool winds under bridges and {around the extensive sun terraces. The {resort is on the coast some 500 metres {from the marina and offers tranquil {surroundings for a peaceful holiday, while{the bustle and sophistication of Playa de {las Americas is only a few minutes away {for those who prefer more activity and {entertainment. { { { 2551{Cala Corvino is situated 4km north of {Monopoli, near Bari on the Adriatic coast.{The resort offers a number of sports {facilities such as tennis coaching, {swimming lessons, canoeing and {windsurfing. Other amenities include {swimming pool, open-air restaurant, small {open-air theatre and access to the beach {which is approximately 50m away. All {units have a balcony or a terrace, {television and telephone. { { { { 2552{Residence Portorotondo Tre is situated {near the sought-after area near Costa {Smeralda, close to an attractive marina {and a nearby sandy beach. The lively {towns of the north coast, the secluded {bays and the unspoilt mountains of the {interior are well worth exploring. The {resort offers a number of amenities on- {site including a bar, snack bar, pizzeria,{restaurant, supermarket and swimming pool.{Tennis courts are approximately 300m away,{and a beautiful beach area is within easy {reach of the resort. { { 2553{Residence Soldanella (1100mt) is situated {on the wide planes of Laceno, a {mountainous region of southern Italy, near{Avellino. The resort offers a variety of {amenities including a supermarket and bar.{Nearby there is a riding school, tennis, {ski-lifts and a bar/restaurant.Resort is a{2 hour drive by car from Napoli (Naples) {and the seacoast. { { { { { { 2554{Vila Magna Bellavista Avenida is situated {near Albufeira centre. Albufeira is a {busy, bustling resort town set on a {splendid golden beach and boasts many fine{restaurants and bars serving local {specialities which include freshly caught {seafood. This resort offers visitors an {outdoor swimming pool with separate {children's pool, tennis courts and a {clubhouse with bar and coffee shop. There {is also a lounge area with card tables and{television. { { { 2556{Skagen is in an area of some 50kms of {broad, sandy beaches, heaths and dunes, {known for its old, traditional buildings {and cultural institutions. Visitors {enjoy all kind of shops, golf courses, {deep-sea fishing and hiking. On site at {the resort there is tennis, a playground {and a cafe. Jeckels Gl. Skagen is 5kms {from Skagen in a building dating back to {the 19th century. The apartments combine {old charm and modern comfort, each with {its own individual character. The {beautiful beach is about 200 metres away. { { 2557{Club Colombo Kurhotel KÊnigshof lies in {the pre-alpine landscape of Oberstaufen. {The resort offers all the benefits of a {health farm with extensive sports {facilities, including a large swimming {pool, indoor pool, whirlpool, cross {country and downhill skiing in the winter {with hiking and surfing nearby in the {summer. Other on site facilities include a{gymnasium, hairdresser, bar and {restaurant. The hotel units have no {kitchens but are all comfortably furnished{in traditional style. { { 2561{Playa Golf is part of the Torrequebrada {Urbanisation, located between Fuengirla {and Torremolinos. Within easy reach are {the popular attractions of Tivoli World {Aquapark, Mijas, a championship golf {course and casino. The resort boasts adult{and childrenØs pools and a tennis court. {The units all have satellite television {and some have access to a rooftop sun {deck. { { { { { 2562{Almunecar, on the East side of the sunny {Costa del Sol coastline, on the "Costa {Tropical", is a bustling Spanish town, {close to the lovely coastal town of Nerja {and within driving distance of the {historical city of Granada. With a {tropical climate, Albayzin del Mar lies on{the outskirts of the town but within {walking distance of local shops and {restaurants. Facilities on site include a{swimming pool and restaurant. { { { { 2563{Koli Country Club offers visitors year- {round activities in the tranquil, {beautiful landscape of eastern Finland. {Near to a national park, there are {limitless opportunities for hiking, {cross-country and downhill skiing and {mountain biking. Fishing, boating, {windsurfing (members must bring their {own equipment with them) and hunting make {for an unforgettable holiday. Each unit {has a sauna and satellite TV. {A car is recommended to fully enjoy the {area. { { 2564{Set in the midst of a pine forest this {resort has flower-lined walkways and well {kept lawns leading to the centre and the {swimming pool, which has its own bar. {Directly overlooking the beach, is the {restaurant building with bar and an {elevated terrace, swimming pool and {nightclub. For relaxation there is an {oriental-style bath house which has {steam rooms, saunas, massage and fitness {facilities, as well as a rest area. { { { { 2565{Feriencenter Axenfels is set on a hillside{outside Brunnen/Morschach, overlooking the{Vierwaldst€tter Lake. The modern style {units are based around an existing hotel {and facilities available to guests include{a swimming pool with sauna and gym, games {room, 2 restaurants, bar and souvenir {shops. This resort offers wonderful indoor{and outdoor sport facilities in fact there{are 34 different sports to choose from. { { { { { 2566{The holiday village is set on its own {large sandy beach, surrounded by lawns {dotted with orange and banana trees. There{are two swimming pools and children's {pool to the side. Accommodation is {comfortable with locally made furniture {and all rooms have balconies or terraces. {There are two restaurants, a snack bar, {two bars and a disco on-site. Sports {facilities include a full range of {watersports and tennis. { { { { 2567{Club Aquarius- Aquamar is situated near to{the harbour in the old town of Puerto del {Carmen. It is in an ideal position for {enjoying the many attractions of this {bustling town. Its large swimming pool is {served by a poolside bar and restaurant {and there is a reception lounge. Close by,{you will find a small shopping center. The{units are simply furnished, and some have {balconies with views over the pool toward {the sea. A car would greatly add to your {holiday enjoyment. This resort is not {suitable for those with walking {difficulties. { 2568{La Pinta Beach Club is ideally situated on{the beach front in the Torviscas area of {Playa de Las Americas, with all the {tourist attractions of this popular area {close by. As well as a delightful {location, the Club has indoor and outdoor {restaurants, an entertainment lounge which{hosts shows throughout the peak season, {and a large outdoor pool with sun {terraces. The majority of the simply {furnished apartments have balconies with {sea views. { { { 2569{Golf Park is situated on the expansive {Golf del Sur urbanisation, close to the {golf course itself. The hustle and bustle{of Playa de las Americas is some 20km to {the South. Within the development guests {can enjoy various sports besides golf, {including tennis and swimming. On site {there is a grocery store, restaurant, bar {and lounge/entertainment area.Golf tee {times can be booked prior to arrival to {avoid disappointment. A car is advisable .{ { { { 2571{Honicombe Manor sits in 30 acres of {rolling countryside in the beautiful Tamar{valley with views towards the River Tamar.{The resort offers tennis, indoor pool, {club and restaurant on site. Nearby, {fishing, sailing, golf, and riding are {available. The architect-designed lodges {with timbered balconies are built using {traditional materials and blend into the {wooded valley. They are finished to a {high standard. { { { { 2572{At 100 kms from Paris, in the heart of a {wooded park set in 3 acres of gardens, Le {Moulin de Connelles comprises 14 units. It{is less than 100 metres from an elegant 4 {star hotel named Le Moulin De Connelles, {independant from the timeshare resort, {where you can appreciate the Gastronome {Restaurant and enjoy a 10% discount on {presentation of the RCI membership card. {On the 'island',the park includes a ten- {nis court,heated outdoor pool (summer {only) and small rowing boats on the river.{The resort is ideal for those in search of{peace and quiet.A car is really essential.{ 2573{Situated below the towering Mont Blanc {Massif, Courmayeur is set amidst dramatic {mountain scenery in the Val D'Aostra {region. Summer or winter you can access {the lifts to the spectacular Vall©e {Blanche and Mer de Glace - in winter ski {the 18km run down to Chamonix (this area {is famous for summer skiing). Hotel Les {Jumeaux (1200mt) a nice hotel in a central{position, is next to the cable-car and {close to lively spots for aprÛs-ski. The {Gran Paradiso National Park and Saint- {Vincent Casino make interesting {excursions. { 2575{Situated in the beautiful Dolomites, the {small town of Cavalese (1000mt) offers {excellent winter skiing. The wide skiing {area known as Pampeago/Obereggen is only {30km away by car. In summer, the whole Val{di Fiemme region is a paradise for lovers{of hiking, climbing, riding, and fishing. {The two chalet-style buildings of Casa {Cavalese are near the town centre, close {to bars, restaurants, the indoor swimming {pool, and year-round ice-skating rink. On {site there is a bar and tavern, sauna, {solarium, and Jacuzzi. { { 2576{The Languedoc/Roussillon coastline is {renowned for its long, sandy beaches and {excellent water-sports facilities. Less {than 4km from the sea, Malibu Village {has its own superb pool area, and {the units are situated among beautiful {gardens. On-site amenities include a {restaurant, bar, gym facilities, and {squash and tennis courts. Interesting {excursions include the Pyrennees mountains{and Carcassonne. { { { { 2577{Vau Hotel is a resort situated only 500 {metres from Praia do Vau, 2 kilometres {west of the popular Praia da Rocha. The {units include telephone, satellite {television and dishwasher. On-site you {can dine at the restaurant or browse {through the boutiques after swimming in {the outdoor pool. { { { { { { { 2578{Mondi-Ferienclub Grundlsee is located on {the shores of picturesque Grundlsee Lake {in the famous Salzkammergut area. During {the summer, the area is very popular with {hikers, who can enjoy the lovely mountain {scenery. It is especially beautiful in {spring and autumn. There are boats for {rent on the lake, horseback riding, and a {fitness trail nearby. In winter, there is {a network of cross-country skiing trails {close by and a choice of downhill ski {areas within a 15 to 60 minute drive. { { { 2579{Estival Park has a beachfront position at {La Pineda, 2km from Salou. It is part of a{complex which has a sports club with {tennis and squash courts. An adjacent {hotel invites guests to enjoy the bar and {restaurant. During your stay, you could {visit Port Aventura, the theme park on the{highway Salou/Vilaseca KM 2. The park {offers great entertainment, shows and {plays. { { { { { 2582{Near the Italian and Slovenian border, {lies the popular spa town Warmbad Villach.{Within a 20KM distance you can find many {lakes which are great for swimming, {mountains and well prepared biking roads. {In Winter there are 4 ski areas up to {heights of 2000m, all within a distance of{only 10-20KM. The facilities of the resort{include an indoor pool, sauna, restaurant,{ski rental, and family entertainment. { { { { { 2583{Tenerife Sun Club is situated in the quiet{resort area of Costa del Silencio, an {established and rapidly expanding vacation{destination on the sunny south coast of {Tenerife. A pebble beach is about 2km away{in Las Galletas. On site, there is an {attractive pool area, including a small {heated pool, a section for children and {spacious sun-bathing terraces. There is a {pool bar on-site which is independently {run as well as a varied selection of bars,{restaurants and shops near the resort. {The on-going work around the resort may {cause some noise and inconvenience. Work {is also taking place behind the resort. 2587{Bahia Azul is well located on the coast {road outside the historic port town of {Denia, well known for its ancient, ruined {castle. Bahia Azul enjoys direct access to{the clean, sandy beach of Playa de las {Marinas. Its major feature is the complex {of interlinked swimming pools and shallow,{restricted children's areas. A car is {recommended to fully enjoy this area. { { { { { { 2589{Campanario de Calahonda is located in the {residential area of Calahonda between the {bustling holiday towns of Marbella and {Fuengirola. Calahonda itself has a wide {selection of shops, bars, restaurants and {entertainment as well as a 9 hole golf {course. On-site are three pools, one for {adults, a very shallow one for toddlers {and a slightly deeper one for older {children. The units are well-furnished and{some have bedrooms on an upper level {accessed by stairs which should be noted {for those who are disabled or with walking{difficulties. { 2591{Kuusamon Lomatropiikki is connected by a {covered walkway to a splendid tropical {spa, which houses among others a solarium {cave, a slide, several jacuzzis and pools.{You can also take advantage of various {different treatments and exercises. There {is also a very pleasant restaurant on- {site. The area of Kuusamo is known for {it's wilderness and natural beauty all {year round. It offers cross-country skiing{and slalom in the winter and hiking, {fishing, canoeing and rapid shooting in {the summer. For the more adventurous, {snowmobile & reindeer safaris are avail- {able, as well as guided hunting trips. 2592{Hiekkas€rkat is a very popular holiday {destination in summer, offering visitors a{wide range of leisure facilities. As well{as the sun and fresh sea air, guests can {enjoy the facilities of a tropical health {spa including gymnasium, aerobics and {ten-pin bowling. The surrounding {countryside, which is dominated by pine {trees, offers golf, jogging, riding and {cross-country skiing in winter. The high {quality units are well-situated, all {facilities being within immediate reach. A{car is recommended to fully enjoy the {area. { 2593{Club Atlantico Playa is located in {Corralejo, just a short distance from the {beach which is well known for its fabulous{windsurfing and wonderful golden sand. {There are camel and jeep safaris for the {more adventurous holidaymaker. Facilities{at the Club include a restaurant, swimming{pools, a tennis court, cafe/bar and an {entertainment team who organise day and {night activities. Also there is a child {day-care available 6 days per week for {children between 5 + 12 years old. A car {is recommended here. { { 2594{Sindbad Beach Resort enjoys a beach-front {location in Hurghada and has spectacular {views of the Red Sea, famous for its {beautiful coral and tropical marine life. {Among the facilities at the club are trips{around the coral reef in a submarine to {enable guests to marvel at the exotic {colours of the coral and fish. On-site {amenities include a restaurant, bar, a {large outdoor swimming pool with water- {slide and a disco. { { { { 2596{At 1370 metres, this residence is in the {heart of the Dolomites, only 2kms from a {cable car that gives access to unlimited {ski-ing, all covered by the Dolomite Super{Ski-pass. In summer there are plenty of {walking trails and excursion possibilites,{all with breathtaking views. Summer ski- {ing is available on the nearby Marmolada {glacier. Within the resort complex there {is a bar, pizzeria and ski-hire shop. {Disco, games room, sauna and gym are 100m {away. { { { 2597{Aldea Bonsai is built in the style of a {spanish village on the outskirts of the {thriving holiday town of Santa Eulalia {where there are many shops, bars and {restaurants. It is set in mature gardens {with winding pathways connecting the {various levels, creating an attractive and{peaceful atmosphere. On-site facilities {include adults' and childrens' pools, {cafeteria and bar, and there are various {watersports on offer along the beach which{is only 100 metres away. { { { 2598{Bakubung, meaning "People of the Hippo" is{situated in the malaria free Pilansberg Na{tional Game Park adjacent to the Sun City {complex. Sit and relax on your patio and {watch the hippos in their pool or enjoy {the facilities at nearby Sun City. We {offer organised game drives with open {viewing of beautiful wildlife as well {as birdlife in the area. Being home to {many and varied resident bird species, {this offers an ideal opportunity to {view these and the many other migratory {species. {There are telephones in each unit. { 2599{Situated between the beautiful waters and {beaches of Langebaan Lagoon, only a stone {throw away from Langbaan Nature Reserve {lies Langebaan Country Club. It has all {the features that could make your holiday {an ideal one like golf, horseriding, {hiking, bowls and superb weather. Time- {share guests have access to private beach {-key to gate to be taken from reception. {Resort is 6 km from West Coast National {Park where you can go birdwatching and {hiking. { { { 2600{El Palmeral Beach Club is located close to{a sheltered sandy beach of Caleta de {Fuste, watersport enthusiasts are well {catered for with windsurfing boards, {sailing boats, pleasure cruises and {fishing trips. Restaurants, bars and shops{are all within walking distance, whilst on{site there is a large swimming pool, {childrens pool, supermarket, restaurant, {pizzeria, and snack bar. { { { { { 2604{Located in the Dutch Caribbean on the {island of Aruba, Costa Linda Beach Resort {provides a memorable vacation getaway. {Take advantage of the resort's pool while {little ones enjoy the children's pool. {Other on-site amenities you'll discover {include Jacuzzis, tennis courts, a fitness{center, a pool bar, and restaurants. But {don't forget the many beach activities. {Close by, you can enjoy 18 holes of golf {at Tiera De Sol Golf Course, designed by {Robert Trent Jones Jr. { { { 2605{The Aloha spirit is alive and well at the {Imperial Hawaii Vacation Club, located 100{yards from Waikiki Beach--world famous for{its swimming and surfing. Two blocks from {the resort is the main shopping district {of Waikiki--shops, restaurants, boutiques,{and nightlife. The 27th-floor pool deck {and 26th-floor owner's lounge offer {panoramic views of Waikiki, Honolulu, the {mountains of Oahu, and the Pacific Ocean. {The resort also features a full fitness {center with a coed Jacuzzi and on-call {masseuse. Be sure to call the resort, {(800) 347-2582, for special deals on {extended stays. 2606{Wilderness Dunes is part of the {spectacular Garden Route area, surrounded {by indigenous forests as well as a wide {selection of flora and fauna. The resort {is located in the heart of this {spectacular region, with direct access to {the beach and adjoining the famous {Millionaire's Row. The units are {comfortably equipped with a sun deck and {barbecue area. { { { { { 2608{Located only 11 miles south of Boone, {Smoketree Lodge is surrounded by an {abundance of activities. For downhill {skiing, visit Sugar Mountain, Hawksnest, {or Beech Mountain, only four miles away. {The more adventurous can go white-water {canoeing, hike in the mountains, or play a{round of golf on one of several courses {close by. After an active day, relax by {the resort's indoor pool and whirlpool, {ending with a visit to the sauna. { { { { 2610{Get away from it all at this award-winning{vacation retreat. Silver Lake Resort is {adjacent to one of Florida's most popular {attractions--Walt Disney World(R). Free {shuttle service is available to Universal {Studios, SeaWorld, and Wet 'n Wild. The {Caribbean ambience offers peace and quiet,{and the location is perfect--in the heart {of one of the country's most popular {vacation spots. A variety of restaurants {and shops are a mile away. In addition to {abundant off-site entertainment, a weekly {schedule of on-site activities is centered{around the spectacular heated outdoor pool{and gorgeous clubhouse. 2611{This four-season, 2,200-acre resort is {nestled along the scenic Delaware River in{the beautiful Poconos. Guests can enjoy {the Recreation Center that includes an in-{door pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, locker rooms, {indoor gymnasium, games room, work-out {room, and more. There is a 27-hole golf {course, downhill skiing, snow tubing, ice-{skating, canoeing, rafting, horseback rid-{ing, tennis, outdoor pools, fishing, moun-{tain biking, picnic facilities and child- {ren's play areas. Broadway shows at the {Shawnee Playhouse, outlet malls, steam lo-{comotive rides, coal mine tours, and the {Crayola Factory. 2612{Peppertree Sands is located on Myrtle {Beach's Ocean Boulevard, the most famous {seaside road in the nation. If you are {looking for a traditional vacation {getaway, this resort is the perfect {destination. The Sands is so intimate, {you'll feel like the pool and surrounding {amenities are all yours. Many of the {resort's units were updated and {refurbished in 1997. Visit and you too {will enjoy this quaint getaway from life's{fast pace. You can't possibly experience {it all in one vacation. { { 2616{With a waterfront setting in picturesque {Shelter Cove Harbour(R), Sunset Pointe {overlooks Broad Creek and many spectacular{sunsets. Adjacent to the resort, you'll {find outstanding harbourfront dining, {specialty shopping, and a wide range of {boating and water-sports activities. On {the premises, you'll enjoy three lighted {Har-tru tennis courts, an equipped indoor {fitness center, and many organized {activities for your enjoyment. { { { { 2617{Situated conveniently close to {Hartebeespoort Dam, Mount Amanzi is one of{the closest resorts to Johannesburg and {Pretoria. Certain units are on the river {frontage. Each unit has its own barbecue {facilities. Resort facilities include {hot and cold pools, tennis courts, {trampolines, putt putt, volley ball, {action cricket and an entertainment centre{with TV, pool tables and table tennis. { { { { { 2618{The resort makes the most of White River's{central position and "cooler climate" amid{the sometimes searing Lowveld. Lowveld {Lodge is an excellent base from which to {enjoy the Eastern Transvaal. {Unwind at the poolside at this comfortable{retreat, or explore the Kruger National {Park and all the other scenic wonders this{area has to offer. { { { { { { 2619{Surrounded by an 18-hole public golf {course, Marriott's Cypress Harbour offers {you a luxurious vacation experinece. Enjoy{the "Old Florida Keys"-style clubhouse and{reception center that includes a {convenience store. The resort also {includes a fully staffed recreation center{and fitness center, an indoor children's {play area and a video games room. For {water-sports enthusiasts, there are three {pool areas and a 15-acre lake for fishing {and boating. { { { 2620{Located in prime territory on West Maui, {the Hono Koa offers a wealth of activities{ready for your enjoyment. The reefs {offshore are a surfer's and snorkeler's {paradise, and in the winter, they become a{playground for humpback whales. If golf is{your game, there are 72 holes available on{the renowned courses of Kapalua and {Kaanapali. Arrangements can be made for {fishing, sailing, scuba, parasailing, and {helicopter touring. If you prefer a more {relaxed pace, the quaint old town of {Lahaina offers many fine shops, night {spots and restaurants, just 10 minutes {away. 2621{Club Vacances Toutes Saisons is located {near Mont Ste-Anne, Quebec's premier ski {area. Area attractions include touring {beautiful Quebec City, the majestic St- {Lawrence River, and the rustic scenery of {Qu©bec. In the summer, the mountains {become a hiker's playground with beautiful{pine woodlands and endless vistas. The {resort has a tennis court and 2 pools on {site (both seasonal). PLS NOTE: Resort {reflects French Canadian culture. Units {are small but well appointed. There are {limited amenities on site, but many {activities are available in the area. { 2622{Victors Shih-Men Dam Resort Hotel, just an{hour's drive from Taipei, near the {Shih-Men Reservoir--one of the most scenic{areas of Taiwan. Enjoy boating and fishing{on the reservoir, stroll through the plum {gardens and the Chinese Classical {Pavilion, or take a short drive to nearby {Leofoo Safari Park, a wildlife park with {more than 1,000 animals. Entrance fees to {Shih-Men Dam is NT$50 per person. { { { { { 2623{You'll find Geo Group at Tahoe Summit {Village Resort perfectly situated for {enjoying all that this part of Nevada has {to offer. During warm weather, Lake Tahoe {is the focus of activity. The lake and {beach are four miles from the resort. Go {swimming, sailing, windsurfing, or {parasailing for active water fun. {Horseback riding, golf, and tennis can all{be found within five miles. Winter snows {create a skier's paradise. You'll find the{slopes of Heavenly Valley Ski Resort just {outside your door, and the lifts are {accessible by shuttle bus. Free shuttle {to and from casinos (10;00 am to 2:00 am). 2624{The Fuyo Daiichi Hotel is a typical city {hotel with banquet halls and a small {church located in downtown Tottori. {Tottori is famous for the Tottori Dune, {which is 10 miles long and a mile wide. It{is popular not only because it is one of {the largest dunes in Japan, but also {because it offers a variety of beautiful {scenery. { { { { { { 2625{With WorldMark at Tahoe I, take advantage {of all Tahoe has to offer. Lake Tahoe is {the focal point for warm-weather activity.{The lake and beach are only four miles {from the resort offering swimming, {sailing, windsurfing, and parasailing. {Horseback riding, golf, and tennis can be {found within five miles of the resort. {During the winter, the mountains become a {skiing center, and the slopes of Heavenly {Valley Ski Resort are just a short drive {away. Call for more information on the {Grocery Program, area information, and {discounts on local activities including {golf and ski packages. 2626{A unique waterfront resort, Coconut Bay {Resort offers an active family vacation in{popular Fort Lauderdale. Dock fishing is {available at the resort, or you can walk {two blocks to the beach for ocean fishing {and other beach activities. Relax at the {resorts pool or take a soothing soak in {the whirlpool. One of the region's finest {shopping malls, The Galleria, is also just{a few minutes away. { { { { { 2627{Tahoe Seasons Resort is located at the {base of Heavenly Ski Resort--one of the {nation's largest ski areas--and is a {short distance from beautiful Lake Tahoe. {The resort offers the amenities of a {full-service hotel, including a 24-hour {front desk, bell desk, and free valet {parking. The restaurant serves breakfast {and dinner daily and offers room service. {An outdoor pool and hot tub are available {year-round, and the view from the rooftop {tennis and volleyball courts is {spectacular. If visiting the nearby {casinos is on your agenda, a complimentary{shuttle service is available. 2628{You'll find the seaside vacation you've {been looking for at Sea Villas. Located in{the popular vacation area of New Smyrna {Beach, the resort provides access to {leisurely days of sun and sand. Fishing, {boating, and surfing are a few of the {popular beach activities in the area. For {shopping and nightlife, Daytona {Beach-approximately 20 minutes away-has a {variety of offerings. Or, for a change of {pace, visit Walt Disney World(R) and other{Orlando attractions, all within a two-hour{drive. { { 2631{Located in the Karuizawa area, Villa {Kitakaruizawa L Wing is near Lake {Shogetsu, which offers fishing and boating{opportunities. Take a refreshing stroll {along a trail in the Asama Ohtaki area and{see the breathtaking Japanese countryside,{with its foliage and waterfalls. An indoor{swimming pool is only two miles away, and {a whirlpool is conveniently located on {site. { { { { { 2632{Caribbean Estates lies alongside a {dazzling stretch of secluded beach on the {most southern tip of Natal. Cross the {river to the Wild Coast Casino and Country{Club, where one can enjoy excellent {sporting facilities, restaurants and night{life. One of the most talked-about {features of Caribbean Estates is its {conservation area network of paths and {boardwalks to the river and beach. { { { { { 2633{Bothania Hills is situated approximately {21km from Naboomspruit. This resort has a{heated swimming pool, a cold watwe pools a{nd a kiddies pool, a minature golf course {and a roller skating rink. An entertainme{nt programme is organised in peak season. { There is a game farm 10 km away. Horse r{iding is available across the raod from th{e resort. { { { { { { 2637{Situated on beautiful Cupecoy Beach and {surrounded by a tropical garden, Sapphire {Beach Club is the prime spot for a perfect{vacation on Sint Maarten. The resort {offers luxurious apartments and villas {with well-equipped kitchens, marble {bathrooms, and private balconies with {views of the ocean or Simpson Bay. You {will find shops, a casino, and nightlife {within a few minutes' drive of lively {Maho. { { { { 2638{PAHIO at the Shearwater enjoys stunning {ocean views from every unit and all the {benefits of Kauai's magnificent North {Shore, including white-sand beaches, {scenic waterfalls and cliffs, and {activities to keep any vacationer happy. {The beach is close by, or you can swim in {the on-site outdoor pool. Area activities {are abundant and include horseback riding,{fishing, surfing, snorkeling, and sailing.{Golfers will find Princeville's two Robert{Trent Jones Jr. courses just blocks away. {The Prince Course is Hawaii's top-rated {golf course. Sharing the honors is the {Makai Course, rated seventh in the state. 2640{Bay Shore Inn features a beautiful sand {beach perfect for swimming or rowing. {Enjoy the fitness center, indoor and {outdoor pools, tennis, hiking trails, {or use one of the resort's complimentary {bicycles. Relax in the shade of the {majestic maples or experience a beautiful {sunset. Shop at nearby Sturgeon Bay, drive{to village activities offered at Egg {Harbor, or browse in the many fine art {galleries and museums in the area. { { { { 2644{Windward Passage Resort is located on the {sunny beach of Fort Myers. On site, enjoy {bicycling, tennis, or relaxing by {the resort's heated pool or whirlpool. In {Fort Myers, you can visit the Thomas {Edison home and museum, the Everglades {Jungle Cruise, and the Shell Factory. The {area also has several restaurants, shops, {and clubs providing additional {entertainment possibilities. Volleyball {and horseshoes are available. To put a {finishing touch on your vacation day, have{a picnic at the resort's barbecue area as {the sun sets. { 2645{A tropical paradise awaits you at La {Vista, located on a hillside overlooking {the crystal-blue waters of Lay Bay. Enjoy {the many water activities that the {Caribbean Sea has to offer, including {snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea {fishing, windsurfing, and parasailing. The{resort has a beautiful outdoor pool {overlooking the bay. For the adventurer, {explore both the Dutch and French sides of{this beautiful island. Philipsburg is your{best shopping bet for tax-free buys, while{Marigot offers excellent prices on French {goods. Be sure to sample the fine hideaway{restaurant on the premises. 2650{A tradition of excellence continues at {Eagle Trace at Killy Court. With {Virginia's only quad chairlift and a {vertical drop (795 to 1,100 feet), {Massanutten offers a thrilling challenge {to downhill skiers. Enjoy two extensive {on-site sports complexes with indoor pool,{gymnasium, racquetball courts, exercise {equipment, steam room, sauna, and massage {services. You can also enjoy the 18-hole {PGA-rated or 9-hole Executive golf {courses, a putting green, and driving {range. Many other activities are {available, including hiking, mountain {biking, fishing, and children's programs. 2652{Get away from the crowds for a tranquil, {relaxing vacation at this quiet, 12-suite {resort. Beautiful scenery and the resort's{private swimming pool are at your door- {step. Just a short drive takes you to {several championship golf courses, {beaches, tennis courts, excellent {snorkeling, and deep-sea charters. { { { { { { { 2655{Newport Inntowne is located in the heart {of Newport, close to all shops, {attractions, and the harbor. Filled with {19th-century mansions open for public {tours, Newport's history dates back to the{1700s, and there are more than 400 pre- {Revolutionary War homes in the area. {After you have experienced Newport's past,{visit the crafts shops along the {waterfront. The resort also offers {continental breakfast and afternoon tea {for a small fee (call for prices). { { { 2657{You'll find Lagonita Lodge Resort nestled {among exhilarating mountain greenery on {the shores of enchanting Big Bear Lake. {Take a dip in the indoor pool, or soak in {the warmth of the Jacuzzi. You can enjoy {the solitude of the resort or be a part of{the small-town environment that gives Big {Bear Lake its special character. Be sure {to enjoy boating, hiking, fishing, and {horseback riding in the summer and take {advantage of close by cross-country and {downhill skiing in the winter. { { { 2659{Rich in history, the charming old city of {Puerto Vallarta just happens to be one of {Mexico's most enticing and vibrant seaside{resort towns. Overlooking the Bahia de {Banderas on Mexico's Pacific coast, Puerto{Vallarta was once a quaint fishing {village. This one-time coconut palm {plantation, with all its preserved beauty,{is only 10 minutes from the airport and 15{minutes from downtown. Take advantage of {the daily planned activities and enjoy the{pools. { { { 2662{Accept the invitation to Club Regina {Cancun at Westin, a favorite vacation {destination. Whether walking along {Cancun's white, sandy beaches, or {waterskiing on its blue waters, you'll {think you've found paradise. Nearby, {you'll find several Mayan temples. Travel {south about 40 miles to Tulum, the only {Mayan religious site built at the {seashore, and Chichen Itza, the largest {Mayan archeological site. Tours may be {arranged through the on-site travel {agency. Xcaret and Xel-Ha, 24 miles and 40{miles, respectively, south of Cancun, are {lovely places to sunbathe or snorkel. 2663{If you are looking for a quiet place to {"get away from it all", The Resort at Bear{Lake is the place for you. The resort is {located on 20 miles of crystal-clear lake,{offering swimming, boating, fishing, {skiing and snorkeling. Sail-boats, {motorboats, fishing boats, paddle-boats, {canoes and rafts are available for rent. {For winter fun, Beaver Mountain Resort is {just 17 miles away. For more information {call the Cache Chamber of Commerce at {(801)752-2161. { { { 2665{Located directly on the beach, See the Sea{at San Diego is the ideal location for {your vacation. Golfers can choose from {more than 65 courses in the area. Head for{the ocean for surfing, deep-sea fishing, {and much more. Additional recreational {diversions include bicycling and horseback{riding as well as spectator sports, such {as horse racing and jai alai. Mission Bay {is the site of Sea World and a recreation {area with facilities for boat launching {and rentals. Within driving distance are {the famous San Diego Zoo and the Wild {Animal Park. { 2666{Playa Naco Golf & Tennis Resort is on the {northern coast of the Dominican Republic. {Located on the beach, the resort offers {excellent water sports. You can enjoy {snorkeling, boating, deep-sea fishing, and{windsurfing on site or in the area. The {energetic vacationer can discover {opportunities to go bicycling, play {tennis, try horseback riding, or play a {round of golf-all on site or in the area. {Otherwise, just relax by the resort's {outdoor pool. For a change of pace, spend {some time wandering through nearby Puerto {Plata, a harbor city founded more than 400{years ago. 2667{The Pines at Treetop Condominiums is {located in the 7,500-acre community of {Four Seasons Resort on Lake of the Ozarks.{Four Seasons is noted for its two 18-hole {golf courses, a nine-hole executive {course, four restaurants, a nightclub, {boat rentals, and marina. Boating and {water sports on the lake will fill your {vacation days with sun and family fun. { { { { { { 2668{Located across the street from the {beautiful Atlantic Ocean is Sandy Shores {III. Enjoy beach activities, such as {boating, fishing, and windsurfing. After {time on the beach, take advantage of the {resort's outdoor pool or picnic area. {Tennis courts and golf courses are just {minutes away. The resort also offers golf {packages. Spend your evening watching the {sunset while eating at one of the area's {fine restaurants. Don't miss the Myrtle {Beach Pavilion, Broadway at the Beach, {Fantasy Harbour, Barefoot Landing, or one {of the many music theaters with shows for {every member of the family. 2669{Enjoy sun, sand, and surf in the tropical {paradise of WorldMark at Kapaa Shore. {Located on the island's eastern coast, the{resort offers 400 feet of beach, a {swimming pool, sun deck, whirlpool, {barbecue and picnic area, and tennis {court. Water sports can be enjoyed along {Kauai's many beaches. One of the island's {most beautiful attractions is Kalaheo, {site of the Olu Pua Gardens. Other {attractions include the Wailua Falls, {Holo-Holo-Ku Heiau (a stone where human {sacrifices took place), and the white-sand{beaches of Coco Palms. { 2670{With Cocoa Beach's barrier island {location, both the beach and the ocean are{at your back door at Beach Island Resort. {Enjoy an array of water activities, {including fishing, boating, windsurfing, {and water skiing. After time along the {shore, take advantage of the resort's {outdoor pool, whirlpool spa, and barbecue {grills. If you're feeling energetic, {tennis and racquetball courts are minutes {away, and golf courses are within five {miles. Plenty of diversions are available {for sightseers, beginning with the Kennedy{Space Center, at nearby Cape Canaveral, or{visit Orlando only an hour away. 2672{Universal Vacation Club at Villa del {Palmar offers the best of both worlds: the{modern comfort of a deluxe beachfront {resort and the old-world charm of a {quaint bay-side town, where shops line {cobblestoned streets. A complete array of {water sports, two pools, three tennis {courts, a gym, spa, award-winning {activities program, and nearby golf course{will keep you busy from morning to night. {Day excursions may also be booked directly{with the on-site tour desk. Relax with {your favorite drink by the pool or try the{internationally famous cuisine at one of {the resort's three restaurants. 2673{Puerto Vallarta retains the charm it is {well known for--cobblestoned streets, {plazas, and shops. Modern times have added{international restaurants and nighttime {action. The Universal Vacation Club at {Villa del Mar offers a little something {for everyone. Three tennis courts, a gym, {spa, and golf course close by will keep {the most active vacationer busy. Three {restaurants, a deli, two swimming pools, {and an award-winning activity program are {on site. Excursions may be booked through {the on-site tour desk. { { 2674{Vacation at Nags's Head in your own surf- {side villa. Ocean Villas is a small, fami-{ly-oriented resort located on a beautiful {stretch of the North Carolina Outer Banks {Beach. There are 9 ground-level units, pro{-tected and secluded by surrounding dunes {that are just a short walk from an uncrowd{-ed beach. There are many attractions to {see in the Outer Banks area. Guests may {visit Roanoke Island (site of England's {first settlementin America), the Wright {Brother's National Memorial, and the 100- {foot high dunes of Jockey's Ridge State {Park. The many variedrestaurants will {satisfy all appetites. 2675{Famous for its many attractions and its {incredible nightlife, Acapulco offers {spectacular discos, shopping centers, and {fine restaurants as well as its renowned {cliff-diving show. At the Sun {Club/Continental Plaza Acapulco, you will {enjoy Acapulco's largest swimming pool, {tremendous restaurants, and unparalleled {service. In town, explore the native {crafts scene or simply dance the night {away. { { { { 2678{In San Felipe, you will find unspoiled {white-sand beaches along the warm tranquil{sea, which offers a variety of water {sports. This was just a sleepy fishing {village until 1951 when the paved road {from Mexicali was completed, providing {access to spectacular surroundings such as{a forbidding desert that meets the blue {gulf waters. San Felipe Resort offers {services such as a hotel trailer park, a {restaurant, and a shoreline walk that {inspires the visitor to just kick back and{relax. { { 2680{Fiesta Inn Aguasal is located less than {three hours from Caracas in the coastal {region of Higuerote. The resort has its {own canal, which provides a scenic view. {The resort's units are beautifully {decorated and are designed for modern {comfort. Enjoy beautiful beaches only 30 {minutes away. { { { { { { { 2685{Babilonia Suites is located at the tourist{complex "EL MORRO" in the city of Puerto {La Cruz, here you could enjoy boat trips {that will take you to the keys which {conform the National Park Mochima. {Additionally, you will find a great {variety of restaurants and dicotheques and{if you wish you could board a boat which {will take you to Margarita Island. { { { { { { 2687{La Rinconada Mision de los Angeles beckons{you to San Miguel de Allende, a city so {rich in history and culture that it is a {national monument. Its famous landmark, a {19th-century gothic cathedral, hints at {the city's charm. Flower-lined plazas and {a wealth of galleries are just a few of {the attractions in this area. This resort {is located less than two miles from {downtown. { { { { { 2688{Vacation dreams become reality when they {begin at Club Velas Vallarta. Listen to {the sounds of the Pacific Ocean or stroll {through the palm-laced gardens on the {grounds of this beautiful resort. Water {activities abound, and other sports are {available, too. { { { { { { { { 2689{Complejo Turistico Margarita Lagunamar is {located on the beach. This resort features{nine swimming pools, three restaurants, {two snack bars, a wave pool, 12 tennis {courts, a full spa, laundry facilities, {water activities for children and {waterskiing. In Porlamar, a duty-free port{and main shopping district, you can find {gifts for even the most sophisticated {tastes. On Isla de Margarita, you can {enjoy castles and forts dating back to the{17th Century and beautiful bays with local{anglers carrying out their daily rituals. { { 2690{Playa el Agua Beach Hotel is located in {front of the most beautiful beaches of {Isla de Margarita. It is only 30 minutes {from the duty-free shopping area of {Porlamar, where you can find a great {variety of articles. You will find {numerous opportunities to have fun at {beaches, restaurants, and shops. { { { { { { { 2692{Islas del Sol Morrocoy Resort is located {in one of the most beautiful regions of {Venezuela. The Parque Nacional Morrocoy is{located nearby with its keys and mangrove {swamps waiting for you. From there you can{enjoy the sun on the Morrocoy beaches or {rest in the confort of the resort. This {resort is located in Las Tunitas sector, {on Tucacas-Coro Road in the state of {Falcon. { { { { { 2694{Let the Royal Mayan pamper you with a {vacation that provides exciting amenities {along with the dazzling Caribbean at your {doorstep. Take advantage of the {lagoon-side marina, which offers {sailboating, waterskiing, and Jet Ski {rentals. When appetites beckon, try the {delicious specialties at the resort {restaurants or whip up your own creation. {Relax by the resort pool or venture out on{the available tours to the ancient Mayan {ruins of Tulum, Chich©n-Itzž, and Coba. { { { 2695{Tropical atmosphere and luxurious {accommodations are a great part of any {vacation, but that's just the beginning at{Club Internacional de Canc£n. Positioned {directly on the crystalline Caribbean, the{Mediterranean-style resort is a tasteful {combination of well-appointed units, {open-air gardens, sculpted pools, and {local entertainment. Water sports are {plentiful as well. For a special {adventure, an on-site travel agent can {help you arrange excursions around the {famed Yucatžn Peninsula. { { 2699{Elegant shopping, exuberant live {entertainment and nightlife can all be {found near Primacy Apart Hotel. { {Mar del Plata features marvelous beaches {where you can enjoy all types of aquatic {activities. { { { { { { { { 2701{The Paradise Club is located in an area of{Tenerife renowned for its scenery and sea {views, which can be enjoyed from the {privacy of your own spacious balcony. It {is situated only a short drive from the {marina at Puerto Colon and the lively {atmosphere of Playa de las Americas. {Children's needs are well-catered for at {Paradise Pirates Club leaving parents free{to enjoy the onsite leisure facilities, {such as squash, giant chess and jacuzzi. {Or, simply soak up the ambience {of the island.The resort also boasts two {restaurants, one of which is a la carte. { 2704{The Ambassador Club is situated 3 kms from{the beautiful sandy beach in the Red Sea {holiday area of Hurghada. The area offers{a variety of watersports such as {snorkeling and diving in the clear blue {waters of the Red Sea. On-site facilities{include a restaurant, bar, shops and a {private swimming pool. The resort {provides a shuttle bus to and from the {airport and to Hurghada town. { { { { { 2705{Residence Punta Asfodeli is just 4kms from{the famous resort of Portorotondo near the{Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. The resort is {situated by the sea in a quiet location. {The resort is made up of 2 buildings,one {in front of the other, with lush gardens {separating and a large lawn area {leading down to the beach. Sporting {activities include tennis, Italian {bowls, outdoor swimming pool and 2 sandy {beach areas with the possibility of {windsurfing or canoeing. Excursions {include the famous beaches, the Costa {Smeralda villages and cork plantations. { 2706{Residence I Boboli at Punta Ala is in the {beautiful region of Tuscany on the {mainland coast opposite the Island of {Elba. The town of Grosseto is within {easy reach. The beautiful, historic city {of Siena is about 100kms away. This {popular tourist area has all the {facilities for an enjoyable holiday, {beaches, golf course, riding, restaurants,{bars and shops. The Residence is next to {the marina with a bar, restaurant and {supermarket within 150m. Excursions inc: {Pisa, Firenze, Volterra, San Gimignano, {Arezzo, Uccellina natural park, Isle of {Giglio and thermal springs of Saturnia. 2707{Baia Sardinia situated 30 km North of {Olbia on the famous Costa Smeralda, is {near to both rocky and sandy beaches. {Close to the resort there are bars, {restaurants, entertainment and sports {facilities. { { { { { { { { { 2708{Residence Oleandro e Cormorano is near the{fishing village of Stintino in the north {west of Sardinia. The clear, blue sea is {edged with typical coves, the nearest of {which is 300 metres away and the famous {Pelosa beach is only 3kms away. In the {near village of Stintino visitors can find{shops, restaurants and bars.Excursions {include Castel Sardo, Alghero, Bosa {Marina, Argentiera and the mysterious {ancient Nuraghe. { { { { 2709{El Palmeral Beach Club is located close to{the sheltered sandy beach of Caleta de {Fuste. Watersport enthusiasts are well {catered for with windsurfing boards, {sailing boats,pleasure cruises and fishing{trips. Restaurants, bars and shops are all{within walking distance. On-site there is {a large swimming pool, childrens pool, {restaurant, pizzeria, and snack bar. { { { { { { 2710{This Club Colombo Sport resort lies in the{beautiful alpine Allg€u landscape. The {resort was once the hunting residence of {the Prince of Kempten and the old baroque {church still stands. The resort {facilities include a golf course, tennis {courts, riding school, children's zoo, {swimming pool and Kindergarten. The {Allg€u, on the border with Switzerland and{Austria, offers all year sports {opportunities in the mountain and lake {environment. { { { 2711{The Portsonachan Club units lie in remote {countryside at the head of Loch Awe on the{edge of the Cruachan Range in the west of {Scotland. This is a peaceful, isolated {location which affords visitors many {outdoor sports opportunities such as {salmon and trout fishing, hunting, sailing{and hill walking. There are cruises along{the loch or coastal island cruises from {Oban, just over 50km away. In high season,{on-site facilities will include fishing {and boating. { { { 2717{Nestling in a secluded valley in the South{Devon N.T. Coastal Park is Hope Barton, a {working farm of pastures, streams, trout {lakes and bracken covered hills. Local {craftsmen converted stone barns into fully{equipped cottages, using original features{plus furniture and fabrics of natural {hues. On site is an indoor pool, {gym,sauna,tennis court,playbarn and {fishing. Supervised pets are welcome (UK {residents only). The village of Hope Cove {is nearby with sandy beaches,pubs,village {store and cliff top walks. Nearby are {golf, riding,sailing and other water {sports, Dartmouth,Totnes and Dartmoor. 2718{The Passage House Club Hotel is in an {ideal position to enable guests to enjoy {the many beautiful and interesting sites {of Devon. The coastline here is a {combination of towering cliffs, pebble {beaches, sandy coves and lovely bays. Try{pony trekking, salmon fishing, walking or {golf on rural courses. On site is a {leisure centre with massage and {aromatherapy. The apartments are {beautifully decorated and some have {wonderful views of the estuary. { { { 2722{Medina del Zoco is within the large {Calahonda estate on the Mijas Costa, less {than 500 metres from the beach. It is very{centrally located next to the El Zoco {shopping centre where there are numerous {bars, restaurants, service shops and {boutiques. The apartments are set within {beautifully maintained gardens containing {swimming pools and Tennis court. { { { { { { 2725{Nestling among the heights of Sitio de {Calahonda. El Porton offers a harmony of {Mediterranean style with modern {facilities. The many amenities of {Calahonda are close by and the marina and {watersports facilities of Puerto Cabopino {are just 5km away. The stylish apartments{are well equipped and set within pleasant {gardens. There is an outdoor swimming {pool on-site. { { { { { 2726{Carihuela Playa Sol complex is just 100 {metres from the beach in Carihuela, once {the old fishing village of the Costa del {Sol. Nearby there are interesting, {pedestrian boulevards with many bars, {restaurants and shops. On-site, {attractive walled gardens surround the {swimming pool and there is a large {rooftop terrace equipped for sunbathing {which is the venue for barbecues. The {well-furnished apartments are {air-conditioned and have satellite T.V. { { { 2727{Las Terrazas De Cala Codolar is set on a {cliff overlooking the attractive beach at {Cala Codolar on the south-western coast of{Ibiza. The spacious split-level {apartments all have large terraces to take{advantage of the lovely views. In summer,{there are windsurfers and small sailing {boats for hire on the beach which is {reached by a path from the resort. The {lively tourist centre of San Antonio is {8km away, where you can find an amazing {variety of nightlife and shops.A car is {essential to enjoy the area. { { 2728{Apartamentos Pueblo Canario is located {right on the Playa Serena golf course, {just outside the seaside holiday town of {Roquetas del Mar. The regional capital {Almeria, about 19 km away, is a city with {a long and facinating history, and it is {well worth a visit. Waterskiing and {windsurfing are available on the nearby {beach. A car is recommended to fully enjoy{the area. { { { { { 2729{Set in pleasant gardens, the apartments of{Salina Wharf are located in the popular {resort of Qawra. The complex is just 2 {minutes walk from the sparkling, blue sea {and watersports facilities. On-site there{is an outdoor, indoor and children's pool {with adjoining jacuzzi, as well as sun {terrace, bar and restaurant. There is also{a children's playground. Most of the {well-equipped apartments have balconies {and some overlook the gardens. { { { { 2731{This resort is set on the beautiful {Algarve coast, laid out among mature {pine, cork and olive trees. A perfect {natural setting for the villas and {apartments designed in traditional Algarve{Style. In the grounds are 4 large {swimming pool complexes, 4 tennis courts, {a 9 hole golf course and a 50 base {golf driving range with putting green. {A short walk of approx. 300m leads to two {sandy beaches. { { { { 2732{Ngwenya is a 5 hours drive from {Johannesburg and an hour away from Maputo.{The resort has much to offer for the {outdoor type who prefers game viewing, {numerous hiking trails and fishing at {Inyaka Island. The resort is situated {only 10 minutes from the Crocodile {Bridge entrance to the Kruger Park. { {The resort is close to Swaziland. { { { { { 2733{Situated high at the top of Robber`s {Pass, where one can experience the early {sunrise as it filters through the {forests and listen to the silence. Apart {from the many breathtaking day drives {one can also enjoy a variety of {facilities which include hiking trails, {visiting the health hydro, a game of {tennis, or relaxing next to the pool. { { { { { { 2734{Club Praia da Oura is located on the {Algarve's famous Golden Beach. The resort {provides a full entertainments programme, {a bus service to Albufeira and a 24 hour {reception. On-site facilities include a {bowling green with terrace, two swimming {pools, putting greens, jacuzzi, sauna, {pool bar, disco, piano bar, restaurant, {barbecue terrace, lounge bar with library,{pool table and games, supermarket, and {hair and beauty salon. { { { { 2735{Skagen is the nothernmost town of Denmark {situated on a narrow spit of land {separating the Skagerrak from the {Kattegat. Huset Pâ Havnepladsen at the {harbour only 1km from the centre of the {town close to all amenities and convenient{for the beach. The town has long been {favoured by artists because of the quality{of the light, reflected by the sea and {vast sand-dunes, and it still has a {thriving art colony. Visit the old {fishermens houses and museum, the tallest {lighthouse in Denmark and Drachmanns {House. { 2736{Les Arcs - Village Le Charvet 1800m is a {resort consisting of apartment {blocks grouped together to form a {'village' and, in winter, it is possible {to ski directly from some of the apartment{balconies. It is a bustling ski resort {with many restaurants, bars, shops and a {cinema. Summer sports include aerobics, {circus school, volleyball, table tennis {and there is a gymnasium. Upon arrival, {you will leave your car in a private {parking area and enter a pedestrian {complex. { { 2737{Village Les Villards is at the heart of {the Les Arcs complex and the main ski lift{starts here. Les Arcs is the home of 'Ski{Evolotiv', the teaching system using very {short skis, which is wonderful for {beginners. In summer there are 30 {activities including river rafting, music {concerts and swimming. Les Villards has {private parking and its own shopping {district. { { { { { 2738{Village Charmettoger echoes the atmosphere{of mountain chalets and is located in the {more secluded part of Les Arcs, where you {can spend peaceful apres-ski evenings or {wander along the quiet paths on summer {evenings. Ski-lifts opening onto the {entire Les Arcs ski domaine are within {easy reach. In summer the golf course, {tennis courts, archery and quaint {restaurants are within walking distance. { { { { { 2739{Situated in the unspoilt Gargano {promontory of Italy in Puglia Region, Blue{Marine Residence faces directly onto a {large sandy beach where windsurfing, {waterskiing, rowing and swimming are {possible. In the area there are the towns{of Peschici and Vieste and villages of {Rodi Garganico (6km) and Tremiti Isles and{boat trips to explore the coastline with {its many grottos. On-site facilities {include tennis, swimming pool, restaurant,{bar, pizzeria and market. All the {apartments have television and telephone. { { 2740{Situated on Passo Costalunga (1800mt) and {originally built at the end of the 19th {century, this resort has been completely {restructured with modern, comfortable {apartments. On-site facilities include {bar, restaurant, sauna, gym and games {room. The resort is well positioned for {winter sports with plenty of ski-ing in {the area (good skiing areas such as Vigo {8km and Canazei 10km). In summer there is {walking or riding through the mountains {and woods or a round of golf on a 9-hole {course at Carezza, just a few minutes {away. { 2741{Rising majestically from the Firth of {Clyde and overlooked by the Mull of {Kintyre on the Atlantic West Coast, the {Isle of Arran, warmed by the gulf stream, {truly deserves the title "Scotland in {Miniature". The Auchrannie Country Club's {comfortable lodges, set within mature {wooded and landscaped grounds, offer the {ideal location to relax and enjoy this {most accessible highland island. There is {an excellent choice of "Taste of Scotland"{cuisine in the Garden Restaurant or {Cruize Brasserie. Leisure facilities {include swimming pool, children's pool, {games hall, fitness suite and sauna. 2742{Port de Rei is located in L'Escala, an {ancient fishing village of the Costa {Brava. It lies a few kilometres away {from the significant Greek and Roman {Archeological remains of Ampurias. The {resort is close to the sea and 400m away {from a sandy beach. Port Aventura, a {Theme Park is approximately 220kms away. {The Theme Park has a great range of {entertainment, shows and plays and is {situated on the highway Salou/Vilaseca {KM 2. It is open from May to late {October until 2000 hours and in Summer {until 2400 hours. Guests can also visit {Dali's Museum in Figueros 25kms away. 2743{Les Diablerets is a small mountain village{situated about 30kms from Lake Leman and {south-east of Montreaux. Les Diablerets {Parc is a traditional style chalet divided{into appartments, and situated on the {outskirts of the village, about 1km from {the centre. There are many activities {including tennis, sport centre, ice {skating rink in winter, fishing (lake and {river), and paragliding. The local tourist{office also organises many activities. You{can ski all year round from the resort in {winter and on the glacier in the summer. {Altitude: 1200m { 2744{From its rugged northern coast, through {sweet smelling pinewoods and red-soiled {farmlands to the secluded coves and {beautiful beaches of its southern shores, {Club Ciudadela is 250m away from Cala'n {Bosch Beach, 350m away from Cala'n Bosch {Marina and 500m away from Son Xoriguer {Beach. Here there is a complete water {sports centre which offers kayaking, scuba{diving, Water skiing, wind surfing and {Catamaran Sailing. Away from the sea there{is horse riding and mountain bikes for {hire. {Resort is closed in winter, contactable by{fax on +34 971 387081 2745{This residence (2100mt) is situated above {the main village of Cervina (2050mt) right{underneath the Matterhorn. Skiing in {Cervinia is a year-round activity with {summer skiing on the Plateau Rosa on the {Swiss side. On-site amenities include {sauna, whirlpool, gymnasium. A bar and {restaurant are 100 metres away. Nearby {there is also a disco, bowling alley, {covered swimming pool and 9-hole golf {course and the Casino of St Vincent is {half an hour away by car. { { { 2746{La Plagne is a purpose-built ski area {lying almost entirely above the tree-line {in open Alpine pasture. From Plagne {Bellecìte at 1930m, 1 of 3 base 'villages'{in the complex, the lifts go to 2700m with{further systems rising to 3000m. The whole{ski area of La Plagne is immense and there{are direct links to Les Arcs & Champagny, {making it one of the largest areas in the {world. Ancillary services in the area are {good and include snowmobiling, skating, {cinema, restaurants and nightclub. In {summer it is possible to ski on the upper {slopes of Bellacote and there is a choice {of other sports including tennis and golf. 2747{La Plagne is a purpose-built ski area {lying almost entirely above the tree-line {in open Alpine pasture. From Plagne {BellecÊte at 1900m, one of three base {'villages' in the complex, the lifts go to{2700m with further systems rising to {3000m. The whole interconnecting ski area{of La Plagne is immense and there are {direct links to Les Arcs and Champagny, {making it one of the largest areas in the {world. Ancillary services in the area are{good and include a child-minding facility,{sauna and whirlpool, summer and winter {outdoor heated swimming pool , skating, {cinema, restaurants and nightclub. 2748{Situated by the Red Sea, a few minutes {from Hurghada airport, the Albatros Beach {Club is the ideal place to relax after {your fascinating tour of Egypt. Enjoy the{magnificent coral reefs, white sand beach {and the marina, improve your sports {technique on the tennis and squash courts,{the soccer training field or the golf {driving range or enjoy swimming at the {indoor and outdoor swimming pools. { { { { { 2749{Sunset View Club is a small development {situated in the heart of a magnificent {golf complex on the southern tip of {Tenerife, where you can enjoy the sunshine{year-round. From the site, there are {spectacular views of Mount Teide and the {sea. The resort has a swimming pool, {children's pool and pool bar/snack {bar/restaurant. Close by, facilities {include tennis and squash courts, {windsurfing, and scuba diving. Golf is {available on the championship course and {can be booked prior to arrival to avoid {disappointment. A car is advisable to {enjoy the area. 2750{Just a mile from Walt Disney World(R), {Cypress Pointe Resort at Lake Buena Vista {is the ideal vacation headquarters in {world-renowned Orlando. After an action- {packed day of amusem*nts and shopping, {come home to a relaxed and luxurious {Caribbean lifestyle. Take a refreshingdip {in the one-of-a-kind outdoor pool complete{with a simulatedvolcano and water slide. {Soak in the large whirlpool or play a {challenging game of tennis. Other {amenities include an exercise room, games {room, volleyball, a children's playground,{18-hole putt-putt golf course, and {convenience storeon site. 2751{Explore the beautiful Ozarks during your {visit to Four Seasons Racquet and Country {Club. Located within the sprawling {community of Four Seasons Resort on Lake {of the Ozarks, the resort offers a view of{the lake. The resort has two 18-hole golf {courses and a nine-hole executive course. {The Country Club offers 12 outdoor and {four indoor tennis courts, a restaurant, a{nightclub, entertainment, an indoor pool, {and fitness center. The complex offers {boat rentals along with virtually endless {boating and water-sports opportunities for{your enjoyment. { 2754{Enjoy sunning and swimming in The Ventura-{World Wide Vacation Club's outdoor pool or{take a walk to Boca Beach just across the {street from the resort. Excellent tennis {and golf facilities are within a few {miles. Nearby water activities include {boating and snorkeling. Within a half- {mile, anglers can choose from fishing in {the ocean or the Intracoastal Waterway. {Close by, you'll find miniature golf, {Everglades tours, sight-seeing cruises, {and a nature center. Excellent shops, {restaurants, and nightlife are also {nearby. The newest attraction in the area {is the Museum of Discovery and Science. 2755{Nestled in the foot of the sacred {Mt. Fuji, the resort is located 1,000 {meters above sea level in a lovely wooded {area. The resort offers a magnificent {panoramic view during every season of the {year. Your vacation can be experienced in{many ways, enjoy a tennis game, or a {leisurely swim after an elegant dinner. {There are several cuisines to choose from {including Western, Chinese and Japanese. {Nearby attractions include a museum and {safari park, both within walking distance.{ { { 2756{Stasion Bise is located on Motobu {Peninsula and offers an array of leisure {activities to meet everyone's interest. {Surrounded by the beautiful emerald-green {sea, the Peninsula can be experienced on {bicycle. Water activities boast {windsurfing, basking in the sun at nearby {beaches and skin diving. Amusem*nt park {and golf offer other avenues of adventure {in recreation, or settle for a leisurely {stroll through Okinawa Memorial Park. {Complete your days activities with dinner {at one of the resorts restaurants which {offer traditional Japanese dining or {Western cuisine. 2758{Located in the mountainous province of San{Jos© along the Pan American Highway, the {city of San Jos© is Costa Rica's capital {and heart. Taranova-Villas Palmas is a {perfect base from which to explore Costa {Rica's eco-tourism, beautiful parks, {exciting casinos and local souvenir shops.{An architectural tour might include the {national theater and the museum. A small {non-heated swimming pool is on site to {revive weary spirits after a busy day of {sight-seeing. There is a tour operator {on-site to assist you with day-trips and {arranged tours which are an excellent way {to see the beauty of Costa Rica. 2764{Natural wooden chalets nestled quietly on {the southern Shores of Lake Taupo, {surrounded by native bush, scenic {reserves, and picturesque lake views--this{is Oreti Village Resort. Turangi has an {excellent shopping centre, and a wide {range of eating establishments. During the{winter, Oreti is used as a base for {skiing excursions. White water rafting is {a fast growing sport--try the Tongariro {River for a challenge. Visit the Thermal {Wonderland of Rotorua, offering an {opportunity to view gysers, mineral {springs, and bubbling mud pools. { 2765{Located on the tip of Captiva Island, {Plantation House is surrounded by a bay, {Redfish Pass, and the Gulf of Mexico. The {resort has a yacht harbor, a boat ramp, a {marina, and a sailing school. You'll also {fin